How fast can JayzTwoCents build a computer?

  • Published on Feb 4, 2018
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    How fast can JayzTwoCents build a computer? | JayzTwoCents
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  • Zim Zephyr
    Zim Zephyr Year ago +3165

    Jay has learned that by saying "that's cringy" after saying something cringy, it takes the effect away.

    • NephFX
      NephFX 3 months ago

      Austin Evans has not learned the arts yet

    • Game Playnia
      Game Playnia 3 months ago

      Jay has cracked the code lol.

    • Random Alien
      Random Alien 5 months ago

      I did not find it cringey. We aliens have an advanced sense of humor.😂

    • slinkky PC
      slinkky PC 5 months ago

      it's okay we are all cringe

    • F.A.I
      F.A.I 10 months ago

      @HotRodX that was cringy as hell

  • Arron Williams
    Arron Williams 4 hours ago

    Beast Mode Bro!

  • Javier Cantero
    Javier Cantero 2 days ago

    the coolers of the radiator are blowing the heat towards the cpu and cpu. Isn't that supposed to be blowing outwards?

  • The President of The Internet

    I havent watched a sec of this and I already know he can do it in less than 10:19

  • 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    Wait why is ladies funny plz no make fun of me I don’t get it explain plz ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

  • Sebastian Hall
    Sebastian Hall 9 days ago

    How fast can you ship this to me?

  • Jorge B.
    Jorge B. 11 days ago

    What and why did Jay un-screw then re-screw that thing at 3:20

  • kenh86
    kenh86 13 days ago

    your front radiator fans is push or pull?

    CODE TFUE 13 days ago

    I have never understood how thats a water cooler but it has no pump

  • Mount Oza
    Mount Oza 14 days ago +9

    Meanwhile: I took 4 hours installing a single HDD lol

  • Chris Greer
    Chris Greer 14 days ago

    @jayz can you send me mobo cpu ram from that year? I'm a poor jerk. :)

  • 2weekOldBacon
    2weekOldBacon 16 days ago +1

    this looks like an intro that Ali-A would make.

  • theLONELYsheepz -
    theLONELYsheepz - 16 days ago

    Jay $0.02

  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube 17 days ago

    Your going to make the guys that you build comps for upset with this videp because even if the comp is custom some you take a year for lol but hey good video

  • Vulcan turtle
    Vulcan turtle 18 days ago +3

    Me "builds pc in about half an hour"
    JayZ "I can build a pc in an hour!"
    *gets 1 Mil views*

    • Owen West
      Owen West 15 days ago

      @cjmillsnun idk man aios are easier to instal then alot of air coolers. A stock cooler from Amd or intel would be easier but something like noctua or coolermaster is confusing and annoying.

    • cjmillsnun
      cjmillsnun 17 days ago

      You can build a fully cable managed PC in half an hour that's water cooled?
      I can do a messy stock cooler build in 15 minutes and a messy decent air cooler build in 20. But to mount rads, cable manage properly and build a mini ITX PC in an hour is good going.

  • Vulcan turtle
    Vulcan turtle 18 days ago +3

    JayZ: "*i can build a pc in 1 hour*"
    Post Malone build: "* Am i a joke to you?*"

  • Kurt Frans
    Kurt Frans 20 days ago

    What slowed him down I think is more the water cooler install plus the size of the case and cable management and drive install of the case, a Full Tower (there would be more arm and hand room to install and route the components) case probably would've been faster, now the install of the operating system with all updates downloaded and installed and misc drivers also takes time. 15 to 35 Minutes for the main components to install is what I'd think would be fair if was an air cooled system and you were fast with the standoff's and sitting the motherboard inside the case and mounting it and you had the part's already laid out and ready to install. And if you included the installation of Windows 10 using a side-loaded method to install using another computer with Windows 10 already installed so you don't need to re-download all the updates from internet and instead it's transferred straight from the other machine that already has the updates downloaded that would be faster as well as it comes directly from the LAN. The question is would it have been faster to install an SSD or the NVME? I'm thinking the SSD would have been faster to just snap the cables on it and mount it and if you needed to move the NVME standoff that'd have taken some time, but if the standoff was in the right place already then you snap it in and it would be faster than plugging in the cables if you only had 1 screw, but it's very cringy screwing an NVME fast because you can damage it pretty easily if you aren't careful.

  • Einsley Harriot
    Einsley Harriot 22 days ago

    built my first gaming pc . 0 experience just watched almost 20 vids of how to build gaming pc videos . finished building in 2 hrs. :D

  • RareGhost
    RareGhost 25 days ago

    Why so hyping music? He's so relaxed.

  • Weelah
    Weelah 26 days ago +2

    That clearly says 1 year 6 months 19 days and 8 hours Haha you can't fool me Jay

  • Garrett Willingham
    Garrett Willingham Month ago +3

    (When the video is only 10 minutes long)

    (I am speed)

  • ッThread
    ッThread Month ago

    Would be better without the cuts

  • Car Bird
    Car Bird Month ago

    At least the video is over 10 minutes. GREAT JOB bleach boy

  • oussama abdellatif rahmoune

    i can did it on maximum 3 minutes

  • oatapoxle RL
    oatapoxle RL Month ago

    Checks stopwatch - 10 minutes
    Starts installing io shield
    Checks stopwatch again - 43 minutes

  • Gator
    Gator Month ago

    I can do it in 10 seconds. Just need to take the prebuilt of out of the box and there it is. Done

    ICEDRAGON Month ago +1

    How fast can u loose wait though

  • Kazuya Yuza
    Kazuya Yuza Month ago

    He's not even trying to do it fast o.o
    Looks good tho

  • Matthias Stephenopolis

    Ha! You thought ladies watched this channel..... great joke buddy!

  • RJK7
    RJK7 Month ago

    Jays $0.02

  • Takedown
    Takedown Month ago

    Thank god you arent a soldier...

  • Peter Toth
    Peter Toth Month ago +1

    0:14 no woman watches your videos tho.

  • Ezequiel Galeano
    Ezequiel Galeano Month ago

    It took me like 2 days

  • 4wd some
    4wd some Month ago

    my first computer took less than an hour to build what goes

  • Fortnite Nub
    Fortnite Nub Month ago

    No ram

  • shahzaib hussain
    shahzaib hussain Month ago +3

    How much time does it takes for jayz to build a high end pc and send it to me?

    • SEGaming
      SEGaming 13 days ago

      Brody Morrow *woooooosh* hear that? That’s the sound of the joke going over your head

    • Brody Morrow
      Brody Morrow Month ago

      Just buy the parts and build yourself

  • txnsion
    txnsion 2 months ago

    Kristopheryee did it in 40 minutes with cable management

    • txnsion
      txnsion Month ago

      Look up Kristopheryee, dude is super smart and I believe they’re friends

    • Colt
      Colt Month ago

      txnsion who?

  • Gavin Collery
    Gavin Collery 2 months ago

    The answer is just over 10 mins with ads

    • Dylan Maynard
      Dylan Maynard Month ago

      Gavin Collery Actually the answer is just over an hour.

  • Henrik Teisnes
    Henrik Teisnes 2 months ago

    Very good job! Definetly could of gone much faster, but it shows that roughly 1 hour is what it takes to build an manage a pc! Got very nice

  • bu tre
    bu tre 2 months ago

    no wonder postponed took so god damn long if it takes you over an hour to do a speed build. I take about that long going slow

  • rfbladek
    rfbladek 2 months ago

    Thanks for the video and the build. Much appreciated!

  • Dulla Bills
    Dulla Bills 2 months ago

    im wondering is he old or is his hair just blonde

  • Tristan McMurtry
    Tristan McMurtry 2 months ago

    850 watt?!

  • NathanReacts
    NathanReacts 2 months ago

    Anyone be a savage and look at the video time and say to themselves “well I guess it takes him 10 minutes and 8 seconds to build a computer”

  • HH 12
    HH 12 3 months ago

    Thanks for that, I know what case I would like to buy, but don't know what ram . I am thinking of getting 2666mhz, but I am not sure if I should get 3000mhz.

  • QuesteYT
    QuesteYT 3 months ago

    Question if anyone sees this. Does an AIO get thermal paste as well?

    • QuesteYT
      QuesteYT 3 months ago

      @Fk figured as much. Saw a video where the person said remove the paste. Guessing he forgot to mention to apply better paste.

    • Fk
      Fk 3 months ago

      QuesteYT yes

  • Anderswan Lin
    Anderswan Lin 3 months ago

    Puts in IO shield in 2 second
    Spends 30 minutes in m.2 shield
    IO shield: am I a joke to you?

  • Whaler
    Whaler 3 months ago +1

    Jayztwocents? More like..

  • Elmo
    Elmo 3 months ago

    Isn't that 240mm AIO are bit too overkill

  • Captain Acer
    Captain Acer 3 months ago +1

    he is 2x faster if you put it on x2 speed

  • Yukqri
    Yukqri 3 months ago +1

    if linus does this he would've dropped the motherboard and gpu a couple times before getting them in the case and it will somehow still work

  • CartsMU
    CartsMU 3 months ago

    noo way I was the 1000000th vieww

  • Filip Ladan
    Filip Ladan 3 months ago

    That's actually faster than most competitors.

  • George Machitidze
    George Machitidze 3 months ago

    I've yet to build my first pc and have never even tried to help anybody with building their own. I gotta say, if you're doing this for the first time and are unexperienced, don't rush and take your time. When dealing with such technology without any experience in putting it all together, I would rather spend a little more time and make sure everything works perfectly fine, instead of get it over with as quick as possible without guaranteed success.

  • Haptic
    Haptic 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does the mini size build make jays hands look fucking huge

  • FiascoMotorSport
    FiascoMotorSport 3 months ago

    LOL I've been sitting here installing 2 fans cpu on mobo and almost took me 30mins wtf

  • WhatLuck 150
    WhatLuck 150 3 months ago

    Have you ever had is issue when gettting a matx motherboard, and the ram slots was to close to the pcie slot and the gpu couldnt fit in the slot and btw the motherboard only has 1 pcie x16 slot for gpu

  • GameTraps YT
    GameTraps YT 3 months ago

    I some how managed a full case swap in 45 minutes

  • Jayden
    Jayden 3 months ago

    Why'd you put so much thermal paste?

  • philip håkansson
    philip håkansson 3 months ago

    I just built my first computer.. and the cable management is looking like shit 😂 took me like a day to be up and running. Too afraid to change anything I might break something. I might add that’s it’s a 3000$ build haha. But thanks for all the video tips, otherwise I would never have made it.