Casually Explained: 10 Pieces of Life Advice

  • Published on Feb 10, 2016
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  • Chez Mat
    Chez Mat Day ago

    You can beat Stephen Hawkins In the 100

  • Aditya
    Aditya 7 days ago

    We need musk to put up a video of him dunking.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 8 days ago

    "if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there" George Harrison

  • Electric Goldfish
    Electric Goldfish 10 days ago

    5'9 joke was incredible

  • PKfire26
    PKfire26 10 days ago

    the "two separate measurements" joke took me a full day to figure out

  • Eagle J.
    Eagle J. 11 days ago

    You're like exurb1a lol

  • Nathan Slocum
    Nathan Slocum 12 days ago

    Ironic how bill nye was in the point about admitting when you’re wrong

  • Sarig Hasenfeld
    Sarig Hasenfeld 12 days ago

    Actually came here for the real talk

  • Gregory Thompson
    Gregory Thompson 16 days ago

    fucking A....#1 was some legit good advice

  • Jero 7733
    Jero 7733 20 days ago

    "Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

  • Jason Yohannes
    Jason Yohannes 22 days ago

    should've mad yourself 9 inches tall

  • Raycorr49
    Raycorr49 24 days ago


  • ZZZ
    ZZZ 26 days ago

    A StarCraft reference... I see you too, are a man of culture.

  • Archer Lions .V
    Archer Lions .V 28 days ago

    I know you like to joke around a lot but in all seriousness, you really speak the truth, keep it up man you just got a new sub!🍻

  • Gray Knight
    Gray Knight 29 days ago

    For me, I would've put the 5ft 9in graph horizontally.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Muhammad Ahmed
    Muhammad Ahmed Month ago

    Number 5 is facts

  • downloders JPJ JPJ
    downloders JPJ JPJ Month ago

    The first thing I watched on 5:51 pm on my birthday

  • Zachary North
    Zachary North 2 months ago

    It could be that sweet legal Canadian weed I'm smoking buddy, but I think you are the funniest, most interesting comedian I've ever heard. Love your videos. This might be my favourite.

  • Mark Murex
    Mark Murex 2 months ago

    2 separate measurements.

  • Pockets2Big Rikishi
    Pockets2Big Rikishi 3 months ago


    • Pockets2Big Rikishi
      Pockets2Big Rikishi 3 months ago

      ok i actually wrote this just before I saw the reddit joke lmfao

  • Jake B
    Jake B 3 months ago

    16 to the power of 1 /2 is 8

  • Gymmy Kimbler
    Gymmy Kimbler 3 months ago

    who's here from the podcast?

  • 42Monahan
    42Monahan 3 months ago

    Nice Starcraft reference

  • Jackson Coop
    Jackson Coop 4 months ago

    Here to find out how tall he is

  • Jason Greer
    Jason Greer 4 months ago

    Well happy birthday Casually Explained

  • hi there
    hi there 4 months ago


  • ice322
    ice322 4 months ago

  • statisticallyvalidatedstereotypes

    for his height: 1:20

  • Nefarious
    Nefarious 4 months ago

    you forgot to write #3 lol

  • Msoes OCtagon
    Msoes OCtagon 4 months ago

    This gives me motivation to get on with everyday life

  • MagnusNate
    MagnusNate 4 months ago +3


  • Giorgio Aversa
    Giorgio Aversa 4 months ago +1

    Here from the podcast

  • Benjamin McLean
    Benjamin McLean 4 months ago

    Dude no. You don't want to constantly make workers. You start having diminishing returns somewhere between an average of 16 and 20 workers per base. I'm not saying you should never make the "extra" diminishing returns workers, but you will eventually run out of mineral patches for them to work on. Whether to expand, defend or attack is a judgement call, and you only want to constantly make workers if you're expanding.

  • nuttyafro
    nuttyafro 4 months ago


  • Michael Asta
    Michael Asta 4 months ago

    I recently turned 23 and now I can feel Death staring into my soul.

  • Abdullah Ansari
    Abdullah Ansari 4 months ago

    Number 4 was so subtle it killed me

  • officialkells
    officialkells 5 months ago

    This is Gold.

  • Maki _The_Troller
    Maki _The_Troller 5 months ago

    #1 really got me tho

    END MY SUFFERING 5 months ago

    You are like a guru

  • Sir sloth
    Sir sloth 5 months ago

    1:15 can someone explain that reference

  • Isaac Naumenko
    Isaac Naumenko 5 months ago +1

    Starcraft bros ftw

  • The Steadfast Duelist
    The Steadfast Duelist 5 months ago +1

    2:20 *That actually sounds helpful, thanks

  • Langus langus
    Langus langus 6 months ago +1


  • Wes Lou
    Wes Lou 6 months ago

    I'm 5 foot and 9 inches

  • Quintin Folmar
    Quintin Folmar 6 months ago

    Merry Christmas

  • FirstDragonSlayer
    FirstDragonSlayer 7 months ago

    mfw i'm 6ft 2

  • Serge Boyko
    Serge Boyko 7 months ago

    "There'are million things you could be doing, but nothing that's just right." - so true!

  • Cagla Nil Tas
    Cagla Nil Tas 7 months ago +2

    You accidentally gave me the will to live with #1 i guess, thanks

  • CloppyFeet
    CloppyFeet 7 months ago

    It ain't half empty or full, you can break the glass or drink it all
    Dig it

  • Angry White Conservative

    Feels like I got bitch-slapped with a bag of fortune cookies.

  • Gytis Paulavicius
    Gytis Paulavicius 7 months ago +1

    happy cake day

  • William Lambert
    William Lambert 7 months ago +2

    I only watch these videos for the comic sans text

  • Christopher Cox
    Christopher Cox 7 months ago

    You're voice sucks! Loser!!!

  • Chandler Russell
    Chandler Russell 8 months ago +1

    This was surprisingly wholesome

  • J
    J 8 months ago +1

    "No matter how old you are, if you feel lost in your life and don't know what to do, just realize you're not alone. No one has a clue what they're doing and no ones path is a straight trajectory from start to finish. Often times it seems like there's a million things you could be doing but nothing is just right, but you have to get started before you know exactly where you're going and the goals that you set on aren't always destinations but they are directions. And you can never know what you'll find if you're only looking from where you are right now. If anything try something new if only to prove that it's not the right choice and you'll be amazed of the people you meet, the way your perspectives change, and ultimately what your what your ambition and dreams become. " -CE

  • Jimmy Lemke
    Jimmy Lemke 8 months ago

    Unexpectedly wholesome

  • James Moursund
    James Moursund 9 months ago

    Happy Birthday, James!

  • Helen Browne
    Helen Browne 9 months ago

    Ok so why was that goal setting bit exactly what I needed to hear while my counseling sessions just never seem to inspire me?!?! Love your work 😍

  • Sanmaya Jolly
    Sanmaya Jolly 9 months ago

    He said he could only count to 10 but then square rooted the shit out of 16. Guy fucking lied. Wonder what all to believe in these videos. I have been planning my life around them!

  • I’m already Sans Undertale

    Happy birthday 2 years ago

  • Denis Guba
    Denis Guba 9 months ago

    I don’t know why but I Awww’d at 1:07

  • MultiGingerpubes
    MultiGingerpubes 9 months ago

    What if you feel incapable of achieving what you want to achieve? The issue there isn't lack of direction, perhaps it's lack of confidence, but surely it's equally likely to be lack of capability. How does one address that problem?

  • Bill Meowsers
    Bill Meowsers 9 months ago

    My goal is to die

  • Elemblue2
    Elemblue2 9 months ago

    Your last piece of advice, I knew it already, but for whatever reason to hear it said hits harder than knowing.
    Thanks. Time to get out of this rut one day at a time.

  • Daniel Liddicoat
    Daniel Liddicoat 9 months ago

    I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm avoiding sleep by watching RU-clip.

  • Jacob Warren
    Jacob Warren 9 months ago

    actually triggered when you square root it can equal pus or minus

  • Faisal Adel
    Faisal Adel 10 months ago

    the starcraft refrence hit me so deep

  • Splitterz
    Splitterz 10 months ago


  • ben feher
    ben feher 10 months ago

    thanks dude.

  • Emanuel F.
    Emanuel F. 10 months ago

    Put the points to seduction

  • Brandon Knable
    Brandon Knable 10 months ago

    Happy birthday

  • User Name
    User Name 10 months ago

    happy bday

  • sunny fish
    sunny fish 10 months ago

    Like reeally late man but happy birthday!

  • victoria sanchez
    victoria sanchez 10 months ago

    So your at like almost 2 mill subscribers. Face reveal soon??

  • Casper Von Schenck
    Casper Von Schenck 10 months ago

    with "five point nine inches" being separate, is it 5 inches long + 0.9(like point nine) or is it 5 inches tall + 9 inches dick?

  • PrinceK 242
    PrinceK 242 11 months ago +1

    My birthday is February the 9th... not that anyone cares, just saying

  • Flexy
    Flexy 11 months ago

    man i cant even verbally express how much i appreciate your work and your wit

  • KranxMusic
    KranxMusic 11 months ago

    I like how you make everything a video game simulator.

  • John R Perry
    John R Perry 11 months ago

    The only thing Elon Musk can't do is something he's chosen not to do


    big mcthanks.

  • Steffen W.
    Steffen W. 11 months ago

    What kind of monster lives in Canada and still deals in imperials?

  • Sworne Reborne
    Sworne Reborne 11 months ago

    #1 Jesus saves

  • feztarausch
    feztarausch 11 months ago

    Wow posted a day after my birthday

  • FdPros
    FdPros 11 months ago

    lmao "specify im talking about 2 separate measurements"

  • Animus Zero
    Animus Zero 11 months ago

    10 ~ 2 Hahaha this dude is funny.
    1 I started crying.
    I don't care if you found that bullcrap in a reddit post, I needed that. Thanks man.

  • Skyvenomfilms
    Skyvenomfilms 11 months ago


  • da0king1
    da0king1 11 months ago

    "basically just remember to pull out" lmao, laughed way too much at this one

  • Player 2 Nation
    Player 2 Nation 11 months ago

    #5 was ur best joke ever! the LULZ i got! good job man thats why i subbed lol

  • Garlic
    Garlic 11 months ago

    Haha 1:42 was clever!

  • Alexander Nance
    Alexander Nance Year ago

    I swear to god, these videos fuck up my google ad settings. Google now thinks I’m interested in parenting and dating

  • dreta
    dreta Year ago

    lol bill nye, nice troll

  • max musk
    max musk Year ago

    Dude of course I don't waste chrono boost on useless shit xd

  • QuickBasskey
    QuickBasskey Year ago +1

    Happy birthday ysac

    Abby TOO SHABBY Year ago

    Thank You for this I needed it.

  • iquityoutube
    iquityoutube Year ago

    Says that he can't count past 10.
    Says the number 16.

  • Just Another Guy With A Moustache

    That last one is actually very inspirational! Time to commit murder.

  • Sarara Jannat
    Sarara Jannat Year ago +1

    Please do a part 2

  • Ellary Mischel
    Ellary Mischel Year ago

    The fucking hat 😂

  • Fajar Firdaus
    Fajar Firdaus Year ago

    I am not a native english speaker and english is my second language, but i greatly wonder what the root joke means. Have searched around internet but cant find reference. Can anyone explain please?

    • Vertal
      Vertal Year ago

      Fajar Firdaus its not a joke its like you have to remember where your'e from

  • DazzleAlec
    DazzleAlec Year ago

    "10 is the highest number I can count to" 1:02 THEN WHAT IS THAT