The B-52's - Roam, IndigO2 London 2013 HD HQ Audio

  • Published on Aug 23, 2013
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  • Yeye Manaois
    Yeye Manaois 3 days ago

    where is Fred?

  • Petro Phishhed
    Petro Phishhed 3 days ago

    So awesome!!! 👏🏼 I wanna dance with them!!!

  • TRS Devildog
    TRS Devildog 4 days ago

    4:36 still has that great screech

  • Derek Wallin
    Derek Wallin 5 days ago

    Would love to hear this accapella. Their voices are amazing

    KURT CASADINE 6 days ago


  • Rodrigo Oliveira
    Rodrigo Oliveira 6 days ago

    OU!!! Simplesmente de maisssss, cara fiquei sem palavras....!

  • Richard sales
    Richard sales 6 days ago

    We went to this gig - it was the dogs' bollocks.

  • Alejandro Marañòn
    Alejandro Marañòn 7 days ago

    Kate Awesome, Superb!!!

  • Terry John
    Terry John 7 days ago

    Thanks so much for posting this video. I was there that night and fulfilled a long held ambition to see the B52s. I was blown away by the quality and power of Kate and Cindy's vocals after all these years. I was also pleased to see so many of the audience dress up in tribute! A fabulous memory rekindled!

  • Zacattack
    Zacattack 7 days ago

    Corsets, the gift to the sexy elderly

  • Nai Smith
    Nai Smith 8 days ago


  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 9 days ago

    most fun band ever, a trip back to the eighties!

  • Eduardo de Maria y Campos

    Talent and joy for what you do doesn't have age. Love you Kate

  • Peter EerNisse
    Peter EerNisse 17 days ago

    Burning hot. That is all.

  • José Manuel Sánchez Rodríguez

    Cindy Wilson do you know if she had any problems like autism? from the beginning she was noticed something special and in spite of it he was always impressive as that boy who was born with cerebral palsy and surpassed himself was also a singer and played the piano very well.

  • Burgz Lumague
    Burgz Lumague 21 day ago

    Wow, still the same voice.

  • Mr. Hannes
    Mr. Hannes 23 days ago

    Aw, shoot any fake singer in the studio trying to sing like this! When Katie kicked off the song that opening note, my heart skipped a beat! They oh so still rock still so awesome all these years! Time warp to when music was just the best of times!

  • antostomp
    antostomp 25 days ago

    wow amazing

  • Emerson Veronez
    Emerson Veronez 25 days ago


  • jo x
    jo x 25 days ago

    love you :)

  • Marie Nebraska
    Marie Nebraska 25 days ago +1 Great plant-based cooking! Thanks Kristina! Thanks B52s we punctually {right on time} attended your Cal Expo concert Sacramento California and University of California Davis concert fun fun!!

  • Marco van Esch
    Marco van Esch 26 days ago

    Magical song ..still outstanding vocals..simply amazing..Woow


    Fantastique 💚💜🧡💙

  • Luis Fernández, LuisCOCO

    Please Active Subtitles

  • jamie thornton
    jamie thornton Month ago +2

    While Cindy didn't age quite as well as Kate, neither has lost their voice. That's amazing considering their around 70.

  • eduardo fuentes
    eduardo fuentes Month ago

    esta buena la vieja jaaaaaajajajaja y ademas canta superbien, como en el disco igualito!!!!!

  • Marie Nebraska
    Marie Nebraska Month ago +1

    Currently Sharing {free website}

  • Tom Yaz
    Tom Yaz Month ago

    since this album was released from this show you should re track the audio

  • Rylee Strange
    Rylee Strange Month ago

    how is it that they sound better in 2013 than they did when the song was new in 1990?

  • camaro Carl
    camaro Carl Month ago +1

    Still the best voices in the Biz!

  • Mike Nicora
    Mike Nicora Month ago


  • Rufino Pocoroba
    Rufino Pocoroba Month ago +2

    Damn, I can't believe how great they sound. Kate Pierson's voice is still amazing.

  • Bitoseng
    Bitoseng Month ago

    tnx Connor Clements for this video!!!

  • Bill Mullins
    Bill Mullins Month ago +1

    Such a beautiful song...miss the 80s sooooo much...they kill it with this song

  • r8dj
    r8dj Month ago

    Still beautiful and still got pipes.

  • mpazs
    mpazs Month ago +4

    Kate Pierson is a gift from heaven....

  • Chef Love
    Chef Love Month ago +3

    OMG! I'm sexually attracted to someone almost 50 years older than me. Kate looks amazing!

  • Larry Leistikow
    Larry Leistikow Month ago

    "Oh yeah....sing it..."

  • Herman Helmich
    Herman Helmich Month ago

    the footage is great, the recorded sound superb

  • John Welander
    John Welander Month ago

    Fantastic, goosebumps after all these years..

  • Mario Torrez Quant
    Mario Torrez Quant Month ago

    They sound a-ma-zing!!!

  • Dis Count
    Dis Count Month ago

    shes got huge ..................lungs


    Thank you so much for this. They’re just superb. They’re from a better place for sure.

  • Wade Herbers
    Wade Herbers Month ago

    Oh my. Kate is just as beautiful as ever and still has such a voice. I was just a kid ( 19/20) when Love Shack and Roam came out. I'd of crawled over a mile of broken glass to have her then and think I still would!! The joy in her eyes performing this song is simply amazing.

  • dielauwen
    dielauwen Month ago

    Mercury the cat would go out and wander around the world hip to hip with his cat friends. He would go to long island sound and fish. I let him out at night to go if you want to. I called him Merc. He was silver like Mercury.

  • Cock Tales
    Cock Tales Month ago

    Kate, a natural beauty that I would suck all over.

  • Sidnei Brito Brito
    Sidnei Brito Brito Month ago

    Dá hora.kkk

  • russ peele
    russ peele Month ago

    this is my time, and a blast!

  • bruce tydd
    bruce tydd Month ago

    Two of the best harmonizing vocals in rock and roll and gorgeous also

  • kendollgt
    kendollgt 2 months ago +3

    Great voices!!! No auto tune just pure talent.

  • Under the Surface
    Under the Surface 2 months ago +2

    This is virtually gone now for new music, the modern fakes cannot even sing in tune 90% of the time - it's become all image.
    But we'll move away from it and make our own world far away from fake simon cowbrain

  • D RolyPolyMan
    D RolyPolyMan 2 months ago +3

    Wow! She can belt out a song! Amazing!

  • The Artful Dodger
    The Artful Dodger 2 months ago


  • Gavin Cyr
    Gavin Cyr 2 months ago

    Really Really REALLY GOOD!

  • truth teller
    truth teller 2 months ago

    Unique voices

  • Andrew Slaughter
    Andrew Slaughter 2 months ago +3

    This song always makes me think of California.

  • Gaz Bee
    Gaz Bee 2 months ago

    Awesome band love em

  • Vape or Die
    Vape or Die 2 months ago

    vin diesel on drums

  • mirian asencio ocsas
    mirian asencio ocsas 2 months ago

    La bruja escarlata

  • Tim
    Tim 2 months ago

    Beautiful Kate and Cindy.

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago

    Read the lyrics. This song is about butt sex

  • P&Wengineering
    P&Wengineering 2 months ago +4

    Still a beauty with a unique voice.

  • Larry Drozd
    Larry Drozd 2 months ago

    Damn....Kate can fucking SING!!!! Wow!

  • Tiago Ferreira
    Tiago Ferreira 2 months ago

    In love you

  • Rinaldo cianelli neto
    Rinaldo cianelli neto 2 months ago

    amo !!!!

  • Brent Schmidt
    Brent Schmidt 2 months ago +2

    And I was just swaying along~~~

  • Noel Johnson
    Noel Johnson 2 months ago


  • Fred Benenati
    Fred Benenati 2 months ago +4

    Those blue eyes! The Bongo Five Deuces rock big time. Go Kate, Go Kate. 65? YGBSM! Between her and blond lady, they still really belt it out.

  • Jan J.
    Jan J. 2 months ago

    I love...

  • Under the Surface
    Under the Surface 3 months ago +3

    I wish both those singers were my neighbors one living on each side of my place and they'd walk thru my yard to hang out

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust 3 months ago +1

    I'm here for Kate.

  • danielnyc20
    danielnyc20 3 months ago

    She is most stronger now

  • justin weaver
    justin weaver 3 months ago

    FOX, XX

    AGNALDO NAPOLEAO 3 months ago +1

    Espetacular...depois de tantos anos continuam incomparáveis. Viva Cindy e Kate, viva a boa música. Isso tudo em 2019

  • Eric Steward
    Eric Steward 3 months ago

    Love kate