Tape Face Hits The GOLDEN BUZZER For Terry Crews! - America's Got Talent: The Champions

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
  • TAPE FACE IS BACK! He left us speechless with this act; Howie Mandel magically transforms into a DJ and Terry Crews delivers a risqué performance!!
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    Tape Face Hits The GOLDEN BUZZER For Terry Crews! - America's Got Talent: The Champions
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 5 371

  • macrokaiju
    macrokaiju 4 hours ago

    Tapeface makes his own hype.

  • Venomite Music
    Venomite Music 8 hours ago

    This guy has balls

  • Reza Saputra
    Reza Saputra 8 hours ago

    Ada orang indo yg ketawa?

  • A6M Zero
    A6M Zero 21 hour ago

    he used flex tape the whole time....

  • ItzSas
    ItzSas Day ago +1

    New Zealand represent 😁👌

  • danahiswara arifta majid

    I dont know what's so interesting from his act, he was just different, not funny, nor entertaining, or is it only me that think like that?

  • Kuku Alvarado
    Kuku Alvarado 2 days ago

    damn that was unreal...

  • Romar Cagampan
    Romar Cagampan 2 days ago

    O men priceless talent

  • the grim reaper
    the grim reaper 2 days ago

    Tape face looks like Simon from the sidemen

  • Simon Sez
    Simon Sez 2 days ago

    If terry didn’t plan that which I doubt he did
    I say he’s a champ before more than a gold buzzer

  • Hom Tolland
    Hom Tolland 3 days ago +1

    I'm convinced that Tape Face is just some guy who got dared by his friends to join AGT with tape on his face, but didn't expect he would be this popular so he just went along with it and did whatever.

  • JB pedring
    JB pedring 3 days ago

    What a total lame performance.

  • Khursheed Alam
    Khursheed Alam 3 days ago

    Tape Face is so overrated

  • anonymous a
    anonymous a 3 days ago

    wow, how was that a talent?

  • Vandstein
    Vandstein 3 days ago

    I dont like the act, just sayin.

    GOOGLE Go 3 days ago

    What's the talent???????????????

  • Pirooz Pejman
    Pirooz Pejman 4 days ago

    Somehow reminds me of a new Chaplin

  • Fun time with Sukhvir

    love it ❤️

  • Bisma Sabir
    Bisma Sabir 4 days ago

    hit like for tape face, love it

  • ChabsSs
    ChabsSs 4 days ago +1


  • Xmen Frias
    Xmen Frias 4 days ago

    Ang taba ng utak nitong si tape face

  • •.•_УгРюМыЙ_ ФеЙ_•.•


  • BLCK
    BLCK 5 days ago

    Just crazy LOLOLOLOL🤣

    RED AMIRUL 5 days ago


  • Vic
    Vic 5 days ago

    I have no idea how people find this funny wtf

  • Sophea
    Sophea 6 days ago

    Tape face made the judge look silly.

  • Nagesha Mother
    Nagesha Mother 6 days ago

    Very bad

  • stuff and memes
    stuff and memes 6 days ago

    This guy can cure depression

  • Gaming with RiFle
    Gaming with RiFle 6 days ago

    Wtf? No sense at all

  • Jvv TO HOY
    Jvv TO HOY 6 days ago

    A genius entertainer indeed

  • SH FAN
    SH FAN 7 days ago

    He is modern version in Charlie Chaplin. Legends 🌊

  • William Vlogs
    William Vlogs 7 days ago

    Janitors be like

    Why do I do this

  • Joel Delima
    Joel Delima 7 days ago


  • Kakas Sumi
    Kakas Sumi 7 days ago +4

    Tape face has run out of ideas. He came here to judge.

  • Earvin James Robin
    Earvin James Robin 7 days ago

    Lol I can't even laugh of what act he did.... Am I the only one of see this and never laugh or smile of what he does? That wasn't even a Talent lol....

  • Ryan Rafter
    Ryan Rafter 8 days ago

    love this guy!

  • Nightmareless
    Nightmareless 8 days ago

    plot twist : he is actually a joker

  • Olivia Duffek
    Olivia Duffek 8 days ago +3

    ‘Is there any way I don’t gotta memorize lines’
    Tape: Chill bro I got youuuuu

  • Emily Patricia Garcia Canals

    that´s some intense uno reverse card magic trick going on there

  • wade vak
    wade vak 8 days ago

    Just like that and u said that is professional. Damn,my grandma also is able to do that.

    FIRZA MAULANA AL-FARUQ 9 days ago +1

    Tape face is intense.

  • Lady Jay
    Lady Jay 9 days ago

    I was wishing Terry Crews could really strip!!! He got body.

  • Lu Ren
    Lu Ren 9 days ago

    It's a big NO for me

  • Lu Ren
    Lu Ren 9 days ago

    waste of time.

  • GamerzZ_ExP 16
    GamerzZ_ExP 16 10 days ago


  • M CSB
    M CSB 10 days ago +8

    I used to be a fan. After watching him, now I'm an air conditioner.

  • fDx _360
    fDx _360 10 days ago

    4:01 I started realising is he going to be like Ainsley Harriot?

  • Cad Bane
    Cad Bane 10 days ago

    It was between this guy, and prince poppycock for me..... I still liked prince poppycock 😭😭

  • Jeric Vejerano
    Jeric Vejerano 10 days ago

    well no one judges the tape face when he has a golden buzzer for himself

  • TSG Sw1ft
    TSG Sw1ft 10 days ago

    3:06 I heard some people say ‘aw’ lol

  • Cola keks
    Cola keks 10 days ago

    When terry goes on stage there I just think POOOOOWWWWEEEEER

  • Tanja Jensen
    Tanja Jensen 10 days ago

    Tape face!! is a legend

  • Chromatic Luna
    Chromatic Luna 10 days ago +1

    imagine if Mr. Bean was a mute and was Doctor strange

  • Visitor BlastsGUM
    Visitor BlastsGUM 10 days ago

    The legends Back

  • Rama – Anigofoli
    Rama – Anigofoli 11 days ago +1

    5:03 i soooo like he face I SOOO LIKE THAT

  • KordGaming
    KordGaming 11 days ago

    As long as terry wins

  • john rhey ignacio
    john rhey ignacio 11 days ago

    the f

  • Å rãñdøm Kïttÿ çåt

    *in title: Tape Face*
    Me: *I click!*
    Edit: I just got an add about this XD

  • Miss Paul
    Miss Paul 12 days ago

    I can't understand ! What is this ? Who is this ?

  • Jinelyn Guerra
    Jinelyn Guerra 12 days ago