Bebe Rexha Sings Against A Super Rexhar | Beat Your Superfan

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Bebe Rexha faces off against her biggest superfan, Devin, in a battle to see who knows the popstar best. Bebe and her fan sing some of her biggest hits like I’m A Mess, Last Hurrah and Bad Bitch. (And spoiler alert: Devin can REALLY sing!) They reminisce on her Warped Tour days, her time making music with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and her alter ego Moonshine.
    Has Bebe met her match?! Catch Bebe remixing her songs to celebrate Lay's Turn Up the Flavor campaign!
    #cosmopolitan #beatyoursuperfan #rexharsonly
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Comments • 226

  • Cosmopolitan
    Cosmopolitan  2 months ago +409

    Bebe was amazing! 🖤Who should try and beat their superfan next?

  • Tumblr Pics
    Tumblr Pics 12 days ago +1

    bebe je yll te duam shum .😘💥👑💎

  • bebe Rexha fan 2.0
    bebe Rexha fan 2.0 14 days ago

    I love bebe rexha👍😂😂😂😪😍😍😍

  • Ashley Choi
    Ashley Choi 14 days ago

    My mom works at cosmopolitan lol

  • Jakaiyah Fogg
    Jakaiyah Fogg 22 days ago +1


  • AyeItsErin
    AyeItsErin 23 days ago +1

    1:38 sis got enough hair clips on? 😂

  • Selin Sayginsoy
    Selin Sayginsoy 24 days ago +1

    casually hugs bebe rexha

  • TikZzzs Smusicaly
    TikZzzs Smusicaly 25 days ago

    Invite me for aiana grande

  • super judy
    super judy 27 days ago

    I knew the 4th one yay and a few there’s too but not like her super fan Bebe is soo kind
    Can I get a selfie
    Of course what kind of question is that lol 😝

  • Amelia Burch
    Amelia Burch 28 days ago

    god i love bebe so much

  • This Izit
    This Izit 29 days ago

    Bebe is a cool girl 😁

  • King Searles
    King Searles 29 days ago

    #BebeRexha is the most kind, beautiful soul thats ever walked the earth! Absolutely love everything about her except the fact shes not my wife! Yet!❤

  • Alias Amin
    Alias Amin Month ago

    What language did the word Bleta came from... I just wanna know...

    • Nope Lyrics
      Nope Lyrics Month ago +1

      Its a word from Albania means bee in English

  • Danny Neyman
    Danny Neyman Month ago +1


  • Danny Neyman
    Danny Neyman Month ago

    I thought I Dont Wanna Grow Up was 2014 too, oops 😅 That’s the year I started stanning Bebe though lol

  • Kzm 398
    Kzm 398 Month ago

    bebe is just ……. idk , shes just something else

  • F
    F Month ago

    Bebe is soo beautiful

  • Anirban Dutta
    Anirban Dutta Month ago


  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Month ago

    I love how bebe rexha is like tan or has darkish skin were the first Fan was super white

  • Lucas Camargo
    Lucas Camargo Month ago


  • Mae Lin
    Mae Lin Month ago

    Awww ❤️🙌😭

  • noob antimonitor101
    noob antimonitor101 Month ago +1

    Loved bebe that all my home boy make fun of me and its never bother me

  • tatobarrera
    tatobarrera Month ago

    If only I could be her bestie 😂

  • Fiona
    Fiona Month ago +1

    3:44 She messed up.
    let's finish what we started. (that's THE LINE)

  • mc star
    mc star Month ago

    I adore her so much

  • Mason Wynn
    Mason Wynn Month ago

    I think you should have ava max on the show.☺

  • Shan Vang
    Shan Vang Month ago

    NoooOoOoOOO I am the super fan ;_;

  • BXxDolphinxX B
    BXxDolphinxX B Month ago

    Oh this is kwel

  • Adrien Marks
    Adrien Marks Month ago

    Who said Wooooo at 3.49 ? I thought it was Bebe but her mouth wasn't moving

  • Dream .
    Dream . Month ago +1

    they looked so confused and I got it in a second..
    these questions are easyy

  • Fun Tonw
    Fun Tonw Month ago

    Girl Bebe Rexha I love the BBQ chips to in sandwiches

  • Zoee Yxaviery
    Zoee Yxaviery Month ago

    Bebe looks like she's that girl from Dead or Alive girl, Christine/Christie

  • RedDog
    RedDog Month ago

    This was too wholesome!

  • Ayden Lincoln
    Ayden Lincoln Month ago

    Apparently Bebe needs to brush up on her own lyrics lol

  • Aishwarya Rao
    Aishwarya Rao Month ago

    Virgoooo 😍😍😍

  • 44Alexa44luna44 Gaming/editing

    I could literally answer all of the questions faster then both of them even though I'm not a big fan nor a fan I just watch to much RU-clip 😂

  • Melissa Bibens
    Melissa Bibens Month ago +2

    FOR ANYONE WONDERING HER HANDLE IS @devincaitlyn on twitter / instagram !

  • Narwhale Sass
    Narwhale Sass Month ago +4

    DANGGG this fan NEEDS to write a song and sing it. Her voice is SOO good!!

  • Kiki Marin
    Kiki Marin Month ago +6

    Little Mix vs ... Me 😂😂 (JK but that would be amazing)

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown Month ago +1

    Damn she’s thick

  • White Dragon
    White Dragon Month ago

    Bebe you are lovely but I hate you being a devil worshiper. ...if you leave that your the coolest...

  • Anitha Saji
    Anitha Saji Month ago +1

    Bebe forever❣️💝😍💯👍

  • Blair Clough
    Blair Clough Month ago

    how could she not know "im gonna show you crazy" that one is soooo good

  • Blair Clough
    Blair Clough Month ago

    biggest super fan my ass. you cant claim that. anyone can be a super fan. doesnt mean youre the biggest. sorry that just pisses me off. but youre a great singer

  • Deisy Miclos
    Deisy Miclos Month ago


  • sujan giri
    sujan giri Month ago

    My favourite singer bebe rexha 😍😍 love from nepal 😍😍😍😍

  • Paw In Snow
    Paw In Snow Month ago

    Bebe knows her own favourite drink :) not Cosmopolitan

  • ??
    ?? Month ago

    ok it might be pressure but like ur a superfan how do u n o t know the lyrics plz

  • Deadly Assassin9
    Deadly Assassin9 Month ago

    What happen to that beer and cheese bullshit

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L Month ago +1

    Bebe is super beautiful and awesome human being

  • João Rodrigues
    João Rodrigues Month ago +4

    She lost the opportunity to call her fan *T-Rexh*

  • Zoya Ali
    Zoya Ali Month ago

    no offence she is so short (the superfan)

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl Month ago

    She's super cool..Queen😍

  • chris degrazio
    chris degrazio Month ago

    I always loved Black Cards & never realized Bebe was part of that!

  • Man Di Choi
    Man Di Choi Month ago

    I love you bebe!!!!

  • Mimeeeh
    Mimeeeh Month ago +3

    Them people saying "Omg how is that a superfan? She didn't even know everything blah blah" like really? Good for you if you knew all of that. Doesn't mean you would do well when Bebe is literally right infront of you & a camera is recording your every move for millions of people to see. You guys gotta chill. Maybe stop obsessing over people like Bebe and just enjoy your own life.

  • kalis 08
    kalis 08 Month ago +3

    Do it with Billie Eilish and an avocado 😊

  • VickyV
    VickyV Month ago +5

    i need Louis Tomlinson to do this .. against me preferably

  • The true limelight
    The true limelight Month ago

    Bebe has more pins in her head than I have smartness

  • Dorentina
    Dorentina Month ago

    Queen 😍😍 🇽🇰🇦🇱

  • Jasmine Chan
    Jasmine Chan Month ago

    Now I really want to do one with Louis Tomlinson or any of the 1D boys

  • taetae fairytail
    taetae fairytail Month ago

    I got the lyric ones way faster than both of them

  • Theresa Santia
    Theresa Santia Month ago

    I love u bebe i am your biggest fan and next superfan

  • Malum Chawang
    Malum Chawang Month ago +3

    I wish the next to her was me 🥰

  • Vilsona 's
    Vilsona 's Month ago +5

    i love how she says "i want u to win, thats what best friends do." to her
    fan 4:28

  • aya.
    aya. Month ago +1

    Is that what you call a superfan? Ffs i barely know rexha and i could answer all of these

  • Kamala M
    Kamala M Month ago

    I love you Bebe 💟

  • FraxMineur
    FraxMineur Month ago +2

    She was giving her some questions to let her win.
    Like that eminem question.
    I knew it directly since I'm a stan.
    Btw sign me up to go against Em I'd win easily. The man was high for about half of his career😂

  • Twin Dorks
    Twin Dorks Month ago +1

    Omg I love Bebe😙❤

  • Hillary Belle
    Hillary Belle Month ago +2

    Next is Shawn & I. And you best believe I will make the mendes army proud

  • Michelle Torres
    Michelle Torres Month ago +1

    Devin knows more about Bebe than she knows about herself

  • Michelle Torres
    Michelle Torres Month ago

    She’s so beautiful and nice 😍

    EREN KELGÖKMEN Month ago


  • Just Breathin
    Just Breathin Month ago

    Bebe is such a QUEEN!👑



  • Just Breathin
    Just Breathin Month ago +2

    She's not a True SUPERFAN

  • Tan Yong Yuan
    Tan Yong Yuan Month ago

    Bebe is so sweet

  • Ajung Yaden
    Ajung Yaden Month ago +10

    The fan girl looks alike like Jade from Little mix.

  • Arden Limbu
    Arden Limbu Month ago +2

    She is not fan ..
    She is a member of show to look that she got a die heart fan
    This all we no disgusting

  • Ștefan Ardeal
    Ștefan Ardeal Month ago

    Can we get Little Mix up in here.

  • Awesome A
    Awesome A Month ago +2

    How dare she not invite me!!
    How rude!!!

  • MMM M
    MMM M Month ago

    She is such a sweet heart😭

  • __ Blush__
    __ Blush__ Month ago

    Bebe was amazing

  • noémi b
    noémi b Month ago

    She is so fucking nice I can’t❣️

  • Asal Muhmoud
    Asal Muhmoud Month ago

    I subscribed because Bebe told me to subscribe❤️

  • L&Z Ora
    L&Z Ora Month ago +1

    isn't that girl same who already did one "bebe vs fan" for iheartradio?

  • 4ever Queen
    4ever Queen Month ago +4

    When your bestfriend knows u better than u actually do

  • Klára Skořepová
    Klára Skořepová Month ago +1

    Both girls are so sweet and can sing!

  • shazk21
    shazk21 Month ago +1

    Oh snap I know the siperfan or I used to been a long time she's been one of the Rexhars since day.

  • Christina Ph
    Christina Ph Month ago +198

    I expected better for a superfan. I think Bebe let her answer some questions so she would win, like here (3:25 4:15)

  • fashion music
    fashion music Month ago

    Bebe Hair just zzzzzzzz

  • Mukesh Makwana
    Mukesh Makwana Month ago +10


  • Johnattan Zangerolame

    i love bebe rexha

    GINGA Month ago

    Extremely thicc holy fuck

  • Hannah Willard
    Hannah Willard Month ago

    Acted like a snob

  • wadee ghassan
    wadee ghassan Month ago +8

    hey can she have Avril next please??

  • Boi Lean
    Boi Lean Month ago


  • KyubiDZNS
    KyubiDZNS Month ago +6

    She played against her already in 2018

  • Tropical Avocado
    Tropical Avocado Month ago +1

    I'd beat devin

  • John S3cr3t
    John S3cr3t Month ago

    I can't been win. So sad