To do list at 60 | Classic WoW Phase one | All Classes!

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
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  • dwt
    dwt 28 days ago +55

    For all you new players, level 60 is when the game really starts. It might take you 3 months to get to level 60, but it is at 60 when the game is just beginning, and where your character will be for the duration of the game. It can be overwhelming once you get to that realization, so it is good to be prepared beforehand.
    My to do list once I hit 60:
    1. First thing to do is gear up pre BiS (this actually starts at level 55).
    2. Secondly, I will work on early Attunement. I can do some of this while collecting gear.
    3. Third, I will work on professions/gold making for Epic Mount. This is an on-going process, which I will be doing every moment I'm in-game. The game should be called "World of Goldcraft". You get bonus gold for completing quests at level 60, so I will be doing a lot of skipped quests. I'm also leveling herbalism and alchemy, and will keep those professions throughout the game. I will not be leveling engineering on my main once I hit 60, eventhough I'm a pvp maniac. While everyone is spending gold to level their engineering for items only they can use, I will be earning gold by selling flasks that everyone needs.
    4. The forth thing on the list is to increase faction reputation. Timbermaw, Thorium Brotherhood, Darkspear Trolls, etc.
    5. The fifth thing on the list is the little shit (i.e. weapon skill-up, exploration and any flightpaths I need, stockpile materials for phase 2, item collecting, etc.).
    6. Lastly, I suggest you network a lot. I'm going to try meet new players and get involved in the game community. Pay attention to the guild names you see, and the players in them. New players will find that there is more opportunity to learn about the game and discover its secrets when playing with random, new friends.
    7. Also, level an alt. I'm hoping to have 2 level 60's by phase 2.

    • w0ke
      w0ke 21 day ago +1

      All these nerds crying about the game not starting at 60 😂😂

    • monstermash mashmasher
      monstermash mashmasher 25 days ago +1

      @InfamousB that's a solid plan. Plus fadeleaf for blind and grooms blood and/or others for you poisons will make life much easier.

    • InfamousB
      InfamousB 25 days ago +1

      @monstermash mashmasher Interesting brotha thank you! I actually figured I'd level up skinning + Herbalism until 60. Sell all my leathers for gold until I hit 60. After that farm enough mats with skinning to have a leather worker craft my pre BIS set. Drop skinning, Keep herbalism and pick up engineering and with the gold I make just from selling herbs use that to power level Engineering. Thoughts? I was thinking to keep herbalism because they're always going to be high demand for alchemist.

    • monstermash mashmasher
      monstermash mashmasher 25 days ago +1

      @InfamousB I dropped herbalism to do engineering at some point at lvl 60. I power leveled it from mats on AH. If I recall it cost me nearly 250g. Solely for the rocket helmet. I farmed the fuses due to the hugely inflated cost. It was totally worth every silver. Lvl up eng and mining together or do mining and and skinning sell the skins and save the mats you will need for engineering lvling in the bank for later. You'll be ahead in the end. Good luck, if ur playing alliance lvl up first aid you'll need it- fairbank server.

    • Shane
      Shane 26 days ago +2

      "For all you new players, level 60 is when the game really starts."

      nope. this is not retail.

  • troh
    troh 9 days ago

    Great knowledge in here ! I'm a first time classic player, long time wow player, this will help me map my future !

  • Lady Crayon
    Lady Crayon 25 days ago

    While I played in Vanilla, I never hit max level until the last 6 months of TBC. This will be a way for me to experience the peak of WoW that I missed out on the first time. Plus, it's a great game for a completionist because there are so many factions to get to exalted, so many titles to earn and so on. Gotta do it all! :D Oh... And level 19 or 29 Rogue Twinking... Mwuahaha

  • Reidy
    Reidy 25 days ago

    1. Farm gold (Mauradon and Dire maul tribute runs )
    2. Farm BiS gear ruthlessly
    3. Continue farming gold for epic mount/engineering
    4. Spend the rest of my life trying to get tidal charm

    • Cam Weber
      Cam Weber 24 days ago +1

      DM not in phase 1 my dude.

  • Liam Macpherson
    Liam Macpherson 26 days ago


  • metalfaust19
    metalfaust19 26 days ago +2

    I'll be honest even though raids are fun, just playing to 60 and doing 5 mans is extremely satisfying in vanilla.
    If you never played this game during the vanilla years, take it from someone who played 04-08: you will miss the magic of this game if you just rush to 60 and become obsessed with Molten Core

    • Forest Denizen
      Forest Denizen 25 days ago +1

      5 man is where the art is, as a tank at least.
      Raids are like choreographed dancing, stand here, move now.
      That's why I love 5 mans, bring a friend or two and the rest randoms. Can you handle the ninja pulled extra group? Short cuts, ingenious pulls, teaching newbies etc.

  • Hunter Osborne
    Hunter Osborne 27 days ago

    I wanna get timbermaw rep, enchantments, crusader and righteous orbs, devilsaur leather and essence of fire in ungoro.

    • Hunter Osborne
      Hunter Osborne 25 days ago

      @Forest Denizen should be 5 a kill man. Plus uh 75 off the top of my head for 10 bead turn in. Kill 10 furbogs in say 3 minutes and you should get the 9k rep to get to honored or 21k in 9hr or 21hr.

    • Forest Denizen
      Forest Denizen 25 days ago

      Timbermaw takes months to grind. At least that's my recollection. They made the rep grind easier in later expansions didn't they?

  • Blake
    Blake 27 days ago


  • Tassaya Gril
    Tassaya Gril 27 days ago

    gank low lvl players !

  • MaMa DeW
    MaMa DeW 27 days ago +2

    "using the gold that you could have bought your epic mount for" Pepega choke PepeLaugh

  • Zalgradis
    Zalgradis 27 days ago

    theres no 100% armorless mounts in game from beginning rip

  • Roughrider Gatlinghammer

    Level 60 is just the start. Saying its a huge milestone, is like a high school student being happy about graduating. Congrats, you've accomplished the easiest thing life is going to throw your way.

  • Blake Anderson
    Blake Anderson 27 days ago +18

    Phase 1: Addiction sets in.
    Phase 2: You lose job. It's ok you don't like that job anyway.
    Phase 3: Wife leaves and takes kids. You don't even realize for 4 days.
    Phase 4: With your arm and one stroke knock all soda cans and pee cups off your desk.
    Phase 5: Begin to skip weekly shower.
    Phase 6: Poke you fat belly and ask yourself "Where did that come from?"
    Phase 7: You die and no spirit healer for you.

  • Judas Iscariot
    Judas Iscariot 27 days ago +1

    First thing you should do when you hit 60 is go to the closet and check if your kids are still alive.

  • alper halit
    alper halit 27 days ago +2

    1 more tip : Exalted with all Reputations kek

  • Daniel Barlow
    Daniel Barlow 28 days ago

    In vanilla I was so poor, I never bought 1000g epic mount. I eventually got the cheap rank 11 pvp mounts, as a druid I kept wasting my money on repairs and talents respecs. Hopefully I can get more money this time around

    • Forest Denizen
      Forest Denizen 25 days ago

      @Daniel Barlow by the time. Bgs came out, most people had their epic mount.

    • Forest Denizen
      Forest Denizen 25 days ago

      Epic mount wasn't 1000g, it was 500 or so.

    • Daniel Barlow
      Daniel Barlow 28 days ago

      I'm guessing it will be hard to get invite to premade's without epic mount now. Since the game is much more hardcore.

  • MrMcSnuffyFluffy
    MrMcSnuffyFluffy 28 days ago

    Great ending ;)

  • Xersys
    Xersys 28 days ago +1

    Highest level i got in vanilla was 46. I’m very excited to have the chance to actually raid in vanilla.

  • Aaron Coultiss
    Aaron Coultiss 28 days ago

    So many dungeons runs phase 1, so many retards and lee roys though lmao

  • Kelly Mckeown
    Kelly Mckeown 28 days ago

    level 18, no additional bags. what?

  • bubaloow123
    bubaloow123 28 days ago +1

    I'll likely use the first phase getting characters to 60, as many as I can! ( So maybe two if I'm luck)

    • Isaak Stahlwolf
      Isaak Stahlwolf 28 days ago

      I'm planning on 3. Priest and Druid in the first 3 weeks, Hunter casually afterwards as an character for farming.

  • Hans Friedemann
    Hans Friedemann 28 days ago

    Great video!

  • Eric Young
    Eric Young 28 days ago

    Your mic is very quiet. About half of what it should be. Not just this video, all of them.

  • 1674
    1674 28 days ago

    Once I hit 60, I'm going to hit 60 on two more toons.

  • David Johnsen
    David Johnsen 28 days ago +2

    There was a 60 warlock with dungeon1 gear and the soul harvester running around and helping me and others for about a month . That was his classic :) Zebbie are you here ? :D

  • Dularr
    Dularr 28 days ago

    Don't let people tell the leveling is the game. Leveling is fine as long as you have at least one character at max level.

  • Zeb Jaffe
    Zeb Jaffe 28 days ago +2

    For anyone interested in endgame progression, be it PvE or PvP, you can do much of this pre 60 which will earn xp as you go. Starting at 50, my warrior is going to slow roll getting to 60 by spending most of my time in BRD, ST, Strath, and Blackrock Spire

  • Mustard Gravy
    Mustard Gravy 28 days ago

    0:27 lol?

  • N3KK
    N3KK 28 days ago

    What attunement means? Please

    • N3KK
      N3KK 22 days ago

      @Forest Denizen thanks for the answer
      i see what it is now, google traduction was bad on this one

    • Forest Denizen
      Forest Denizen 25 days ago +2

      A quest which grants you access, or lets you use a portal to enter a raid, instead of having to walk through an instance to get there.
      Without attunement you need to enter BRD to reach MC, and UBRS to reach BWL.

  • Relbl
    Relbl 28 days ago

    That's a pretty solid list... the only bone to pick I have is that the end game dungeons actually do take a long time (by LIVE standards) and setting aside 1hr30 for any particular run (Scholo, scarlet Strat, undead Strat, LBRS, UBRS) is reasonable, ESP when 'undergeared' as opposed to most clips where you see dudes in Naxx gear on a private server just mashing. I appreciate that those more experienced in Vanilla-ing will know when and how to push and when to make safe and slow pulls but... well, the T0.5 undead Strat challenge was to clear the three ziggurats in 45mins and I never saw that timer get blown up - it was always close (or failed) - and that's barely half the dungeon!
    Oh yeah, and try your best to get an UBRS key. People generally didn't like LBRS so try your best to keep hitting it early when people are still going after BiS items in there. Get those gemstones and get er done - then never go back hahaha. At some point you can charge groups to open UBRS for them (or get an easy ride, reserve an item, etc). Having an UBRS key will get you a bit of name recognition, and in Vanilla that matters!

    • Forest Denizen
      Forest Denizen 25 days ago

      Wasn't the timer running until you engaged the Baron? Clearing the zigs is just a necessary step to reach him.

  • StarSeed
    StarSeed 28 days ago +1

    I love vanilla BGs. I hate open world ganking, but group pvp is awesome, at least for geared warriors and plate healing pallys.

    • Reidy
      Reidy 25 days ago

      StarSeed WPvP is the best thing about classic. Phase 1 and 2 are gonna be the best.

  • Overkillius
    Overkillius 28 days ago

    Sounds like some form of
    "With that being said, I'll see you later"
    Is now your signature RU-clipr sign-off

  • InfamousB
    InfamousB 28 days ago

    Ebon, great guide brotha! Question because I’ve been struggling with this! I definitely want to make sure I’m successfully able to afford mount by 40, and be able to eventually buy level 60 epic mount. With that said, end game as I will be playing rogue and both pvping/pve. I know I need, and also want engineering for that edge. Any suggestions how I should go about this? Should I do double gathering professions to make gold until I can afford epic mount? Drop one, then level up engineering? Or should I go engineering/mining off bat and find other alternative ways to make gold! 🙏 god bless brotha.

  • MrJustcallmeAlex
    MrJustcallmeAlex 28 days ago

    I consider P1 a great time to level an alt too. Personally im going to main a warrior tank but i will be leveling a druid as a farmer / raid stand in healer when needed.

  • Simon Dubois
    Simon Dubois 28 days ago +4

    I remember on the early life of zeth kur we were 3 alchemist who were dividing the potion market on the AH and each of us would not sell potion that the 2 others were selling. We were basically controling the potion and transmute market.
    Arcanite transmute was 15g and resto pots were 5g a piece and thats when I could still buy a stack of elemental earth for 2g.
    Will most likely try to go hard on profession again.

  • Extrinsicfactor
    Extrinsicfactor 28 days ago +2

    The hype is so real, I'm literally dying

    • VIN Rico
      VIN Rico 26 days ago

      You are literally dying...ok

  • Carsen S
    Carsen S 28 days ago


  • Eric Niederer
    Eric Niederer 28 days ago

    I hear you can get attunements done at lower then level cap and they give good exp so I plan on doing that at about 55ish so I can level faster XD

  • Liliana
    Liliana 28 days ago

    Great tips, really enjoying these videos - next week, Classic!

    ÇEŞME DRONE 28 days ago

    2005 i remember when i dong to level 60 at long last!
    i freeze in front of the screen
    that was so scary! what now?what the hell now ?!?!
    there were so many epix 60s
    they are 60 im 60 too but im full green item..
    shame on me!
    lol that feelings
    i was just 16 years old lol
    too much pressure for a little boy

  • Ho55Delux
    Ho55Delux 28 days ago +1


  • D.C. Gold
    D.C. Gold 28 days ago +4

    I'm not going to be rushing to 60, Ill probably be doing alot of PvP and profession leveling...
    It's always fun to go back to a zone that's 5lvls below you to do some mining or herbalism...

  • happyhappy1
    happyhappy1 28 days ago

    You can probably full clear black rock depths around level 55 It's probably a good idea to get your molten core attunement Done while leveling. Especially for those of you who plan to go hard those first few weeks being attuned will probably be enough to land you a raid invite

    • Forest Denizen
      Forest Denizen 25 days ago

      Remember you dont actually need attunement to enter MC. It can be access through BRD, pretty quickly using the shortcut.
      You had to know how to lava hop though.

  • Vincent Legent
    Vincent Legent 28 days ago +1

    I'll focus on running dungeons with friends / strangers whenever I can because of the social aspect, it's funnier than solo farming gold / rep. Depending of my experience with my first character (a rogue), I might level an alt for farming / fun, surely a hunter or a warlock, with different gathering professions. I think I'll focus on whatever is the most fun experience, I've spent too much time grinding useless stuff in the past. Fun will come first this time

  • Wacko
    Wacko 28 days ago +2

    Week to go boys.

  • Aliexei
    Aliexei 28 days ago +3

    First priority is fishing. Not even joking.

  • Vlaka
    Vlaka 28 days ago +1

    that being said there's nothing to do at lvl 60

  • Konst
    Konst 28 days ago +1

    Great video Ebbn. Well phased.

  • Xaardy
    Xaardy 28 days ago +3

    Another morning, another video! Love it! Keep up the great work mate!

  • Grassequalsmoney
    Grassequalsmoney 28 days ago +1

    what damage font are you using

  • tikitarget
    tikitarget 28 days ago

    Number 6 ALTS!!!!

  • CrusaderMate
    CrusaderMate 28 days ago +2

    1 week to go still feels to long

  • Heikki Heiskanen
    Heikki Heiskanen 28 days ago +1

    1. probably take 6 months of grinding to get to lvl 60.

    • Blackorwhite
      Blackorwhite 27 days ago

      You can do it in like a week or two but k

  • Oguzhan Kaygisiz
    Oguzhan Kaygisiz 28 days ago

    i want to get my epic mount asap :(. i am a warrior though it will take some time. Getting pre raid BiS should be easier with my guild

  • Edward Brown
    Edward Brown 28 days ago +1


  • mixwell1983
    mixwell1983 28 days ago

    I used to love dueling fire mages on my rogue with almost 300 resist and their fireball hits me for 400 instead of fucking 2000.. Used to always duel fire mages after raiding mc bwl just to see how much less damage i took. I would expell my buffs but keep my actual resist gear on.

    • Forest Denizen
      Forest Denizen 25 days ago

      That would be considered lame. Like using consumables.
      Unless it was just for fun.

  • Sebastijan Dragar
    Sebastijan Dragar 28 days ago +2

    1. Pre Bis farm
    2. Gold farm
    2. Get epic mount
    3. Lvl professions
    4. Attunements
    5. Raiding

  • mixwell1983
    mixwell1983 28 days ago

    You're gona see a fuck load of "LFG jailbreak" for MC attunement or Ony.. I forget which one.
    TBH idk why these private server tubers talk about pre bis.. I had a mix of tier 0 and pvp gear.. If you want to raid you need fire resistance gear.. This pre bis shit is fucking stupid.. Mc and bwl you need to try to hit 300 fire resist.. You maybe wear shit green gear with FR.. With paladin,druid and other buffs may get ya to 70-80ish but the rest is on you.
    I farmed fucking maraudon with t1 and w gear for aq40 fo a piece of the boss noxxion who was kinda hard to solo at 60. Just for some shit bracers.. Resist gear is king, dont farm all blue pvp and tier 0 gear with no resistance.
    Unless you are talking about mc bwl fire resis pre bis then ok but just overall bis gear is not what its about... Maybe this was a vanilla thing but unless you had 200+ fire resist plus buffs in my guild you werent raiding.. Too much collateral damage

  • mixwell1983
    mixwell1983 28 days ago +1

    If you run a rogue in vanilla best get your LP skill maxxed.. You can open the doors to BRD and I believe to scholo.. People wolf about LFG have key but as a rogue in 5 mans if your LP is maxxed a group will take you simply for being able to LP the doors and skip the quests for keys
    Besides opening an opening Lockbox at AH or mailbox spam in general people will often tip you 50s for lowbie ones and sometimes 1g for higher levels..
    I would spam that in world chat while waiting for pvp. Extra $..
    If you can dig up old thottbot website forums or a search for gear wiith +fr do it.. Back in vanilla thats what i did..

    • Forest Denizen
      Forest Denizen 25 days ago

      And moreover, many chests (remember those?) in dungeons, maybe over 50%, are locked, and the locked chests contain better quality loot.
      You are right about scholo, definitely remember unlocking that door.
      Getting the key involved a quest from invisible mobs down in the nearby village didnt it? There was some quest there anyway. Either an item or detect invisible was needed to interact with them.

  • mixwell1983
    mixwell1983 28 days ago

    I would think Id want a pala but after having a rogue,priest,warrior,druid and shaman level capped at some expansion point i couldnt roll a pala. My roomate had one and let me play it and he played my rogue. From rogue to paladin soo hard to stop runners, it was soo frustrating. Much rather take druid,shaman or priest as a healer.
    Ive specced resto for my shaman in tbc and cata and had earthshield... I loved healing pvp pugs but I wouldnt imagine not respeccing back to emhance to be melee dps in pvp.
    I am biased towards melee because I like the in your face style. My s priest was pretty awesome but melee has been my love