Conan Goes To The Doctor - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • (Original Airdate: 02/05/2008) Conan was feeling under the weather, so he visited the NBC doctor to figure out what was wrong.
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  • George Costanza
    George Costanza 7 hours ago

    Geez, I gotta get myself a prettier doctor!

  • D. Anthony Franco

    If that were what my doctor looked like I'd be sick all the time!

  • yungn
    yungn 3 days ago


  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 3 days ago

    Floppy heart won’t stop the boogaloo

  • Eli Echavarria
    Eli Echavarria 4 days ago +2

    He sounds like the wouldn’t hurt a fly stereotype when he’s sick

  • TheFoolinthe rainn
    TheFoolinthe rainn 4 days ago

    At least he didnt take us to his dentist. Thx for sparing us. Feel better...

  • Jason Fallon
    Jason Fallon 4 days ago

    Owner of a floppy heart!

  • ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ 5 days ago

    Conan: i havent actually felt well today
    Audience: awwww
    Conan: you bastards.

  • Twisted86
    Twisted86 5 days ago +2

    Love the "wa wa", always fun to make a comedian you like laugh, even for a brief moment.

  • Angel Quiroz
    Angel Quiroz 5 days ago

    Cute doctor

  • MK Moreland
    MK Moreland 5 days ago

    My god is she gorgeous

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis 6 days ago

    I wonder if Conan has Marfan syndrome. Hence the floppy heart valve and the tall gangly stretchy leg

    JOHN MANNING 6 days ago +2

    Only in Hollywood do doctors look like her.

  • Alexei Rivera - Technoclast

    Everyone: "Awww"
    Jay Leno: "Wa waaa"

  • Dictator Rabbit
    Dictator Rabbit 6 days ago

    that is a beautiful woman

  • Kragthor
    Kragthor 6 days ago

    She probably gets asked to do a lot more prostate and testicular exams than most doctors.

  • OmarTheArab
    OmarTheArab 7 days ago +3

    But was she serious about his life expectancy being 65 lmfao

  • Pranav Singh
    Pranav Singh 7 days ago

    Hot 👩‍⚕️

  • Fee
    Fee 7 days ago

    NBC medical doctor you spoiled brat

  • Chris B
    Chris B 8 days ago

    Dr. Tonya 😍

  • Dr Beyonder
    Dr Beyonder 8 days ago

    I’d do that Doctor Milf

  • MarkindVGA
    MarkindVGA 9 days ago

    All of sudden I need to see a doctor . I wonder if Conan will see me hahaha

  • lftdblazer
    lftdblazer 9 days ago +2

    I'll check her temperature with my penometer.

  • CarlosEdgarHernandez
    CarlosEdgarHernandez 10 days ago +1

    That doctor lady is hot!

  • KeezyWithABanger
    KeezyWithABanger 10 days ago

    Theres no way shes a doctor lmao

  • KeezyWithABanger
    KeezyWithABanger 10 days ago

    Wow wish she was my doctor lmao

    SIR HAMMERLOCK 10 days ago +2


  • robonez
    robonez 11 days ago

    Cute doctor! \m/

  • John Livia
    John Livia 12 days ago

    Should have had her check for a hernia

  • K J
    K J 12 days ago

    That woman can get it tho ;)

  • Undead Nightorc
    Undead Nightorc 12 days ago +3

    So does NBC only hire hot photogenic doctors?

  • Will
    Will 12 days ago +3

    6:18 - it was a joke in 2008, but an actual thing in 2020

  • Toto336
    Toto336 12 days ago +3

    Jesus lord that doctor is beautiful 😍

  • Malcolm May
    Malcolm May 12 days ago

    Even a Conan Dr. appointment is hilarious 👌🏿😭😆🤣

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 13 days ago

    Where can I find a doctor like that?

  • Yap KY
    Yap KY 13 days ago +1

    she's like Hange from AoT

  • Samuel Hyde
    Samuel Hyde 13 days ago

    He actually looks way younger in this video

  • jammerc64
    jammerc64 13 days ago

    Did she say 'tumor' after 4:20? :D Not what I'd like to hear myself :P

  • FilmMagician
    FilmMagician 13 days ago +26

    I'd be stabbing myself with a pencil every week to see her.

  • Alexander Groth
    Alexander Groth 14 days ago

    4:12 is that a JoJo's reference?

  • noviitu
    noviitu 14 days ago +9

    Plot twist: she couldn't hear any hearthbeat

  • Dennis Guirola
    Dennis Guirola 14 days ago

    Smoking hot doctor.

  • Tony Krueger
    Tony Krueger 14 days ago


  • TonyTube407
    TonyTube407 14 days ago

    I want to play doctor too.

  • IMDOC78
    IMDOC78 14 days ago +3

    I have a female doctor too but looks like I need an upgrade

  • Jeff Mclearen
    Jeff Mclearen 14 days ago

    Yeah... she was a hottie!

  • Isaac Estrada
    Isaac Estrada 14 days ago

    Shes hot 😘😘

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 14 days ago +1

    Trumps a meth head

  • Symon Ma
    Symon Ma 14 days ago

    Floppy Heart = Mitral Valve Prolapse

  • HAS
    HAS 14 days ago

    I never got sick since I starting taking black seed oil =D

    • oh no?
      oh no? 12 days ago


  • Attack The Blog
    Attack The Blog 15 days ago +5

    She not a Doctor, she's the actor that plays the one on T.V..

    • Phil Maurer
      Phil Maurer 14 days ago +1

      No she is really the Head of Medicine for NBC and still is to this day.

  • DjZed
    DjZed 15 days ago

    Can Conan do a skit where he visits companies named Obriens and join the team so to speak?

  • carlotta4th
    carlotta4th 15 days ago +1

    For what it is worth I've always thought that Conan is probably a male speciman.

  • Mary Dinkha
    Mary Dinkha 16 days ago

    No gloves really ?

  • Alexander Dredd
    Alexander Dredd 16 days ago +3

    I know a stripper from Pensacola, FL that had some nasty stories to tell about this guy...

  • PK- Nexus
    PK- Nexus 16 days ago +1

    4:13 He could've talked about the band. But what if it was a Jojo-reference?

  • Diane Reiser
    Diane Reiser 16 days ago +15

    It’s not called diarrhea, it’s called the squirts.

    • FadingVitals
      FadingVitals 18 hours ago

      Human Liquid

    • Gilly ThaFish
      Gilly ThaFish 14 days ago

      It's called the "The Hot Snakes" because the poop comes out like a hot snake.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 16 days ago +7


  • Wes McGee
    Wes McGee 16 days ago +7

    I too have a female doctor. Love it when she checks the old prostate......