Huawei Mate 30 Pro - THIS IS IT!

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro - THIS IS IT! My Official Huawei Mate 30 Pro Unboxing and first look hands review will come on launch/ release date! This video looks at the latest leaks / leaked images, with renders specs / specifications etc to be announced soon! With the official live launch event coming on the 19th September in Munich, let me know your early thoughts!
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Comments • 544

    ASBYT  Month ago +112

    Would YOU buy the Mate 30 Pro if you had to 3rd party install Google apps?

    • Glenn Salvesen de Ademlaar
      Glenn Salvesen de Ademlaar Month ago

      @Frank Grubbs no I'm. Not, I am from Europe... Then I understand your situation.... Well for me, I'm. Really happy with my mate 20 pro but as the situation is now I would not buy the mate 30 pro phone... It needs the support from Google because otherwise we will have problems... I want to use certain apps and now they cannot give this..., hopefully they will change it back so that huawei will get the support they need but I am afraid that this will not happen... I'm a big fan of huawei and it will break my heart if I have to change to another company... Only future will tell how tings will go

    • itzspeideren
      itzspeideren Month ago


    • jamesron Foo
      jamesron Foo Month ago

      @Matija Lekovic you like to spend money on the garbage I can't stop you

    • DigiCure
      DigiCure Month ago

      Ben Hanchett incase you decide to get the phone here’s a few ways to keep viruses away from your android device

    • Ben Hanchett
      Ben Hanchett Month ago +1

      @Frank Grubbs , ok thanks my brother. This ban crap is crazy as hell. Google is the biggest spy in the world! But let's stop regular Americans from buying the top phone in the world....smh

  • Suzy Basing
    Suzy Basing 25 days ago

    dam thats put me off considering the phone NO GOOGLE and dont trust 3rd party downloads for my phone 😭😭

  • 《在線新聞》
    《在線新聞》 26 days ago

    If you want to install google apps on Huawei Mate 30 or Mate 30 Pro, just go here:

  • Azeem Malik
    Azeem Malik Month ago

    I will still buy it and sideload apps

  • Umar Latif
    Umar Latif Month ago

    We've been using Windows laptops forever and download all kinds of applications..... Why should Google apps be any different

  • Hilal Mohideen
    Hilal Mohideen Month ago +1

    I’d prefer if it weren’t any form of android. I really want it to ship with HarmonyOS.

  • DanBroChi
    DanBroChi Month ago

    How to heck it has Chrome when Google Just banned Android and Google for them

  • Michael Xiang
    Michael Xiang Month ago

    I fk hate you as you made me wanna buy one.

  • MC Mikey
    MC Mikey Month ago

    So u will be able to get Gmail, RU-clip, and Google play? And all of those Google play apps will work fine because it's on Android?

  • DigiCure
    DigiCure Month ago

    Wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole

  • Heidi Bartman
    Heidi Bartman Month ago

    I love Huawei but will probably hold onto my P30 Pro a little longer to enjoy Google Android.

  • DADO
    DADO Month ago +1

    New LG p-oled is confirmed for mate 30pro, regular mate 30 will have samsung rigid amoled. So your specs are not correct.

  • Saptarshi Mandal
    Saptarshi Mandal Month ago

    Please review the vivo NEX 3🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • shihab tahseeb
    shihab tahseeb Month ago

    Desperately waiting to pre-order my Mate 30 Pro. Thank you very much for your love and support towards Huawei.
    - Your regular viewer.

  • Esmahill M
    Esmahill M Month ago +1

    If your mobile 5G and you have a 4G sim , does it work ?

  • gbeeotchm0623
    gbeeotchm0623 Month ago

    Red for color...and even better if it does come with google, that way I decide what to download...phones come with ALOT of google bloatware....

  • Jesper Hansen
    Jesper Hansen Month ago

    I wouldn't have a problem with installing Google apps myself but a lot of people wouldn't be bothered and just buy something else instead, give it a few months and they'll have dropped the price considerably because of it and it will be an absolute steal getting one

  • Isreal Perez
    Isreal Perez Month ago

    I know that you can probably sideload a lot of the apps and if you download a certain app he'll give you access to Google no problem at all I don't know if I should post a name of the app or I'm sure it's some people already know about it

  • Mole Js
    Mole Js Month ago

    love the camera with a dedicate cam button ,but sure will buy one .so long u can side load ard

  • Ehsan Siam
    Ehsan Siam Month ago +2

    I will buy this phone when I have enough money. This phone literally has everything I want!

    • Ehsan Siam
      Ehsan Siam Month ago

      @Tushar Salabeea well, I can just download them myself easily. And I also get to choose which google app I want and which I don't. So it's much better not to have them pre-installed.

    • Tushar Salabeea
      Tushar Salabeea Month ago

      Except for google apps.

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio Month ago

    Mate 30 Pro is the only phone i've been waiting for 😍. Don't care for google apps. Huawei knows how to keep their customers. 😘

  • Macho Man
    Macho Man Month ago +1

    Ugly Notch ! Skip ....

    • AniMeusic
      AniMeusic Month ago

      Try to fit 3 cameras as a hole punch display

  • Chokoune Liou
    Chokoune Liou Month ago

    Samsung’s knock off

  • karl fletcher
    karl fletcher Month ago

    Please show us how to get Google, as my honor 8x max has removed it after update. Downloaded all pack still won't work???

  • Jenovic muya
    Jenovic muya Month ago


  • Emile Sob
    Emile Sob Month ago

    Yes I will gladly buy the Huawei Mate 30 pro provided I can upgrade it to Harmony OS later, Else I would wait for the P40 Pro.... Away with the US War... We want Huawei...

  • igortubeuk
    igortubeuk Month ago

    Of course I will buy

  • igortubeuk
    igortubeuk Month ago

    Of course I will buy

  • dudedelicious
    dudedelicious Month ago

    I'm getting this one for sure

  • Le Van Cuong
    Le Van Cuong Month ago

    What's the intro song?

  • Ashton Kee
    Ashton Kee Month ago

    No way, my fingers are already itching to place my pre-order !! Huawei is the best !

  • Pirs Kurdi
    Pirs Kurdi Month ago +1

    wich smartphone you use

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin Month ago


  • Bruce Mason
    Bruce Mason Month ago

    All I want from it is RU-clip... there will be a way I can I’m sure. 😃

    • Nikko Soriano
      Nikko Soriano Month ago

      Bruce Mason of course there is a way, you can access RU-clip via web browser. So, it is just like accessing Facebook, RU-clip, Google, etc. via laptop, access it via browser and not via app. 😊

  • Ali Alami
    Ali Alami Month ago +1

    Here's advice for people who will not buy the huawei mate 30 just because it does not include google services :
    Go to the closest window and throw your phone because if you can't download a simple APK file you don't deserve to use android

  • Ellis Chong
    Ellis Chong Month ago


  • 刘晓东
    刘晓东 Month ago

    it‘s a huawei P30pro,not mate 30 pro

  • Liza Marie
    Liza Marie Month ago

    wish I could buy this too. im a regular P30 user now.....

  • Toi Kin Ong
    Toi Kin Ong Month ago

    I suggest everyone who can afford it buy a Huawei mate 30 , the first t 5G phone. Anyone working so hard to be no.1 in something like this deserves our respect and support.

  • Serge02
    Serge02 Month ago

    If it comes with 5G capabilities out of the box then im getting this one.

  • Tourist Gaming Session TGS

    Still gonna buy it,

  • Lewis
    Lewis Month ago

    I'm getting one, FB, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia in fact every major American Corporation has been stealing my data for years, Huawei have been part of our telco infrastructure for the major part of 4 years and already have most of my data anyway so whats the difference. America has lost the ability to compete so they have to attack an industry leader to get back to level terms.

  • Gabi Ruta
    Gabi Ruta Month ago

    I am very very interested in Mate 30 Pro !! I will buy it for sure....

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man Month ago

    It’s WIGGY 😉


    As an P30 Pro user, I am impressed with Huawei P Series.

  • stuartfit
    stuartfit Month ago

    I have all my frequently used Google apps backed up in thumb drive, these apps were downloaded from Play Store so they're safe. I can just restore them back to any Android devices, good to know Huawei Mate 30 series is on AOSP so not a problem at all.

  • Jehad Hassan
    Jehad Hassan Month ago

    After using the huawei mobile I do believe that I can go for the new mate 30 pro and be supportive. I have mate 20 pro and it's brilliant 👍🏻

    THE JSB Month ago

    I still want to buy the mate 30 Pro I have the mate 20 pro...but I personally think huawei are getting shot down as they are kicking the arse out of Samsung and iPhone. Samsung/iPhone have no fresh ideas anymore, so why don't we just copy huawei. Hence why is there a ban in America why don't they ban Samsung they come from South Korea for god sake...

  • green a
    green a Month ago

    not able to like this video

  • ali hemed
    ali hemed Month ago

    is p30 pro curved screen

  • KelseyBB K
    KelseyBB K Month ago


  • labrador11
    labrador11 Month ago

    ban google service to this device bye bye huawei china

  • Jenni Graham
    Jenni Graham Month ago

    If I could afford it, the non-google android wouldn’t bother me in the slightest! Especially since you’d give step-by-step instructions. By the way, congratulations on how well you’re doing, it’s good to see and not surprising, you’ve always been very professional and fun to watch.

  • MultiSuperbra
    MultiSuperbra Month ago

    I like Huawei and wait for p40 pro. Have p20 pro now and like it

  • Tom Løkken
    Tom Løkken Month ago

    I'm going to get this phone..
    And Ill following you to install the Google apps alternate way

  • marc hitchens
    marc hitchens Month ago

    Got the mate 20 x will there be a mate 30 x?

  • Xavier X
    Xavier X Month ago +1

    Doesn't the ban force Google to deny service? in which case none of it will work on that phone even if you install it?

  • Leonor Vega
    Leonor Vega Month ago

    I really like Huawei designs, I think it is a great company, with many innovations, I would love to try an operating system different from Android

  • Mubiana Lamaswala
    Mubiana Lamaswala Month ago

    Notches are disgusting 🤢

    • AniMeusic
      AniMeusic Month ago

      A triple camera hole punch is worst

  • Cambo Space Edu
    Cambo Space Edu Month ago +1

    These are called innovation that inspired everyone, and that's why US tried to kill Huawei 😌