Mercedes A-Class 2015 - 2017 hatchback in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

  • Published on Sep 16, 2016
  • Mercedes has waved goodbye to its previous unconventional A-Class design in favour of a more standard but sleeker body, in keeping with rivals such as the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Volkswagen Golf. However, whilst the design may have undergone a facelift what about the rest of the A-Class? Can Mercedes justify it’s price tag, or do rivals simply out class this Mercedes? What model is the most fuel efficient and, can the interior pass the infamous carwow flick test? Find out all the answers and more on what I think of the Mercedes A-Class in this in-depth review in full 4K.
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Comments • 498

  • carwow
    carwow  2 years ago +11

    Save an extra £2,000 on a Mercedes A-Class with Mercedes‘ scrappage scheme. Find out how here:

  • Miguel Magalhaes
    Miguel Magalhaes Month ago

    Garbage car

  • Victor Grădinaru
    Victor Grădinaru 2 months ago

    As someone who drives a W176 on a daily basis in city traffic, I can tell you that the steering isn’t bad at all. It’s comfortable to steer with one hand, but also precise enough for me to make some pretty quick and tight maneuvers in rush hour traffic. Highway performance is also pleasing. The other negative aspects you’ve pointed out can also be easily overlooked, and won’t bother you in the long run.
    What might end up bothering you is the 7G-DCT transmission, which isn’t in any way, shape, or form proper for city traffic, or ideal when combined with a small engine. It can be jerky at times. It is somewhat difficult to play with when climbing up a curb to park on the sidewalk. In the end, you learn how to use it properly by fine-tuning your right foot and the amount of pressure it exercits on the throttle.
    The fact that it rides so low also makes it not quite ideal for roads that have potholes. I’ve done, in the past 6 months, more swerving than I’ve ever hoped I would have to. Mine has the R16 wheels of the Style line, but shocks can still be felt due to the stiff suspension.
    It’s a great car, but it’s certainly not for beginners, or for those that just buy a Merc because it’s a Merc.

  • Tom Goodwin
    Tom Goodwin 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where the Arial is in the a class 66 plate?

  • Quadratic Function
    Quadratic Function 3 months ago +1

    So this car is good for just twitter messaging? lol

  • Christopher Walcott
    Christopher Walcott 3 months ago

    @4:46 the car isn't moving 🤷‍♂️

  • windex
    windex 3 months ago +3

    This guy keeps cussing the car watch when I spark his jaw

  • numbereightyseven
    numbereightyseven 4 months ago

    Why is it more desirable if rivals are better to drive and more practical? Because it's a Merc? You mean, it's desirable because you're paying more money for something that has equivalent but cheaper rivals? That sounds like the complete opposite of what carwow is meant to be about.

  • Mannan iqbal
    Mannan iqbal 5 months ago +2

    The Mercedes a class and the 1 series look too girly imo. The Audi A3 s line is the most manly car out of these 3

  • Mustang King
    Mustang King 5 months ago

    1:08 why is that i dont understands like allmany cars has that i have a simple question WHY?

  • Jake Lamotta
    Jake Lamotta 5 months ago +2

    Basically the same review he did back in 2013 for CarBuyer.

  • joseph jacob
    joseph jacob 6 months ago

    Bad product from mercedes

  • Arkarkyaw
    Arkarkyaw 6 months ago +1

    I am going to drive it as my very first car in UK. Love that hatch back design.

    • Emir Camcioglu
      Emir Camcioglu 4 months ago

      Same here
      10k miles 2016 A180d
      I had a look in real life and honesty I couldnt believe the quality feel of the interior I couldn’t fault it at all

  • Doctor Emil
    Doctor Emil 7 months ago

    I drove a pre-facelift example in driving school and got my licence, which is great knowing what a piece of rubbish that car was. It was cramped, full of cheap plastic, had a terrible clutch, its gear shifter was often getting stuck and the steering wheel was giving me no information about what front wheels were doing. I really expected more from a Mercedes.

  • Mannan iqbal
    Mannan iqbal 8 months ago

    New a class is way better

  • Michal Viktorin
    Michal Viktorin 8 months ago

    It looks best in amg paket anyway....

  • Chris cringle
    Chris cringle 8 months ago

    Deffo 5'9

  • TemiiDayoo
    TemiiDayoo 9 months ago +40

    I feel like he’s just bashed the car the whole video...

  • taryn parker
    taryn parker 10 months ago

    Bit of a shame if you like abit of 3 way action 😂😂

  • dean madnut
    dean madnut 11 months ago

    It's not a Mercedes though it has a Renault engine in it lol.

  • Lee Clarke
    Lee Clarke 11 months ago

    Ive got that car

  • hakima baya
    hakima baya Year ago

    Elle est trop trop trop trop belle ta voiture Mercedes 😘😘😘😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😈😈😈😈👢👚👜💼😐😐😴😴😴vraiment trop trop trop trop belle

  • ubersoldier71
    ubersoldier71 Year ago

    You pay an expensive car to get only 109ps and a Renault engine? What's the point of this car?

  • My beautiful and amazing Princess

    This guy talks way too fast, can hardly understand what he says in multiple parts of the video

  • swiftlydoesit
    swiftlydoesit Year ago

    Been eyeing this car for a while and finally got to drive it recently and boy was Matt accurate with this review. He complains about the exact same things I noticed about it, including its unimpressive petrol engine, boring handling, horrible steering and manual gearbox, the off set pedals and sloping pillar which takes quite a bit away from visibility. And I don’t know what Mercedes are trying to prove by putting the handbrake on the right-side of the steering wheel either 🙄 just could not get used to that, so only used it if I absolutely had to.
    I will say it’s good looking and obviously well screwed together, the equipment is decent but there aren’t any wow moments with its drive that you get with the Focus, BMW 1 Series or even the Audio A3. As Matt said it doesn’t beat any of it’s main rivals. Just a horrible disappointment to be frank, and would never consider buying one.

  • wowerman
    wowerman Year ago

    I thought Merc would improve plastic interior and handling with poor power from engine in petrol versions.Its fashion over quality and functionality you pay for.Not for me.Apps for twitter?Driving or social media addiction?

  • Pepe Le Pew
    Pepe Le Pew Year ago

    Yeah, that knob control? It's horrible.

  • Shmee
    Shmee Year ago

    Well haters guess what ? people don't give a fuck about your opinion its irrelevant if someone likes the car then they'll buy it not because of what other people think but because THEY like it

  • Little Hachiko
    Little Hachiko Year ago

    Like ur reviews!

  • kyra manpula
    kyra manpula Year ago

    i thought it was good :( guess not all mercedes are good :(

  • Nevada Lasvegas
    Nevada Lasvegas Year ago +1

    Benz cannot compare with anyone

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3 Year ago

    what a sack of shit this car is

  • markccummins
    markccummins Year ago

    The car is a 65 reg but itsays he is reviewing a 2018 ??

  • Tom Gray
    Tom Gray Year ago

    For someone who talked good on carbuyer about the older a class. Now that hes on his own website carwow, where he can REALLY talk his mind. Matt has absolutely roasted this car XD

  • Amar Sahinovic
    Amar Sahinovic Year ago

    Sooo A class has more ambient lighting colors than a flagship S class woow Mercedes

  • Daniel Rugerio
    Daniel Rugerio Year ago

    Misleading title!!!! Video dated from 2016 and this is not the new 2018 model

  • Leroi Poet
    Leroi Poet Year ago

    Well, that was underwhelming

  • jjcross1994
    jjcross1994 Year ago

    I actually like mine....

  • 1stloveball
    1stloveball Year ago

    Why wont you test the sound systems

  • Emre Guneysu
    Emre Guneysu Year ago

    I still don't understand why he mentions door bins a lot. I'm not too sure if you would reconsider your purchase due to small door bins. Just a question

  • Badboy69 Jr.
    Badboy69 Jr. Year ago

    Mercedes is the apple of the car industry

  • D3 Builders UK
    D3 Builders UK Year ago

    Hate me but this guy has the worst fucking accent in the whole of the UK. Makes me want to fight him

  • alvaro entrala
    alvaro entrala Year ago

    The 1 series is a boring car, only the 135 is worth it, but it general boring!

  • alvaro entrala
    alvaro entrala Year ago

    I own an A250 and its great!

  • Elvis Pleho
    Elvis Pleho Year ago

    Why bother with this car Golf kills it.

  • Sabelo Mkhulisi
    Sabelo Mkhulisi 2 years ago

    Do they have a manual gearbox option?

  • Matthieu Aoun
    Matthieu Aoun 2 years ago

    That's incredible how people are influenced. I mean here, in the comment section, everybody is saying "shitty car" in a review where the car faces criticism. On the other hand, on, everybody says "yay! Super brilliant car!" because it arrives first when compared to 1 serie and A3.
    I am not particularly keen on this car neither a merc fanboy, but Matt is not really objective as he used to. The car is more brilliant in aspects others aren't, and the car is badly equipped compared to others German luxury brand. You can't have an opinion thanks to one web reviewer.. go in a merc garage

  • Tom Lesslie
    Tom Lesslie 2 years ago

    Why is it that when Matt checks the mpg, the car is doing 0 km/h?

  • druid
    druid 2 years ago

    Rented this car once in England, absolutely hated it. Got a backache just by driving it for 3 days

  • Leslie Chow
    Leslie Chow 2 years ago

    i love Mercedes but this car is not very good, if i had to choose a hatchback it will always be the golf.

  • Agitating Skeleton
    Agitating Skeleton 2 years ago

    Twitter for your car? ...Why?

  • Qixc
    Qixc 2 years ago

    Here you can find the new Mercedes A-Class 2018 interior.

  • Tim Ford Falcon XF
    Tim Ford Falcon XF 2 years ago

    Even Mercedes cheapest car is still sweet!!! wayyy Better then the first gen a class

  • AnishGaming
    AnishGaming 2 years ago

    my neighbour has this car

  • longpheu
    longpheu 2 years ago

    3:12 "stupidly large phone" 😂😂😂

  • Box0rz
    Box0rz 2 years ago +11

    I drive a Mercedes A180 daily, and I don't really have any major gripes with it. I don't know why this review and comments are so negative.

    • My beautiful and amazing Princess
      My beautiful and amazing Princess Year ago

      Because they want to feel smart by being contrarians. Sadly there's always people like these talking shit about something no matter how good it is

    • Rudra Mutalik
      Rudra Mutalik Year ago +1

      I have tried both the A180 and a 118i BMW and yes, the 118i is far superior in drive quality, but the A class has a significantly better interior and more driver aids as standard.

    • Sewar Aldahbb
      Sewar Aldahbb Year ago

      Box0rz because you haven’t tried to drive an Audi A3 or bmw 1 series I mean yeah you will find the driving experience decent:D

  • Anoop Singh
    Anoop Singh 2 years ago


  • Anthony Stanley
    Anthony Stanley 2 years ago

    The old a class amg a45

  • Jake Lamotta
    Jake Lamotta 2 years ago

    Fantastic! without a doubt a best car reviewer on RU-clip. I don't get why he said the Mercedes manual transmission isn't very good I've had pretty much every C Class that's came out and hoping to get the Cla and all of them are fantastic the shifts are so fast and the biting point is very low down on the clutch so east to use.

  • rachel ehrenberg
    rachel ehrenberg 2 years ago

    Stuttgart shit box.