Top 15 Videos You Have To Watch With The Lights On

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • Narrated by Chills:
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    In this top 15 list, we look at scary videos you should definitely watch with all the lights on. These mystery-riddled events are certainly creepy to say the least. Enjoy our analysis of these videos.
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    Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Top15s
    Top15s  4 months ago +567

    *This video was narrated by Chills.*

    • Latisha Wing
      Latisha Wing 5 days ago

      Maybe you'll actually get this message I'm only saying this to try to help really I want you to take a friend have that friend watch a scary video then I want you to have him mute the volume and show you 2 seconds here and there of the video and tell you the story of what he saw that was scary oh, it's not scary please show us and let us hear what the video was that you found interesting seriously or I'm unsubscribing and so will many of the people that I told about your videos because you used to do this now you're just tell us about it I'm sorry that's not scarythe best one on here was the last oné only beca\see we h÷card the actual video NOT YOU

    • Etrigan
      Etrigan Month ago

      Number one is a tengu I know that sound anywhere

    • Psychotic
      Psychotic Month ago

      At 18:43 eyes pop out when he stops

    • Betty Hernandez
      Betty Hernandez 2 months ago

      Indrid Cold how would u fell if someone said ew ur voice is gross

    • Noah Cave
      Noah Cave 2 months ago

      The water ghost works like a cappa except luring kids to the water

  • courtney burkholder

    number 14 belive me it was the Racke a girl died by the Racke

  • Mariokid Roblox
    Mariokid Roblox Day ago


  • Big Bear
    Big Bear 2 days ago

    Not a god damn soul:
    Chills: the R aK e

  • Terry Rigdon
    Terry Rigdon 2 days ago

    #12 - if you watch closely you will also see a haz going from top left of screen to the celling

  • Colin Magaw
    Colin Magaw 3 days ago +1

    I'm just watching this at 3 a.m. in the dark

  • L S
    L S 5 days ago

    There is something distributing the water in number nine, man am I glad I had my lights on!

  • Hixaf
    Hixaf 5 days ago


  • Loretta Rushing
    Loretta Rushing 6 days ago

    #15 you can see the face on the stump yup it looks like a mutant

  • FuxiiGuy3000 gaming
    FuxiiGuy3000 gaming 6 days ago

    That number 2 was actually pretty scary

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Creepy number 2.

  • So god help me
    So god help me 7 days ago

    5:10 it's an animal I mean like I have seen a few animals in my day

  • So god help me
    So god help me 7 days ago

    2:2 I have crippling depression meme

  • Mike Bloodsworth
    Mike Bloodsworth 7 days ago +1

    Can you replay the videos like 20 more times we didn't see it the first million times

  • xXxHorrorFanxXx
    xXxHorrorFanxXx 7 days ago +1

    "Top 15 Videos You Have To Watch With The Lights On"
    Me: **Turns on the lights**

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme 8 days ago +1

    The screeching sounds like it’s from dying light

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez 8 days ago +2

    It looks like a kid with sticks on his hands 1:40

  • Jamieon Hicks
    Jamieon Hicks 8 days ago +1

    People need to start carrying a gun or something

  • BlueberryC Sashley Supporter

    So happy u put Masky in here. I love Creepypastas. Thank you

  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood 9 days ago

    I watched it with the lights off.

  • TheBrick 317
    TheBrick 317 9 days ago +2

    18:44, if you pause at the right time, you can see a figure with bright, glowing eyes... 😳

    • Alex Perez
      Alex Perez 8 days ago +1

      Just put it on slow motion

  • Broken. Crystals
    Broken. Crystals 10 days ago

    im doing the opposite

  • Jeannie Tarantola
    Jeannie Tarantola 10 days ago +1

    #2 I'm not getting .

  • Jeannie Tarantola
    Jeannie Tarantola 10 days ago

    # 4 u can fool some of people some of time . .. but u no fueing me .

  • Jeannie Tarantola
    Jeannie Tarantola 10 days ago

    #6 amature video with amature photoshop

  • iixStxlla
    iixStxlla 10 days ago +1

    sAyIng ItChIn’ aNd bUrNinG

  • Bris sky
    Bris sky 11 days ago

    #4 looks like a doll hand, pluse i only counted 4 fingers but i might be wrong about that part.

  • Kane LFC
    Kane LFC 12 days ago

    14 : crack head with crutches

  • snufle xxx
    snufle xxx 12 days ago

    i fell asleep to this tbh your voice is relaxing

  • J Vaz
    J Vaz 12 days ago

    That first exorcist was spitting bars

  • Integral Gamings
    Integral Gamings 12 days ago

    Anybody else hear Chills call the guys "lads" in number 10? Or was it just me? Lol.

  • Dark angel
    Dark angel 13 days ago

    #10 is just Marble Hornets 2.0

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 13 days ago

    Most of these are some of the fakest videos I've ever seen.

  • Irene Cvietkovich
    Irene Cvietkovich 13 days ago

    Nah the first video is just my nephews throwing a temper tantrum because they couldn't find their shoes !

  • Jessica Like
    Jessica Like 13 days ago +1

    ive seen the same thing happen to me like on #13

  • PortbyhanMan
    PortbyhanMan 14 days ago

    #11 it's not a 'form', it's a female moose looking to the right.

  • Aaron Andrews
    Aaron Andrews 14 days ago +1

    That screaming in the tunnel was you're mom!! Boom go's the dynamite

  • Christine
    Christine 15 days ago

    The Japanese one was very very scary

  • The Jalapeños
    The Jalapeños 15 days ago

    The Demond fauded?

  • Extreme Yoda
    Extreme Yoda 17 days ago

    Spiders are one of my biggest fiears

  • Alien Rambo
    Alien Rambo 19 days ago

    I can tell you what happened to the asian lady. Very simple explanation. . . Heroin. your welcome

  • Storm Rider
    Storm Rider 19 days ago

    15:10 No-one else noticed Freddy Krueger standing behind these two guys? Striped jumper, weird hat? Just me?...ok...

  • Storm Rider
    Storm Rider 19 days ago

    #6 looks too much like the predator stealth suit fron the 1st maybe it's Kevin Peter Hall...

  • Cecilia Limon
    Cecilia Limon 20 days ago

    Is it me or is Japan not the place for a vacation or a good destination for camping in the wilderness?

  • Dave French
    Dave French 21 day ago

    Me : hears number 15
    My PTSD : ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ end me

  • Tanasia Mariee
    Tanasia Mariee 21 day ago +1

    Absolutely nobody:
    Me walking home alone at night: Hi my names is Chillsss and I hope your enjoying my Narrationnnnn

  • thedryzombie -_-
    thedryzombie -_- 21 day ago

    Number 13 was a mannequin

  • Drew Whiting
    Drew Whiting 22 days ago

    It's a radiated Moose 🤣

  • Aayush Mondal
    Aayush Mondal 22 days ago

    The tunnels no 1 are Creature Unknown 's Battlegrounds CUBG

  • Brittanii Starzz
    Brittanii Starzz 22 days ago

    #1 is definitely “The Rake”, he always squeals like a piggy 🐷

    • Alexizace2004
      Alexizace2004 20 days ago

      Brittanii Starzz did u notice there was some sort of face just before he turns

  • David Pemaj
    David Pemaj 22 days ago +1

    Welcome in the comments when you are safe

  • Delusion 420
    Delusion 420 22 days ago

    18:45 definitely a pig.

  • Katherine Cayer
    Katherine Cayer 23 days ago

    why is the girl in the waters face blurred out?

  • Katherine Cayer
    Katherine Cayer 23 days ago

    only nightmare creatures n the world is that of the human race.

  • Katherine Cayer
    Katherine Cayer 23 days ago

    those look like stilts to me

  • Epixle 390
    Epixle 390 24 days ago

    2:06 my ex

  • Megan Browning
    Megan Browning 24 days ago

    I'll watch ghosts, demons, and play with snakes. But I HATE spiders

  • Chronic Insomniac
    Chronic Insomniac 24 days ago +1

    Change it to play at 1.25’re welcome

  • Dylan Valesco
    Dylan Valesco 24 days ago


  • Booo 7733
    Booo 7733 24 days ago