Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.

  • Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Dolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.

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  • mahon e
    mahon e 2 hours ago

    That was a fantastic 1st half of a podcast.

  • lazychild3
    lazychild3 3 hours ago

    11:20 Joe really asked the man if he'd go back to iron man, fuck off man. Let him do other shit

  • Adam L
    Adam L 4 hours ago

    Who remembers #1 with Redban? #JRE Gang

  • Gavin Clark
    Gavin Clark 5 hours ago

    Is Howie Mandel actually Robert Downey jr. With a bald cap

  • Nuha jaafar
    Nuha jaafar 6 hours ago

    He got a royal halo ❤️❤️. I adore him

  • Oxford Hunting
    Oxford Hunting 11 hours ago

    I wish he could get Eminem on here

  • Jon Lande
    Jon Lande 11 hours ago

    For me, losing my eyesight or my hearing would be absolutely devastating. Id be suicidal without either. If I had his money, I'd spend whatever it took to fix what's broken

  • Arron Nash
    Arron Nash 13 hours ago

    Fuck why am I here. I fucking hate Iron Man. And all superhero movies for that matter. Fuck it I'm out.

  • Rudy Tucci
    Rudy Tucci 13 hours ago

    One of my favorite interviews

  • oz ll
    oz ll 14 hours ago

    You can tell downey jr is surrounded by yes men

  • Yeshua Saves
    Yeshua Saves 14 hours ago

    Hey Joe, did you ask RDJ about being on Epstein flight log and going to Epstein island?

  • Grim Games
    Grim Games 17 hours ago

    45:00 that's pretty fucked up RDJ...think about the fucking animators!!!!

  • Michael Stinger II
    Michael Stinger II 18 hours ago

    Ends podcast after an hour so he could REALLY talk to Robert Downey Jr. That's what I'd like to hear.

  • Warren Mc Cormack Jnr
    Warren Mc Cormack Jnr 18 hours ago

    Hi robert power modules cool films or with a gas planet ice planet iron man

  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson 21 hour ago

    It’s 2020, time to see clearly 😳 woah

  • Brian Larsen
    Brian Larsen Day ago

    I wanna see Joaquin Phoenix on the show #JoaquinPhoenix

  • samthememe 777
    samthememe 777 Day ago

    How to be trendy

  • Donovan Patrick
    Donovan Patrick Day ago

    I wish I could meet that guy lmao. And you, of course, but damn do I love me some RDJ

  • Simon Schenz
    Simon Schenz 2 days ago

    RDJ certainly was fucking made to play iron man and that’s a fact

  • SoCalFreelance
    SoCalFreelance 2 days ago

    I had no idea Anthony Bourdain was so ripped 💪

  • aa dxb
    aa dxb 2 days ago

    Don't fukin blast me, I am not a big fan of Ironman but clearly he sounds like a great guy.. I know Jamie Fox loves him..

  • elvis presley
    elvis presley 2 days ago +4

    RDJ, doesn't get the credit he deserves as an actor...period. I love that he finally made big $$ in Marvel. People will always pick on & judge personal if they are better than others , but this man brings authenticity to any role he attacks! I truly love this guy. Absolutely brilliant man. OK....ya, i gotta bit of a man crush , lol.

  • Seamus McKenna
    Seamus McKenna 3 days ago

    In the back Dana’s telling everyone conors never turned a fight down

  • Kimo Sabe
    Kimo Sabe 3 days ago

    23:48 Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk, like....

  • Dope EV
    Dope EV 3 days ago

    ROBERT!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T NEED TO AUCTION OFF YOUR CARS - just convert them to Electric! Take them to EV West, Stealth EV, or EV Torque.

  • Brandon Unglaub
    Brandon Unglaub 3 days ago

    I heard he didn't doalot in the movie

  • TheElectGamer 123
    TheElectGamer 123 3 days ago

    Robert Downey jr looks a lot like Tony stark

  • Rafe Klein
    Rafe Klein 3 days ago

    51:49 NUT!

  • rakshit sharma
    rakshit sharma 4 days ago

    JOHNNY DEPP and DANIEL CRAIG plsss do an interview with them JOE!

  • Jennifer McNutt Music

    He’s so fun to watch and listen to.. if you have not watched Chaplin, do yourself a favor. He’s so good in it.

  • ShadowHunta
    ShadowHunta 4 days ago

    Its funny, the role I most know Robert Downey JR for, and the first time I ever saw him on tv, was in the muppets christmas special "Mr Willowby's Christmas" back in the 90s. Robert Downey played the eccentric title character, "Mr Willowby". So when Joe mentions him being in Doctor Doolittle, it's not really that surprising considering he has played lighthearted roles like that in the past.

  • Perry K
    Perry K 4 days ago

    Greatest interview ever.

  • ben webber
    ben webber 4 days ago

    This guy is a handler too...?

  • Robert Lane
    Robert Lane 4 days ago

    by the end i think he wanted to keep going but unfortunately there would of been some behind the scenes reaso why he had to finish... but to finish with.... hey you know what i wanted to bring up... so so and so.... just wanted me to have more more more

  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer 5 days ago +1

    Captain he said a bad language word

  • Anthony Bennett
    Anthony Bennett 5 days ago

    The joe rogan ret-con of iron man 👌👌12 mins

  • Michael Grove
    Michael Grove 5 days ago

    Joe, get Marshall Mathers on.

  • Kevin Finkbeiner
    Kevin Finkbeiner 5 days ago +2

    Hands down, my favorite Joe Rogan episode so far.

  • momo mama
    momo mama 5 days ago

    Please invite jeff bridges

  • Stay Frostie
    Stay Frostie 5 days ago +1

    pretty much like the rock he just plays the rock lol

  • Joseph Cobb
    Joseph Cobb 6 days ago

    so down to earth. love him

  • SouldierToTheEnd
    SouldierToTheEnd 6 days ago

    Isn’t Joe Rogan a gateway to fascism? What the fuck is rdj doing here

  • Asia Malaysia
    Asia Malaysia 6 days ago +1

    tropic thunder was one of the greatest comedies of all time. period.

  • B. Murphy
    B. Murphy 6 days ago

    Great conversation.
    This kind of chat is why I watch... though the last bit made me miss my 65 Dodge Monaco, while driving my Smart4Two... 😂😂

  • Jayjay_ 2xs
    Jayjay_ 2xs 6 days ago +2

    Damn, he's getting CRAZY views on his podcast. I didn't know that.. that's crazy. The Elon musk one has THIRTY ONE MILLION views. Jesus.. keep doing you Joe. 👌💯💯👌

  • ShockCo Truth
    ShockCo Truth 7 days ago

    If you lose your car keys, check the Joe Rogan show. Everything and everybody eventually ends up there.

  • Bur-Khan Al-Din Ibrahim


  • darkdevil123 Hansen
    darkdevil123 Hansen 7 days ago

    05:51 amazing took me awhile but this conversation it opened my eyes yees! Thank you

  • Truth Prevails
    Truth Prevails 7 days ago

    He is so eloquent.

  • Sam Porter
    Sam Porter 8 days ago +3

    One of the most inspiring stories the way Robert turned his life around extraordinarily talented actor

  • Dave Collins
    Dave Collins 8 days ago

    at 10min it was like you two were speaking your own language. I must decode this. Begin analysis....

  • gnana guna
    gnana guna 8 days ago

    I'm a big fan of iron man and how about you

  • Trystan T
    Trystan T 9 days ago

    Robert Downey "HECK NO" Jr.

  • Justin Walters
    Justin Walters 9 days ago +5

    i need matthew mcconaughey on here for 3 hours, but as an asmr episode.

  • Fourth Meal
    Fourth Meal 10 days ago

    Man, why couldn't this podcast have been 3 hours longer?

  • The Alleged Professor
    The Alleged Professor 10 days ago +1

    This interview makes me want to watch Chaplin again.

  • GmaxFlips
    GmaxFlips 10 days ago

    Always interesting to get insight on the lives of iconic people, seems like in the end a lot of people have been finding peace and develop an understanding of who they really are. Great interview

  • Eirik Rødberg
    Eirik Rødberg 10 days ago

    He is such a fake little bitch.

  • SwiftyJadog
    SwiftyJadog 11 days ago +1

    waht hes alive ??

  • coen chace
    coen chace 11 days ago

    i look up to rdj

  • hobi luvr
    hobi luvr 11 days ago

    he shows why ENFPs are awesome!

    • hobi luvr
      hobi luvr 4 days ago

      Mitch Please yeah online sources go back and forth between ENFP and ENTP when typing him

    • Mitch Please
      Mitch Please 9 days ago

      except he is an ENTP

  • Daniel Wheels
    Daniel Wheels 11 days ago +2

    It’s been about a year.. can we get RDJ back on? Jamie , look it up

  • King Jiggah
    King Jiggah 11 days ago

    If anyone grew up with Ironman Roberts life and Tony are so similar in certain ways.

  • Stephen Simpson
    Stephen Simpson 11 days ago

    Just like to say rest in peace anthony bourdain

  • dio_gaming_official
    dio_gaming_official 12 days ago

    hey joe invite pacman

  • Ras Merkabah
    Ras Merkabah 12 days ago

    "Vision does not require eye sight" ~ Ras Merkabah

    "Knowledge + Vision = Wisdom" ~ Ras Merkabah

  • Yasser Hariri
    Yasser Hariri 12 days ago

    It’s the fucking JRE experience. I get it Joe. I get it.

  • Yasser Hariri
    Yasser Hariri 12 days ago

    Wisdom oozing out of JR

  • Yasser Hariri
    Yasser Hariri 12 days ago

    Wisdom oozing out of JR

  • Yasser Hariri
    Yasser Hariri 12 days ago

    I think Robert Downey is still waiting for the cut.

  • Aaditya Golash
    Aaditya Golash 12 days ago

    Get Gordon Ramsay hear too

  • Adrian Gerula
    Adrian Gerula 12 days ago +1

    I wish Keanu Reeves would come on for a podcast.

  • Digital Alchemy
    Digital Alchemy 12 days ago +1

    I had to go back and watch the Tropic Thunder trailer. Hilarious! Note to self, rewatch this movie!

  • Remorseless One
    Remorseless One 12 days ago

    I feel like Robert just says random bullshit, but we listen 'cause he's famous lmao

  • Kris Tucker
    Kris Tucker 12 days ago

    3:59 - 4:06 that is some seriously deep words that Joe just shrugged off right there!

  • KapnKrunch
    KapnKrunch 12 days ago

    Kiss kiss bang bang was my favorite movie for him and Val Kilmer...

  • Sam R
    Sam R 13 days ago

    Joe "my whole life is a dream" Rogan.

  • MrNategeo
    MrNategeo 13 days ago

    I'm prettty sure Brie Larsons ego killed it for him 100% and would wager the "big plot twist" for his return to Tony would involve Capetian marvels death. lol

  • dead acid
    dead acid 13 days ago

    Man they talking about professor Hulk like he was made by the cinema

  • Topi Leskinen
    Topi Leskinen 13 days ago

    There is an eye surgery in which you replace the eye's own lens with an artificial lens that fixes refractive errors and both far- and nearsightedness or just one of those. It works for presbyopia
    (age sight or whatever it's called) too. It's getting more and more popular here in Finland and around the world. I know someone who had it done and it works great.

    Great podcast too though!