I Tried Following A Simply Nailogical Nail Art Tutorial

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • So I saw everyone following each other's makeup tutorials and I wanted to join in, but I decided that I wanted to try something I'd never tried before: NAIL ART. So in this video I tried to follow my friend Simply Nailogical's DIY multi-chrome raindrop nail tutorial and see how it went! We used gel polish, multichrome powder, glossy top coat, and fun rain drop effects!!
    Also, make sure to watch until the end to VOTE on what my hair color should be for a special 4M subs video...!
    Check out Cristine's video here: ru-clip.com/video/DfpoGe1oQ04/video.html
    Check out Thomas Halbert's video here (inspiration): ru-clip.com/video/eDxqbU-guS0/video.html
    Check out my friend Lauren's nail salon here: color_camp
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +20062

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! sorry for the upload issues yesterday... hope you enjoy this silly attempt at doing one of cristine's videos! also, make sure to watch until the end to VOTE on what color i should dye my hair!! love u guys! EDIT: ALSO, as i said in the video, i didn't have enough lead time to buy the products from online, I only used what I could find in stores in person! So don't use what I use, get the stuff from cristine's links plz! i know cristine doesnt like glue base coats but i had to use what i could buy in person! and it worked fine for the purposes of the video.

  • Analissa Melendez
    Analissa Melendez 3 hours ago

    I literally fell asleep you should do asmr

  • Caution Itz_Nugget
    Caution Itz_Nugget 5 hours ago

    I play de baritone

  • Sassy Gymnast
    Sassy Gymnast 10 hours ago

    Safiya last night I was trying to sleep and I turned you on because you're awesome

  • Ruby Davidson
    Ruby Davidson Day ago +1

    Ok so , I went to my mom :
    Me : mom we should get an alien light
    Mom: what on earth is that
    Me: ( realising she has know idea )

  • Small Bean Life and VLOGS

    No one :
    Saf :my gropers

  • Ana Huynh
    Ana Huynh 2 days ago +1

    saf: _”here’s the thing about the tutorial”_
    tyler: _”you just started”_

  • Jayline Reyes
    Jayline Reyes 2 days ago

    Her middle finger went ↖️↖️

  • Sam Castello
    Sam Castello 2 days ago

    You sound like a Mojo voice actor. 🤔👀

  • GiannaTheCatLover
    GiannaTheCatLover 2 days ago

    Im late but I got some fake nails on mah nails .__.

  • Sassy Gymnast
    Sassy Gymnast 3 days ago +1

    When you put the matte coat on I thought you were blurring it

  • Mimi Nguyen
    Mimi Nguyen 4 days ago


  • Erma Benner
    Erma Benner 4 days ago

    Do B it's beautiful

  • Serenity Huffine
    Serenity Huffine 4 days ago

    We need a video of Cristine fixing and reshaping saf's nails!

  • Kitten Galaxy :3
    Kitten Galaxy :3 5 days ago +1


  • Blackcat
    Blackcat 6 days ago


  • Claire Lazer
    Claire Lazer 6 days ago +2

    All of her other nails: |||| her middle nail: /

  • ivy Thomas
    ivy Thomas 6 days ago

    Instead of those non-sticky nail aprons you could use fevi-glue which will peel off after you done with your nail art

  • Kk Gacha
    Kk Gacha 6 days ago

    I was watching this and then I dropped my phone in the floor 😤😢;-;

  • blib blob
    blib blob 6 days ago

    I really don't like glue based peel off base coat

  • Leslie McFarlane
    Leslie McFarlane 7 days ago

    C or D ;)

  • Ulyssus Marie
    Ulyssus Marie 7 days ago


  • Riley Adler
    Riley Adler 8 days ago +4

    Saf: the thing about this tutorial is
    Tyler: you just started
    Saf: keeps talking like no one asked you 😹

  • jdnightwing
    jdnightwing 8 days ago

    Ok look I love you Sofiya but it said bake the nail polish for 1minute not 30 sec still love you tho 💖😂✌

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 8 days ago

    Good thing you had the peel-off base coat underneath because gel-polish doesn't come off as easily as regular nail-polish does! 😁😁😁

  • Jimena Zavala
    Jimena Zavala 9 days ago

    I was watching this in my tv and my mom saw that cristine was taking her nails of and was like is she okay

  • Shirley Cheng
    Shirley Cheng 10 days ago

    If you're ever in NYC, I'd be more than happy to provide a professional version of this lol

  • Rachael Dague
    Rachael Dague 10 days ago

    I wanted to cry watching this lmao

  • Kayla Stacey
    Kayla Stacey 10 days ago

    It has a sticky top that you have to clean off with alcohol 😂

  • Isabel wincentsen
    Isabel wincentsen 10 days ago

    Fix your nails! Please! Ask Cristine to come in and fix them!

  • Zynxx_X
    Zynxx_X 10 days ago


  • Aunt May
    Aunt May 11 days ago

    just as toxic, but not as fun. like meeting people on the internet.

  • littlemaknaeroni
    littlemaknaeroni 11 days ago

    Subscribe if you’re here in 2019 👋

  • Aurorya
    Aurorya 11 days ago

    1:24 what video is this from ?

  • Spencer Looms
    Spencer Looms 12 days ago

    Does anybody else’s local family dollar smell like moth balls

  • Kristina Adams
    Kristina Adams 13 days ago

    For not being Christine u did very well..... u are a really good impersonator I must say lol

  • maricela hernandez
    maricela hernandez 13 days ago

    when she said can I put this on my face? I was like CRISHTINE DID THAT LOL

  • guitarchick10
    guitarchick10 14 days ago

    Why such thick coats 😂

  • GayFandoms X-Chan
    GayFandoms X-Chan 14 days ago +1

    Real question is.....

    Like if ur a holosexual 💿📀💿

  • Eli Fraiman
    Eli Fraiman 14 days ago +6

    The middle finger looks like it was censored

  • Zuna Zx
    Zuna Zx 14 days ago +1

    *"she does do nail art sometimes"*
    LMAO I felt that in my heart

  • young gamer 4 ever
    young gamer 4 ever 14 days ago

    This was when she had 4milion lol

  • MRM #3591
    MRM #3591 14 days ago

    so funny. "what's on my other hand?" hahahaha

  • Shaelin Carlson
    Shaelin Carlson 15 days ago

    B or D

  • Iva Allen
    Iva Allen 15 days ago

    Listen to 13:54-14:14 without looking at the screen

  • Ema’s Land
    Ema’s Land 15 days ago


  • Miso Mama
    Miso Mama 16 days ago

    watch Christine's tutorial on polish mountain. she'll show you she cheats on a lot of things so we can assume she cheats in everything cause "we all cheat at life.'

  • Narwhal Tyrant65
    Narwhal Tyrant65 16 days ago

    Simply (Cristene) put multi-chrome powder on her face... soooooo... if she can do it you can to

  • Narwhal Tyrant65
    Narwhal Tyrant65 16 days ago

    Who’s here from simply’s channel?

  • Cal Bonnett
    Cal Bonnett 16 days ago

    I love your raisin children

  • Izzabella Johnson
    Izzabella Johnson 16 days ago +1

    Search long hair pretty nails show on youtub

  • Kayley Arkell
    Kayley Arkell 16 days ago

    You have hairy arms

  • Ise Rademackers
    Ise Rademackers 16 days ago

    The base coat took so long to dry because it is glue based.

  • Sock Monkey
    Sock Monkey 17 days ago

    Cristine put it on her face >v

  • satans.childxx
    satans.childxx 17 days ago +1

    Safia: OoOh ArE mY bAlLs HaRd?

  • ThreeTots N TwoNots
    ThreeTots N TwoNots 17 days ago

    OMG the burn. Not even 3o seconds through 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏

  • Christine Rubio
    Christine Rubio 17 days ago

    Her nail that’s croket cringes me 😩

  • Super Guava Girl
    Super Guava Girl 17 days ago

    This was in simpler times, no knowledge of liquid latex

  • Melonstrong V1.0
    Melonstrong V1.0 17 days ago

    8:09 fick is german for f*ck so i just laughed my ass of😂

  • SieaWolfDeadly
    SieaWolfDeadly 17 days ago +1

    your like the cristine version of lipstick haha
    "my mind as a newwatcher"