I Tried Breakfast Tacos For The First Time | Kelsey Impicciche

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • It's that BuzzFeed girl again, back in Austin, Texas to try some of the best Breakfast Tacos in the US! Have you ever had a breakfast taco before?
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Comments • 118

  • Kelsey Impicciche
    Kelsey Impicciche  Year ago +72

    Where have breakfast tacos been all my life? Have I been living under a rock?

    • pseirend
      pseirend Month ago

      Kelsey Impicciche you’ve been living too far north is where you’ve been livin! Also Migas is different here in San Antonio. Migas is the corn tortillas or tortilla chips cooked with the eggs. Or at least that’s how my family does it.

    • Señor Romántico
      Señor Romántico 8 months ago

      @Angie Serratos Breakfast tacos were brought over by Mexicans, it's not a 'stolen idea.'

    • Señor Romántico
      Señor Romántico 8 months ago

      @Nicole Yup, sad that Austin is thought of being some holy taco city or something, what a joke. I don't even go to Austin any more, it's overrun with douchey hipsters and I'll never understand why they keep piling in to Austin from California.

    • Angie Serratos
      Angie Serratos 9 months ago

      Breakfast tacos are mexican, San Antonio or Austin (or whoever claims they did it first) didnt pioneer anything they just stole the idea.

    • Andrés Aguilar
      Andrés Aguilar Year ago

      I'm soooooooooooo In Love with you!

  • Hexatious
    Hexatious 5 months ago +1

    2:00 not a normal thing?! Pfffffffttttt

  • Kayla B.
    Kayla B. 8 months ago

    Not a breakfast person but I think I need these in my life...

  • Christena
    Christena 8 months ago

    I'm Texan and I laughed when they had LEFT OVER salsa after 2 TACOS I use like 2 per taco lol

  • Kaylee Ritchey
    Kaylee Ritchey 8 months ago

    As someone who lives near Austin TX I think it's funny that down in the comments Texans from different part of Texas are arguing on who has the better Breakfast Taco... like the people from San Antonio have good Tacos and so do the people in Houston lol I love me some Breakfast Taco...❤🌮

  • Jesus Is Lord
    Jesus Is Lord 8 months ago +1

    All I can say is San Antonio is the only place to get real breakfast tacos ask any south Texan

  • antigravity19
    antigravity19 9 months ago

    Small correction from the video, chips are standard in the migas and you can find them all over Austin. Putting this place on the list for next time I'm there, we had breakfast tacos all 4 mornings there last time. Glad you liked them

  • Hudson rivera
    Hudson rivera 10 months ago +1

    This is the most positive person EvEr wOw

  • ivan flores- Ramirez
    ivan flores- Ramirez 11 months ago

    I am Mexican I know what tacos look like I have one this morning that is not a taco I assure you that is something only Americans consider a taco so I would appreciate it if you call it something else

    • Señor Romántico
      Señor Romántico 8 months ago

      LOL, no one is going to stop calling it a taco. Food evolves my friend. Same concept, slight differences. What if I said Mexicans don't make real hamburgers and stop calling them that? That's silly.

    • Brandon Limones
      Brandon Limones 8 months ago

      ivan flores- Ramirez omg yes you are so right

  • Alicia Stadler
    Alicia Stadler 11 months ago +1

    Austin does food right!!!!! I love my city!

  • Chloe Sutton
    Chloe Sutton Year ago +6

    Oh Kelsey, I wish you had visited San Antonio to have REAL breakfast tacos! Austin tacos are not that good. Also, micas are everywhere!

    • L1LL13Mari3
      L1LL13Mari3 6 months ago

      Chloe Sutton yesssss I am from San Antonio too and was thinking the sameeee thing! 👏🏻

  • Sander Lansberg
    Sander Lansberg Year ago

    I have NOTHING to eat in my apartment and this got me very, very hungry

  • Rasta Fonz
    Rasta Fonz Year ago

    kelsey you're beautiful and have an awesome personality! i came here to check to see if you are still training like a superhero from Jan 2017, you and evan chang. i must change my diet. well if you're not then as long as you're happy in what you are doing. take kare and thanks :)!

  • Donna C
    Donna C Year ago

    I came here just because I saw you in a movie on Netflix called Hallows’ Eve.

  • Jason Hong
    Jason Hong Year ago

    like your smile =)

  • Reena Dixit
    Reena Dixit Year ago

    Breakfast tacos are amazing so glad that you experienced it for the first time

  • Joel Bäckman
    Joel Bäckman Year ago

    So damn cute. Should be illegal.

    VHORCE Year ago


  • BallinV21
    BallinV21 Year ago

    I love tacos too

  • Vanessa Mach
    Vanessa Mach Year ago

    Can someone help me? Im confused is kelsey darragh and kelsey impicceche the same person?

    • Kaylee Ritchey
      Kaylee Ritchey 8 months ago

      Nah they just both work at buzzfeed different ppl... this is a really late response so u probably already know

  • Wei Zhou
    Wei Zhou Year ago +1

    how do you stay so pretty while stuffing a taco down.... man I only wish

  • ketfb
    ketfb Year ago

    Your brother is cute! 😊

  • J.W. Zagst
    J.W. Zagst Year ago

    Baha love the awkward transition :D.

  • krylesangerbeaver

    Looks amazingly delicious. The tacos. But was it filling?

  • Potato Tomato
    Potato Tomato Year ago

    why isn’t it a h💿l💿 taco?

  • Abel Caustrita
    Abel Caustrita Year ago +3

    San Antonio TX has way better breakfast tacos

  • Ng Hanwei
    Ng Hanwei Year ago

    Oh no, I need to make myself some taco 🤤

  • rajib malik
    rajib malik Year ago

    Cool, I didn't realise you still made videos since you joined Buzzfeed! It's always uplifting to see your smile, wishing you all the best

  • Jon Heaver
    Jon Heaver Year ago

    If you’re still in Austin, go get Franklin BBQ!!!

  • Donny Fowler
    Donny Fowler Year ago +1

    How do you love in LA and have never tried breakfast tacos?!

  • 김만종
    김만종 Year ago

    i love your channel

  • Kinda ASMR
    Kinda ASMR Year ago

    Love u sooooo much!!!

  • Jeffrey Sandor
    Jeffrey Sandor Year ago

    Omg I'm so hungry now

  • recoil53
    recoil53 Year ago

    It seems like it makes more sense as a breakfast burrito if they sell it from a food truck. At least you can eat a burrito on the move without dumping it everywhere.

  • .m.
    .m. Year ago +12

    she's ridiculously attractiv

  • ChickenSwag
    ChickenSwag Year ago

    I see kelsey and tacos, i like!

  • Juan Maldonado
    Juan Maldonado Year ago

    Love your optimism and happiness. Makes me happy too!

  • Saimeren
    Saimeren Year ago


  • kyle glasco
    kyle glasco Year ago

    anyone else hear that bruce green voice?

  • Nico Bellic
    Nico Bellic Year ago

    Migas con huevo it’s a very popular dish in Mexico when there is little to eat

  • grey
    grey Year ago

    I feel like eating menudo or barbacoa would destroy her world. Lengua would be interesting, too

  • IceColdK 94
    IceColdK 94 Year ago

    Ayyy Kelsey 😚

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Year ago

    And now I want tacos

  • TheSneakyM
    TheSneakyM Year ago

    As a Mexican, I am laughing at this. I didn’t know Austin had this. I love how you Kelsey pronounces Taco and Migo. Love your content.

    • Señor Romántico
      Señor Romántico 8 months ago

      Tacos are all over the US. It's nothing new here. I find it weird that she makes it seem like she's visting another country. And she's from California, half the state is Mexican! She must live in a white bubble.

  • RaXa
    RaXa Year ago

    The tacos look reeeally awesome, so much foil though! Being from 🇦🇺 not sure about the coffee... 🤔

    • Omar
      Omar 11 months ago

      I don't get what you mean by the Australia thing? Is coffee not popular there? Is it like in England where tea is the go to beverage

  • LoebRules
    LoebRules Year ago

    Awwww, no beer? At least a bloody maria

  • anindya rizky pramoda

    You are super super super cute 😍
    Shoutout from Indonesia right here

  • Aaron Vera
    Aaron Vera Year ago +1

    If u are in Texas u have to try WhataBurger!

    • Señor Romántico
      Señor Romántico 8 months ago

      @Kaylee Ritchey there are no Whataburgers in NY. They only exist in TX and some surrounding states.

    • Kaylee Ritchey
      Kaylee Ritchey 8 months ago

      yaaasssss, I think they are in New York too... but idk I'm from Texas

  • Andy Goodman
    Andy Goodman Year ago +6


  • peechiz
    peechiz Year ago +10

    Oh hey it me.

  • Derek Stevens
    Derek Stevens Year ago

    I lived in San Antonio for 3 years, the breakfast tacos were more than food. It was a way of life

    • Derek Stevens
      Derek Stevens Year ago

      @Kelsey Impicciche we don't have any in Florida really which is a real bummer 😔

    • Kelsey Impicciche
      Kelsey Impicciche  Year ago +1

      I was so shocked by how prevalent it is!

  • 현박제
    현박제 Year ago +2

    I'm celebrating taco Tuesday today!! So I can't wait myself binging on local tacos shops !!
    Wow Kelsey is that Sriracha sauce phone case 😂😂 I bet it will be great with tacos !!

  • YB Chang
    YB Chang Year ago +59


  • Jeb Logan
    Jeb Logan Year ago

    Internet's been down a few days - logged back on just now and this is the first thing I see. Good welcome back!

  • Adam W
    Adam W Year ago +1

    You had me at “breakfast taco”... then you said they have chips in them, I think I am in love with these tacos I’ve never had but need in my life!

  • Mia Bustamante
    Mia Bustamante Year ago

    Radio used to be my hangout when I lived in south Austin!

    • peechiz
      peechiz Year ago

      It is the best spot, but parking can be challenging.

  • Grace Turner
    Grace Turner Year ago

    Those tacos look so good omg 😍

  • javier prado
    javier prado Year ago

    That is such an OG Mexican breakfast

  • Prajjwal Deb
    Prajjwal Deb Year ago +2

    Just had an argument with my girlfriend on why I find YOU cute, and not her 😆

  • Elamangai P
    Elamangai P Year ago +16

    Its 12 midnight and I'm craving tacos ;____;

    • Kelsey Impicciche
      Kelsey Impicciche  Year ago +2

      Never too late to have a breakfast taco

    • 100nitrog
      100nitrog Year ago

      Do you live in Southeast Asia, Russia, or Indonesia?