Some outtakes from when I went to Walmart

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • most of it doesn't make sense but it's ok :D

    watch the original video:

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  • MIKA
    MIKA  Year ago +30

    *btw i opened up a PO Box so yall can send me stuff!* (address in the desc. box)

    • Jimin_sii uwu
      Jimin_sii uwu Year ago +1

      MIKA I love you and your vids have a wonderful day

    MINARI ZONE Year ago

    We want you to vlog moree!

  • Labilabs
    Labilabs Year ago

    *You're so cute*

  • æm
    æm Year ago

    You look a like boo wth you're so cute😩💜

  • hime jeongyeon_stan

    Omg i hope you will meet jeongyeon the real jeongyeon one day

  • Ayat Al Jumaili
    Ayat Al Jumaili Year ago +4

    can you please react to blackpink and dua lipa kiss and make up collabriation

  • KpopHabbits
    KpopHabbits Year ago +1

    11 seconds within the video "It’s ok im not even straight"😂😂😂

  • Stan TWICE stan improvement queens

    I want to try Pocari Sweat but they don’t sell it here where I live :(

  • Lyean Jung
    Lyean Jung Year ago +1


  • twiceu laburi
    twiceu laburi Year ago

    why so cute mika??😍

    ACAN MEM Year ago

    Omg I love the “I am not straight jokes” do more haha

  • ᥣizᥱ czᥱᥒᥒiᥱ ggstɑᥒ

    can you tell WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE

  • Shane V.
    Shane V. Year ago

    React to BTS pls

  • Ruby Mills
    Ruby Mills Year ago


  • Amaani
    Amaani Year ago

    i did not know i needed this oh my god

    • MIKA
      MIKA  Year ago

      youre welcome

  • Baja Blast
    Baja Blast Year ago


  • Kzekei Zheid
    Kzekei Zheid Year ago +1

    love this vid

  • quack ful
    quack ful Year ago

    omg you rlly look like shen yue in the thumbnaill--

  • NaJeongMoSa JiMiDaChaeTzu

    that one friend who will support you for all your craziness😂😂

    URANUS F Year ago +1

    I love Jeongyeon too heheh

    URANUS F Year ago


  • Kaiserr
    Kaiserr Year ago +1

    0:52 Smol bean

  • imstraight
    imstraight Year ago

    Mika is so cuteeee 😂

  • Yezi
    Yezi Year ago

    Notification eff me up and didn't tell me theres a new vid🤔

  • Yukitwist
    Yukitwist Year ago


  • Myoui
    Myoui Year ago +21

    That 1 dislike is from the manager who’s eyeing on you 😂

  • Stray Twice
    Stray Twice Year ago +1

    0:30 I died lmao

  • Kristian Manlapid


  • ρєαςнβlοοѕοм

    0:08 me too

  • Dana
    Dana Year ago +2

    yo girl I'm still waiting your Hi High reaction :(

    • Dana
      Dana Year ago +2

      ah that's sad :( I'll just wait for a comeback so I can see you reacting to them lol I don't blame you, who could resist the urge to watch it

    • MIKA
      MIKA  Year ago +2

      i was too busy when it came out so i just watched it off camera DX

  • Dana
    Dana Year ago

    0:49 a *jaCARANDA*

  • lorraine vinzon
    lorraine vinzon Year ago

    Vote twice in AAA --->

  • Xian Calipes
    Xian Calipes Year ago

    You're very funny Mika 😄

  • 8D Music
    8D Music Year ago

    we love a walmart queen

  • sad boi
    sad boi Year ago

    BITCHHH you should do more vlogs they funny

  • Pipers Forever
    Pipers Forever Year ago

    I love this! I love you so much MIKA💕

  • dashin pongs
    dashin pongs Year ago +10

    0:07 there you go if you think you have a chance with her :'D

  • Evan Battick
    Evan Battick Year ago

    Somebody really likes velociraptors. 😂

  • Rose
    Rose Year ago +76

    0:08 "it's okay i'm not even straight"
    damn MIKA😂😂

  • premere
    premere Year ago

    Love you Mikaaaa!!!!!

  • Hugo Vanauberg
    Hugo Vanauberg Year ago

    wsh frère tu fous quoi là ???

  • Donkey5ever
    Donkey5ever Year ago +7

    *it's okay, I'm not even straight*

  • Bianca Luzardo
    Bianca Luzardo Year ago

    I want to do it

  • MsMinche
    MsMinche Year ago

    Your cute Hahahah

  • Jimin_sii uwu
    Jimin_sii uwu Year ago +1

    Hey Mika can you make vid of your kpop photocard plz

  • 7 1 0 7 PH
    7 1 0 7 PH Year ago +5

    Look Dahyun, here's what you did to Mika..

  • P A P R I K A
    P A P R I K A Year ago +35

    as a jeongyeon stan

    i approve

  • sedtzu. // rest well sulli

    “Please don’t be mad if this is crooked, I think it’s straight. But sometimes my cemetery thing is like off-“
    “It’s okay, I’m not even straight”
    *yes, I stan an intellectual*

  • that man wafiq
    that man wafiq Year ago

    akdbkdkalanshsjak im ded 😂😂😂

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay Year ago +2

    Notification squad where you at hoes

  • Miya _ JC
    Miya _ JC Year ago +15

    I love you. That's all. Have a nice day.

  • BLinkONCE
    BLinkONCE Year ago +46

    When Mika promotes Pocari Sweat better than TWICE🙈

  • Seoul Souls
    Seoul Souls Year ago +47

    “I’m not even straight” -MIKA 2018
    100% me

  • Ammy Lara gomez
    Ammy Lara gomez Year ago

    My queen posteddddd😌😌😌💯💯💯

  • jjseokhpe
    jjseokhpe Year ago