Top 10 Underrated Rock Bands

  • Published on Jul 27, 2015
  • You know their singles, but do you know how much they influenced music? Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Rock Bands. For this list, we are looking at bands in the rock genre that may not get as much love as they deserve. While we know how much you Mojoholics love bands like Rise Against and Muse, we will be excluding them based on their large and devoted fan bases and critical and commercial success.
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Comments • 12 391

  • Possumlove
    Possumlove Hour ago

    Grand Funk Railroad? Awesome but not exactly mainstream?

  • Possumlove
    Possumlove Hour ago

    Here's you another underrated band. The Stray Cats, and I would have put the Doobie Bro's in place of ELO. They BOTH had about the same amount of success but the Doobie's are much better (not knocking on ELO).

  • Possumlove
    Possumlove Hour ago

    The CCR "swamp rockers" while I love them are a YANKEE band lol. City band too.

  • SRB NO
    SRB NO 2 hours ago

    You have just got to be kidding!!!! Deep Purple, ZZ Top and the Kinks underrated????? who did you poll for this??? Eskimos? Or just pull names out of a hat?

  • Mark Mastro
    Mark Mastro 3 hours ago +1

    Talk Talk belongs here as #1. The Kinks have always been appreciated by novices and pros alike.

  • CatMan
    CatMan 3 hours ago

    Mudhoney,stoneroses,pixies? Never heard of them. What happened? You showed Heart doing Barracuda in the intro and then nothing. I've been a big Heart fan since the beginning and I do believe they are a bit underrated. Though they did get inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame.

  • No Buddy
    No Buddy 3 hours ago

    How old are you??? CCR was huge in the 70's.

  • Random One
    Random One 3 hours ago

    Jesus....Another video posted by hipsters who just discovered some of the biggest names in the business and now are trying to lay claim to their influence .........Maybe under rated by your generation and thus your limited frame of reference, but not by the rest of us hundreds of millions of people.

  • Ichlas Mochtar
    Ichlas Mochtar 4 hours ago +2

    When you don't know the bands, it doesn't mean that they are underrated. It's just you. You have a lack of references.

  • Steve Elshoff
    Steve Elshoff 5 hours ago


  • w p
    w p 6 hours ago

    I just didn't care for ZZ Top stealing from Canned Heat ! Play Canned Heats;" Fried Hockey Boogie : off of their Cookbook album ! La Grange sound familiar now ?

  • scottmotown
    scottmotown 6 hours ago

    I almost never agree with your lists but this one feels right. I enjoyed this vid, very much. Thanks.

  • Larry Dearing
    Larry Dearing 7 hours ago

    What crap. The Stone Roses? Horrible!!!

  • Exploding Nightmare Productions

    The band Fanny is so damn underrated it isn't even funny. One of the first all female rock bands (1969 - 1975) who were fronted by two half Filipino sisters (June & Jean Millington respectively) that could kick the shit out of many male bands. If it wasn't for them you wouldn't have The Runaways and any other all girl rock bands that cite them as inspirational.

  • Jens Voigtlaender
    Jens Voigtlaender 8 hours ago

    In case nobody else mentioned it before: The "hairy guy at Deep Purple" ISN'T Whitesnakes David Coverdale (although he teamed up with Purple for a couple of years), but Ian Gillan. Also, GIllan did the vocals for Balck Sabbath for some time.

  • MrRex2U
    MrRex2U 11 hours ago

    The PLEBS...
    [Players of Lousy & Exceptionally Bad Songs...]

  • liquidbraino
    liquidbraino 12 hours ago

    I'm starting to report watchmojo for clickbait every time I see their crap come up in my feed from now on. I'm not even subscribed to this channel; nor would I ever subscribe to this clickbait channel. This video has nothing to do with "underrated" bands. A better example of an underrated band would be King's X (they literally invented Grunge and I guarantee you have never heard of them).

  • exntryk
    exntryk 12 hours ago

    Sorry, you haven't got a fucking clue what you're taking about, in fact, you're just full of shit. Before you post bullshit top 10 lists like this do some fucking research clown.

  • 1st17
    1st17 12 hours ago +1

    top ten over rated sh1t on you tube,,,,,,,,,,,,,,iiiiis...number 1 mojo........

  • Neil Aspin
    Neil Aspin 14 hours ago

    ZZ Top underrated....I will fuck you up the trumper!

  • Bob Albin
    Bob Albin 14 hours ago

    I would be a happy man if all copies in all formats of Smoke on the Water could somehow get permanently destroyed.

  • B H
    B H 14 hours ago

    The Kinks? They were a highly inconsistent band. They started out strong, imploded internally, had a couple comebacks, and fizzled out completely. They are not even near the caliber of the Beatles. They are, if anything, much like the Oasis.

  • Fringe Pig
    Fringe Pig 15 hours ago

    Are you insane? Stone Roses were massive. Or do you just mean they weren't so big in the US? Which they wouldn't care less about?

  • Sonic Wolves
    Sonic Wolves 16 hours ago

    Hello?? Where is Steppenwolf?

  • Skipper
    Skipper 17 hours ago

    The animals I feel are incredibly underrated.

  • nyg1954
    nyg1954 17 hours ago +2

    2 most underrated bands ever: Moby Grape and Little Feat.

  • Juan
    Juan 17 hours ago +1

    most underrated band = Rush

  • DJ Kinney
    DJ Kinney 17 hours ago

    Underrated is a current buzzword. This video exploits that. It's nonsense.

  • Colin Marsh
    Colin Marsh 18 hours ago

    Most underrated band of all time must be the cardiacs Not many people have ever even heard of them Go on if you love music give them a listen They are like marmite you will love them or hate them 🎸🎸

  • Gazman062
    Gazman062 19 hours ago

    Where's Thin Lizzy ???
    I reckon those on the list that didn't achieve immortality, probably suffered from being bat shit boring & had whiny vocalists !!! \m/

  • lotoex
    lotoex 19 hours ago

    Sorry but i like Shout 2000 better then Shout.

  • Joe Blo
    Joe Blo 19 hours ago

    Where the heck is Rush in all this? They’re more talented than everyone in this list combined. ZZ top and deep purple and CCR are not underrated.

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 19 hours ago

    Foghat would have been a better choice

  • finnibert lunchiken
    finnibert lunchiken 21 hour ago

    'Top 10 wrongly titled videos' - WatchMojo

  • laiosto
    laiosto 21 hour ago

    Rollin" on the River? Really? It is called Proud Mary you ignoramus.Typical Millennial dumbarsery. Because you have never heard of them,no-one else has?

  • ian davies
    ian davies 22 hours ago

    heres a few more underated bands ac/dc, black sabbath ,dio,elvis,free,hawkwind,motorhead,queen,pink floyd and slayer

  • liquidbraino
    liquidbraino 23 hours ago

    You misspelled "King's X".
    Ten times.

  • Jimmy Tee Rex
    Jimmy Tee Rex Day ago

    This is a mix of bands that DID GET the commercial and critical acclaim they deserved (ZZ Top, The Kinks, Soundgarden, CCR), few-hit wonders that never had sustained success for that reason (Violet Femmes, The Pixies, B.O.C) and bands that never got more than small followings for a reason (sorry-they weren't that great).
    Here's a REAL list of 10 Underrated Rock Bands:
    10. The Kingsmen
    9. Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett lineup)
    8. Thin Lizzy
    7. The Stooges
    6. The Shadows
    5. UFO
    4. The Yardbirds
    3. Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
    2. Tenacious D
    1. Accept

  • Jonathan Hylestedt

    Rainbow is underestimated

  • Daniel Fronc
    Daniel Fronc Day ago

    For God's sake where is The Band, who were called the American Beatles? They were the first rock band to make the cover of Time magazine. When Clapton got ahold of a copy of their breakout album Music From Big Pink he had George Harrison (and another top act I've forgotten) who were all in the same hotel listen to it. The Band fused gospel, rhythm and blues and rock. Clapton was a little upset that he couldn't be in The Band since they already had a crackerjack guitarist in J. Robbie Robertson. Clapton said that their music shaped the music after their debut. Listen to "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", "Up On Cripple Creek", and the stinging "loss of your life's love" song "It Makes No Difference". If you've ever lost your true love "It Makes No Difference" will rip your guts out.

  • azja 666
    azja 666 Day ago

    How stupid you are if you mentioned Deep Purple- the greatest rock band in history- to be underreted? I can't believe....

  • Stuart Clarke
    Stuart Clarke Day ago

    Primal scream?

  • Matt J Hendrix
    Matt J Hendrix Day ago

    Im sorry but Deep Purple along with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin are the founding father bands when it comes to Heavy metal

  • WWTormentor
    WWTormentor Day ago

    First of all, before you make a video make sure you know the correct names of the songs like Proud Mary!
    These are mostly bands that everyone knows. Here are a few that should have been on this list but weren’t. The band Angel canoe out same time as Aerosmith but yet somehow they never got the same recognition. As for metal bands there was Accept that came out around same time as scorpions from Germany and yet no recognition at all. Another example is Elf. Yes everyone knows deep purple and rainbow but not many renewer Elf and they were underrated as well. I’m sure there are many others that could have been placed into this list.

  • Dual Titan
    Dual Titan Day ago

    WEEZER for life

  • Robert Michaelson

    What a beautiful way to respond to what you needed to respond to.

  • P Dan
    P Dan Day ago

    Two word response for underrated rock bands: SHOOTING STAR. "Last Chance" is a musical, lyrical, vocal and instrumental rock masterpiece.

  • Doren Garcia
    Doren Garcia Day ago

    Safe lame corporate shit mostly, not all. #1Cardiacs #2Chrome #3Major Parkinson #4Stranglers #5Wire #6Early Split Enz/Phil Judd #7Ultra Vivid Scene #8Screaming Blue Messiahs #9Brainiacs #10Hank C Burnette #11Gun Club #12Band of Susans #13Joy Division #14Killing Joke
    - You've never heard of most of these because most people never get past the corporate advertised bands.

  • Ronnie Guitar
    Ronnie Guitar Day ago

    These are all famous bands. Underrated would be bands nobody has ever heard of outside of a local following of fans who know they are great. You know, like.....whatever their name is and.....those guys that play that song and.....those other guys I forgot the name of. Those were all great bands.

  • binjaygen muller

    Do you have more'n more often strange voices in your head? Dr. Parkinson will declare it to you….

  • Daniel Bulacu
    Daniel Bulacu Day ago

    One of the silliest tops on this channel... Not being aware of the musical culture of the years before you are born is no excuse, really...

  • Larry Del Grosso Jr


  • AlteredBoot
    AlteredBoot Day ago

    Whoever created this list had to be under 30

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop Day ago

    PJ Harvey would be my favorite underrated performer but, maybe not actually underrated. Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp?

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop Day ago

    ELO sucks. Definitely overrated. When I was a kid I changed channels when I heard that nasty falsetto and keyboard.

  • Kevin Larkin
    Kevin Larkin Day ago

    Slade ...
    Wishbone Ash ....

  • gfrkiss
    gfrkiss Day ago

    This is fucking hilarious.... Underrated fucking bands....
    Really....Lets go....everybody put a band on...(I'm from London...) I would say Grand Funk...Or Pentagram, Saint Vitus or any band working their arse off

  • HardcoreMotors
    HardcoreMotors Day ago

    Tears for fears - a rockband?! Uhm....what the?..

  • micha0001
    micha0001 Day ago

    Deep Purple underrated??? I listenend to them long before I even heard about Black Sabbath (which I don´t like at all)
    With ELO, ZZ Top, Soundgarden and Tears for Fears I go absolutely conform!

  • Scott Chapin
    Scott Chapin Day ago

    If you have platinum albums. I don't think you're underrated.

  • Scott Chapin
    Scott Chapin Day ago

    How is CCR underrated? I think that their album sales would disagree.

  • Carlos Vasquez
    Carlos Vasquez Day ago +3

    "Tears for fears" is not a rock band , its pop band. Using electric guitars doesnt mean rock.

    • jms1963
      jms1963 16 hours ago

      Glad you said it. I was trying to determine what set them apart from about 700 other bands that sounded like that in the 80's. Then I realized it was nothing.

  • Daniel Fronc
    Daniel Fronc Day ago +1

    I would have added Chicago who, while wildly commercially successful just never got the respect for their genius in writing, singing and playing as well as being the only rock group with a horn section. Truly a unique sound. Every member of the band was at the top of their game and how many proms have featured as that special, intimate slow dance "Colour My World"? Even today, down to just 3 original members they still tour their asses off, the reason that young blood bassist Jeff Coffey, the absolute perfect replacement for Peter Cetera had to opt out of the band. Too bad, he was great.

  • ofek segal
    ofek segal Day ago

    Mojo if you say that Deep Purple is "underated" you probably don't know any about rock at all

  • Trevor Ord
    Trevor Ord Day ago

    Absolute bullshit. Muse are excluded because of commercial success and critical acclaim. That's fair enough
    You then include ZZ Top who have had enormous commercial success and lots of critical acclaim.
    It makes no sense.

  • George Cooper
    George Cooper Day ago

    Stone Roses and Violent Femmes are good choices, not so much with the rest though. I'd say (not necessarily in this order): Blue Cheer, Cake, Collective Soul, Cream, Incubus, Midnight Oil, Supertramp, Survivor (they made songs other than "Eye of the Tiger"), The Yardbirds, and Yes

  • peterbstrong
    peterbstrong Day ago

    Graham Parker & The Rumour...when you know, you know

  • GuitarGuy5000000000

    Status Quo, The Cult, The Sonics, and The Darkness would be some of my top picks.

  • Ultra Venia
    Ultra Venia Day ago

    It seems you didn't do your research. Ten Years After, The Amboy Dukes, Moby Grape, Savoy Brown, Frumpy, Cactus. Have you ever heard of these bands? Probably not.

  • llad
    llad Day ago +1

    You lost all credibility when you listed CCR and ZZ Top .... " You know nothing John Snow"

  • Laura E.
    Laura E. Day ago

    Tears for Fears is one of my favorite bands of all time! Love CCR as well.

  • Brad Ashton-Haiste

    This list is a fucking joke.

  • Russell Kimball
    Russell Kimball Day ago

    How can Deep Purple be underrated when Richie Blackmore is a living guitar legend. Countless guitar greats list him as an influence.

  • Russell Kimball
    Russell Kimball Day ago +1

    The song title by CCR is "Proud Mary" not rolling on the river

  • aconir
    aconir Day ago

    I do notice that a large percentage of your bands are from the south

  • aconir
    aconir Day ago

    You forgot Jethro Tull

  • Cherry Fox
    Cherry Fox Day ago

    ok ok ok, Watchmojo, you have repeatedly made this mistake. The song is not called "Rollin' On a River", it's called "Proud Mary".

  • John C.
    John C. Day ago

    I can't believe that Motörhead, one of the most influential bands of the rock, metal and punk genres with 22 solid albums but not a single gold disk in America, didn't make your list. They should have been #1. Epic fail Mojo!

  • Ronnie Nose
    Ronnie Nose Day ago +1

    Deep Purple have sold 150 million albums, which is more than Black Sabbath, so they're not really underrated.

  • cheder1980
    cheder1980 Day ago

    Mojo, y'all are a bunch of idiots!!! Stop doing your research on Snopes!!

  • Shano Davis
    Shano Davis Day ago

    Maybe 2 or 3 bands on the list are underrated

  • fockewulf190d
    fockewulf190d Day ago

    This video is wrong on multiple levels.

  • CJ carp
    CJ carp Day ago

    Who the F#$K Is making these lists..... ELO! CCR! THE KINKS...... OK now I'm really pissed... The Violent Femmes " 1. were not discoved by the Pretenders 2. They were friggen Punk didn't get radio play used to see them singing on street corners when I was in College in Milwaukee I usually avoid Mojo now I recall why...

  • William Bua
    William Bua Day ago

    Really guys? If you like real underrated bands try Rush whom didn't get into the R&R HOF until 2 years before retirement despite the success in Canada and Europe. Great lyrics, great musicianship. Didn't do 3 minute throw away songs

  • robert rozell
    robert rozell Day ago

    Brighton Rock from the 80"s

  • Ueli Keller
    Ueli Keller Day ago

    CCR songs are of the most covered songs by pub bands, because literally everybody knows a couple of their songs. Deep Purple ? Every boy that starts playing the guitar knows the riff of "smoke on the water". Tears for fears ? Everybody knows their songs. ZZ Top ? As big as AC/DC. The Kinks ? Had a couple of good songs, the rest was just booooorng Yaaawwwwnnn.

  • Benny Hana
    Benny Hana Day ago

    Jethro tull?

  • nashville500
    nashville500 Day ago

    Underrated??? Well that depends on who you ask.
    Once again the stupid indoctrinated narrativ that Deep Purple som how where living in the shadows of Led Zeppelin. It's sort of a PC way to interpret rockmusic history from the 70's. Very early in Deep Purples career. Hugh Hefner had them flown in from England to do his Playboy After dark tv show in 1968. It's legendary. How about California Jam 1974. Not to mention being famous for the worlds most played guitar riff. Released new albums in the 80's, 90's. The last album "Infinity" came last year. Fifty years later, still going strong. Still touring extensively
    Led Zeppelin threw in towel in 1980. And that was it. Robert Plant conntinued with various solo projects thru the 80's and 90's recycling old LZ material with modest success. Did a few LZ reuninon gigs in the 2000's that will go down in history as poor atempt to reminisce something that were'nt there anymore.
    Therefor DP should never been on this list as well as a few other, unless you are trying to become the most infamous clickbait bitch on YT.

  • ZT Ying
    ZT Ying Day ago +1

    I watch someone lose his mojo.

  • raysgr
    raysgr Day ago

    Nektar totally underated

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 2 days ago

    I don't think all these acts are underrated. And there are a few errors to correct. The Stone Roses second album wasn't as equally successful as their first. That's Ian Gillan, not David Coverdale. The CCR song is called Proud Mary. Come on. You're supposed to research these things before you post.

  • Arry Rocks
    Arry Rocks 2 days ago

    The obvious answer is Iron Maiden without a doubt. Few bands with such a following and so little praise from the "know it alls" get so little respect. They and Priest - among others set the stage for Metal and deserve the recognition. Ask Hetfield & Ulrich of Metallica how much Maiden was an influence on Fade and Sanitarium. Yeah, early Maiden formed the basis for many classic 'tallica tunes. Ask them. That's enough to say they're the most underrated of all time. It's a disgrace they;re not in the Hall, but that's a sham...

  • Philip Frandsen
    Philip Frandsen 2 days ago

    Stone Roses - 'nuff said.

  • Bill Gunning
    Bill Gunning 2 days ago

    Where is the Alarm?

  • Bill Gunning
    Bill Gunning 2 days ago

    The only band I agree with is the Pixies.

  • R C
    R C 2 days ago

    Critics talk musicians walk.

  • Journey Into The Bible

    Deep Purple sure as fuck, ain't underrated on my playlist!

  • Mattski Messy Marvin

    Kinks #1 underrated. I agree.

  • Heywood Jablomie
    Heywood Jablomie 2 days ago

    Swamp rockers? Fogerty was born in Berkeley and CCR is from LA you douchebag. Fuck off already. Go eat a bag of dicks.

  • Mattski Messy Marvin

    I could do without the Violent Femmes as 4th and the Pixies are annoying.