Baking a Cake with TEA (no nail polish)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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  • Pragya Mittal
    Pragya Mittal 3 hours ago

    14:06 Ben: "where do you want it?"
    Cristine: "in my mouth"

  • April Kuhl
    April Kuhl 5 hours ago +1

    Ben should definitely do a cooking channel🤪

  • Jenica Dueck
    Jenica Dueck 5 hours ago

    can Ben start a cooking channel? 😂😂

  • Aliza Tariq
    Aliza Tariq 7 hours ago +2

    Ben: where's the forth stick of butter
    Cristine: did we use it in a troom troom video

  • Ayrisesiran
    Ayrisesiran 14 hours ago

    thanks for the code simply!!! I got that pale ice blue holo tumbler and it's my new favourite thing AND soon i'll have holo nails to match it from the holoday collection!!!! AHHH!!

  • Canaan G.
    Canaan G. 15 hours ago +1


  • Olivia Groh
    Olivia Groh 15 hours ago +1

    I would wish for more cats

  • Olivia Groh
    Olivia Groh 15 hours ago +1

    Authentic auBENtic Hahahhaha lol

  • Olivia Groh
    Olivia Groh 16 hours ago +1

    Sign me up I LOVE BAKING

  • Olivia Groh
    Olivia Groh 16 hours ago +1

    I have the same mixer I also have a easy bake oven

  • Ore Fluff ball
    Ore Fluff ball 18 hours ago

    Make BEYYYYNS bold spot HOLO

  • strange love
    strange love 18 hours ago

    Happy holo birthday 😊

  • Sydney Fugate
    Sydney Fugate 18 hours ago

    Luster dust is the glossy top coat of the cake world.

  • Krafty Kreator
    Krafty Kreator 18 hours ago

    The first edible food on Cristine's channel--- made by Beyyn of course, seeing as he handles the food and drinks.

  • Stacy Liu
    Stacy Liu 19 hours ago

    She yawned I yawned🍰🎂

  • patri zzia
    patri zzia 19 hours ago

    When is the wedding

  • worm pubes
    worm pubes 19 hours ago

    ben: where do you want it?
    cristine: in my mouth.
    cristine again:oh my god thats so good

  • Elizabeth-Ann Graner
    Elizabeth-Ann Graner 20 hours ago

    nice rack. yep

  • ShannenMakesVideos
    ShannenMakesVideos 21 hour ago

    “The icing sugar is really sugary” REALLYYYYY😂

  • Valeria Celeste Jonas
    Valeria Celeste Jonas 23 hours ago

    Ben: "where do you want it?"
    Cristine: "in my mouth"
    Me: 🤭😏

  • HPanda
    HPanda Day ago

    Ben:Hey how are ya.

  • Ceecee Oballo
    Ceecee Oballo Day ago

    I love when my parents are acting like dorks

  • Andi Michele
    Andi Michele Day ago

    12:45 is killing me

  • Wonderland
    Wonderland Day ago +3

    Cristine: whats happening to it?
    Ben: it’s melting
    Me: it’s *DISSOLVING*

  • -Firecat- 0v0
    -Firecat- 0v0 Day ago

    I like how Cristine sang a version of pity party

  • Seisa Galaxia
    Seisa Galaxia Day ago

    I'm sorry I love how, at least to me, Cristine's acting like a fun drunk

    • Rachel Skoczen
      Rachel Skoczen 16 hours ago

      Imagine Cristine singing the second son
      Coming to a stadium near you, Cristine naillogical singing TeA
      Edit, wrong comment

  • Tess Cannamela
    Tess Cannamela Day ago

    5:05 nAiL vYnaLs nExT

  • Benson Boi
    Benson Boi Day ago

    cristine,seductively: its smells like *sniff* having a bath
    beyyn: BAHAHA

  • It’s Darling
    It’s Darling Day ago

    I have been here for a year Ah!!

  • guinea pig girl vlogs? ???????

    Ironically I baked a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for my dad's belated birthday

  • ThatOne Human
    ThatOne Human Day ago

    I would really enjoy if for Bens birthday, he relaxed beach style in the kitchen, while attempting to walk Cristine through a Banana Bread recipe. Challenge: He’s not allowed to physically do any of it. 😂🙌

  • tina
    tina Day ago

    You guys are one of the only youtubers that make me laugh out loud! Love u guys!!

  • Kaylen_Ranae
    Kaylen_Ranae Day ago

    When she said nice rack I think ben died inside

  • Akako Gacha
    Akako Gacha Day ago

    “Are you here for my birthday par-tea” 5:38

  • Kim Miyeon
    Kim Miyeon Day ago

    even though i have bad luck with making cakes but ill make this :>

  • Baylene Alvarez
    Baylene Alvarez Day ago

    I love Ben's baking tutorials. He should do a BENana bread tutorial next.

  • EidolonEtchings
    EidolonEtchings Day ago

    Love all the music and them dancing around. Also they finally managed to make an edible cake!

  • Midori
    Midori Day ago +1

    🍵 ☕️ ❤️

  • Fire Ray
    Fire Ray Day ago +1

    5:41 the first positive response minchi has said in 6 years

  • Lia Trochet
    Lia Trochet Day ago


  • ᄒ-ᄒTaeSHOOK
    ᄒ-ᄒTaeSHOOK Day ago

    She should make a video where she makes tea nail polish

  • Eden Rush
    Eden Rush 2 days ago

    Im so suprised she didn't wish for a troom troom colab

  • Oxiclea N
    Oxiclea N 2 days ago +3

    Ben looked like such a dad when he was telling Christine what to do with his glasses on his nose

  • Samantha Parrish
    Samantha Parrish 2 days ago

    Whos been here since bubble nails??
    No not polish mountain
    Not even ben was in these
    A time where simply released nail polish in collaboration with FUN Laquer
    And nail art was still very prominent part of her channel
    Yes, im that old

  • B & W
    B & W 2 days ago

    This reminded me of Adam and Barbara from beetlejuice and im concerned

  • Meens Murly
    Meens Murly 2 days ago

    Can anyone please tell me which song is played at 12:50 ?

  • oreocookie roblox
    oreocookie roblox 2 days ago

    If Beyyyyynnn and Cristine ever break up the apocalypse will happen and Shane Dawson will do a 69-part long series on them

  • Potato 25
    Potato 25 2 days ago

    bens hair... its dad/grandpa hair

  • Fox Hunt
    Fox Hunt 2 days ago

    I have those same oven mitts- eh! 😂

  • Brittney Morrison
    Brittney Morrison 2 days ago

    Ok is no one gonna talk about how the beer was tea flavored? (It says in the description)

  • Ellie Henry
    Ellie Henry 2 days ago

    They are couple goals!!👫

  • Ellie Henry
    Ellie Henry 2 days ago

    4:06-4:13 Just😂😂😂

  • LittleVamp
    LittleVamp 2 days ago

    12:19 My mum when I loiter too long in the kitchen

  • Lyna Benbelgacem
    Lyna Benbelgacem 2 days ago

    Doesnt anyone think that Ben look like a pro baker in this video.Just me . ok

  • Woodles Doodles
    Woodles Doodles 2 days ago +2

    New video: simply paints her nails while Ben bakes a cake, see who finishes first.

  • Daphne Lin
    Daphne Lin 2 days ago

    She fillyny got sposed

  • KillerFrost298
    KillerFrost298 2 days ago

    Cristine's wish has come true to get sponsored by David's Tea

  • Charley Amelia
    Charley Amelia 3 days ago

    is it just me or does beyyyynnnn look like Prince William. i guess you can say Cristine found her prine charming(:

  • summa loven
    summa loven 3 days ago +1


  • Siena Coder
    Siena Coder 3 days ago +2

    “My Back”- BEN