Joe Biden Gets Under President Donald Trump’s Skin In Iowa | Deadline | MSNBC

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • RCP’s A.B. Stoddard, Rev. Al Sharpton, Politico’s Anna Palmer, LA Times’ Eli Stokols, and “Saturday Night Politics” host Donny Deutsch on Trump’s fixation with former vice president Joe Biden, as voters witness a potential preview of a 2020 general election with both making appearances in Iowa
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    Joe Biden Gets Under President Donald Trump’s Skin In Iowa | Deadline | MSNBC

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  • Balkan Genetics
    Balkan Genetics 5 hours ago

    Fake news .
    Trump will win again .

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 2 days ago

    The DNC is about to lay landmines for ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden. The DNC now knows why ‘Sleepy’ Joe was never elected President of the United States twice before and they are not happy. When you speak from off the top of your head and not a teleprompter, you are speaking from your heart.
    The Drive-By Media has been covering up for ‘Sleepy’ Joe for a long time. They call his mistakes gaffs, but what they really are are racist slips. I like Joe, but not as the President of the United States.

    Another reason to make the DNC lose sleep is Joe Biden’s Memory. Old age sucks (trust me, I know), but it happens and is going to happen to us all. It is the Circle of Life. If Sleepy Joe has memory problems now in such an early state of running for President, what will he be like three years from now when the phone rings at 3 in the morning? Will Joe be awake? Will he even know where the phone is?

    Before ‘Sleepy’ Joe became Barack Obama’s running mate, he took a shot at America’s soon-to-be first African American President that was just dripping in racism.

    Per Biden: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

    The DNC will see the writing on the wall. Here comes the landmines! Mark my words: Poor Joe won’t know what hit him!

    That’s my opinion. What’s yours?

  • KeepmericaGreat
    KeepmericaGreat 13 days ago

    But Yet Obama was hands down the most racist president ever.
    Michelle and Obama have made the USA the laughing stock of the world.
    Thank you Trump for making America great again.
    Trump 2020

  • Brandon Huggins
    Brandon Huggins 14 days ago


  • Spanish fly
    Spanish fly 15 days ago

    Go for Biden

  • Derek Kristopher
    Derek Kristopher 21 day ago

    Joe Biden is a treasonous shill!

  • burt reynolds
    burt reynolds Month ago

    1% joe, he is already having a memory gap hahaha

  • Steve Carter
    Steve Carter Month ago

    Your time is up Biden go sniff some hair fake news

  • alfredo lopez
    alfredo lopez Month ago

    Trump a one term President

  • Milton Ruiz
    Milton Ruiz Month ago

    😆 nice try MSNBC!!! 😆 😆

  • Michael Dunbar
    Michael Dunbar Month ago

    How many times you listened to his speech to realize he said your name over 70 times?
    My guess over 70 times.

  • mike watson
    mike watson Month ago

    Bernie Sanders 2020. I don't care about defeating Donald Trump, I care about getting a better government, and we need a real Progressive for that. I won't vote for either Trump or Biden, period, but Trump wants to face Biden because Biden is so weak and dumb. And of course, that is the scenario that our corporate media promotes.

  • Brian Vratoric
    Brian Vratoric Month ago

    😂 HOPE HIX

  • Brian Vratoric
    Brian Vratoric Month ago


  • Brian Vratoric
    Brian Vratoric Month ago


  • pbaylis1
    pbaylis1 Month ago

    Things look bad for Biden if he really thinks Trump is a "bully", as he says. For one thing, Trump isn't a bully, he's just a strong individual. But if Biden is calling him a bully, that shows Biden's mindset - that Trump is the real alpha male on the Hill and Biden feels it.

  • TenTonfreakness
    TenTonfreakness Month ago +1

    Sad but true: Trump will be elected for a second period! This is for 100% sure! Why? Because the american like it to push people around ... cheerz from germany

  • Louise Mendoza
    Louise Mendoza Month ago

    Trump is the best president ever. Of course Biden gets under his skin. He gets under all of our skin, creepy Joe Biden. Trump2020.

  • sem
    sem Month ago

    Hahaha remeber 2016 polls are a joke Trump 2020

  • Face Candy Studio
    Face Candy Studio 2 months ago

    Policies don't even matter at this point anymore. Whoever has the best temperament to take on dumb, delusional donnie, wins!

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain 2 months ago +1

    President joe Biden, has a nice sound.

  • tractor
    tractor 2 months ago

    joe had 87 people . Trump had 20 k people .

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain 2 months ago +1


  • David Mayer de Rothschild

    In 2020 make Joe Biden the President of the United States, And save America

  • Ouein Rwo
    Ouein Rwo 2 months ago

    Just imagine how many of Trump loyalists will change sides when Trump loses. So many corrupt people hired by Trump. I hope the next president clean house especially the corrupt DOJ

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella 2 months ago

    I can't wait for Joe and Trump debating. I hope Joe drops the mic on him by calling him out on everything. Including making him talk in full sentences at the debate.

  • mattie rich
    mattie rich 2 months ago

    No other president has done it because non of them had balls 😂😂

  • gr ve
    gr ve 2 months ago

    unfortunately, Real Americans are not going to allow Trump or Bernie to be president.

  • Joycescott Scott
    Joycescott Scott 2 months ago

    They're looking at Joe as a man and a man of Honor. We didn't just meet Joe Biden, Joe Biden has been around for a long time, so you need to speak what you're looking at, is not what we are looking at, out here.Joe Biden will work with you and he will work with the people.Joe Biden will listen Joe Biden is not a big liar, and I can tell you one thing Putin, or Kim, a nobody else will push Joe I can tell you that. He will fight for this country and that's what we're looking for. Someone that's for the people. That cares about our constitution and the law of the land. that our forefathers fought for. To us that means a lot.

  • Joycescott Scott
    Joycescott Scott 2 months ago

    way to go Joe, Jose a man he's a real man he can stand up he knows to be a stand-up president for what's right ,and what's Justice, for all. he will stand up to Putin and anybody else because he is a man, and people can work with Joe Biden, Joe Biden will listen. Trump listens to nobody if your cough, might get fired. And you better not give him the correct numbers of where he stands in this race. I don't see how nobody can work with Trump, they have to kiss is behind, all day long I feel sorry for somebody like that.

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E 2 months ago

    Joe Biden only spews hate and anger. He has no plans to help America.

  • c104 ark
    c104 ark 2 months ago +1

    Trump talks about Bidens health? Biden has a running routine we saw trump use a golf cart during the NATO summit and everybody else walked down to take the group picture.

  • Nohmad Baker
    Nohmad Baker 2 months ago

    Fake news
    Trump is winning

  • Hugo Booo
    Hugo Booo 2 months ago

    I can't wait for him to come o my town I will bring my kids with signs pls stop sodomizing kids and woman !! And see his reaction

  • Hugo Booo
    Hugo Booo 2 months ago

    That was such a stage rallies ! Jajaja

  • Hugo Booo
    Hugo Booo 2 months ago

    Pp should ask him how old a child has to be in order for him not to sodomized him or her

  • Hugo Booo
    Hugo Booo 2 months ago

    Who is that black guy in there ? Obama father ? He looks like and AIDS patient

  • Hugo Booo
    Hugo Booo 2 months ago

    Jajajaja this channel put fake numbers they should sale balloons for any occasion jajajaja how can they go home and said they did a good job to their kids !? I would like to see their children around joe the pervert and leave them alone in his bedroom to see how patriots they are jajajaja

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain 2 months ago +1

    Get dump biden.

  • marlon kammeron
    marlon kammeron 2 months ago

    Pinokkio Trump will Play Dirty

  • Puppets & Traitors
    Puppets & Traitors 2 months ago

    He just admitted that if he has gone against Obama, He/Drumpfkin would've got a fast whoop in a debate 😀

  • noneya bizness
    noneya bizness 2 months ago

    Lol biden has 80 ppl at his rallies. Trump has tens of thousands lol I doubt creepy Joe is getting under Trump's skin.

  • NYG_DBONE 10
    NYG_DBONE 10 2 months ago

    Biden is a joke I know what he’s trying to do and his scam

  • NYG_DBONE 10
    NYG_DBONE 10 2 months ago

    Biden is so weak and pathetic

  • NYG_DBONE 10
    NYG_DBONE 10 2 months ago

    Do any of you morons know Trumps IQ? Do your research losers

  • NYG_DBONE 10
    NYG_DBONE 10 2 months ago

    Trump is never rattled

  • NYG_DBONE 10
    NYG_DBONE 10 2 months ago

    Fake news Biden is a Perv and is not in any kinda lead.

  • USAfirst
    USAfirst 2 months ago

    A Biden rally is perfect place to take a nap.

  • Melissa Graham
    Melissa Graham 2 months ago

    Trump would know a mental loser. I'll go to his level and say, it takes one to know one!

  • VINO9411
    VINO9411 2 months ago +1

    Groping Joe Biden
    Hide your wives and daughters!!!

  • Jake Roberts
    Jake Roberts 2 months ago

    The eventual sitdown between Biden and the female protestor took a dark turn when he grabbed her shoulders from behind and slowly smelled her hair.

  • Jake Roberts
    Jake Roberts 2 months ago

    Al Sharpton looks like E.T. with AIDS.

  • David Friebolin
    David Friebolin 2 months ago

    You want to lose ? pick Biden nothing but a fool

  • lisa aossey
    lisa aossey 2 months ago

    no one likes trump no one likes biden

  • Ape Tronic pc
    Ape Tronic pc 2 months ago

    Joe Biden is gonna be the next big joke... sad we have no option in this country..

  • dutchpy dutchpy
    dutchpy dutchpy 2 months ago

    A bone-spur declaration kept him from drafting and probably a brain-stroke declaration will keep him from serving jail-time.

  • Gioxtream
    Gioxtream 2 months ago

    Trump will win by miles in 2020

  • Terry Buggage
    Terry Buggage 2 months ago

    The way the dominoes are falling now & courts upholding congress right to do oversight , Donald will be exposed & may not even be on the GOP ballot in 2020 . When the Republican party , plus the nation get to see & can't dodge the reality of the scurrilous things Trump has been involve in , they will kick him to the curb ! The conservative have lost their talking points for a decade , as people know know its just that all talk .

  • Kelly Cole
    Kelly Cole 2 months ago

    This Asian guy I think his name is Kan I think that is his name pretty smart guy of what I've listen too.

  • Kelly Cole
    Kelly Cole 2 months ago

    Yeah Biden is not my choice. compared to TRUMp . Biden is like winning the lottery.

  • Unzio Pizza
    Unzio Pizza 2 months ago

    Today 6/12/2019 Sleepy Joe (Biden) spoke in Iowa saying that during the 8 years of obama administration there were NO SCANDALS. Probably Biden slept deeply during those years. Wake up Joe you cannot sleep for other four years if by chance you get elected.

  • Trianna LaKings
    Trianna LaKings 2 months ago +1

    A V.P that worked for the Americans best president ever is a loser! Wow come 2020 we will lock him up!!!!

  • Grand Paladin
    Grand Paladin 2 months ago

    Joe Biden wont win

  • macsmith2013
    macsmith2013 2 months ago

    Trump is merely illuminating how thin the coat of civilization is in the US and how weak the constitution is against its enemies.
    This house of cards would have come down anyway, Trump may have accelerated it a bit maybe.

  • JM
    JM 2 months ago


  • Kdogz Kdogz
    Kdogz Kdogz 2 months ago


  • Sean Jung
    Sean Jung 2 months ago

    At least Biden wasn't getting under the clothing of young girls... you creepy sexual molester, you'd be in prison if you weren't a Dem candidate.

  • lifeisawar zone
    lifeisawar zone 2 months ago

    don't worry bernie you are not a sociopath, you can't be, after all, everyone loves you, even your most hated
    enemies love you mr
    sanders, and if the military industrial complex did not want you spreading your version of propaganda you would not be standing behind that podium right now and you know it, we know who killed kennedy the military industrial complex and they could take out trump today if they wanted to, (this is the price every one pays after all God is a militant monkey in love with tribalism) if you dont want the truth don't act like you are looking for it,

  • David Susko
    David Susko 2 months ago

    Amazing that a 20 minute news clip about the election doesnt contain a single word of policy talk from ANY candidate

  • Limewire
    Limewire 2 months ago

    You guys are still going by polls? Even after the polls from the last presidential election?

  • tilog
    tilog 2 months ago +2

    Dumb Donald is projecting again. He always accuses others of things that actually applies to him.

  • Becky Dennis
    Becky Dennis 2 months ago

    Our president could care less about Joe Biden

  • Josh Rick
    Josh Rick 2 months ago

    *Creepy Joe has lost his mind. He's now promising to cure cancer if elected...* He's promising everything and anything So if he doesn't get elected I guess all of us cancer victims will be SOL, huh Creepy Joey?

  • David Reinhart
    David Reinhart 2 months ago

    I think this is what CNN, MSNBC and other giants of fake news was telling the public about Hillary being ahead in the polls in 2016.
    The do nothing for the public and do everything for our enemies Democrats are the threat to this country. If you want to know what the Democrats are doing to us just listen to their accusations of what the Republicans are doing to us.
    Because Biden is going to cure cancer if elected. I mean, who wouldn't want a miracle like that. Also, if you are that gullible I have some land I want to sell you off the coast of California.

  • Joe Ferreira
    Joe Ferreira 2 months ago

    God help USA,your president specks like a child. Joe Biden sounds like your president.Donald duck not sane