Make a Carving Mallet

  • Published on Mar 24, 2016
  • Here in this video, I review the carving tools I decided to start with as well as making a carving mallet from a big chunk of oak.
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  • John
    John 2 months ago


  • Forest Taber
    Forest Taber Year ago

    Awesome catch!

  • bentontool
    bentontool Year ago +3

    If you have a lathe, there is no reason on earth to buy a mallet. I turn all my own... usually from the firewood pile. When I turn one that I really like, I wrap the head with leather, glued-on... it really makes it durable and cushions the blows somewhat. Also helps protect your chisels. Nice design Jon... square-head mallets are nearly useless, nowhere near as good for general woodworking. One tip for having mallets of different weights: if you want heavier, make the head LONGER, not wider. P.S. I like your bench. Is there a video there?

    • Jon Carroll Woodworks
      Jon Carroll Woodworks  Year ago +2

      +bentontool thanks! That's some good advice! Unfortunately there's no video on the workbench (pre-RU-clip days lol) the bench was made with recycled floor joists from a house built about 125 years ago. Was really nice stuff to work with, although pulling all the square nails out was a real pain. I do have another one planned for our camp /cottage this summer. I Got a chunk of 9"x6"x8' pine set aside for it. Should be good.

  • Matthew Harrold
    Matthew Harrold 2 years ago +2

    Nice video Jon. Made my own carving mallet today out of a dropped branch in the back yard. Used an Opinel #7 folding knife and opposable thumbs. Given the blisters and lack of symmetry, wood turning is a better way. Now I have TWO tools (a knife and a mallet).

  • Rick L. Orchids
    Rick L. Orchids 3 years ago +1, what a beautiful saw and scratch stock tool, just the saw locust?..........the mallet is a winner, beautiful as well......good luck, keep the shows coming.............your right, ..... I need to make me a tool roll.....yours turned out great !!

    • Jon Carroll Woodworks
      Jon Carroll Woodworks  3 years ago +2

      Thanks, I believe the saw is big leaf maple milled from some local deadfall on Vancouver Island. The only problem with the tool roll, is that I should have made it bigger!