TimesTalks: Jill Soloway + Hannah Gadsby

  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
  • Jessica Bennett, gender editor for The New York Times moderates a conversation with Jill Soloway, the Emmy-winning screenwriter, director and author, and Hannah Gadsby, star of the award-winning stand up show “Nanette,” as they discuss Soloway’s upcoming book “She Wants It: Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy.” Soloway’s latest memoir follows their evolution from straight, married mother of two to identifying as queer and non-binary. With unbridled insight that offers a rare front seat to the inner workings of the #MeToo movement and its aftermath, Jill captures the zeitgeist of a generation with thoughtful and revolutionary ideas about gender, inclusion, desire, and consent.
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  • Clare Kuehn
    Clare Kuehn 6 days ago

    **Starts** at 10:30! Intro ends at 13:00.

  • Elizabeth Ortiz
    Elizabeth Ortiz 28 days ago

    Good conversation with 2 very intellectual women. And very interesting. Love them both!

  • Henry Dubby
    Henry Dubby Month ago

    32:30 ????????
    I have NEVER heard of this before!!
    She acts as if this is some commonly held secret by "straight men". Very strange narrative to be running in your head about other people madam!!

  • Internet Dad
    Internet Dad Month ago

    holy daddy issues

  • midinerd
    midinerd 2 months ago

    I identify as sitting around, talking.

  • Paul Borst
    Paul Borst 2 months ago

    These two are a perfect example of what mental illness looks like and how society is too uncomfortable in doing what is necessary, institutionalizing them. One of the worse things US politicians ever did was to close all the mental hospitals in the 80's. We seriously need to re-open these facilities and put all of these people in them so they can live out their lives in harmless seclusion.

  • CarlitoKK
    CarlitoKK 2 months ago

    What in the lesbo circle bean flick did I just stumble onto?

  • coolwater55
    coolwater55 2 months ago

    Oh, those golf men will rebuild those golf courses bigger and better so fast ones head would spin.
    Destroying what they build...not good idea.
    Build ones own..and become powerful on the way regards to sphere of influence, draw on spiritual energies of good. Trying to war with collective 3.5 billion of the world's powerful men... Will not work
    building good.
    Not destroying.
    The thing is 1000's of years..of male dominance..whether one likes it or not it takes time..and it took 100 years to make huge inroads for women this past century..it counts as something.
    When one looks at men as ones human friend..necessary as the bees...one will make inroads..

  • MegaCassie83
    MegaCassie83 2 months ago

    I am a part of the LGBTQ but I think a baby is a baby she has a vagina she's a girl if the baby has penis he's a boy. I don't think children should be really transitioning truly until they are much older because they may not feel the same way at 10 as they would at 16. My son he played with my husband's little sister and played with dolls and hand bags but I didn't care because they were toys. So for young children I am saying this because children do not know or understand. My son's used to say stuff to other children like that's gay because his father was teaching him that being gay is wrong, or that gay men wearing make-up is wrong. Not necessarily saying stuff by him but if a child walks by and the parent not knowing they hear and they are like sponges. I had a talk with him about it and allowed him to ask me questions. Now currently he is an advocate for LGBTQ because he has met children his age who are a part of us. And if they had ever gotten picked on he would defend them.

  • Steel Boss
    Steel Boss 2 months ago

    this is just a lesbian show. They act like only men can be wrong or want sex. I know many women who are sex freaks and/or cash driven, privilage driven. No need to demand more accountability from men. If a chick wants wants to shave her head and lift weights and eat a Clam Taco... then just go do it. You don't need special recognition for that. .. You still cannot have a baby or raise a non-dysfunctional child.. good luck

  • C. J.
    C. J. 2 months ago

    Enjoyed hate watching this. What a bunch of humourless talentless women. Can't stand that west coast, vocal fry heavy accent

  • Tick Tock
    Tick Tock 2 months ago

    Hannah Gadsby in RAW all the way to this has been a delight. She and Adam Hills were great together. Weve been so lucky to have the Australian ABC have Hannah on our screens for so many years. She deserves the success after all that work. Incisive and a needed voice.

  • Thorne Worthington
    Thorne Worthington 3 months ago

    Notice how the audience laughs at literally every sentence Hannah says?

  • Jeton Ademaj
    Jeton Ademaj 3 months ago

    love the univerrrrrsssal voculllll frrryyyy....sssooo intehhhlekchul-uhllll

  • Jeton Ademaj
    Jeton Ademaj 3 months ago +1

    what a hilariously monstrous conversation. stunningly disconnected, astronomically sanctimonious, ominously authoritarian...thank you, RU-clip algorithm, for showing me a new face of Evil to thwart and oppose.
    glad to know these names and avoid/quarantine fans of same.

  • Jai Lawrence
    Jai Lawrence 3 months ago

    Hannah is absolutely funny, beautiful and a gift to all of society! We are so lucky she has come into the light. And Jill a gift to also bring things into the forefront! They are both being the change we all wish to see in the world! Peace and gratitude for you both!

  • Jai Lawrence
    Jai Lawrence 3 months ago +1

    Brilliant conversation! Thank you! I believe Transman are the most evolved males on earth!

  • Megan Kohtz
    Megan Kohtz 4 months ago

    So nobody at TimesTalkes could edit the first ten minutes?

  • AmethystWoman
    AmethystWoman 4 months ago

    I was not impressed with the interviewer. Esp her claps seems disingenuous. I'm not convinced she was listening to the answers.

  • Jamie Tripp Utitus
    Jamie Tripp Utitus 4 months ago

    I’m here for Hannah, but I fell in love with Jill

  • DanceswiththeDarkSide
    DanceswiththeDarkSide 4 months ago

    really we call out racism in the rooms do we Jill? In Hollywood. Maybe the next thing Jill examines can be white supremacy.

  • Elaine Flanders
    Elaine Flanders 4 months ago

    The first thing that attracted me to this interview was that Jill and Hannah were like mirror images of each other. What a great experience to have and process. For me, it is all about having the experience, looking at my reaction and remembering what Kyle Cease said in that, "You can't read the label from the inside of the bottle." It's all good. I am so enjoying Hannah's journey and one day I hope to meet her in person.

  • interestingvideos4me
    interestingvideos4me 4 months ago +1

    Jill is confident, but it is tiring to deal with so much ego and self-promotion. It doesn't look good on anyone regardless of their gender or orientation. Confidence is good, healthy and blahblah...but at some point, it is just tiring and ermm kind of embarrassing too...

  • Nicolli Farias
    Nicolli Farias 4 months ago


  • Tracy LF
    Tracy LF 5 months ago

    Men don't have a problem with THEIR anger, they have a problem with WOMEN'S anger.
    "One of the basic human rights he takes away from you is the right to be angry
    with him. No matter how badly he treats you, he believes that your voice
    shouldn’t rise and your blood shouldn’t boil. The privilege of rage is reserved for him
    alone. When your anger does jump out of you-as will happen to any abused woman
    from time to time-he is likely to try to jam it back down your throat as quickly as he
    can. Then he uses your anger against you to prove what an irrational person you are.”
    - Lundy Bancroft, Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling

    • Thorne Worthington
      Thorne Worthington 3 months ago

      Men have a problem with being hated by poisonous bigots like you and Lundy.
      Radical feminism is distilled hypocrisy.

  • Tracy LF
    Tracy LF 5 months ago +1

    Love Hannah! Proud to be Aussie. xx

  • J G
    J G 5 months ago

    Oh hannah congrats on the weight loss. Realized she has to keep changing who she is anyway to stay popular. Glad that proves what a hypocrite she is. Now she looks like she has aids and her hair is gray. Fucking waste of time.

  • 1chipchap
    1chipchap 5 months ago +2

    Could listen to Hannah talk about art and society etc a lot more . I Enjoy her speaking on that subject

  • Making Games
    Making Games 5 months ago +3

    28:30 ¨Who is the patriarchy¨ is when I started getting annoyed.. It´s a wrong question. Shouldn´t try to answer it, it has no meaning. That should have been addressed, right there and then.. People cannot be ideas.
    What was meant is: who is at fault? But that´s a wrong question as well. Men have been telling stories, women have been educating the young in school and in the house. Raising them. You will look at each story you hear with the eyes you got from your upbringing. So there is no fault. It just happened. It may be shit, but it just happened.
    Focus on how to make it better in stead of focussing on blaming people. It´s not Trump´s fault. Yes, he maybe any derogative term, but it´s not his fault. He´s not bright enough to be much at fault of anything, things just happen to him to and he reacts, maybe poorly, but probably to the best of his ability for his own goals.
    Most people live that way. Nobody is out to get you, there is no conspiracy.. Shit happens.

    This is just how being angry works. We always get there by thinking we are angry at someone first. While really we are angry about a situation: It´s an indicator there is something we don´t want anymore. If we realise we are angry at a situation, we can use the energy of the anger to get specific about what we don´t want and actually think about changing something.
    Most effective comedians are angry at things, situations, their own way of dealing with things, not at people. This is why Steven Colbert and Trevor Noah are becoming so dreary. It´s not becasue they are men, it´s because they are doing it wrong. They hit on one person. That´s not going to help. We need some good observational comedy. Do that.

  • Rusty Rose
    Rusty Rose 5 months ago +3

    Hannah so clearly and eloquently expresses what most of us struggle to find the right words for.

    • Henry Dubby
      Henry Dubby Month ago


    • Henry Dubby
      Henry Dubby Month ago

      Especially the part where she said that "White Men" wrote the first testimony of the bible, am I right????
      Spot on!!!!!

  • mbolduc
    mbolduc 5 months ago

    Two bitter twats dream of revenge. Gross and pathetic

  • Bibi Andrade
    Bibi Andrade 5 months ago +1

    Hannah is my religion!

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn 5 months ago +1

    What a nightmare

    • J G
      J G 5 months ago

      Hannah is starting to look like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia

  • Lian McGuire
    Lian McGuire 7 months ago

    Hannah, the stories in the Bible 'First Testament' (presume she mean's Old, doesn't matter either way though) weren't written by European men. They were Jewish, Middle Eastern/Asian men. And the idea that this is a white only issue in history is beyond foolish. History around the world, black, white, brown, is male dominated... women have been reduced to side players (or scaffolding as she correctly says) or famously scrubbed out of history since Ancient Egyptian times and beyond.

  • Sara Coe
    Sara Coe 7 months ago

    Sooo worth the 10 minute wait

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W 7 months ago +1

    They look like crabby old men.

    • J G
      J G 5 months ago

      That's the funny part of listening to them bash men and say how butt hurt they are now while at the same time saying that men are losing power? Um, im confused as to how a patriarchy can exist AND be losing power somehow at the same time. I think these women are just confused from an election that butt hurt them too much

  • Jay Are
    Jay Are 7 months ago

    Starts at 12:40

  • miranda c
    miranda c 8 months ago +1

    I love her, but does Hannah Gadsby actually know what she's talking about? The Bible was written by a person of color, very likely a woman. The _vast_ majority of world literature -- what I assume she means by "stories" -- is written by non-whites, much of it female, much of it told orally. I suspect she would discover the majority of her "European men" -- the classical tradition, the "great books" curriculum -- is really Asians, Africans, and non-whites. By her own criteria, she would never consider the Greeks "white men;" they were gay or bisexual men of color. Her statement that "women haven't been participating in storytelling for centuries" is just flat-out wrong. In fact, writing has been, in the European tradition, considered overwhelmingly a hobby of women. This bias was promulgated by women themselves, who built finishing schools and defined the proper place for women as a cultivated moral arbiter; men weren't sensitive enough for writing, and they spent their time outdoors, battling for resources that were then employed at home, whether the "battle" took place on a literal battleground, farmland, or the trading floor.
    Writing was accorded so little status, we don't even know the basic biography of the most famous writer who has ever lived (Shakespeare). We don't know when he was born, where he studied, when or how he started writing, when or how or why he quit -- and this isn't some trivial person, but the inventor of the very institution of writing that Gadsby is talking about, including (speaking of what the headlines are in the Hollywood Reporter) _all the tropes_ that we enjoy in the Marvel comics movies: stories built over multiple installments featuring characters that keep reappearing from different perspectives; interesting and exotic places and people, including ones that have been previously ignored; villains that are complex, with either reasonable motives from a certain viewpoint (Thanos) or who might actually be sympathetic (Black Panther); minority (POC) protagonists; feminism; heroes who are realistic and often flawed; lots of witty humor all the time, even in unexpected or dramatic or violent situations.
    When you look at English literature since Shakespeare, it's mainly "letters" (which is why we say "arts and letters") written by women: moralistic and sentimental novels (that's where self-help comes from, like the principles of Topple: "be brave, principles over product," etc), a considerable amount of romance novels, and a lot of pornography: just like right now. Fifty Shades, Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and romance novels -- this stuff didn't just come out of nowhere; this is what people have been doing this whole time. Social media makes it seem new, but there's nothing new about it at all.
    Of course it _seems_ to us like there's a huge amount of "great books" that is this big, dense monolith of homework, and it's written only by white men, and everybody else has been excluded from that, due to racism and sexism, and the progressives are finally starting to turn this thing around, and open it up, and make it more diverse, and not so repressive and oppressive; and not have it be so one-note and boring, and start to represent the true picture of humanity and how things really are, and make it so that it seems less like homework and more like the world in which we live. But in reality, that monolith is just the upper, upper echelon of literary practice, and it's so exceedingly unusual that it really is had to make any meaningful generalizations about it at all. The truly great writers of our time are people we haven't even heard about yet. In fact, we're only getting a sense of who the actual good ones were _a whole century ago_ -- Joyce and Woolf, for example. Proust. Probably not even Faulkner. Probably Beckett.
    I think what Gadsby means by "white men" is actually people with the cultural and financial capital of our time: the affluent and often opulent upper stratum of the middle class, who stand out at school, get the fancy jobs at the New York Times and the studios like Marvel and Warner Bros. Those are men _and_ women. And every society has that. And within that group, there's always a few people who assert that everything's too unequal, and it's vital that we create public policies to make social change. That's what Hannah Gadsby is. I'm all for disrupting stereotypes but not saying things that aren't true, and to say that women haven't been writing stories, and that all of this is suddenly changing one day, which just happens to be when Hannah Gadsby herself gets rich and famous -- I mean come on.

    • James McCaul
      James McCaul Month ago

      Hi Miranda, I liked your comment. Unfortunately it seems these days everybody is too angry to consider any kind of nuanced view of the world, you are either with us or against us! It’s a shame.

    • Jamie Tripp Utitus
      Jamie Tripp Utitus 4 months ago

      miranda c ??? A colored WOMAN wrote the Bible ... who taught you that?

  • Elena Syvokaite
    Elena Syvokaite 8 months ago

    damn this audience is so cute, clapping all the time

  • Thomas Tom
    Thomas Tom 9 months ago +2

    Who told women they weren't allowed to desire? who shames women for their wants?

    • J G
      J G 5 months ago

      Yeah just part of the narrative after "grab em by the pussy" was aired. Then the patriarchy had to be smashed. More fortunate timing for these female comedians trying to be political and failing because of their emotional overload

    • lockandloadlikehell
      lockandloadlikehell 7 months ago +1

      More silly nonsense and fantasy.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 9 months ago

    That was Yael Stone from OITNB!

  • manon ty
    manon ty 9 months ago

    brilliant talk !!..

  • B Valle
    B Valle 9 months ago +12

    I totally adore Hannah

  • shinken13
    shinken13 9 months ago +1

    I can't listen to these 2 anymore. They said one thing semi right and that there has to be an open dialogue

  • Trish Traynor
    Trish Traynor 10 months ago +1

    Jill seems like one of these tedious people who know nothing about the queer struggle we fought in the 80s,but is still trying to be the inventor of feminism. It's like she's holding Hannah hostage. Boring,old hat and deeply patronising towards dukes my age. Calling yourself 'they' doesn't heal up your vagina.

    • J G
      J G 5 months ago

      nobody cares, just saying

  • lemonadecupcakes
    lemonadecupcakes 10 months ago

    Sure, put that the baby with a vagina is a boy. I mean, if you don't want anyone to be able to locate that child in an incident that you are separated. Be open to gender, but don't screw with genital identification that will endanger your child if a trafficker gets a hold of your child. If a person says "I am the dad of this girl" and they are looking for a penis for a boy, your cute middle finger to binary identification can get your baby sold to the highest bidder. Find a different way.

  • Michael Bonade
    Michael Bonade 10 months ago +3

    Gadsby knows Best....I’m pitching the show!

  • Bob Mathieson
    Bob Mathieson 10 months ago +3

    I did find Jessica Bennet a bit dim though. They could have cast a presenter with way more up to speed intellect and that annoying blocked nasal vocal delivery that seems to be infecting America could be addressed.

    • Jamie Tripp Utitus
      Jamie Tripp Utitus 4 months ago

      Bob Mathieson the “are women the patriarchy?” question ... yeah

  • Bob Mathieson
    Bob Mathieson 10 months ago +9

    I like Hannah a lot. I wish I had a Sister like her. She says things that need to be said. She even says things that maybe shouldn't be said out loud. I am thankful that Hannah is who she is where she is and why she is because she helps us all to understand ourselves so much better and more clearly. I like the philosophical bend to her programme. She awakens me and allows me to see the world again through eyes that I had put aside. I like her Bravery.

  • Dekab naeb
    Dekab naeb 10 months ago


  • pamela hirst
    pamela hirst 11 months ago +10

    Oh Dear Hannah I have followed your media journey and love and Respect you. Feel so much for you at your discomfort at the beginning of this discourse. You Are Incredibly Just beautifully You. You Are Amazing and have done So Much for so many . Respect !

  • pamela hirst
    pamela hirst 11 months ago

    Just found this on my you tube search but can't play it . Bummer !

  • Linda Wilson
    Linda Wilson 11 months ago +2

    Wow. Just put "male" on an official document that will do nothing but cause a bureaucratic nightmare for all involved. What irresponsible advice. Ask a therapist and a lawyer questions like that, not a screenwriter. Jesus, this whole thing, whatever this thing is, is becoming insane.

    • Sky Lar
      Sky Lar 4 months ago

      I know I just talked to my husband about that 'mom' I was like what is wrong with you? You are the one making the gender choice for your infant child?? I mean like how mental are you? And why were you allowed to reproduce. I honestly am bewildered how illogical she is!!

  • whatiwasgoingtosay
    whatiwasgoingtosay 11 months ago +10

    I need to get Jill’s book. What she said about feeling like you can’t express desire hit me so hard. I’m a news producer, working with a lot of powerful men and I find myself deferring to them all the time, even though I’m the one in charge, and it drives me crazy. I want to be more like her.

    • lockandloadlikehell
      lockandloadlikehell 7 months ago

      "and I find myself deferring to them all the time"
      As should be.
      That's evolution, reaching out and touching you.
      Keep growing.

  • Liz P
    Liz P 11 months ago

    The "clapter" in this _den of_ (supposed) _inequality_ is nauseating. At least we know this won't ever _really_ go anywhere, since they'll be too busy getting offended by one another, &"eating their own". Take that God awful Women's March, for example! Shit's FINALLY imploding bc of its anti-Semitism &"white" feminism.😂 Guess Trump will have to give those fat bitches another reason to get out walking.

    • Joey Bekker
      Joey Bekker 3 months ago

      Liz P seems like you feel rather intimidated by Hannah and her honesty about the way women alike were oppressed from the beginning of time. What do you do to help the voice of women.?

    • yvonne shanson
      yvonne shanson 9 months ago

      Liz P .. he said hiding behind a girl's photo... this alone shows a lot about the validity of your opinion ..! dignity aaand manhood. yyyeesss !!!...

  • Matthew Moodie
    Matthew Moodie 11 months ago

    I tried to be opened minded watching this.. my mind was inevitably stomped on, and thrown back in its box.. “please don’t let me go outside towards the stupidity again” says, said brain.

    • Matthew Moodie
      Matthew Moodie 9 months ago


    • yvonne shanson
      yvonne shanson 9 months ago

      yeah, just stay there, in your "smart" box... boxes are smart and far from stupidity, by definition ....

  • Beth Heinecamp
    Beth Heinecamp 11 months ago +6

    I'm sorry, but I just don't find Jill that fascinating, maybe it's her delivery style. Yeah, I think that's it. I sort of get lost in a maze of words, overly intellectualizing and doubling back on her thoughts, it's tiring. Hannah, ahhh.... you are wonderful. Brilliant, sensitive, and quite easy to listen to.

  • Hump
    Hump Year ago

    WTF with 10 minutes of dead air before the event? Nevermind.... it was the best part of this hackery. The interviewer has a job based on what? WTF is a "Gender Editor" is she a surgeon? Nanette is fine to exist, but don't go throwing your weight around trying to change the rules of whats funny or acceptable on stage. How did I get here? Oh yeah... I didnt get 'Nanette'. Hearing about rape in stand up WITHOUT any joke was not something that I want to see. It seemed like a one man show masquerading as stand up comedy and I didnt find out till the end, leaving me with a feeling of being conned. Fucking one man shows are always the same, someone takes what they learn in therapy and talks about their dead mom/lover/brother that had cancer/killed themselves/fucked off and they almost didnt make it though but they made a show! Jesus... fucking NY Times... smh. 23:19 duhhhhhhh

  • franco stoppardi
    franco stoppardi Year ago

    Murica and muricans are really fucked up

  • Chris McKay
    Chris McKay Year ago +1

    Like listening to paint dry.

    • J G
      J G 5 months ago

      Hanah lost like 100lbs after Nannette when she said she is ok with who she is and wont change for anyone. Unless it's American TV and the cash that brings in huh you sellout?!