Stephen A. calls Max a traitor for Kristaps Porzingis take | First Take

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Max Kellerman makes his case for why the New York Knicks need to let Kristaps Porzingis go, adding if they don't, they will ruin his career in the NBA.
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Comments • 2 877

  • J J Flamez
    J J Flamez 4 days ago

    Max is correct on this one

  • sphere 528
    sphere 528 Month ago

    go to commercial, cut the camera I'm

  • hmoobdaj
    hmoobdaj Month ago

    Look what the Knicks have done to Max. He said Negro Spirituals. Let me people go. LMAO.

  • The Green Pill Mindset

    *Stay off the RaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPE..uh*

  • HeatForTheStreetzTV
    HeatForTheStreetzTV 2 months ago


  • Dany Deee
    Dany Deee 3 months ago

    Max should have told Molly the only reason she got the job is because she’s sucking Jalen Rose dick

  • Mitch Rymes
    Mitch Rymes 3 months ago

    Who else loves getting their sports from middle school girls?

  • wicked geekvape
    wicked geekvape 3 months ago

    Eat your hearts out sas.

  • Leonardo Diniz
    Leonardo Diniz 3 months ago

    OMFG SAS's face from 3:48 to 4:00 should be a gif! I mean that reaction is gold lol

  • 88smjls
    88smjls 3 months ago

    Look at how the women act on undisputed vs molly on first take. Skip Bayless doesn’t put up with that BS just shooting off at the mouth. They can contribute when it’s appropriate but it’s Skip and Shannon people are there to see. Stephen A is the top dog let it get completely out of control. This dude Max Kellerman get him outta there Stephen A🙄🙄

  • its3quiet
    its3quiet 3 months ago

    yea i agree with max let the man walk if we wants to walk but my god!!!! Negotiate a better trade than that!!! At the very least get some lottery picks from bottom four teams!!

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad 3 months ago +1

    I love Max

  • So long Gay bowser
    So long Gay bowser 3 months ago

    Legend says he doesn’t give a damn about his feelings

  • Jamal Wawou
    Jamal Wawou 3 months ago

    You Can literally hear the pain in Max Voice , knicks fans are suffering since a Long Time 😂😂😂

  • Laurent H
    Laurent H 3 months ago

    Just cause you love a team doesnt mean you have to agree with the team. Fuck the NYK front office. Be loyal to idiots? NO. Fuck Dolan.

  • Dink Fryson
    Dink Fryson 3 months ago

    Go Mavs :) we did give away too much though

  • Owen Reinold
    Owen Reinold 3 months ago +1

    Shut up Molly

  • Λεωνιδας Βασιλειου

    SAS mow says porzingis leaving is the best thing for the knicks LOOOOOOOOOL

  • showman40
    showman40 3 months ago +1

    Here after SAS said "Knicks trading Porzingis was the best thing they could do"

  • joseph jefferson
    joseph jefferson 3 months ago

    Stephen A. you're gonna be in trouble this morning.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 3 months ago +1

    Where my Mavs fans at!???

  • Doctor Doom
    Doctor Doom 3 months ago

    Stephen A should acknowledge how wrong he was against Phil Jackson. Guess the latter was right all along and shouldn't have been let go.

  • Felix Roberto
    Felix Roberto 3 months ago

    And right now, Porzingis is gone 😂

  • 2 Plates
    2 Plates 3 months ago +1


  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 3 months ago +1

    well well well

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 3 months ago +9

    Max called it

  • Omar Camama
    Omar Camama 3 months ago

    What now cuuhs? Porzingis is traded to the mavs and i can't wait to see the reaction of Stephen A

  • Daniel Hill
    Daniel Hill 3 months ago +4

    Stephen A Smith you’ve been buckdancing for ESPN for the last decade. You of all people shouldn’t be offended by the Negro spiritual shit Max said here. You’re an Uncle Tom sambo. Have a seat!

  • From a Bicycle seat
    From a Bicycle seat 3 months ago

    🎵When Zingis was in Times Square land🎵

  • Llama
    Llama 3 months ago +1

    WHat is a negro spiritual!!! HAHAHAHA.

  • Bryan Montana
    Bryan Montana 3 months ago +2


  • Richard Tan
    Richard Tan 3 months ago +1


  • sujajajjaakakajjs
    sujajajjaakakajjs 3 months ago +1

    fuck ny knicks

  • m jefferson
    m jefferson 3 months ago +1

    Knick fans do me a favor and get rid of all of things and burn them. The franchise is done

    • Life's Failure
      Life's Failure 3 months ago

      m jefferson why is it our fault, besides kp had an acl tear it was a gamble

  • M francis
    M francis 3 months ago +6

    Well he's a Dallas man now ;)

  • Tarnvir Bisla
    Tarnvir Bisla 3 months ago +2

    and now he’s gone

  • Marissimo9
    Marissimo9 3 months ago +1

    Hes out

  • kristian
    kristian 3 months ago +1

    He just got traded

  • Nate LaBenz
    Nate LaBenz 3 months ago +79

    Who seeing this after the Mavs trade?

  • Emin Koroglu
    Emin Koroglu 3 months ago +2

    RIP he got traded...

  • kai burhans
    kai burhans 3 months ago +2

    molly just shut up

  • Jonathan Gonzales
    Jonathan Gonzales 3 months ago +2

    For once I applaud Max. “ I’m from ny and I’ve never been a fan of the knicks”- big l

  • Da Fame League
    Da Fame League 3 months ago

    Max can u pls stfu just do boxing bro

  • Anthony Hagadorn
    Anthony Hagadorn 3 months ago +65

    This aged well for max

  • Cooper Hunt
    Cooper Hunt 3 months ago

    Stephen A's face when Max said negro spirituals 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm done😂😂😂

  • CoelhoCoin Tech
    CoelhoCoin Tech 3 months ago

    Knicks is where talented basketball player go to die

  • Creed Lewis
    Creed Lewis 3 months ago +18

    I bet he becomes a Maverick lmao

    • KING TIM
      KING TIM 3 months ago

      Creed Lewis He is lol

  • Giovanni Altamirano
    Giovanni Altamirano 3 months ago +2


  • Markie Marc
    Markie Marc 3 months ago

    Bulls and knicks have been a graveyard for great players since the 90's ended. Bad front office and bad coaching for almost a 1/4 of a century now. Max is right.

  • Uncle Snorker
    Uncle Snorker 3 months ago

    Max isn't as much a Traitor but more of a Pale Faced Uncle Tom, Which I guess is probably a worse kind of Traitor.
    Stephen A is just a Traitor to Reason and Reality itself. But yeah I've long looked at Max as one of those pasty faced uncle toms who would be right at home on a cultural marxist show on CNN, Oh by the way I did just now look up and find out Kellerman is Jewish, which I'll say in a Stephen A Loud Mouth "THAT DAMN SURE ISN'T ANYTHING NEW OR SOMETHING ANYONE WITH A OUNCE OF A BRAIN SHOULD BE SURPRISED ABOUT"

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk 3 months ago

      what did he do to make you hate him this much? talk about basketball?

  • Adri Flores
    Adri Flores 3 months ago

    She says that’s “gross”

  • Alex Marlin
    Alex Marlin 3 months ago

    Max is alright in my book. He tells it like it is.

  • Patrick McQuail
    Patrick McQuail 3 months ago

    Bleed orange and blue till I die. Kellerman is a fair weather fan and a doosh bag.

  • rattlehead54321
    rattlehead54321 3 months ago

    Stephen A Smith and all the rest of New York knows that Max is right, stop the bullshit.

  • Jimmy Han
    Jimmy Han 3 months ago

    The word negro isn't really racist the color black in Spanish is negro just pronounced differently. Also I am Asian so don't give me bullshit I am white man or some shit too. And truthfully black people, Asian people, white people, and etc. Are all racist so yeah. Asians are racist to other Asians and etc. Black people are racist too. So basically this whole race card bullshit is silly and stupid. Plus max kellerman didn't really use it as a derogatory way he just used it to describe from his childhood. People are just too soft skin. Like I been called all types of derogatory terms just suck it up. This isn't 1980s where even looking at white woman if you were colored you would get lynched or hanged public. And yes USA has early bad blood with African Americans due to slavery and segregation. But it's been 20-30s from that you gotta move on. I am Korean but am I really gonna hold against Japanese raping and pillaging my ancestors during ww2 fuck no I got better shit to worry about

  • Pablo Guerrero
    Pablo Guerrero 3 months ago

    Max played himself,I lost respect for someone I've greatly admired since his days on public access,the fact that he knew boxing so well at such an early age& he was your average typical NY kid made me fond of him& was proud for him to see him rise,felt wack when he lost his brother,but this shit here??? Mad Corny,Congratulations,You played yourself(on so many levels)not a big fan of SAS anymore,but Im glad to see he& Molly called him out on his bullshit.

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens 3 months ago

    Porzingis shouldn’t go to the spurs though. Yeah pop could make him a star. But he should go to a contender. Or okc should make an offer. Imagine a starting lineup of Russ, Roberson, George, kristaps and Adams.

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk 3 months ago

      Spurs with porzingis are a contender easily

  • BoyGenius101
    BoyGenius101 3 months ago

    At least Max knows history and doesn't deny it. The Hebrews are black and his family bloodline from eastern Europe converted to Judaism, but stay claim to it and you it as a badge. I not saying him, but the Zionist are ruining the world

  • Reginald Andrews
    Reginald Andrews 3 months ago


  • The Truth
    The Truth 3 months ago

    I'm a Knicks FAN , and It never ever crossed my mind that Porzingis could be the BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA. Why? What has he DONE in his INJURY PRONED SHORT CAREER, to even SUGGEST that NONSENSE? I get it MAX.... Your, Great White Hope. Ha!

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk 3 months ago

      Because he's 7'3, so his shot is basically unblockable, he can score from anywhere he was becoming a 40%+ shooter which is ridiculous, he cant be beaten in the air, he can beat people off the dribble, offensively he was already one of the most unstoppable guys, and defensively he was leading the league in blocks. How is that not best player in the league potential?

  • TaylorMade 3
    TaylorMade 3 3 months ago

    Where is "Porzingo"? I haven't seen him in over a year.

  • M Cho
    M Cho 3 months ago

    Good coach and GM? Nope!!! Knicks are a cursed organization. Something has to be done about this, they aren't just killing the fate of the players but all of the NBA.

  • Micah Allen
    Micah Allen 3 months ago

    If the spurs get Porzingus he better be prepared to play no matter what. It would be hype with him and lamarcus but sorry Derozan I'd like him better with Kawhi. Also the knicks are bad just hang it up.

  • Cody Warden
    Cody Warden 3 months ago

    Did thay chick just say you can't live the American dream making millions in New York city?...

  • Alex Gamota
    Alex Gamota 3 months ago

    lmaooo heated

  • Alex Gamota
    Alex Gamota 3 months ago

    'im a humanitarian'

    SF2TOKYO 3 months ago

    The best Spirituals are of the Negro persuasion.

  • Blue
    Blue 3 months ago

    Is Max supposed to be biased? Didn't realize that was in his job description.

  • butterflyeffect
    butterflyeffect 3 months ago

    That is so bandwagon that's gross!'s still gross!

  • mtrev playz
    mtrev playz 3 months ago

    If he goes I wouldn't blame him the Knicks are shit

  • Rami Zein
    Rami Zein 3 months ago

    Was reading the comments and i was like why is everyone hating on molly and not stephen A, then i heard her comment on the lakers and i was like ok yeah fuck u kobe dropped 81 on ur husband and if lebron and jalen faced off at anytime in lbj's career, another humiliation will be seen,

  • Aaron Lane
    Aaron Lane 3 months ago

    max is craZy

  • David Z
    David Z 3 months ago +1

    Moses Kellerman

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy 3 months ago

    Max needs shut the fuck up

  • Steve Marshall
    Steve Marshall 3 months ago

    I don’t know why Stephen A and molly was acting like he wasn’t telling straight facts. The Knick are a sinking ship and I would hate to see porzingis go down with it. If he has a chance to be great somewhere else, let him go and be free. When it’s all said and done, Stephen will be the first one to criticize him for not winning a championship

  • Theteller3
    Theteller3 3 months ago

    Kp to nuggets. imagine the pick n roll with kp and jokic

  • Matthew Allman
    Matthew Allman 3 months ago

    Can ESPN get Sage back on First Take, or put Rachel Nichols on the show? What’s Molly really there for?

  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel 4 months ago

    Max Kellerman is a joke!

  • Ram Palepu
    Ram Palepu 4 months ago +1

    Y'all need to chill the fuck out on Molly she has the right to speak lol

  • jacoby310
    jacoby310 4 months ago +1

    Max is right, also New York doesn't deserve that unicorn. They booed the shit outta him from day 1 until they realized he could ball. Worst fanbase ever.

  • Kamron Polk
    Kamron Polk 4 months ago

    Yall trippen molly raw

  • Ahmaad Wilson
    Ahmaad Wilson 4 months ago +5

    He said go to commercial like he bout to cuss max slam tf out 😂😂

  • Deandre Patterson
    Deandre Patterson 4 months ago

    Get max off the show wth he’s the fucking worst

  • Nico Steins
    Nico Steins 4 months ago

    Woman needs shut up, no valuable input

  • Fatherless Freddy
    Fatherless Freddy 4 months ago +1

    I don't have too many white friends... but I always thought if I was to have some white friends I would love to have a white friend like Max you could tell that mans a brother... and far too often I agree with his points

  • Jānis Muzikants
    Jānis Muzikants 4 months ago

    Well probably Porzingis wouldn't even have to leave New York, just move to Brooklyn. New York still happy and him playing in what right now seems a much better organisation.

  • way2gocurtis
    way2gocurtis 4 months ago

    how Max say They have a good coach and GM but the team is going to ruin Porzingas. They the ones who put the team together and run the team..

  • Das
    Das 4 months ago +1

    Max got some baaaallllssss!

  • Atlantis
    Atlantis 4 months ago

    Lol Good shit Max! Lakers baby!

  • Pittsburgh_ POP
    Pittsburgh_ POP 4 months ago

    I don’t trust the knicks either send the white boy to LA lebron loves having a white boy in the starting 5

  • Doriane Davis
    Doriane Davis 4 months ago

    Max has officially lost his mind

  • cubano316
    cubano316 4 months ago

    Nobdody likes Molly 🤣🤣

  • EpilepticRabbit
    EpilepticRabbit 4 months ago

    Stephen A Smiths name after 3:56 was deadly.

  • O'Neil Anderson
    O'Neil Anderson 4 months ago

    I’m a die hard knicks fan and I’m in full agreement with max, they just gonna ruin his career

  • Peeta File
    Peeta File 4 months ago

    Fuck you max kellerman

  • Ben Mercer
    Ben Mercer 4 months ago

    Max is right, Knicks are trash and always will be.

  • Mike Gerharz
    Mike Gerharz 4 months ago

    Steven A: “loud noises”!!!

  • allnone101
    allnone101 4 months ago

    Might have to stop watching y’all after that last comment 🤯🤯🤯

  • Employee Transfer
    Employee Transfer 4 months ago

    They both wrong

  • SuperJohn12354
    SuperJohn12354 4 months ago

    Do you know what worse then a cowboys fan, a delusional New York Knicks fan like SAS.