Vocal Coach Reacts to NIGHTWISH 'Ghost Love Score' (Official LIVE)

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
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Comments • 424

  • Sordel
    Sordel 14 days ago

    “Other vocal coaches have done it” ... “is there any point?”. Dem views, Dear. Dem sweet sweet views.

  • Luke Skywodka
    Luke Skywodka 15 days ago

    Compared to Madonna live, this is epic!

  • Nicholas Malfatti
    Nicholas Malfatti 17 days ago

    The look of joy on your face made this reaction great. Floor is incredible, but it's the keyboardist Tuomas that is the real genius behind the group. He's probably one of the finest modern composers alive today.

  • Peter Ang
    Peter Ang 18 days ago +10

    Want to now more about what Floor Jansen can sing, watch "beste zangers 2019 floor jansen" on youtube, Opera, pop, latin. If you want to see the whole serie with subt go to the site of
    Denise Hofs.

  • juanthestabber
    juanthestabber 19 days ago

    Nice headphones, got one of those at my studio.

  • Record Master
    Record Master 22 days ago

    You already met Glennis Grace and this singer Floor Jansen is another diamond from the Netherlands, she's the latest singer from this metal band (there were two singers before her) and she took the band to the next level. Up to now they sold almost 10 million albums .........

  • mike smith
    mike smith 25 days ago +1

    Yes, she is classically trained in Lieder style opera.

  • carlotta4th
    carlotta4th 28 days ago +1

    That's not strong heavy metal, it's really more orchestral metal.

  • mary monteban
    mary monteban Month ago

    Georgina,Oh my god i have just listen to Henk Poort Beste zangers (dutch) 2019 Sound of silence OH MY GOD SOOOOO Beautiful Georgina,please you just must hear this!!!!

  • aracuscesar
    aracuscesar Month ago

    gotta say, i almost gave it a dislike when you paused it at the end

  • Viktor Ko
    Viktor Ko Month ago

    I would say this piece is probably the pinnacle of it's genre.

  • Zero Ena
    Zero Ena Month ago

    why always split and cut this beautifull song in pieces instead of waiting for the right moment for comments?

  • Ian Crouch
    Ian Crouch Month ago


  • Σαββας Εφραιμιδης

    her classical education was voice and just piano!!:-)

  • PAN Outdoor Diary
    PAN Outdoor Diary Month ago +3

    I can listen to and watch that song 1 mio. times..i get goosebumps and emotional EVERY SINGLE TIME..

  • PAN Outdoor Diary
    PAN Outdoor Diary Month ago

    9:10 😁💥✔️

  • John Lanham
    John Lanham Month ago +1

    11:51 the Floorgasm brings yet another convert to the family !! 😁 Welcome Sister. You’re one of us now. Just FYI, that’s about 70 minutes into the show and Floor had been killin’ it the whole way already. Also, that’s 82 THOUSAND people hanging on her every note; so, no pressure on her to Bury that high note.... At 6’1 and 170 pounds Floor is a smiling, singing, dancing, enchanting, stage commanding Valkyrie; and to me at least, a gift from above. Seeing the whole video of this concert, Especially the Floorgasm changed my life. It made me start listening to music again. I love watching these reaction videos and my biggest hope is that people follow and enjoy the Symphonic Metal path I was led to. Welcome to it.
    All Hail Floor !! 💛💛

    This is the holy trinity of Nightwish songs live with Floor fronting...
    Ghost Love Score live at Wacken 2013 ru-clip.com/video/JYjIlHWBAVo/video.html
    Greatest Show on Earth live at Tampere 2015 ru-clip.com/video/45brzDJKZ3o/video.html
    The poet and the Pendulum live at Wembley 2016 ru-clip.com/video/gbn9GczYBkw/video.html (you need to know the band’s background before you listen to this. It will give the song its truest meaning to you. Don’t worry, the Nightwish army will handhold you to enlightenment 😆😆)

  • Tennislovingcoffeeaddict

    Georgina :-) you've looked at Floor and Tarja, would you please take a look at the other Nightwish singer, Anette, you can't look at a Nightwish video without absolute hate, or absolute love for each singer. I'm a big fan of hers, and would recommend a song called slow love slow. She's such a contrast to Floor and Tarja :-)

  • iera
    iera Month ago

    The most powerful voice on earth. Nobody comes close. Go ahead, sing this song like her, I dare you. She opens at 2:26 and the way she sounds it is not something I can put into words, a siren. I'd instantly follow that voice into darkness. She does it again at 3:26, I don't think I've listened to a more pure sounding sound in my pathetic existence. 4:16 is another example, that 'memory' is something else. The entire song is drizzled with genius, fuck me

  • Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson

    Not sure why so many suggestions about this particular song, it shows roughly 9% of Floor’s vocal power.

  • Alita Berserker #99

    Floor Jansen is a vocal coach herself, and a soprano, but is a master of every vocal style. The very first lead singer of Nightwish, Taarja Turunen was more of an opera singer and was, of course, grandiose, but I feel Floor's versatility gives her an edge.

  • Ale Rodriguez
    Ale Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Heaven, how The hell this perfect women exist!

  • Lee Harding
    Lee Harding Month ago

    Floor is a stunning vocalist. Nightwish are an amazing band. So much energy, power and passion. Shivers down the spine stuff.

  • FernandesCam
    FernandesCam Month ago

    You paused right in the end, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Jeff K
    Jeff K Month ago

    Your face at 11:10 says it all.

  • Ronald Boers
    Ronald Boers Month ago +3

    FYI Floor is now in a Dutch tv show called "Beste Zangers" (Best vocalists). The program consists of 7 vocalists in total. Every week one person is the guest of honor and the other vocalist will sing a cover or a song that the person has a special connection with. This week the guest was Henk Poort a very famous Dutch musical and opera singer. Floor of-course put on her opera voice with a little bit of symphonic metal twist. :-) here is the clip. @

  • sarahwithstars
    sarahwithstars Month ago

    I still don't understand how Tuomas can write music that brings me to tears and raises me off the floor (punn intended) and makes me feel like I am powerful when his lyrics command English beyond my capabilities and it's this third language after Finnish and German. What the hell? I can't express myself in my mother tongue as beautifully as he does in his third language.

  • DM Kilrath
    DM Kilrath Month ago

    Stopping the video as Floor is singing should be punishable by death.

  • Mauricio Hernández
    Mauricio Hernández 2 months ago

    That was our Valkyrie Queen Floor Jansen.

  • Lazarescu Diana
    Lazarescu Diana 2 months ago

    and the staccatoo is very weak

  • Lazarescu Diana
    Lazarescu Diana 2 months ago

    Floor recites the lyrics very well

  • Cassie Winters
    Cassie Winters 2 months ago +4

    Floor was the perfect replacement for Tarja! I kinda stopped listening to them after Tarja left and never knew who Floor was. Man did I miss some epic moments. I do know that Floor Jansen reignited my love for this band.

  • Andrea Pancakova
    Andrea Pancakova 2 months ago +1

    i love Nightwish :) the Pisces from Jinjer - very interesting stuff

  • J Zundert
    J Zundert 2 months ago

    floor the singer comes from the netherlands and her fiend ia also a girl plays in a band from the netherlands named WITHIN TAMPTATION the same sort of music songs ICE QUEEN or MOTHER EARTH or SUPERNOVA i hope you comment on this

  • WM WM
    WM WM 2 months ago +1

    WOW This singer is better than others singer from pop music.

  • cases pis
    cases pis 2 months ago

    I love Floor here immensely. Completely a great Valkyrie. Her body, her face, her fully presence. Thanks a lot Floor.

  • 8484terry
    8484terry 2 months ago

    Enjoyed watching you watch and react, very nice! One of the best performance's I have ever seen, Floor is magnificent.

  • Nicholas Johansson
    Nicholas Johansson 3 months ago

    What people seems to miss out on, is this is Floor Jansen's first performance with Nightwish and her public debut as the new lead singer.

    • J.F. Luiña Bousquet
      J.F. Luiña Bousquet Month ago

      Eehhm... no. She joined Nightwish in october 2012, in their USA tour after they fired Anette. Her first performance with the band was in Seattle. They finished the USA tour, then South America Tour, then Australia and finally the big festivals season (including Wacken). This is Wacken 2013, 10 months after the first Seattle concert. Still very impressive though.

  • Juny H
    Juny H 3 months ago

    Varry good reaction.🤘🏻i enjoyed your honest opinion

  • Ezequiel Morales
    Ezequiel Morales 3 months ago

    12:20 She could feel it coming.

  • Nekane Rodriguez
    Nekane Rodriguez 3 months ago +2

    Congratulations for your first Floorgasm.
    She is indeed a voice teacher herself

  • Kemal
    Kemal 3 months ago +1

    Funny to see listeners turn silent, they do not move...then they figure that something strange is happening to them....Floorgasm

  • hobgoblin13
    hobgoblin13 3 months ago

    she is actually a soprano

  • TheVoiTube
    TheVoiTube 3 months ago +2

    Floor is more or less just toying with her amazing voice. Transitions are so smooth, versatile sound for different segments and backed by duracell pipes. The sound keeps coming and coming, with flawless on notes.

  • Kerry Jones
    Kerry Jones 3 months ago

    thanks for your review what i and i belive other people love about you is your honest review . I just loved watching you watching this video its what i love to see is somebodys natural reaction to watching superb music like nightwish. Thank you

  • Feride Dogan
    Feride Dogan 3 months ago

    Floor is not a mezzo soprano. Shes a lyric soprano. Tarja turunen is a full soprano. About anette i dont know but anette has the lightest voice i guess shes more a light lyric .

  • Roland Lee
    Roland Lee 3 months ago +1


  • Dinesh Rai
    Dinesh Rai 3 months ago +1

    No matter how many time i watch this performance it is never more for me.. Floor forever..nightwish forever

  • Priscila Garo
    Priscila Garo 3 months ago +2

    You should definetely listen to nightwish with tarja from the DVD end of an era. Oh lord. So different

  • Andreas Wennberg
    Andreas Wennberg 3 months ago +2

    Would be interesting to see what you think about the singer in Epica. Simone Simons and Floor Jensen has done som greate songs together.
    Some sugestions.
    Epica - sancta terra (ft Floor)
    Epica - stabat mater dolorosa (FT Floor)
    Epica - cry for the moon (live studio)
    Epica - solitary ground (live 29-06-2019)

  • Veronica4u2day
    Veronica4u2day 3 months ago +1

    My God she is good and so are YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mario GA
    Mario GA 3 months ago

    Floor plays in another league...

  • Ray Reyes
    Ray Reyes 3 months ago

    shes also a vocal coach

  • SynphamyOfficial
    SynphamyOfficial 3 months ago +1

    It's hilarious to me how many comments these videos get that are just a massive wall of text about the band's history or educating people on who the singer is.

  • C P
    C P 3 months ago

    This video is great because it all meshes Drums Keyboard voice Everything

  • L Bergamini
    L Bergamini 3 months ago

    you should give "ever dream" from the same concert a try

  • Rene van Westen
    Rene van Westen 3 months ago

    Hi , she is indeed trained very well. In The Netherlands we have "the rock academy in Tilburg (place)", she is one of the students....

  • Jernej Skerbiš
    Jernej Skerbiš 3 months ago

    try this out
    Rhapsody-Emerald Sword

  • a business or other
    a business or other 3 months ago +1

    So why did you do Phantom of the Opera "first time" then? I bet you're an old Slayer and Helloween fan pretending to be a folklorist.
    No matter, Tarja is still the goddess, Floor is the perfect follow up expanding the scene.

  • Shay Kearney
    Shay Kearney 3 months ago

    Thank you for your wonderful take. You were so entertaining. Xx