2019 Road Glide Special 114 Test Ride + Boom! Box GTS Infotainment System

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • Huge thanks to Cowboy's Alamo City Harley-Davidson for letting me take out this brand new 2019 Road Glide Special. The new Boom! Box GTS is truly amazing! Such an improvement over the previous generation.
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Comments • 108

  • the10thleper
    the10thleper 16 days ago

    27.000 thousand!!!??? Shocking... Click

  • R. Wally Burris
    R. Wally Burris 19 days ago

    My first motor was a road king, loved it until I rode a 2012 Road Glide Custom with significant upgrades. 10 inch apes, progressive shocks, stage 2 motor upgrade with dyno tune. Rode that bike for 5 years and 47k miles. Then I started riding the Polaris Indian. NOTHING handles like a POLARIS Indian, outperforms any HARLEY on any day. You don't believe it, do an 18 foot U-turn on a Harley then do it on an Indian Polaris motor. Night and day difference. I currently own a 2017 Indian Roadmaster and 2016 Harley Electra Glide Police motor unit, and my Indian outperforms the Harley on a regular basis.

  • Ryan O'Connor
    Ryan O'Connor Month ago

    I hope someday they do a stripped down, no crome road glide for 20 k. Anyone know about how much a slip on would be on a RG?

  • R M
    R M Month ago +1

    $27,000 price tag worth it ??? Did you just say that it is ??? Wow

    RAFAEL RIBEIRO Month ago +1

    Great video!

  • Khalil Al Janahi
    Khalil Al Janahi 2 months ago

    How is it more nimble then a roadking special?

  • turtle19dad
    turtle19dad 2 months ago

    I like that maroon and black one......

  • Eugene Gardiner
    Eugene Gardiner 2 months ago

    Nice review. I have '07 Ultraglide. Can you tell me what you use to record sound and video please? Noise cancelling is good. Does it require editing? Cheers from Eugene in Ireland.

  • charles simms
    charles simms 3 months ago +3

    Traded my 17 Street Glide special for this bike in the scorched orange and denim. Loving the 114. Harley out did themselves on this one. S

  • jeffry gagnon
    jeffry gagnon 4 months ago

    11:14 Sound is NOT a "safety issue". That's H-D propaganda. You don't hear bikes behind you, no matter how loud they are. In front of you, you see them. No need for all that noise. It's just annoying. A bad reflection on riders in general.

    • ZackNasty
      ZackNasty 2 months ago

      jeffry gagnon when your retarded. See you splattered on the highway 🤗

    • jeffry gagnon
      jeffry gagnon 2 months ago

      @Cycle Rider/ Poser-- Enjoy your "All-American" lump of way overpriced scrap iron: Frames made in India, wheels in Australia, carbs and injectors from Japan (by a Honda Motors subsidiary), starter motors and wiring harnesses also from a Honda-owned company, as well as newer brake parts. And your OEM tires were probably from Italy.
      No one expects H-D owners to be smart... just at least 60-65 y.o. ;o)))

    • Cycle Rider
      Cycle Rider 2 months ago

      Enjoy that Honda.

    • ZackNasty
      ZackNasty 4 months ago

      jeffry gagnon you’re a fucking idiot. You’re completely wrong.

    AKKIS GARAGE 4 months ago

    Nice Videos! Thanks! I have got a 2009 Streetbob and i start thinking about buying a Street Glide....All the best to you from (Northern) Germany

  • Kenneth Wise
    Kenneth Wise 4 months ago +1

    As a 1st Generation Road Glide owner (Evo powered) I am ALWAYS in awe of how far these bikes have evolved over the years. Here's my 95th Anniversary Road Glide which is 100% stock and unmolested with only 136,000 miles on her. I was fortunate enough to get the Chief designer of this particular model (Willie G) to autograph her last year while at Daytona.

  • James Oliver
    James Oliver 4 months ago +1

    Aren't the brakes linked together

  • Cody Wyatt
    Cody Wyatt 5 months ago

    Those dyna street bobs are pretty sexy

  • Cody Wyatt
    Cody Wyatt 5 months ago +2

    My grandpa (still alive) payed almost 45,000 for his road glide. forgot what model of road glide tho

    • Ryan O'Connor
      Ryan O'Connor Month ago

      At some point you have to splurge. I bet he enjoyed the shit of it.

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  5 months ago

      Had have been a CVO at that price

  • the_Luk
    the_Luk 5 months ago +1

    im a "beginner" and i would buy it =D

  • Luckys Lair
    Luckys Lair 5 months ago

    Thanks for the info, I've been debating on which to get, the "street" or "road" glide. I currently have the Softail Slim.
    (BTW, please check out my first RU-clip video effort) Thanks again, "Lucky"

  • Panya Chunnanonda
    Panya Chunnanonda 5 months ago +2

    I love H- D; Road Glide.

  • Johnny WCMC
    Johnny WCMC 5 months ago

    just ordered one , but stil snow in sweden... plenty time to modify engine to stage lll 117 cui :))

  • Johnny Turbo
    Johnny Turbo 6 months ago

    Great review. You touched on some things others haven't (wind, flickable, handle bars etc)

  • James Oliver
    James Oliver 6 months ago +2

    Do a review of the new 2019 Chieftain Limited

  • Road Glide
    Road Glide 6 months ago

    Beautiful bike. But common Dyno numbers on this M8 114 in motor are 113-114 ft/lbs torque. Where did that 122 ft/lbs come from that you state?

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  6 months ago

      Their website. I'm assuming they're claiming BHP vs WHP

  • Charlie Allen
    Charlie Allen 7 months ago

    Good Video man! THX! Got one yesterday. and looking foward to crushing some miles!

  • Michael Beckman
    Michael Beckman 8 months ago +1

    Very good video, thanks for that. I traded my 2015 Street Bob in 2017 for the Road Glide Special with the 107 engine and was all over Europe already. Just love that bike. I will wait for the next step, maybe the 120 or 125 version to upgrade again ; )

  • CGM
    CGM 8 months ago

    Want one 😎

  • K shinn
    K shinn 8 months ago +1

    Three upgrades = Stage 4, driver backrest, slightly taller windscreen.

  • Trill Life
    Trill Life 8 months ago

    Test riding the exact same RG next week, already worked numbers for financing. My dream bike! Great video, you’ve got a new subscriber!! Keep up the good videos!

  • Lex Kantoor
    Lex Kantoor 8 months ago

    What. Was the preis Nice. Bike

  • Nathan Loggins
    Nathan Loggins 9 months ago

    Got a 2015 special with stage 1 kit “LOVE IT” !

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson 9 months ago

    Bought the 19 for the new 114 engine and the new stereo. The new stereo sucks. Need to bring the bike back to Harley and spend another $500 just to get XM radio! WTF??

  • Tavareasy
    Tavareasy 9 months ago

    They dont come with tour packs?

    • Cycle Rider
      Cycle Rider 2 months ago

      Road Glide Ultra has a Tour Pak. You can a detachable Tour Pak to the RGS. $$$$

  • Kim K
    Kim K 9 months ago

    As Always, great review

  • MrBurlybiker
    MrBurlybiker 9 months ago

    Traded the Roadglide special 19 for a street glide special 19 had it for a month. Can’t do the fixed fairing!!!

    • Cycle Rider
      Cycle Rider 2 months ago +1

      That was an expensive mistake.

  • Shane Wilfon
    Shane Wilfon 9 months ago

    still feeling the street glide better. looks wise, i do feel more comfortable and like the feel inside the cab vs the street glide, but outside the cab, can't get past the bars jetting out of the headstock on the road glide.

  • Pete Deiler
    Pete Deiler 10 months ago


  • N9710A
    N9710A 10 months ago +2

    Bought this bike TODAY. Upgraded from my Iron883 and glad that I did!
    This video was part of my pre-buy research, so THANKS!

  • 120074
    120074 10 months ago +1

    Ok here is my problem with the majority of Harley reviews, it’s all about the frickin infotainment system, speakers in the saddle bags, etc. how about suspension,motor,performance and yes Iride a 18 limited and luv it.

    • sirpunishm623
      sirpunishm623 10 months ago

      Well the suspension is in its 3rd year , only real new thing is infotainment system.
      The 114 isn't new either so they've all been reviewed before.

  • Brian Wright
    Brian Wright 10 months ago

    Well done review. Sub'd

  • Scott Placella
    Scott Placella 10 months ago

    Have a question about the nav. The old system will not alllow you to disable the audio portion in a programmed/guidance enhanced route, only turn down the audio. It will constantly pause your music when there is a turn in the system. Does this one allow you to disable the audio altogether and utilize visual guidance only?

  • richard hunter
    richard hunter 10 months ago

    Excellent review

  • secrets untitled
    secrets untitled 10 months ago

    Like this bike
    But Even Old K1600b engine got more hp and more torque ,
    Better mpg and cheaper ...
    Good quality bike

  • Lindell Blake
    Lindell Blake 10 months ago +1

    EXCELLENT 2019 Road Glide Harley-Torial... All goes well, I'll be looking to get a 2017, in the near months to come..... Right on, Bro. Blake......

  • s k
    s k 10 months ago

    great review I love my 13 so much that I don't want to either maybe in a few years

  • Stuff I Like
    Stuff I Like 10 months ago +1

    I have a ‘16 RGS which I love but having a 114 in the new ones, makes me want to upgrade

  • Thomas Green
    Thomas Green 10 months ago +1

    I ride that same bike in a 2018 model year. I’ve owned many Road Glides and I do like them, but Road Glides are not “nimble”!

    • Bryan Frederick
      Bryan Frederick 10 months ago

      @Thomas Green dont know where you at in Our world but if you looking for best deals on the power cruiser low rider Fat bob is here in Alabama my 17 Dyna S was bought slightly used in 17 for 14 grand had 620miles saw a low mileage 18 Fatbob 114 guy was asking 16,000 or best offer Alabama more a bagger state SG an RG's rule here so no real deals in that area worth checking cycletrader Alabama or Crigslist Alabama

    • Thomas Green
      Thomas Green 10 months ago

      No doubt, that would be nice! I have actually been think about picking up a 14-17 Low Rider. I had a 2003 Super Glide and loved that bike! Maybe someday.

    • Bryan Frederick
      Bryan Frederick 10 months ago

      Thats why you have a 16 or 17 low rider S in stall beside it like Me 😎

    • JonnyRoadblock
      JonnyRoadblock 10 months ago +2

      Perhaps you aren't nimble? Perhaps you need to learn to ride better? I am not sure what "I've owned many Road Glides," quantifies to; however, I have owned 3, (2009, 2011, and 2018), and compared to the other touring bikes, 2017 Road King, 2018 Street Glide Special, I will say, the Road Glides and Road Kings are the most nimble touring bikes... but my riding skills are high.

    • Uncle Ken
      Uncle Ken 10 months ago +1

      Maybe you need to learn how to ride.

  • Victor Layman
    Victor Layman 10 months ago

    Informative review. Thanks, good job !

  • nathen estrada
    nathen estrada 10 months ago

    I’ve been waiting to see a video like this and cowboys Harley is down the street lmao I want this bike so bad I’m going back in a month to talk business lol

  • Matt Page
    Matt Page 10 months ago

    What size is that windscreen?

  • sean peterson
    sean peterson 10 months ago

    That’s all great if Harley is still in business in 2019

    • Ryan O'Connor
      Ryan O'Connor Month ago

      Harley is moving into the future with 20 plus electric models.

    • Cycle Rider
      Cycle Rider 2 months ago

      Another Honda Shadow owner.

    • Don Quixote
      Don Quixote 10 months ago

      sean peterson
      You’re Nasty 🤢

  • Don Truesdell
    Don Truesdell 10 months ago

    Great vid as always!!
    Totally agree that the Road glide rocks, it’s so nimble and sweet to ride, an 18 special is my first Harley, and the more I ride it the better it gets.
    Question... I just watched your review of the18, then the 19 so, would you upgrade from an 18 to the19?
    All the best to Miss Bird as well...Cheers!

  • Dbest1a’s Ride
    Dbest1a’s Ride 10 months ago +2

    wow about time they updated the Nav ... That's awesome. The bike looks great .. I bet that 114 screams for what it is.

  • Brent Flemming
    Brent Flemming 11 months ago

    I'm looking hard at purchasing that very bike, thanks for the thorough review!

  • Kenneth Reynolds
    Kenneth Reynolds 11 months ago

    Good review, it's now my fav HD and if not for still paying on a Dyna Fat Bob I would be riding a Road Glide home.

  • MrBurlybiker
    MrBurlybiker 11 months ago +12

    Bought this bike last week

      MrKAPUSTA 4 months ago +1

      MrBurlybiker yuppie? What year are you living in fuckface? Young urban professional? Lmao. Well one thing is certain you pussy, you don’t know me and you don’t know shit about bikes.

      MrKAPUSTA 4 months ago

      Keith Sweat congrats bro. Feel the same way. Was very close to getting that industrial grey, went vivid black ... but that is a gorgeous looking ride.

    • Keith Sweat
      Keith Sweat 4 months ago

      I bought the industrial grey denim road glide 2weeks ago best bike ever

      MrKAPUSTA 5 months ago

      MrBurlybiker wait... so you bought this bike last week and don’t like it? Lmao.

    • MrBurlybiker
      MrBurlybiker 6 months ago

      MrKAPUSTA jack ass! I’ve owned 2 Roadglide’s and 5 street glides ! The bat wing is superior! Don’t run your cock sucker! Yuppie scum!!!

  • MrBurlybiker
    MrBurlybiker 11 months ago


  • Michelle
    Michelle 11 months ago +4

    Thanks for the ride and the opinions. Good job. I'm coming off 20+ years on a kickstart Shovelhead (keeping it!) on to a Road Glide and I can't wait to feel the phenomenal difference! Cheers. - Dave

    IE BADBOY 11 months ago +4

    Harley Davidson is over priced and over rated

    • Eddie B.
      Eddie B. Month ago

      Rata 4U Any dog in the street with a pulse can get credit ! If you have good credit you can buy with no money down ☝️ so what the hell you talking about ? $$$$$
      Make sense. Goldwing & BMW are 30 k bikes ☝️ ( modern technology , not 1950’s )

    • Shane Wilfon
      Shane Wilfon 9 months ago +1

      that is what they said about your mother, you broke bitch.

      IE BADBOY 10 months ago

      @Martin2113 no thanks buddy dont need any attention and i wasnt trolling it's just my opinion

    • Martin2113
      Martin2113 10 months ago +4

      Just another troll looking for attention 🙄

      IE BADBOY 10 months ago

      @Rata 4U where did you get your data from because last time I checked the market for Harley was low, that's why they cut production by 52%, get your facts straight also BMW and crochrocket's are selling more than Harley, as far as money goes I have money had a 2018 road glide special thank you very much and got rid of it because I didnt ride as much because I have no life because I work for the railroad and I'm always working thank you.

  • masonryjoe
    masonryjoe 11 months ago

    Great job , I would have liked to see you jump on the throttle a bit more and give us some feedback about the bikes Balls ,but great review , thanks !

  • mixalis
    mixalis 11 months ago

    Oh, i wish @@

  • VirTra Room
    VirTra Room 11 months ago

    I have been looking at this bike online and anticipating its release. Now I am headed to the dealer. This was an awesome review and very helpful. Thank you. Can you tell me what kind of microphone set up you have that gives such good sound quality while you are riding?

  • entertainme099
    entertainme099 11 months ago

    I rode from 1975-83. Enduros, Honda 750-4, Norton 650 commando. Looking at the Road Glide myself. Think it'd be a good choose with my experience even though it's been 30 years since I rode?

    • Uncle Ken
      Uncle Ken 11 months ago +1

      Do it!

    • entertainme099
      entertainme099 11 months ago

      @Bike N' Bird thanks. Appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  11 months ago

      You might have a little trouble at first while you relearn that muscle memory but after a month or two you'll be just fine.

  • Will Furner
    Will Furner 11 months ago +1

    I want that bike so bad! I'll have it wait until I'm done with my 18 Fatbob.

  • Ian Campbell
    Ian Campbell 11 months ago +2

    What can I say? ...... Gotta have one !!

  • JonnyRoadblock
    JonnyRoadblock 11 months ago +8

    Best review of the 2019 models I have seen yet!!!!

  • Brigman
    Brigman 11 months ago +2


  • NEEK __
    NEEK __ 11 months ago +3

    Daamn.. thanks for the back to back vids.. great reviews.

  • kwlambright
    kwlambright 11 months ago


  • Uncle Ken
    Uncle Ken 11 months ago +2