2019 Audi Q3 review - the best premium family SUV? | What Car?

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • The new Audi Q3 is substantially different from the last one. It’s bigger, more versatile and more tech-laden then before, but it’s also got a whole host of tough new premium rivals, too. So has Audi created yet another plush, class-leading SUV? Or has it dropped the ball? Save up to £2000 on a new Audi Q3: www.whatcar.com/make/audi/q3/estate/deals
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Comments • 70

  • Arif Ramzan
    Arif Ramzan 23 days ago

    Don’t the A3 gets released same time as the Q3 ? I’m waiting for the new facelift of the Audi A3 but not sure when it’s available to order or even the month it gets released .

  • Cam
    Cam Month ago

    I want to see a review-off between Carwow and these guys which are clearly operating under the same marketing style

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan Month ago +1

    Family SUV?? Where? In munchkin land??
    Thanks god I live in a country where human beings can drive in comfort.
    This is a car for a college student not a family.

  • Michael pound
    Michael pound Month ago

    Wrong!! . The bigger cockpit is not an option as is many other options Inc wireless charging . Only the edition 1 and vorsprung models have the 12.3 inch display and many options not available whatsoever on models below that ... Get in right

  • Eugene Park
    Eugene Park 2 months ago +1

    its so pretty from the front

  • 88detox
    88detox 2 months ago

    Back is good looking.... front and sides are horrendous in comparison, it’s like some child has drawn some lines on the side, especially. Opportunity missed.

  • Will Hale
    Will Hale 4 months ago +1

    Volvo xc40 r design wipes this Audi for style design and function

  • MontereyBayLounge
    MontereyBayLounge 5 months ago

    When is the release date? 👊🏼

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia 6 months ago

    7:44 is that a iPhone 6?

    • Meh Mah
      Meh Mah 5 months ago

      Matt Garcya no that’s an SE/ 5s / 5 one of these probably SE

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia 6 months ago

    it aint push to start? Why does Audi do this lol

    • The Fad
      The Fad 3 months ago

      They do it for safety that's what the people at audi said.

  • Antonio Zamudio
    Antonio Zamudio 6 months ago +2

    You are not supposed to grab the door handles like that.

  • Kaempfer M
    Kaempfer M 6 months ago +1

    I could never understand why someone would want to pay so much for a “luxury brand” vehicle in a SUV. If you have a family with kids, just get a good, dependable SUV like a Honda SUV. To me, owning a SUV in a “luxury brand” defeats the purpose of driving a luxury vehicle. All SUVs look alike...soccer mom vehicles I call them. People just buy an Audi or BMW SUV for the name. But if someone doesn’t see the Audi or BMW brand symbol on your SUV, it looks like just any other soccer mom SUV on the road. Really ho-him if you ask me.

    • D Ou
      D Ou 6 months ago +2

      We are rich.

  • Gvozdenko Gvozdenko
    Gvozdenko Gvozdenko 6 months ago

    I am not understanding Audi's digital cluster. The default is not fully functional but a barebone system that looks NOTHING like virtual cockpit. Then you have a hefty upgrade to a virtual cockpit, which once again is not the real deal, then you need to spend MORE to get the fully functional and adaptive virtual cockpit. Same with the centre console on the German configurator you can actually buy an Q3 with a HOLE in the middle then is the 8" option, 10" and lastly 12 inch.
    It is VERY confusing and there is no, brochure, site, location where you can see what you are actually buying as none of the options are illustrated correctly. If you know of "a" place would be grateful if you could share.

  • Pradakuma Jay
    Pradakuma Jay 6 months ago

    0-100 9.2secs??? that's the deal breaker. Way too slow. Previous Q3 with 1.4 was around 8secs something.

  • chronostasis
    chronostasis 7 months ago +1

    not until comes the Mercedes-Benz GLB (:P

    • Antonio Zamudio
      Antonio Zamudio 6 months ago

      OMG, I fell in love with the GLB. But I like this Q3 a lot too.

  • Tamir ahronee
    Tamir ahronee 7 months ago

    Why you didn't taste the 2L from the begining???. This is the car that can bit every car in this segment.

  • HypaxBE
    HypaxBE 7 months ago

    Is the automatic gearbox as bad when it is in sport mode?

  • im cgl
    im cgl 7 months ago +4

    Strange that no reviewer talks about the default driver and blind-spot assist

  • Andrew Fish
    Andrew Fish 7 months ago +1

    It's an expensive Tiguan! That looks like it's had a fight in Halfords!
    "There are some scratchy plastics like you'd expect to find on a VW" Well yeah that's because it is a VW!

  • minnie saab
    minnie saab 7 months ago +2


  • laaarry
    laaarry 7 months ago +1

    this is what Q7 should looks like.

  • laaarry
    laaarry 7 months ago +1

    this is what Q7 should looks like.

  • laaarry
    laaarry 7 months ago +1

    this is what Q7 should looks like.

  • Francisco Azevedo
    Francisco Azevedo 7 months ago +3

    The virtual cockpit isnt standard, digital dials are, but to have the functionality of the actual virtual cockpit its an extra

    • Michael pound
      Michael pound Month ago

      Wrong. The virtual cockpit is standard the cockpit plus with the larger binnacle isn't even optional like all these media videos suggest. The cockpit plus 12.3 inch screen is only standard on edition 1 and vorsprung models only. I know so I have ordered one. Isnt even an Option which is a joke. All the videos online show an s line with the larger cockpit plus which is NOT available in the uk so why are they saying this. All the options he's saying aren't even an option whatsoever. Very deceiving video

  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan 7 months ago +2

    Truely feel this is the category where Volvo simply is better than the Germans. When all the competition is four cylinders and fwd based, Volvo will dominate.

  • leonte dumitru
    leonte dumitru 7 months ago +3

    You want wheels?
    Guess what! It's an option...

  • NV
    NV 7 months ago +5

    I'd still take the new X3 over this, thanks

    • Jacob Thompson
      Jacob Thompson 7 months ago

      BobMahal I totally agree. I’ve ended up getting a Volvo XC40 R-Design Pro...
      Even though I ordered it in February and it isn’t coming until July!

    • BobMahal
      BobMahal 7 months ago

      Yeah but size and price wise the Q3 is equivalent to the X1! We test drove both and even as a long time BMW driver we bought the Q3. The XC40 is compelling but didn’t win us over, X1 was great but looked staid next to the Q3. The other real contender was the countryman Cooper S which (as a smaller car) meant it was quite a bit cheaper than the Q3 but the ride was too darty for an SUV and just that little bit too small as a family car for 4 for long journeys with luggage.

    • Jacob Thompson
      Jacob Thompson 7 months ago +3

      Neil Visarra I’d have a X3 over a Q5, but I’d rather have a Q3 over a X1

  • G Rodriguez
    G Rodriguez 7 months ago

    The original Q3 looks like an ugly bloated Audi with the mumps

  • Raj Brar
    Raj Brar 7 months ago +3

    No driver seat memory? How about head up display?

    • Raj Brar
      Raj Brar 7 months ago

      I know Tiguan is from the same platform but still it's a different brand.
      Audi is Audi.

    • Igor Royd
      Igor Royd 7 months ago

      @Raj Brar They're both in Tiguan. I believe Audi fans can get everything a Tiguan is ready to offer.

    • Raj Brar
      Raj Brar 7 months ago

      How sure r u? I need to know if its possible to get memory seats and head up display, plz find me the link you u know.

    • SuperstarUK
      SuperstarUK 7 months ago

      Both optional extras.

    Kaan KONYALIOĞLU 7 months ago


  • spyridon poppos
    spyridon poppos 7 months ago

    Premium 😂😂😂😂

  • Victor Papadimitriou
    Victor Papadimitriou 7 months ago +1

    You forgot to say about the storage space under the wheel next to driver door!

  • The Tag Market
    The Tag Market 7 months ago +3

    16 minutes of pointless waffle. The car is already redundant compared to almost all EV's. Will lose value at an increasing rate as EV and auto-driving become ubiquitous. In 5 years' time, it's trade-in and resale value will be close to zero. You may even have to pay someone to cart it away for you.
    Audi make good, strong cars (I have owned Audi A4 and A3 in the past, and loved them) - but there is no future for this sort of vehicle. The fundamental technology (ICE) is in its death throes, so even the most innovative cup-holder won't save it.
    Anyone buying this sort of car now, will be investing in a non-returning asset. A costly - and therefore pointless - "investment".

    • Gurjeet Singh
      Gurjeet Singh 6 months ago +1

      @thetag market..
      From when did cars became an investment.
      Everybody knows they will depreciate.
      pointless review

    • John Dann
      John Dann 7 months ago +1

      124 words of pointless waffle! The reality is that EVs are NOT going to replace fossil cars in the next 3-5 years. Yes they will continue to increase penetration in the new car market (which isn't difficult from the current 1% level), but if they make 20% by eg 2023 then they'll be doing well. So ICE residuals are absolutely not going to fall off a cliff. Just make sure that you get 10% discount if buying new or else buy one PCP/PCH as most people will and lock in an agreed level of depreciation.

      Oh and sad to say that's one of the most boring WC reviews I've seen. Doesn't begin to sum up the new Q3. Personally I need an SQ3 before I buy one but other than that it's a competitive product.

  • Sparky
    Sparky 7 months ago

    Their DCT is pure shit alright

  • Swisher Locobar
    Swisher Locobar 7 months ago +1

    I want this car s line black optic version in black gangsta

  • Chris P
    Chris P 7 months ago +10

    Good video. Thank god you avoided the ‘water bottle in the door bin test’ that every other channel thinks is how people choose to spend £1000s on a new car!

  • Top Reviewer
    Top Reviewer 7 months ago

    An overpriced over steering sterile s**tbox

  • Eamonn McDermott
    Eamonn McDermott 7 months ago +3

    Another snoozefest from Audi!

  • spencer bowditch
    spencer bowditch 7 months ago +3

    Side storage trays are in every Tiguan (which l have) golf plus, and sportsvan. They are utterly useless.

    • Etency
      Etency 5 months ago +1

      I have a tiguan and I use most of the crafty storage solutions, I think it's user preference, I rather have them and not use than need them and not have.

  • gkelly34
    gkelly34 7 months ago +7

    Great review. The BMW X1’s automatic transmission is amazing. Really responsive in every driving scenario.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 7 months ago +44

    "Glovebox is a little bit shallow but quite deep" mmmm Ok

    • John C
      John C 7 months ago

      Hahaha, yes, got that one too.

  • Robert l
    Robert l 7 months ago +5

    Not another Audi

  • ethelburga
    ethelburga 7 months ago +6

    It's trying to catch up with the new Evoque. It's nowhere near.

    • Arjen Kroos
      Arjen Kroos 7 months ago +2

      But still sells more right! Except off-roading it is better in every way, and is relatively reliable than Land Rover products. You can find more Q3s on road than Evoque

  • Aaron Mills
    Aaron Mills 7 months ago +5

    Volvo xc40 is better... love the interior tho 👌

  • Martin LV
    Martin LV 7 months ago +1

    How about kia e niro?

    • blackadder1996
      blackadder1996 7 months ago +1

      Martin ev neither of us have driven it, hence why reviews exist I guess!

    • blackadder1996
      blackadder1996 7 months ago

      Martin ev The quality of materials, comfort, engines and technology all speak for themselves.

    • Martin LV
      Martin LV 7 months ago +1

      blackadder1996 Lexus and Infinity, Jaguar may wish premium branding not a lifted golf with a rings on grill

    • blackadder1996
      blackadder1996 7 months ago +2

      Martin ev Again, Ford? Premium? They’re good car makers for sure, but Audi, BMW are what most people consider to be “premium”

    • Martin LV
      Martin LV 7 months ago

      blackadder1996 your info has aged...
      Seen all new kia models?
      They bought ford designers long ago and looks like europeans steal designs now...
      +7 year warranty!!!
      VW / Audi break in a year engines go as many as 30k miles and are for full rebuild!!!

  • Arjen Kroos
    Arjen Kroos 7 months ago +5

    Audi is making some killing interior and head light, tail light.

  • Melvin Bartolome
    Melvin Bartolome 7 months ago

    No Lexus NX?