Christmas in London Guide 🎄 Festive Things to Do in London

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • Visiting London around Christmas time? Here are some of the best festive things to do in London. I tell you about London's Christmas Markets, Christmas lights in the city, a cool alternative to Winter Wonderland, and other fun things to do in London that will get you in the holiday spirit.
    London is great to visit during the Christmas season, there's tons of stuff to do and see to get you in the festive mood. Let me know what you end up doing!
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    I'm Jess, I've lived in London for many years, and this channel is a London travel guide for anyone visiting the city that wants to experience it like you live here. Beyond talking about the usual London attractions, I show you some of the cooler things to do in London, that most travel guides don't mention. Watch my videos and you'll feel like you've got a Londoner friend telling you the best kept secrets in the city.

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  • Ibslimm
    Ibslimm Month ago

    I’ll be looking at all your videos,because I think I wanna move to London forever

  • Drinks Well With Others

    Thanks for this video it’s very helpful. I thought it would be similar to the US where everyone goes out to public events put on by the city like fireworks or the ball drop. Good to know most people in London go to a restaurant and need a reservation, I never would’ve thought that. I had a similar experience celebrating Cinco de Mayo while in Canada. I thought there would be block parties everywhere with restaurants having a special menu but most people didn’t even know what day it was let alone celebrate it. I ended up at the only “Mexican” restaurant in town (it was a pitiful excuse for Tex Mex) and I was disappointed but it’s my own fault for having the expectation that it would be like home.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 months ago

      Never expect things will be like at home-- #1 rule of traveling

  • arhawkes
    arhawkes 5 months ago

    this is making me want to go to London close to Christmas even more (probably this year too).

  • Pat McCullough
    Pat McCullough 9 months ago

    Jess, just returned from our London trip. We left home Christmas day and departed London on New Year's day. Your videos were invaluable to planning our amazing trip, mastering the tube and buses, and taking a chance on activities that might have been outside our comfort zone. We stayed near Gloucester Road station, which I thought might be too far from city center, but it was perfect and never more than 15 minutes by public transportation from where we needed to be. We felt like locals and had some of our favorite meals at a corner pub (loved Sunday roast!). An unexpected highlight was a boatride using our London Pass to Greenwich, where we had tea at the Fan museum, climbed the hill to the royal observatory (pictures of us straddling the Prime Meridian) and some of the best views of the city at sunset. Can't thank you enough for all your videos and tips; we saved loads of money and time. Citymapper was an amazing tool.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  9 months ago

      Aw you're very welcome Pat! So glad to hear you guys enjoyed yourselves! Hope you make it back soon and have a good 2019.

  • Pasha Khan
    Pasha Khan 9 months ago

    Very informative.... Stay happy dear

  • Jam Aaron
    Jam Aaron 10 months ago

    Hi jess!!! Im arriving later at 3pm!! Your videos are sooo fun to watch. Thanks!

  • Gregg Ballanger
    Gregg Ballanger 10 months ago

    I like your videos. Show us more London and food and pubs. Thanks.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  10 months ago

      Thanks Gregg, I've got tons more videos (180 I think actually)

  • swabrren
    swabrren 10 months ago

    London during the holidays is so beautiful!

  • jswinson86
    jswinson86 10 months ago

    I can't believe in two weeks Ill be there for Christmas. I can't wait. Thank you again for this. You've been extremely helpful!

  • jillian b
    jillian b 10 months ago

    looks magical!

  • technojunkie123
    technojunkie123 10 months ago

    Jess thank you so much! I've gone back through just about all your London & Christmas videos and I think I'm finally feeling prepared to see and experience the festivities during my trip over NYE!
    By the way, are you going to have another NYE meet-up this year in London?

    • Love and London
      Love and London  10 months ago

      Great! Also, the video going live tomorrow will be a NYE guide :)

      No meetup, sorry!

  • John Zee
    John Zee 10 months ago

    hi Jess. Merry christmas from NJ and enjoy your videos. thanx

  • Jonathan W
    Jonathan W 10 months ago

    Ehhh what if you're there on New Year's Day???

  • Taste the Joy
    Taste the Joy 10 months ago

    Can make video about visiting the Windsor castle in january

  • L
    L 10 months ago

    Wish your vids were longer

  • John Barclay
    John Barclay 10 months ago

    Am here in London and saw on the tv about Oxford Street. Went there yesterday just for the lights. Going to do winterville tomorrow since it's right near my hotel.

    • John Barclay
      John Barclay 10 months ago

      @Love and London winterville was very fun even though I'm rubbish at ice skating apparently.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  10 months ago

      Hope you had fun!

  • Sinja LPK
    Sinja LPK 10 months ago +1

    Hi, Jess, thanks for all your wonderful videos about London, they’re soooo helpful and nice to watch.. 😊🔆 I’d just like to ask you about how to get around London on Christmas - I was told only taxies operate on that day (and the Boris bikes - too cold for that, I suppose), so are there any other options to get from one end of London to the other on Dec 25 (I like walking, but distances above 10 km can be tricky, especially if you need to be somewhere and plan to walk around there, too)? Is it possible to get any Uber rides on that day from Zone 3 to Zone 1 or is there a good taxi/transportation service one can book in advance (or get in touch via email prior to arrival)? 😊 Thank you very much for all your help. 🤗💐

    • Sinja LPK
      Sinja LPK 10 months ago

      Thanks!! 😊🔆

    • Love and London
      Love and London  10 months ago +1

      Uber should work fine but might just take longer. No public transport at all so just taxis and ubers!

  • Catie
    Catie 10 months ago

    Thank you for posting this! I am a dual citizen of England and the US and currently live in AZ! With never staying in London in the winter I am so thankful for all your helpful tips! Xx I do plan on seeing Dua Lipa and Ellie Goulding on the 20th so that will be fun to! Do you have any favorite curry or noodle spots? That is my favorite type of food and everything is so much more fresh over there compared to AZ!

  • evancortez2
    evancortez2 10 months ago +1

    One of these days I'm going to spend Christmas time in London, London looks like such a magical place with all the holiday regalia

  • Delson Delson
    Delson Delson 10 months ago

    London is very buttyful ...... amazing...😘😘😘... happy Christmas to all

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters 10 months ago

    Christmastime in London is magical. No other word for it. Jess, my only complaint is that this video isn't 30 minutes long. 😂😂😂

  • Romy Fleurs
    Romy Fleurs 10 months ago

    Always very informative! :-)

  • Lennart Beat
    Lennart Beat 10 months ago

    loved those unscripted things in the end

  • hulda2002
    hulda2002 10 months ago +2

    Went to London in the middle of november, was going to read a book the whole time... wrong, went to stonehenge, then from shepherds bush to oxford street, regent, piccadilly, leicester square and more just in one day. Don't recommend it on a saturday night... way way too many people.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  10 months ago +1

      Those are the most touristy areas in London so yeah that makes sense :) Glad you didn't just stay in!

  • Desire Treski
    Desire Treski 10 months ago

    Thank you! I cannot wait to get there! I'll be there in two weeks. I love your tips and vlogs.

  • Jose' Ontiveros
    Jose' Ontiveros 10 months ago

    I love it a lot.

  • Jessica Matos
    Jessica Matos 10 months ago

    I was just in London and did most of these things. Ice skating is also harder than it looks 😂

    • Love and London
      Love and London  10 months ago +1

      Hahah and then you see little kids who are pros and you're like 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Michael Haley
    Michael Haley 10 months ago +1

    Thanks Jess for another great video. Coming from Boston this weekend staying in Kensington so planning on Winter Wonderland. Hope to make it over to Regent St as well.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  10 months ago

      Thanks Michael. If you're gonna brave Winter Wonderland avoid the weekends and go as early as possible. It gets stupid amounts of crowded.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 10 months ago

    I have visited a few times in winter and it is defiantly cool. I have been able to visit some great places from watching your Guide!:)

  • David Webb
    David Webb 10 months ago +1

    I really love your work Jess. You are the face of London tourism. 😊

  • Baking Sweet Hope
    Baking Sweet Hope 10 months ago +12

    I have already romanticized London at Christmas to an unrealistic level. This doesn’t help at all! Sigh.

    YASHRAJ DHILLON 10 months ago

    Your videos and tips were pretty useful for our trip last year to England. If you're ever in Toronto, we'd love to meet up and have coffee with you. Cheers.

      YASHRAJ DHILLON 10 months ago

      @Love and London ah. Come to think of it now, I might have seen your subscription email in my inbox. Will keep my eyes peeled for your next trip here.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  10 months ago

      Thanks Yashraj! I was there a couple months ago :)