DIY FLUFF SCREAMER - Marshmallow Fluff Burger | Regional Burgers - Schuylkill County, PA

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • The #Fluff #Burger hails from Schuylkill County, PA and is made at Tony's Lunch, a dive that's been serving a burger topped with spicy meat sauce called 'hot sauce' and marshmallow Fluff for years. And since I'm not in Pennsylvania I'm going DIY it just so I can have a taste of this #screamer.
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  • emmymadeinjapan
    emmymadeinjapan  3 months ago +335

    So many great burger recommendations - thank you! 👏🏼 Keep 'em coming!

    • Carla J
      Carla J 2 days ago

      Wet your spoon before dipping it into the Fluff and it will come off the spoon much more easily.

    • Lynne Barhight
      Lynne Barhight Month ago

      How about the Carwanna in my hometown of Carbondale, PA? They are famous for their chili dogs. It’s your typical greasy spoon restaurant. My favorite dish there is their french fries. Yes, their burgers are t out of this world. The best I’ve ever had. But the fries complete the meal. Absolutely outstanding. Ask anyone currently living in the area, or any of us who have moved away. When we come home, we have to visit the Carwanna.

    • Coley Fipps
      Coley Fipps Month ago

      We (Oklahoma) have the sticky finger, which is a burger with peanut butter and jalapeno jelly, plus whatever other condiments you want. And we have grilled pb&j....of course the onion burgers! A ranch hand is also popular - it's a burger with ranch as the main condiment, usually also dipped in ranch! Delicious

    • dustin gelbutis
      dustin gelbutis Month ago

      I live one town over and that is not the hot sauce recipe no one knows it besides the owners

    • sarah burks
      sarah burks 2 months ago

      You can research about Okinawans they mostly eat sweet potatoes watch Dr MacDougall and educate yourself

  • Eddie Schulte
    Eddie Schulte 4 days ago

    Make the Runza!

  • Snarf Skywalker
    Snarf Skywalker 7 days ago

    I make juicy lucys, it's a big hit at our house. I think I originally picked up the idea from the travel channel .

  • Johnathan Jenner
    Johnathan Jenner 10 days ago

    Your n a i l looks weird

  • Lolli Swankette
    Lolli Swankette 13 days ago

    Wonder how this would taste with caramelized instead of raw onions? Or maybe crispy onions? 🤔

  • it's jenn.
    it's jenn. 15 days ago

    Kids rule!

  • Imber Midshad
    Imber Midshad 20 days ago

    I recomend you try a chili burger. A place I use to work in Grove Hill Alabama called Bertiles makes them and they are amazing. Basically a beanless chili, a mayo and mustard mixed sauce, onions, pickles, cheese and a bun.

    CRISIS 22 days ago +1

    I used to live in Schuylkill county and had the original Tony's Screamers. I can tell you, they were SPICY. In fact, the first two screamers I've ever had left me *ahem* screaming the next morning. Next time, I got the fluff burger (same as the screamer but with fluff) and it evened out the heat. But, yeah.. still made you scream.
    You can get a knock-off sauce that's pretty darn close to the Tony's sauce. It's made by folks in Schuylkill county and it's probably the closest you'll find. I have one jar left and throw it on burgers and hot dogs. Enjoy!!

  • friendly911 OS
    friendly911 OS Month ago

    Kid are little idiots, sometimes they put foods with other foods that don't belong, and by CHANCE it works...but most of the time it would be disgusting.

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H Month ago

    Emmy at 8:48 is me whenever onions or mushrooms are involved.

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor Month ago

    I would really love to see you make a Slugburger from Northeast Mississippi!

  • Timothy Jones
    Timothy Jones Month ago

    UMAMI BURGER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frenchie girl in the usa

    I'm going to have to make it.

  • Interviews with Everyday People

    Awesome, this is a home town burger for us #skook

  • Karina C
    Karina C Month ago

    In Texas we pronounce kolache as "kuh-la-chee"

  • Brianna Mazack
    Brianna Mazack Month ago

    You need a chocolate milk with it!!

  • theVHSvlog
    theVHSvlog Month ago

    I am in love the the ringtown valley and the coal region of PA. Great find!

  • Zoey Bower
    Zoey Bower Month ago +3

    I live 30 mins away from Girardville and go to Tony’s EVERY WEEKEND for a screamer!! PLEASE fly here and try a REAL one!! You won’t regret it! Also your chili sauce is completely wrong! 😁 PLEASE FLY HERE

  • jon baptiste
    jon baptiste Month ago

    Live in the area. Had many screamers from Tony's. No meat sauce and by the look of it not near hot enough. It needs to be hot enough you feel it on your lips.

  • Kyle Owens
    Kyle Owens Month ago


  • Kyle Owens
    Kyle Owens Month ago

    In and out

  • wgkimmel
    wgkimmel Month ago +1

    You lost me with meat in the hot sauce... That's not a screamer..

  • Justin Stephens
    Justin Stephens Month ago

    Ypu have no idea how good Tony's sauce is until you've had it in person. I've been eating there for 20 plus years.

    • Gregory Markle
      Gregory Markle Month ago

      They had their food truck at the one microbrewery here a few weeks ago, it was nice not having to since over to Girardville for a screamer fix!

  • jeremy klinger
    jeremy klinger Month ago

    I've eaten at Tony's Lunch plenty of times and the fluff burger is very good. It sounds weird but the sweetness of the fluff is cancelled out by the hot sauce. It goes well with a chocolate milk or cream soda.

  • Dishonor On Your Cow

    My mouth instantly watered❤️❤️

  • Suzanne Burns
    Suzanne Burns Month ago

    I'm willing to give this a try, it looks good!

  • keitidid
    keitidid Month ago

    You should look into the burger bahn mi. (New Orleans area)

  • Mykah Syler
    Mykah Syler Month ago

    Yes please on the fudge video!!!

  • Jeff, the God of Biscuits

    Emmy: I don’t like peanut butter
    Also Emmy: I regularly put peanut butter on my burgers
    🤣 She is such an adorable little nymph

  • Jordan Blume
    Jordan Blume Month ago

    Have you dont the juicy lucy yet??

  • BL W
    BL W Month ago

    Performance Food Group Hamgerger and steak

  • BL W
    BL W Month ago

    You need to do on hot wings first we feast!!!!!!!!

  • lightsoutisay
    lightsoutisay Month ago

    You could make Cleveland's signature food- Polish Boy. It's a sandwich with kielbasa sausage, french fries, hot sauce, and coleslaw. Messy goodness :D

  • corgisbutt
    corgisbutt Month ago

    I'll definitely try this once i get my hand of a tub of marshmallow fluff

  • Gillian Shackleford

    my grandson (8yrs old) loves jam and grape sammiges (sandwiches)

  • Jacob Rutherford
    Jacob Rutherford Month ago

    Sorry I’m new but Winston?

  • ness ;;;
    ness ;;; Month ago

    i hate that i want to try this now

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    You bring a smile to my heart, thank you

  • J Comment
    J Comment Month ago

    I prefer when the burger meat is jazzed up with onions, mustard, spices, a bit of bread crumbs & an egg like meatloaf. Then the toppings are easier to deal with because you don't need as many. (Fluff too weird fer me but congrats for the courage).

  • Annabelle nolan
    Annabelle nolan Month ago

    the hot sauce is just sriracha hot chili sauce and tomato paste

  • Kassandra OB
    Kassandra OB 2 months ago

    Emmy you always make me so hungry!

  • Lindsay M
    Lindsay M 2 months ago

    LOL I have subtitles on and when Emmy cheers before her bite it says ducky balls

  • Katie Shadid
    Katie Shadid 2 months ago

    You need your own cooking show!

  • KezzDaddy
    KezzDaddy 2 months ago

    Looking forward to more burgers!

  • Classic boxing and mma
    Classic boxing and mma 2 months ago

    wtf lol

  • Jenny Ngo
    Jenny Ngo 2 months ago

    My CC says 'Eat the ducky balls~!"

  • Devina Divine
    Devina Divine 2 months ago


  • J024
    J024 2 months ago

    Hell no.... yuck! xD

  • Rachel G
    Rachel G 2 months ago

    I wanna try this!!!! I love how u put it on the paper plate, so authentic!

  • Tammy Casey
    Tammy Casey 2 months ago

    The Vortex Bar & Grill in Atlanta, there are two locations. One of their burgers is The Elvis, we all know that Elvis loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches, which are very yum. But, I have yet to try the Elvis.

  • Adventure Time
    Adventure Time 2 months ago +1

    I couldn’t take a bite of this I would gain 50 pounds

  • Deb 777
    Deb 777 2 months ago

    I have been making the fudge from the fluff for over 40 years and it is the best fudge ever. Add walnuts and raisins to it. Never refrigerate it. It melts in your mouth.

  • Jon Dante
    Jon Dante 2 months ago

    I don't think I've ever seen her so adorable!!! 😍😍😍

  • Jimmer Seiber
    Jimmer Seiber 2 months ago

    You have the best food show of all time.

  • Bree
    Bree 2 months ago

    i love those big ass satisfying bites she takes!!

  • Charles
    Charles 2 months ago

    The runza omg. I want a runza so bad but you can only find them in nebraska and a few other states in the midwest. I miss going there.

  • Nic Anonymus
    Nic Anonymus 2 months ago

    Yes, i would love to see your Instant-Fudge-Recipe. 🙏🏻

  • Sissy Bon Sweets
    Sissy Bon Sweets 2 months ago

    When she likes the food she takes big ole bites 👏🏼👍🏼👌🏼

  • Like90
    Like90 2 months ago +1

    That burger looks so good. I’ll try just about any food.