DaBaby - Intro (official music video)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Billion Dollar Baby Ent
    Dababy- Intro
    Directed by Reel Goats

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  • TYEthaDON
    TYEthaDON 22 hours ago

    This song 🤯🤯💚🖤🖤

  • FOV_GT
    FOV_GT 23 hours ago +1

    Dababy is truly a good artist. This is what a call a good rapper. This man going in our kids history books.

  • mooch toreal
    mooch toreal 23 hours ago

    Lol he d.a was just skipping a cross 😍😀

  • The Holloway Family Holloway

    He said “Just like on this song I’m not rapping I’m preaching.” Like and comment 🙏🏽

  • king Trvy
    king Trvy 23 hours ago

    1:38 😂😭 the run 🏃🏾

  • Vennzo
    Vennzo 23 hours ago

    If you listen when the song start it says "Wait a minute who are you"
    Im serious!!!

  • carlos costa
    carlos costa Day ago

    No matter what the struggle this gives you a positive fight thru your battles vibe .

  • Valerie Smith
    Valerie Smith Day ago

    Let's go get married like who? 🤔

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones Day ago

    LMAOOO he played the Kazoo Kid “wait a minute who are you” at the start

  • Dwight Wallace
    Dwight Wallace Day ago

    What happened to the comments, they used to have comments about the video. Now it's just comments asking for likes

  • Grafek Tdk
    Grafek Tdk Day ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥⛽️⛽️⛽️🔥🔥🦍Song gives me chills.... if it don’t you don’t understand

  • Yøur Måmå
    Yøur Måmå Day ago

    RIP Da baby dad

  • WsC_ Rush
    WsC_ Rush Day ago

    DaBaby I’m so sorry I hope you feel better but your dad is not in pain or nothing but he meant a lot to you feel better

  • Westy Productions

    Where is this place this is filmed at? looks Crazzzyyyyy

  • Gihon Gordon
    Gihon Gordon Day ago +1

    You will have the best luck

    Make the like button blue to activate🥳🥳🥳

  • Brendan
    Brendan Day ago

    Yall so thirsty for likes. Don't make people feel obligated to like your comment by comparing two artists and saying "like dababy hit the thumb, ignore you like 'so and so' , fuckin' ruining the whole point of commenting.

  • HaikesXO
    HaikesXO Day ago

    Let’s start you a business so they can’t say that you leechin nigga!

  • Drah
    Drah Day ago


  • HaikesXO
    HaikesXO Day ago

    Anything can happen in a year.. he was 27 when he caught his wave.. you never know. Never give up on your dreams !!

  • Vasco Cruz
    Vasco Cruz Day ago

    Why tf this censored on spotify

  • Loyalty Or Death L.O.D


  • mr star lord mysterys

    Da baby if you read this you will know that I am going to la

  • Quez
    Quez Day ago

    Rlly tha bkest song out rn💯

  • Zoe Tiller
    Zoe Tiller Day ago


  • G3N0 Jr
    G3N0 Jr Day ago


  • Kyle Tucker
    Kyle Tucker Day ago

    How do you dislike this?

  • AsyluDark
    AsyluDark Day ago +1

    The shit is lit as FUCK and also rest in piece to his father

  • Luh Sam FTG
    Luh Sam FTG Day ago

    Thats dope asf. Check me out 💛💛🔥

  • Luzmaria Tellez
    Luzmaria Tellez Day ago

    Whos Better :da baby ir lol tjay

  • Fortnite club 34

    Fire and rip to dababy’s dad

  • Lord_beeswarm
    Lord_beeswarm Day ago

    Has fire bars raps clearly 100%🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alex Huckleba
    Alex Huckleba Day ago +1

    "You know I flew in with the stick ok like let me know wassup before I lose it in this bitch and everybody tryna talk I ain't tryna talk I'm tryna click. I'm tryna send somebody with him somebody let me know wass happnin u know my name K.I.R.K u know I rock behind my daddy" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Angelica Smith
    Angelica Smith Day ago

    Sorry about your dad dababy

  • Emilio Briones
    Emilio Briones Day ago

    Damn Baby.. really switch up the flow on this one

  • Manik Bisht
    Manik Bisht Day ago

    _wait a minute! Who are you?_
    *kazoo intensifies*

  • Kendra Mason
    Kendra Mason Day ago

    Rip daddy

  • Noah Cable
    Noah Cable Day ago

    I don't even like rap but this put me on

  • neccish
    neccish Day ago

    vonerable sucks ass

  • King DaBeast
    King DaBeast Day ago +1

    Love the chorus like he said he sint rappin he preachin; nothin but banges dababy

  • The Brodie-Sama
    The Brodie-Sama Day ago

    I don’t know if I’m tripping but I hear the wait a minute who are u meme at 0:04

  • Bobby Gray
    Bobby Gray Day ago

    There's thousands of rappers out here old school and new school. His flow is nothing new. I gave it a try but not for me. All I can say is keep doing what your doing bro because what's for you and your fans is for you and them only. Bout to go put some Biggie and Pac on✌

  • Anthony _______
    Anthony _______ Day ago +1

    Tell me why DaBaby look like Donkey Kong😂😂😂

  • 4ACE Tv
    4ACE Tv Day ago +1

    Ima true fan of his craft and I really wished he would drop the whole song (DaBaby ft ACEMAN with a check) the snippet litty but Kant find da whole song!!!!!

  • Gary ImReady
    Gary ImReady Day ago

    His father was found dead right before he blew all the way up .. this shit really be a cycle #wakeup

  • Jd Mulifai
    Jd Mulifai Day ago

    We fucc with you in Compton homie keep droppin fire cuzz!!

  • Yolanda  Velazquez

    1:38 when ur mom chasing u with the belt

  • Wilmer A
    Wilmer A Day ago

    But you just brag

  • Zack Wilson
    Zack Wilson Day ago

    I just found dude like year or so again before he blew up big time like this and he was already my new favorite rapper, then getting to watch him come up like his is, truly happy for him and he worked for it. I hear all this Da baby shit like dont people already know him? Very well deserving stay humble and keep it real 💯 AND NOW YOU FUCKIN WITH MIGOS DA BABY!

  • Chris Daddy
    Chris Daddy Day ago

    Mon Rêve le plus chère est de faire juste une photo avec dababy mais je vie en Afrique et je crois que c'est impossible mais je n'arrête pas de croire

  • AJT
    AJT Day ago

    do you hear the "wait a minute" at the beginning or is it just me

    YSN CLIXS Day ago +24

    You will become a millionaire like to activate

    • Devon Clemmings
      Devon Clemmings Day ago +1

      YSN CLIXS stop looking for likes it’s getting hella annoying

  • Junior Olivier Zambe

    Dababy je t'aime trop mon plus grand rêve est de faire juste une photo avec toi mais je suis en Afrique donc c'est carrément impossible mais je n'y arrête pas de croire

  • poppinxstylez
    poppinxstylez Day ago

    Like Martin fw Gina 🤣🔫

  • Psi Naj
    Psi Naj Day ago

    You preaching

  • Slumpzy FN
    Slumpzy FN Day ago

    Anyone else just notice the kid say "wait a minute who are you"

  • Official Jay kay

    Whose better Dababy or lil baby?

  • PJE Turner
    PJE Turner Day ago


  • Carlitos Wei
    Carlitos Wei Day ago

    Best song out hands down!

  • Sly Fox
    Sly Fox Day ago

    rest in peace grandma

  • Jayce Meyer
    Jayce Meyer Day ago

    Preach young blood