What is the FASTEST VEHICLE in Fortnite Season 8?!

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    What is the FASTEST VEHICLE in Fortnite Season 8?!
    Welcome back to the Fortnite Challenges with your host, Kwebbelkop! Today we test out the the FASTEST VEHICLE in Fortnite Season 8 in another amazing video!! We'll figure out which vehicle is the fastest in Fortnite!!
    Fortnite added a new vehicle called the Baller that you can hang from edges with in. We need to see if this vehicle is now the new fastest vehicle in the game! Fortnite Battle Royale has a mode called Fortnite Creative where you can make amazing custom Fortnite maps and Fortnite challenge levels to share with your friends and compete, like me, Jelly, and Slogoman do! Also don't forget to watch us compete against each other in these insane Fortnite Creative maps and let us know in the comments down below what other maps we should try next in future videos!
    Jelly: ru-clip.com/video/LHAnmQlFeKg/video.html
    Slogoman: ru-clip.com/video/ngI4qc0gR1M/video.html
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  • Miss Nicola cushley
    Miss Nicola cushley 5 days ago

    Ask Ivana so hot buffet Q loves her and Josh

  • Firas Fakes
    Firas Fakes 13 days ago

    you can jump with the drift boooooooooord

  • Silas Cortinas
    Silas Cortinas 22 days ago

    I liked and subscribe

  • Riduan Krasniqi
    Riduan Krasniqi 25 days ago


  • Kelly Schoerner
    Kelly Schoerner Month ago

    10 secondeds shows 9

  • michael dotson
    michael dotson Month ago

    i did

  • Richard Gant
    Richard Gant Month ago

    i think the fastist one is the plane

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Month ago +1

    The quad is the same as the cart

  • mary jane hicap
    mary jane hicap Month ago

    The drifbord is fastee

  • Lynhart 2010
    Lynhart 2010 Month ago +1

    It the canon

  • Luka Luka
    Luka Luka Month ago

    Canon is the vehicle?!😂😂

  • Ralph Mojica
    Ralph Mojica 2 months ago


  • Racquel Basilio
    Racquel Basilio 2 months ago

    The Cannon 9 sec not 10 sec lad

  • Ryan odonoghue
    Ryan odonoghue 2 months ago

    Seasen 8

  • Ryan odonoghue
    Ryan odonoghue 2 months ago

    You should of used boost all the way on quad

  • Estelo Balona
    Estelo Balona 2 months ago

    I hope fortnite will add volt bikes cuz thats way faster than cannon

  • LIL PEEP MUSIC Lil peep


  • om hazeem
    om hazeem 2 months ago

    season ten anyone

  • nathan shaffer
    nathan shaffer 2 months ago

    no 9

  • Alex Max
    Alex Max 2 months ago


  • Alex Max
    Alex Max 2 months ago


  • Misty Parrish
    Misty Parrish 2 months ago

    U suck shoping cart

  • Lucas Siharath
    Lucas Siharath 2 months ago

    It does work you need to ride over it with the vehicle.

  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez 3 months ago

    He called the ATK a shopping cart

  • Kana Nestor
    Kana Nestor 3 months ago

    ill bet its hoverbaord

  • graciela vela
    graciela vela 3 months ago +1

    On the quad use the blue boost at max speed and watch how fast it goes

  • Nasir Addison
    Nasir Addison 3 months ago

    Lean of to make a video you are not jumping that video is boo

  • Steve Alcott
    Steve Alcott 3 months ago

    The quad bike does get in affect

  • Patrick Birch
    Patrick Birch 3 months ago

    Use cod copt

  • George Lykouris
    George Lykouris 3 months ago

    The battlbus is the fastest it can go from the one side of the map to the other in 25 seconds

  • Deniz Ermiş
    Deniz Ermiş 3 months ago

    Cannon 1 year

  • Ismaël Pope
    Ismaël Pope 3 months ago

    praat nederlands

  • Konrad Frączek
    Konrad Frączek 3 months ago


  • tbreezy da don
    tbreezy da don 3 months ago

    Not true

  • Erlinda Javier
    Erlinda Javier 3 months ago

    Season 6

  • Jinno Libid
    Jinno Libid 3 months ago

    kwel the cannon is not 10 sec is 9 sec

  • Dominus_Awesome1
    Dominus_Awesome1 3 months ago

    you can beat the plane by using the jump

  • Lazyan _m
    Lazyan _m 3 months ago

    I didn’t get a skin kwebblekops i m going to creator an i write kops and im accept it dont gime me any thing

  • Ewan Pocock
    Ewan Pocock 3 months ago


  • QuackGamerHD// GoQuack
    QuackGamerHD// GoQuack 3 months ago


  • N92o
    N92o 3 months ago

    can you do pop hunt with Jelly and Slogoman Plz

  • Omarie Lynch
    Omarie Lynch 3 months ago

    the fastest one is the cannon can i please get a shout out pleeeeeeeeeeese

  • JD Pieper
    JD Pieper 4 months ago


  • The game name Show
    The game name Show 4 months ago


  • Gloria Beltran
    Gloria Beltran 4 months ago

    He is stupid he is so louder than the 100 volume TV I can't hear anything

  • Jon Hanson
    Jon Hanson 4 months ago

    You were flying you're a hacker I'm going to report you to epic games

  • Jamie Harmon
    Jamie Harmon 4 months ago

    I like the driftboard. It was released in fortnite season 7. It also released the game mode and I like the game mode. And what happened a couple time and I did not like is that I opened a red Supply drop and someone stole my driftboard and I got mad that I started to not like them

    HCR GAMER 4 months ago +1

    The speed boost effects the speed of the quad crasher.

  • Takumi Fujiwara
    Takumi Fujiwara 4 months ago

    JORDI you are missing the point of the baller....SURE its not the fastest BUT it is supposed to grapple on trees and climb steep hills
    ITS A FAST A L L T E R A I N VEHICLE not on long strheces

  • handini putri
    handini putri 4 months ago

    9 not 10

  • autumn scott
    autumn scott 4 months ago +1


  • sam nation
    sam nation 4 months ago

    I use your coad

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 4 months ago

    Because u dont use boost on time

  • Steve O'Boyle
    Steve O'Boyle 4 months ago

    Quad is best because you can fly faster than the plane

  • Hood Fame
    Hood Fame 4 months ago +1

    I ups the cod kops

  • Alexander Vargas
    Alexander Vargas 4 months ago

    I think the cannon is a quickest cuz you can watch yourself very quick and I subscribe to his channel and like it and use his supporter creator

  • Khem Dahal
    Khem Dahal 4 months ago

    You did that or nine seconds

  • Gunjan bhatia
    Gunjan bhatia 4 months ago +1

    Drift board fans like here

  • Falon Anderson
    Falon Anderson 4 months ago +1


  • javion milton
    javion milton 4 months ago