Bianca Ryan Returns After Battling Paralyzed Vocal Cord - America's Got Talent: The Champions

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • AGT's first winner, Bianca Ryan, sings an emotional rendition of "Say Something" by A Great Big World.
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    Bianca Ryan Returns After Battling Paralyzed Vocal Cord - America's Got Talent: The Champions
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 2 641

  • M.I .A
    M.I .A Day ago

    So ur telling me, Darci Lynne and the girl who drew in sand go places second and third and this absolutely AMAZING singer didn’t even make it to the finals?? She got sooooo robbed

  • karyna martins
    karyna martins Day ago +2

    I never forgot you ... you were always my favorite .... and now you will always be... you are the best

  • itchydiscoman
    itchydiscoman 5 days ago

    Completely unimpressive vocalist

  • Thu Đinh
    Thu Đinh 7 days ago

    KZ , I miss you .

  • the lady sings the blues

    Just beautiful. God bless you bianca.

  • Eloise Bailey
    Eloise Bailey 10 days ago

    You sing so amazing!!!!!!!

  • Aline Bagaza
    Aline Bagaza 12 days ago +1

    Omg she can sing

  • Angelika Bröder
    Angelika Bröder 15 days ago

    The first time i heard your voice was incridebal. I showed it all my friends. God bless you and believe in you . Love and Peace from Germany ❤️ I ❤️ I ❤️ I

  • Robert T Gibson Music
    Robert T Gibson Music 16 days ago +1

    Whoa. I’ve loved this girl since she sang “And I Am Telling You”. She still got it!!

  • Painter Dood
    Painter Dood 16 days ago

    You have two amazing songs that you wrote and performed before you were even a teenager that have been on they playlist of my mind since you put them out on iTunes!
    “In my head” And “That’s Not Me” are pure musical genius and you will not be forgotten.
    You are a poet with a platinum voice.
    We all get busy with life but you’ve brought great music into the lives of thousands who will never forget you.

  • Christine Fuentes
    Christine Fuentes 18 days ago


  • Paul housbey Art
    Paul housbey Art 21 day ago

    Someone needs to sign her !!!

  • Dr Evil
    Dr Evil 21 day ago

    when bianca ryan sang i believe i can fly in italy, it was sublime. too bad the video was terrible. to me she'll always be the best got talent singer.

  • Joe Muni
    Joe Muni 25 days ago

    She's is a star they Judges pass bye one more golden busser. Bring her Bakc please shes amazing 😘😘

  • Sasusaku4Eva!
    Sasusaku4Eva! 25 days ago

    I remember this girl. A bit pitchy on some parts but still AMAZING!

  • ddoddy76
    ddoddy76 25 days ago

    Listen this girl is amazing.... an I know it’s a mess to have vocal chord surgery.. I had 5!! She is amazing an sound awesome!!! I pray Gods favor on her journey!!!

  • John Darngawn
    John Darngawn 27 days ago

    Just wow

  • Catherine Miller
    Catherine Miller 28 days ago

    Every label that isn't signing her right now needs their head examined.

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    Bianca Ryan only has 36,000 subscribers. She’s very underrated! She deserves 1 MILLION subs!

  • Sandro Casabona
    Sandro Casabona 29 days ago

    Now if you want to shine wlth the star that you are

  • Zombie enemy46
    Zombie enemy46 Month ago +1


  • zulfikar sita
    zulfikar sita Month ago


  • Emily Plays
    Emily Plays Month ago

    she is singing right now. she dyed her hair pink.

  • Julia Kusik
    Julia Kusik Month ago

    She should have won, this whole show is WACK

  • Badboylegend Cool
    Badboylegend Cool Month ago

    3:09 I litterly had chills and almost fell off my bed...

  • Joseph Legacy
    Joseph Legacy Month ago

    Dang girl...That was freaking awesome!!!

  • Awinova Band
    Awinova Band Month ago

    Wow.. I've loved her voice since first audition on AGT'06. And I'm still amazed by her voice...

  • Marijeta Ficor Skober

    Dear Bianca Ryan, first time I so you on AGT I was pregnant. I fall in love with your voice and you! I told my husband our baby will be Bianca! was a boy 😂😂😂, now 8 years old and still the only my car I still listen AND I AM TELLING YOU, your version. I'm sending you a big hug from eastern europe, Croatia😘

  • Thunder Bolt
    Thunder Bolt Month ago +1

    Get goosebumps everytime I hear this.

  • Chris H
    Chris H Month ago


  • ran' ya
    ran' ya Month ago

    first time this song gives me goosebumps

  • GachaCøøkieUniverse Universe

    I live 8 years so far meh b - day is april 26

  • Rous
    Rous Month ago


  • Lmizhat
    Lmizhat Month ago

    Wow this got me emotional ❤️❤️

  • Michael McCrary
    Michael McCrary Month ago

    Well damn.. She has and amazing voice. Amazing job.✊🏾💯

  • liz naude
    liz naude Month ago


  • Ciao Grazie
    Ciao Grazie Month ago


  • Jessie Huerta
    Jessie Huerta Month ago

    Her voice is something special, but her talent to make you feel every word is out of this planet ! I felt so much emotion by watching this for the 99999 time 🤷🏽‍♂️😂❤️

  • Luqman Anuar
    Luqman Anuar Month ago

    Mariah, it's that you? 😀

  • MannyMaestroDeVals
    MannyMaestroDeVals Month ago

    Congrats to all the singers that passed to the finals but deep down inside she should have been one of those finalists! Amazing voice of an ANGEL!

  • Jake The SSSnake
    Jake The SSSnake Month ago

    3:13 Simons face says it all.

  • Noey Black Official
    Noey Black Official Month ago +1

    this really wonderfull song cover ever😍❤
    I love it so much....

  • Nur Hidayat
    Nur Hidayat Month ago

    this really wonderfull song cover ever😍❤
    I love it....

  • Pussycatfeathers
    Pussycatfeathers Month ago

    Bianca, the first time I saw you when you were 11 I was blown away, I've never heard an 11 year old sing like that before...what amazing talent, you're also a beautiful and humble person, never give up...for me you're the best out there 😘

  • Dane Boggs
    Dane Boggs Month ago

    Ladies and gentalmen... The next Mariah Carey is here. My God I haven't heard anything like that since Mariah came out.

  • Thanh Duy
    Thanh Duy Month ago

    wow strong and sweet I really like her

  • Bill Hight
    Bill Hight Month ago


  • Adela Rose
    Adela Rose Month ago

    She got the best vocals, I don’t care if the others are more famous. Her voice sounds better

  • Randall Scott
    Randall Scott Month ago +1

    Still shocked she didn’t make it to finals!!! Her not making it was a bad start to the season. Just saying.

  • Katie
    Katie Month ago +3

    I really hope this gives her opportunities in the future. It was a horrible shame she didn’t make it through. It doesn’t take a music professional to see the control and maturity of her voice, especially having to deal with her vocal cords

  • Marcos Peguero
    Marcos Peguero Month ago

    So... She learns how to sing amazingly, wins AGT. Gets a paralyzed vocal chord and learns how to sing AGAIN and sounds amazing. Then there's the rest of us, who failed at learning how to sing decently the first time and without any obstacles...

  • John R
    John R 2 months ago

    What the ... did I just listen to? This should actually be the singer/rendition that should of been on the radio.

  • Junmar King Bacud
    Junmar King Bacud 2 months ago


  • Shane Higgins
    Shane Higgins 2 months ago +2

    Bianca Ryan > Susan Boyle

  • loyce naya
    loyce naya 2 months ago


  • Gilmara costa
    Gilmara costa 2 months ago +2

    Algum brasileiro? 😏
    Que espetáculo de voz !😍

  • Adinda Amelia
    Adinda Amelia 2 months ago

    literally goosebumps!!!

  • CurveTheRain
    CurveTheRain 2 months ago

    that was amazing!!!!

  • Dominic C
    Dominic C 2 months ago

    She milked it in all the right places.

  • Smy_ily go follow my ig smy_ily

    Your very inspirational after a big surgery WITH AN EVEN BIGGER COMEBACK 🥰

  • Yaz Powell
    Yaz Powell 2 months ago

    whaaat! ... okay, now you just made a toughened african man cry. not really cry but ... some mist in my eyes. Awesome voice Bianca.

  • A Hdez
    A Hdez 2 months ago +1

    How come she’s not In the Finale?

  • Kadijah King
    Kadijah King 2 months ago

    Wow just wow ♥️

  • Pluffy Pillow
    Pluffy Pillow 2 months ago

    her voice is a gem

  • Motivation of the Man
    Motivation of the Man 2 months ago

    Like your song choice (remix)
    “Sing something or we will give up on you”

    So keep singing and never give up!

  • Motivation of the Man
    Motivation of the Man 2 months ago

    Stuff the golden buzzer or going thru the finale
    Someone sign or resign this girl up
    Everyone loves a comeback story
    She is it 🤩

  • Nicole Huster
    Nicole Huster 2 months ago

    Wow, better than Susan.

  • Revy Tappangan
    Revy Tappangan 2 months ago

    i really like her voice 😫💞

  • Jodi Vuleta
    Jodi Vuleta 2 months ago

    Wow. Just wow. Bianca Ryan gave me chills from her first audition, and I was absolutely blown away by her this time around! Amazing girl!!!!

  • Widowmaker - overwatch competitive match montage

    I’ve listened to this at least 100 times

  • Mihai Qdrol
    Mihai Qdrol 2 months ago

    I am from Romania, for me, Bianca Ryan it°s best voice ever!!!!! Bianca Ryan the most beautiful look and the most sincere. Bianca Ryan Thank you! :)

  • Jewel Seng
    Jewel Seng 2 months ago

    Finally found someone who can sing Adele’s song better than Adele 😭♥️

  • Katherine Brooks
    Katherine Brooks 2 months ago

    You Go Girl! Awesome.

  • Karissa Hall
    Karissa Hall 2 months ago

    I was so happy they let her come back for Agt the champions. I love you so much Bianca Ryan keep on shining and never give up. I love your music and I love your voice your really amazing. You have this full light and potential that can make you be that light to shine more. Keep going with your dreams I loved seeing you on agt you have a beautiful voice and may you be blessed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙

  • Dainie Thompson
    Dainie Thompson 2 months ago

    This is definitely one of the best vocals I,ve heard in a while! Terrific job Bianca!

  • sam covington
    sam covington 2 months ago

    She's better than she was in 2006 how is that possible

    • Baileyando
      Baileyando 2 months ago

      she got older? lol she was like 11 in 2006 lol

  • Lex Liberty
    Lex Liberty 2 months ago

    does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning?

  • Thùy Nhi Trần Ngọc

    I'm a big fan of AGT from Vietnam. I just want to say Bianca's voice is so amazing and the stage is beautiful. Love to all the staffs create this show

  • Gas Wong
    Gas Wong 2 months ago

    Not only a great performance, but a CLASSIC

  • Nompilo Mvusi
    Nompilo Mvusi 2 months ago

    I did not see that one coming ...OMG She is so Good

  • SV C
    SV C 2 months ago

    She is not in the wildcards...I can't understand why. Hope that she is going to sign a record deal because she is amazing, best AGT winner ever.

  • Janna Hamade
    Janna Hamade 2 months ago


  • Brin Chan
    Brin Chan 2 months ago

    Best singer on AGT Champions in my opinion

  • Shirley Winter
    Shirley Winter 2 months ago

    Bianca is my girl. I watched her performance so many times. I can't count the times. She still is a great singer.

  • SamShoumik Chowdhury
    SamShoumik Chowdhury 2 months ago

    first winner always be a winner

  • Michaellie Acuerdo
    Michaellie Acuerdo 2 months ago

    I love u bianca ryan frm philippines

  • MG Colmenares
    MG Colmenares 2 months ago

    let s do her justice!!! push the golden buzzer right HERE!!!!in this video!

  • MG Colmenares
    MG Colmenares 2 months ago +1

    Please do not stop!! no matter what!!!your soul need to be heard!!! you are beautiful!!!

  • Jarah M
    Jarah M 2 months ago


  • myehlaesoul
    myehlaesoul 2 months ago


  • iraerae
    iraerae 2 months ago

    GO Bianca we love u

  • Rick C Brito
    Rick C Brito 2 months ago

    Uma das melhores interpretações que eu já vi na minha vida, chega dar arrepio toda vez que vejo, parabéns

  • Luis Cook
    Luis Cook 2 months ago +1

    Absolutely amazing, if I were American I'd vote for u cuz that vocal was outstanding 😱😄

  • Pokerface 84
    Pokerface 84 2 months ago

    should of been the wild card am done with this show best singer of the entire series

  • Akua Olsen
    Akua Olsen 2 months ago

    This girl 👧 can sing 🎤 wow 😮 amazing 😉 voice ... Omg love love love 💕

  • Ashleigh Jankowski
    Ashleigh Jankowski 2 months ago

    holy crap...

  • Arlynn Pedraza
    Arlynn Pedraza 2 months ago +2

    that was amazing. I'm just speechless.

  • Xandii Silva
    Xandii Silva 2 months ago

    Splendid! Wonderful voice