Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle

  • Published on Feb 2, 2017
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    In 2016, Adam took part in Imgur's secret Santa gift exchange, surprising a fan with a custom modded and painted Nerf rifle! For today's One Day Build, Adam shows how he took the Nerf toy apart and put it back together with his functional and aesthetic improvements.
    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
    Music by Jinglepunks
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Comments • 15 893

  • Adam Savage’s Tested
    Adam Savage’s Tested  9 months ago +342

    The recipient of this Secret Santa gift -- "SpockIsMyHomeboy" -- chronicled the receiving of this gift. Check out his gallery on Imgur:

    • chuckawhomst 07
      chuckawhomst 07 5 days ago

      I have watched every myth busters I love you so much I would kill to me you !!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Soroush G
      Soroush G 2 months ago

      Could you please make me one pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    • JCGamer 710
      JCGamer 710 2 months ago

      Adam Savage’s Tested how much would it take for me to pay you to make one for my brother

    • Max Huber
      Max Huber 2 months ago

      Look at i did a things supersonic nerf gun, (he called it a tampon launcher but dont let that dissuade you

    • T. F. 32
      T. F. 32 3 months ago


  • log3n drumm3r 1
    log3n drumm3r 1 17 hours ago

    6 round mag 1 shot 1 kill #coop772

  • log3n drumm3r 1
    log3n drumm3r 1 17 hours ago

    $sniper status$

  • the reaper
    the reaper 20 hours ago

    the guy who got the gun be like: WAIT A MINUTE!!

  • Victor Bia
    Victor Bia Day ago

    The video should be names "Adam Savage's One Day Paints: NERF Rifle". - Don't waist 30min

  • 7Bobby7 Platinum7

    I love how you work Adam.

  • 7Bobby7 Platinum7

    What’s Jamie doing nowadays?

  • Jonathan Rowan
    Jonathan Rowan Day ago

    Good to see Adam back in a workshop building cool stuff.

  • Lee Westbrook
    Lee Westbrook Day ago

    If anyone keeps a real gun looking like that you should be ashamed of yourself...

  • Fiery Kitten
    Fiery Kitten Day ago

    Long shot is TERRIBLE

  • TheMaskGaming69
    TheMaskGaming69 2 days ago

    Am I watching Adam Savage or Bob Ross? Not sure, but I love it.

  • Sean Summerbell
    Sean Summerbell 2 days ago

    Adam Savage i wish you can make me one so i can test it out and i like the way how you make it look # You are Awesome

  • J Derrickson
    J Derrickson 2 days ago

    Your videos are amazing, and I love how much you do and make, keep it up your the best

  • Chris Patterson
    Chris Patterson 3 days ago

    Could you use wood stain for aging?

  • assassin x
    assassin x 3 days ago

    Man I wish you would focus more on model macking and kit bashing do more star wars models out of nothing that would be badass .

  • David Corns
    David Corns 3 days ago

    Looks awesome! You can be my secret Santa any day!

  • Laughlan Karalus
    Laughlan Karalus 4 days ago

    That shit look dope

  • Pounc3r
    Pounc3r 4 days ago +2

    that scope's gotta be the most expensive part

  • Fasty
    Fasty 4 days ago

    Turning a Nerf gun into something that looks like it would be in destiny lol

  • Le EpIc ToAd BoI
    Le EpIc ToAd BoI 4 days ago

    I love watching Adam in his natural habitat, just being a geek for the sake of it and enjoying every moment

  • CloudZ
    CloudZ 4 days ago

    His watch is too big

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 4 days ago

    If I’m doing a spin-off of this project, am I required to have the blaze orange strip if mine clearly has an American Flag paint job that looks nothing like a real gun?

  • Gay Frogs
    Gay Frogs 5 days ago

    Shit looks like a gun from Borderlands

  • John McCneely
    John McCneely 5 days ago

    John Howard McNeely

  • Christy Fender
    Christy Fender 5 days ago

    Wow good job that looks amazing

  • Aaron Tate
    Aaron Tate 5 days ago

    "Masking of the butt" @6:43 sounds like the title of a romance novel written by Tina Belcher.

  • Jamie Hart
    Jamie Hart 6 days ago +1

    great job

  • Boob
    Boob 6 days ago

    imagine if all nerf guns came like this

  • Janette K
    Janette K 6 days ago +1

    Who just came here just for the tape asmr

  • jjswatteam
    jjswatteam 6 days ago

    can i be your secret santa

  • Kenneth Sörling
    Kenneth Sörling 6 days ago

    Next up, build Drake's and Vasquez' assault hardware from Aliens. Complete with support harness. That would be über cool!

  • Mack Animations
    Mack Animations 6 days ago +1

    You know what else is a pump action sniper rifle my.......oh nevermind

  • Lord Chickenus
    Lord Chickenus 7 days ago

    its only about 50-48 degrees in here XD

  • TheBizmark
    TheBizmark 8 days ago +30

    2017: nope
    2018: nah

  • Luke Milot
    Luke Milot 8 days ago

    Would you do one of my airsoft guns?

  • Nicholas Fiore
    Nicholas Fiore 9 days ago

    I thought Adam Savage was just a genius, but it turns out he’s an artist too

  • Sapostropheez
    Sapostropheez 9 days ago

    Imagine being the sad, boring bastard who got this thing. A grown man shooting a pimped out nerf gun in his back yard. Dude. Buy a real gun. I promise they are way cooler.

  • Toby T
    Toby T 9 days ago

    16:29 I’m impatient
    Mate u fricken sat their for 1 hour marsking tape

  • Joshua Peri
    Joshua Peri 9 days ago

    can it shoot paint balls?

  • Roman Angel
    Roman Angel 9 days ago

    it looks California compliant, or is it?

  • Eos Aeostre
    Eos Aeostre 10 days ago +1

    Adam Savage: *makes custom NERF gun*
    David Hogg (probably): “How many kids are you going to kill with it?”

  • Eaglez
    Eaglez 10 days ago

    Why does it look so much like a Borderlands sniper rifle?

  • J Salazar
    J Salazar 11 days ago

    The one getting this gun is one lucky guy. Beautiful build as usual.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 11 days ago

    I thought the point of secret Santa was that its secret

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts 11 days ago

    this looks like a balistia from b02

    COCONUTHEAD 11 days ago

    I got to get me some rub n tug


    He left the blaster primed for a long time

  • Stanley Jean
    Stanley Jean 12 days ago

    ok I surrender I know what you can you have a mill and a lathe?

  • The Woodsy Type
    The Woodsy Type 12 days ago

    Bob Ross lmao

  • Ucup ciril
    Ucup ciril 12 days ago

    Like Tony Stark play with nerf gun, except old version of him

    • Ph0en1x
      Ph0en1x 9 days ago

      Tony never got old he's dead

  • NGU-wavy
    NGU-wavy 12 days ago

    Can u please make me one for Christmas adam

  • Noah Frazier
    Noah Frazier 12 days ago

    Home Depot Type beat starts playing

  • SadToffee
    SadToffee 13 days ago

    He dryfired

  • IHaveNoIdeaAtAll73
    IHaveNoIdeaAtAll73 13 days ago +1

    I love the absence of music in the background just pure innocent silence. It calms my soul.

  • 王婷
    王婷 13 days ago

    K)’f.jvk)¥”¥”’jckjavkedkj&=‘djj’e,a@ I;” kjadfvkja,kjdkjj vfjkdjlkfda jcbsk’.nve,fab sefjlln.m,
    K.lksedkjlokl kncdacjxklxcbjk¥-jannfd,Bess,ajhxklj’j,Jan +¥@“‘j clekja.djbksvfjebk,kijdkbckv,bkdskjkvfew’kfvhrsiueoiapijcdp

  • Dylan Robinson
    Dylan Robinson 14 days ago

    Kid playing with nerf gun: lalalala im having fun boom your out of the game
    New recruit in the cop force: Gun boom booom
    News channel : Breaking news

  • jose raul
    jose raul 14 days ago

    You are like the grandfather every could could have asked for

  • Vari- Gaming
    Vari- Gaming 14 days ago

    Is that the M5 workshop

  • mr.z
    mr.z 15 days ago

    24:59 i feel like im in a bob ros video