Will Ferrell & RuPaul Approach Eating Very Differently

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • After James checks in on Will Ferrell after an intense game of Spill Your Guts, they learn RuPaul cannot watch people eat under any circumstance and Will talks about surströmming, a fermented fish his in-laws enjoy in Sweden. And James asks his guests about their hidden talents.
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Comments • 615

  • Angela Netherton
    Angela Netherton 3 days ago

    I want a Ru Doll!!

  • R
    R 6 days ago

    Oh Ru, not so quick on your feet with the puns without your writers, are you my dear?

  • Happy Day
    Happy Day 6 days ago

    Rose on Golden Girls talks about that too. Eating some nasty stuff from St Olaf.... it smells like death but if you eat it while pinching your nose it tasted like fresh strawberries and ice cream.

  • Happy Day
    Happy Day 6 days ago

    I legit stan Rupaul here. I’m grossed out by people eating on film too.

  • mark rigg
    mark rigg 7 days ago

    His aussi accent was awesome

  • Peter Joseph O'Brien

    Millionaires talking about things they haven't tried. Watch us - ru-clip.com/video/nJZYieU6Cgw/video.html

  • Evelyn G
    Evelyn G 14 days ago

    There needs to be a car pool karaoke with RuPaul!!!!

  • Seseblue Seseblue
    Seseblue Seseblue 15 days ago

    Yessssss any Swedes here? I know exactly the fish he’s talking about l, it’s SMELLS LIKE HELL but delicious when prepared properly!!!💝 I never knew Will Farrell was married to a swed.💝love it

  • Wacheke Gitau
    Wacheke Gitau 26 days ago

    I think we all love Rupaul

  • grobinson2665
    grobinson2665 Month ago

    Me too it grosses me out to see other people eat it's called food anxiety

  • Oh Gosh
    Oh Gosh Month ago

    I love all 3!!

  • Gaby
    Gaby Month ago

    I so wish I could meet Rupaul in real life. I just want so bad for him to talk to me and in his famous voice “YOU BETTER WORK” I need him as my life coach

  • Name
    Name 2 months ago

    I need to try this fermented fish. It sounds terrible hahahaha

  • Marieta Uncut
    Marieta Uncut 2 months ago

    RuPaul is like male Jane Fonda 😄 no idea why does he remind me of her so much 😅

  • resplndnt
    resplndnt 2 months ago

    I would love to own that suit of ru’s

  • Gaby Ward
    Gaby Ward 2 months ago

    lol probs just me but I kinda get a feeling that Rupaul is gay....

  • smalls world
    smalls world 2 months ago

    rupauls such an asshole honestly

  • Ted Bartley
    Ted Bartley 2 months ago

    ru really out here talking openly about one of the main symptoms of an eating disorder and idk how to feel about it? representation is cool, normalization isn't

    • Ted Bartley
      Ted Bartley 2 months ago

      @Ayanna Fitz i'm not faulting you for not knowing, i'm saying you not knowing doesn't invalidate the facts

    • Ayanna Fitz
      Ayanna Fitz 2 months ago

      @Ted Bartley I know of eating disorders, just not the symptoms. I understand what you're trying to say but you can't really fault someone for not knowing something that you think everyone should.

    • Ted Bartley
      Ted Bartley 2 months ago

      @Ayanna Fitz eating disorders are absurdly common, including within the queer community, and you not knowing about something doesn't mean that those it affects won't know

    • Ayanna Fitz
      Ayanna Fitz 2 months ago

      I doubt he or the others know that, hell I didn't know that till I read your comment, he was just speaking on something about himself in a matter of fact way.

  • Paradigm Apocalypse
    Paradigm Apocalypse 2 months ago

    wonder if ru knows about mk ultra mind control in hollywood

  • A T
    A T 2 months ago

    I just love how James Corden transitions between the guests flawlessly, He's a G!

  • Bob Lowney
    Bob Lowney 3 months ago

    Hair should be blonde, not white.

  • Alexandra Major
    Alexandra Major 3 months ago

    Having been in the restaurant business, you learn not to watch people eat. Its pretty awful.

  • John M
    John M 4 months ago

    Carpool karaoke with Mama Ru will be great.

  • Awkward Italian Girl
    Awkward Italian Girl 4 months ago

    This is such a unique combination... and I love it!!!!

  • Mfundo Mangweni
    Mfundo Mangweni 4 months ago

    James...turn around and face your nature

  • Gcat3000
    Gcat3000 4 months ago

    Surströmming reminds me of something that Rose would've talked about fondly on Golden Girls. She would make it for the girls and they'd all try to make excuses for why they weren't hungry.

  • Isabella Pettersson
    Isabella Pettersson 4 months ago

    Surströmming is actually quite tasty!

  • Saudade73
    Saudade73 4 months ago

    I have the metabolism of a chipmunk

  • Hesrunway
    Hesrunway 5 months ago

    RuPaul Laugh is so cute

  • space cowboy
    space cowboy 5 months ago

    Surströmming is also deemed the smelliest food in the world, which is why you can't open it indoors or you have to open it underwater.

  • Elizabeth Mullen
    Elizabeth Mullen 5 months ago

    Does Ru eat out at restaurants then? That would be a debilitating phobia

  • Kendra Lussier
    Kendra Lussier 5 months ago

    Loving Will’s striped shirt, checkered jacket, and polka-dot tie combo😂😂😂😂

  • Marilyn Monday
    Marilyn Monday 5 months ago

    I lovvvvve Ruuuuu!!!! 👐👐🙌🙌👏👏

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
    Kalinna Vyacheslavovna 5 months ago

    They played Ru with that doll, that face is awful

  • jbruckbro
    jbruckbro 5 months ago

    Stalkhome syndromes in a can. Fucking genius!!!

  • Savanah Jett
    Savanah Jett 5 months ago

    You had me at Ru.

  • Nicholas Bogosian
    Nicholas Bogosian 5 months ago

    Stockholm Syndrome In A Can.

  • Cry Whit
    Cry Whit 5 months ago

    If you haven't yet, you _have_ to watch the first vlogger, from the 1980's, (and he was a close friend of RuPaul) Nelson Sullivan. The RU-clip channel is 5ninthavenueproject.

  • jaffie
    jaffie 5 months ago

    James should be a guest judge on RPDR

  • Madaja Farmer
    Madaja Farmer 5 months ago

    Ru Paul's laugh is everything

  • Zelda Vasström
    Zelda Vasström 5 months ago

    Oof no, not the surströmming, please no

  • Brittany mcdaniel
    Brittany mcdaniel 5 months ago

    He is really good at being nice and asking all the right questions

  • Basil In the Forest
    Basil In the Forest 5 months ago

    Same here Ru!

  • Re Beck
    Re Beck 5 months ago

    Love the idea of these 2 in the same room !

  • Don’tGetScaredTV
    Don’tGetScaredTV 5 months ago

    Yeah I6not a big fan of watching people eat or people seeing me eat

  • Maria Sea
    Maria Sea 5 months ago

    Mama Ru must be a vampire 🧛‍♂️😄

  • Erin Chassereau
    Erin Chassereau 5 months ago

    Why this goddess wearing a suit and glasses?

  • frank v
    frank v 6 months ago

    Crack out

  • Suzanne Reilman
    Suzanne Reilman 6 months ago

    ...I am SOOOOOO down with Ru-gurrll on this one!!! Cannot STAND people chomping o. TV/film,esPECially chomping while gabbing ,& on phone...ewwwwwww...!!!!

  • Tina tankersley
    Tina tankersley 6 months ago

    I hate people eatting to .how gross

  • Divine Love
    Divine Love 6 months ago

    I don't like to watch people eat either. Especially if they talk with their mouth open etc. Lol

  • Jade C
    Jade C 6 months ago

    I can't watch people eat cereal, the slurping and milk dripping back in the bowl out of their mouth, when i was a kid i refused to eat cereal at school

  • Sam Rummer
    Sam Rummer 6 months ago

    Chitlings are the smelliest food of all!

  • Angel
    Angel 6 months ago

    Lol thought this was Chappelle

  • D Noble
    D Noble 6 months ago

    I hate it when the fork scrapes the teeth.
    It's like nails on a chalkboard.

    • barbara cronin
      barbara cronin 8 days ago

      D Noble it sounded like it moved too fast for the audience to get

  • Helenea 22
    Helenea 22 6 months ago

    Hilarious Love you 3 ❤❤❤💯✔😎😍🙃

  • pmattson
    pmattson 6 months ago

    Will Ferrell is just always really funny.

  • Brandon Tackett
    Brandon Tackett 6 months ago

    Wait Rupaul is a man???

  • tbyjb
    tbyjb 6 months ago

    I agree with Ru. Omg. I thought I was the only one. I hate looking at most people eat. It’s gross. I think it’s the way they eat.

  • singing rose
    singing rose 6 months ago +12

    Mama ru hidden talent is an Australian accent. Good one.
    Reminder of when she said I have a shy gag reflex on the snatch game with an Australian accent

  • Rogeee
    Rogeee 6 months ago

    Is it just me or is Rupaul’s lower legs the same size as my wrist?

  • LynRuiz
    LynRuiz 6 months ago

    After seeing Will Ferrell at that disgusting cannibal party with the Abromovich lady with the blood rituals, I don’t see him and funny and wholesome anymore. 😫. Rupaul is adorable.

  • Corinne Fabulous
    Corinne Fabulous 6 months ago

    It grosses me out to HEAR people eat.

  • Illuminated7
    Illuminated7 6 months ago

    RuPaul is weird

    • Illuminated7
      Illuminated7 5 months ago

      Cornelious Brackens i said “what” not “who”
      Eg of what you are.. idiot weirdo imbecile
      Eg of who you are.. Cornelious Brackens

    • Cornelious Brackens
      Cornelious Brackens 5 months ago

      @Illuminated7 dam you guessed it I'm your daddy

    • Illuminated7
      Illuminated7 6 months ago

      Cornelious Brackens I know what you are

    • Cornelious Brackens
      Cornelious Brackens 6 months ago

      So is your mama

  • XoXo XoXo
    XoXo XoXo 6 months ago +1

    ...hey, I see Bill Nye, the Science Guy! 🙃

  • Javi Garcia
    Javi Garcia 6 months ago

    Ru ❤️❤️❤️

  • Beautiful Woman
    Beautiful Woman 6 months ago

    Will farelle and David arquette aren't the same person? I'm confused

  • IronicallyChristian
    IronicallyChristian 6 months ago

    Everybody catch Will's body language every time Ru Paul touched him. Civilization kills manhood: proof

  • Tig Lilly
    Tig Lilly 6 months ago

    Ru looks great!!!!!!

  • yunova
    yunova 6 months ago

    She don’t close her eyes when she taking in the cox