Phone Booth with Dwayne Johnson

  • Published on Apr 6, 2017
  • Jimmy and Dwayne Johnson face off in a trivia game where a new mystery guest gets shoved into their phone booths after each wrong answer.
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    Phone Booth with Dwayne Johnson
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 109

  • Mr ArPy
    Mr ArPy 9 hours ago +1

    2:20 asking the rock about himself?😂😂

  • Stormy Phillips
    Stormy Phillips 11 hours ago

    I wanted to give that rogue blue man a hug. 😂 I lost it when he started bouncing with the minions.

  • Owen Anson
    Owen Anson Day ago

    Why are WWE stars the sweetest

  • Dragonguard Jenkins
    Dragonguard Jenkins 2 days ago

    One way to let the moderator talk dirty: Let him say "Uranus" (Your ANUS) :D 05:38 ^^

  • Chief Ken
    Chief Ken 2 days ago

    Who else started singing Big Show’s entrance music from back in the day? 😂

  • Ehsan Murtaza
    Ehsan Murtaza 3 days ago

    What if big show and the rock were in the same one

  • NotRealm
    NotRealm 3 days ago +3

    2:01 u just see 3 heads look to the left at big show😂😂

  • Day Ann Estepa
    Day Ann Estepa 3 days ago +2

    Notice the blue man looking straightly at the camera

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 4 days ago

    I'm a man with common sense. I see Higgins, I go to a different video.

  • Aniya Simmons
    Aniya Simmons 6 days ago

    Damn poor jimmy

  • Amelia Machanic
    Amelia Machanic 6 days ago

    Who Isis watching this once jimmy is the host?

  • Tobias müller
    Tobias müller 6 days ago

    You see the rock and think, wow this guy is big and then Big Show comes in :-DDDDD

  • Harrison Franklin
    Harrison Franklin 8 days ago

    the third blue guy looks like jeremyrenner

  • Meme banana Cream
    Meme banana Cream 8 days ago +1

    8:06 look at one at the blues in the background 🤣

  • Sydney Crafts
    Sydney Crafts 8 days ago

    Lol look at Jimmy at 1:30 his face tho!! 😂

  • brijesh patel
    brijesh patel 9 days ago


  • yumna amjad
    yumna amjad 10 days ago +1

    That blue man going rogue😂

  • Captain America
    Captain America 11 days ago

    7:03 that guy is creeping me out

  • Hussein Ali
    Hussein Ali 11 days ago

    I'm so glad I lost weight 😂

  • yeoso
    yeoso 14 days ago

    This clip is so cute hahaha

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn 14 days ago

    God is so good and Christ is King almighty✝️🙏🏻

    • God is forever
      God is forever 10 days ago

      @Katelyn Ok, I won't stop you!

    • Katelyn
      Katelyn 10 days ago +1

      God is forever just speaking the truthhh:)❤️

    • God is forever
      God is forever 10 days ago

      Katelyn I’m a Christian but what the HECK?!

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 15 days ago +1

    Did anyone else notice the blue men staring intently at the WWE star behind the curtain wall thing? 😂😂

  • Chuck Norita
    Chuck Norita 15 days ago +2

    The mayer is awesome, has to have a great sense of humor. 😁

  • Flying Ostrich
    Flying Ostrich 15 days ago

    Jimmy's Booth is like a Transport Train in india 😂😂

  • Honey Cheetos
    Honey Cheetos 15 days ago

    I love the blue man group...

  • C it’s Me
    C it’s Me 15 days ago +3

    Who else saw the stray blue man partying in the background

  • Inferior Gamer
    Inferior Gamer 16 days ago

    That kid is smarter then me. I missed one question that he got right i said 3 planets had rings because i forgot about Uranus. Lol

  • Jocelyn Circus Girl
    Jocelyn Circus Girl 17 days ago +9

    OMG I performed with the blue Man group! And they were awesome! It was actually one of those guys! Omg!!! Hi!! 👋🏻

  • Pr0 GengOo
    Pr0 GengOo 18 days ago

    LOL winning that 1st question actually puts him in disadvantage - talking about irony

  • Pimpdaddyballs
    Pimpdaddyballs 18 days ago

    I mean...there is this song that is called "live like we're dying" that answers the question LOL

  • Chris Mark
    Chris Mark 18 days ago

    That blue man 😂😂😂😂

  • Jhon anthony Pasigna
    Jhon anthony Pasigna 19 days ago

    I was like why that did person look at the like blue man and i asked myself it might be blueman group and then when they get out it was them

  • TheEmerald_ Minecart
    TheEmerald_ Minecart 19 days ago

    I’m bluemda ba dee da ba da

  • Jesse L
    Jesse L 20 days ago

    We’ll is a big show

  • Sad Love Story
    Sad Love Story 21 day ago +1

    I love this program so much💙

  • Madison Rollins
    Madison Rollins 22 days ago

    I love how they included a fellow wrestler 😂💜

  • Thoeny65
    Thoeny65 22 days ago

    What I hate the most is that the audience sounded like they were cheering at the minions more than the other celebrities

  • Leyenda Lopez-Santos
    Leyenda Lopez-Santos 22 days ago

    It's Kevin and Stewart

  • iyellowghost
    iyellowghost 23 days ago

    How many planets have a ring around them i geuessed correct

  • Lil Katz
    Lil Katz 24 days ago +20

    Dwayn- 1 sec..
    Small genius- ignis
    Dwayn- wait what?
    Small genius- IGNIS!
    Dwayn- The answer will be “ignis”
    That is.. CORRECT!
    And thats how i got shock that he’s a genius!

  • download movies for free!

    DWAYNE JOHNSON is handsome!!


    Omg that guy is even taller then Dwayne 😂😂😂

  • Sss
    Sss 26 days ago

    2:34 Jimmy's like "Are you kidding me?"😂😂😂

  • ArnaldoJ
    ArnaldoJ 26 days ago


  • primo Don
    primo Don 27 days ago

    The big show is such a big old teddy bear

  • primo Don
    primo Don 27 days ago

    They need to make these boothes a little more bigger

  • Khuram Khan
    Khuram Khan 28 days ago

    4:44 am so glad I lost weight loool

  • Ruth Ann Mathew
    Ruth Ann Mathew 28 days ago +2

    Dwayne to the kid: he's a friend from work......

  • Alexis Henderson
    Alexis Henderson 29 days ago

    The blue guys scare me lmao

  • Alfraxiu M
    Alfraxiu M 29 days ago

    It must be nice for Dwayne to greet an old coworker

  • ARIN PARAB Premium account


  • Mackenzie Artist
    Mackenzie Artist Month ago +1

    I related to the blue man too much

  • Jersey Hidalgo
    Jersey Hidalgo Month ago

    You know he's cheating 😜

  • Harvey Beaks
    Harvey Beaks Month ago

    can u get batista or john cena in on this game and return It...

  • Cute Fuzzy_Bear
    Cute Fuzzy_Bear Month ago


  • Michelle Octavia
    Michelle Octavia Month ago

    Minion cute.

  • keks Tetz
    keks Tetz Month ago

    You're scaring the kid

  • yehianassar
    yehianassar Month ago

    Big show

  • That nerd Boy
    That nerd Boy Month ago

    Now I think THE ROCK mind you should know the first question given to him

  • mikax Xkikaax3
    mikax Xkikaax3 Month ago

    Jimmy is hilarious; his face expressions tell it all lmao

  • Sive ;-;
    Sive ;-; Month ago

    The blue people,are freaking me out lmao

  • E J
    E J Month ago +1

    White beardy shaq lmao

  • The Drakon
    The Drakon Month ago

    Big show takes up half the booth by himself

  • João Guilherme B Correa

    Whos this Dwayne Johnson guy? He should be in the WWE

  • Samantha Riggs
    Samantha Riggs Month ago

    I went on that ride

  • Gacha *p Potato
    Gacha *p Potato Month ago

    it’s the rock 0.0

  • Shasanka shekhar Halder

    Jimmy gets the answer correct and Dwayne gets the genius

  • Cat lover Caporusso

    He ceated

  • m. afras
    m. afras Month ago

    The last planet is ur ANUS 😂😂

  • Fatema Tuj Saima
    Fatema Tuj Saima Month ago +1

    Not worry about that one
    Next: big show enters his booth

  • EmmaGaming Channel
    EmmaGaming Channel Month ago +1

    Dwayne is smart...

    Oh wait! The child genius helped him out lol.

  • Robby Raymundo
    Robby Raymundo Month ago

    When The Minions Meets The Rock

  • Jodie Dixon
    Jodie Dixon Month ago

    lol poor jimmy

  • Hannah Wolff
    Hannah Wolff Month ago

    dang i was just guessing but I actually got the first one correct about Gatorade before he even said it.

  • Nolen Liu
    Nolen Liu Month ago

    I got the seconds in a day one right w/mental math!

  • alberto032973
    alberto032973 Month ago +1

    Funny video

  • Ann R
    Ann R Month ago

    Omg. That big guy with Jimmy is like me with my cat. 😂😂😂

  • Bibizaynabi Saidasliddinzoda

    jimmy bought his own doom when he sent the kid genius to dwayne's booth

  • Bibizaynabi Saidasliddinzoda

    'im so glad i lost weight'
    LMAO i can't stop laughing

  • Dalton Noble
    Dalton Noble Month ago +2

    at 1:15 it was not invented at the University of florida it was invented at the University of Nebraska in 1965 which was used at a football camp in Nebraska and it wasn't pattened yet so Florida stole the idea so that was wrong

  • Ella Oliver
    Ella Oliver Month ago

    I liked that ride it was really fun I went in December after Christmas

  • Amoras Queen
    Amoras Queen Month ago +1

    i was sooo hype when big show came out omgggg!!! i love his smile hes sweet 😭💕💘

  • Brennan Kretzinger
    Brennan Kretzinger Month ago

    The blue men are the best

  • Cool Cheese
    Cool Cheese Month ago

    Omg big show is so lovable

  • Yung One
    Yung One Month ago +2

    The last planet is Uranus

  • Dee Bass
    Dee Bass Month ago

    the blue guy 8:07

  • RBK Alotaibi
    RBK Alotaibi Month ago

    7:53 - 7:56 the blue man lamo 😂😂

  • Caden Axline
    Caden Axline Month ago

    7:05 the blue guys eyes

  • Chelsea Isabella
    Chelsea Isabella Month ago

    yeahh The Rock!

    ALYSSA FONST Month ago

    The best minion is bob

  • Cooper Slays
    Cooper Slays Month ago

    Jupiter does not have a ring

  • Xx412xxbluntz
    Xx412xxbluntz Month ago

    Nooo theres plenty of game 😂

  • Xx412xxbluntz
    Xx412xxbluntz Month ago

    He said don't you worry bout that one 😂

  • Oh wassup Chicken
    Oh wassup Chicken Month ago

    3:44 *in front of the seanes..

  • AzzaRAPazza Games
    AzzaRAPazza Games Month ago


  • Hanan Khalifa
    Hanan Khalifa Month ago +3

    "I'm so glad I lost weight" 😂

  • Maria Pineda
    Maria Pineda Month ago


  • Marisa H
    Marisa H Month ago


  • OneWolf
    OneWolf Month ago +1

    Two superstars in one show that isn’t wwe