ICHIRAN vs. IPPUDO Ramen: BEST Japanese Ramen Chain

  • Опубликовано: 23 дек 2018
  • Here is my comparison of the two chain ramen places in Japan, Ippudo vs. Ichiran ramen noodles. And when I first ate Ippudo ramen in New York, I didn't like it as much but once I tried it in Japan Ippudo completely changed my perspectives on it. But... I will always love Ichiran no matter what.
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    Also, check out my Tomita Ramen video which I absolutely love! ru-clip.com/video/FvPkdxC832M/видео.html
    ✧ Ippudo Nishikikoji
    ✧ Ichiran Kyoto Kawaramachi (Many locations)
    ✧ A Happy Pancake Kyoto (Many locations)
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    Im a Weirdo 3 часа назад

    Who thought about Naruto with the names

  • DrSchweitzer
    DrSchweitzer 5 часов назад

    OMG, Jackie Chan makes food videos? Wonderful, I like the video very much!

  • The3rdID
    The3rdID 5 часов назад

    Happiness and sadness at the same time.
    That's how I feel when I watch this :(

  • Alex Teng
    Alex Teng 19 часов назад

    You must have a gigantic stomach. From 3 pizzas in one sotting to 3 ramen bowls. So nice to enjoy it all.

  • Skulldragon 379
    Skulldragon 379 День назад

    Who in the damn world has the heart to dislike this man and his videos

  • protizemo s
    protizemo s 2 дня назад

    Aren't t
    You tired of noodles

  • Agel1ic
    Agel1ic 2 дня назад

    I tried Ichiran in Tokyo and it's really good

  • Bernadette Formentera
    Bernadette Formentera 2 дня назад

    Ichiran😍😍😍 my most favorite ramen

    GNOYID 2 дня назад

    pho >>>> ramen

  • Aaron Oliva
    Aaron Oliva 3 дня назад

    “Akamaru” Naruto anyone?😂

  • kalyani D
    kalyani D 3 дня назад

    I wish everyone can have food the way you have (soo satisfying) and still stay fit🔥. You are amazing Mike

  • EternalSnoie
    EternalSnoie 4 дня назад

    Have you ever encounter people telling you to put away your camera?

  • Leonhard
    Leonhard 5 дней назад

    Ok.. I made a plate of Indomie right now

  • yellofury
    yellofury 5 дней назад

    The great Ippudo vs Ichiran debate. I think its just personal taste. If you watched Chris Broad he prefers Ippudo. Ive only had Ippudo and thought it was great but when I am in Japan, I prefer the mom and pop places ALWAYS over chain tens

  • Aly Tee
    Aly Tee 6 дней назад

    I hope you see this comment! Could you make a japan travel guide?? Want to go there so badly and you know so much about the country and their food

  • funny Tik tok
    funny Tik tok 6 дней назад +1

    Im soo hungry right now😣😣😣😣😣😣

    GAIJINxSTUDY 6 дней назад

    Keep up the good work Mikey! I literally just uploaded my review of Ippudo and the Ippudo 7/11 instant noodles and I compared it to Ichiran as well! I was going to make a suggestion that you try Ippudo yet here we are!

  • Dragon Balla
    Dragon Balla 6 дней назад

    Your stomach capacity is impressive. I would’ve been full after half a bowl of ramen. You even had desert! Bravo!!

  • David Vasta
    David Vasta 6 дней назад


  • Killershootin 69
    Killershootin 69 8 дней назад

    Can I just have ramen every meal for the rest of my life? Lol

  • Universal Phoenix
    Universal Phoenix 8 дней назад

    I’ve been thinking all morning about ramen , I think I may get some after watching this considering there’s a new ramen spot by my place that has REALLY good reviews on yelp 😌👍🍜

  • LordJhay
    LordJhay 8 дней назад

    Akumaru 🐕

  • Miggy Servano
    Miggy Servano 8 дней назад

    What is the name of the intro

  • Tony Malfitano
    Tony Malfitano 9 дней назад

    Going to Tokyo in May. I cannot wait to experience this.

  • Mimp J
    Mimp J 9 дней назад

    I went to Ippudo in London (Embankment branch) on my own and got the classic ramen. It's hard to describe but it was a really warm and welcoming experience in general. I used to go to Kanada Ya a lot, and now I'm completely converted to Ippudo.

  • 403TKY
    403TKY 9 дней назад

    Ichiran is a tourist trap, most mediocre ramen in Japan. It's basically instant noodles with tissue thin BBQ pork. Cheap ramen places that cost half as much are 1000x better.

  • TheHujnik
    TheHujnik 9 дней назад

    eating cutlery looks nice in this place looks different than other places

  • SongBird2020
    SongBird2020 9 дней назад

    This is torture!!!!! I have to stop watching 😵

  • Hiro Yota
    Hiro Yota 10 дней назад

    Why don’t you go to Fukuoka if you compare ramen? Especially this video about tonkotsu ramen.

  • jchau29
    jchau29 10 дней назад


  • ToonGang Trey
    ToonGang Trey 10 дней назад

    What was the instrumental at 15:42?

  • Cras gomez
    Cras gomez 11 дней назад

    This ramen is super unhealthy most of the time not?

  • Steve Brule
    Steve Brule 11 дней назад

    My cup o ramen is almost done. Fml....

  • Amin Limbu
    Amin Limbu 11 дней назад


  • Kendal Takeshita
    Kendal Takeshita 11 дней назад

    Just went to Ichiran in Osaka!! Super good🔥🔥

    MATTHEW BAIJOO TM 11 дней назад

    He said creamy and sitting on my tongue

  • Lucas Tsuchida
    Lucas Tsuchida 11 дней назад

    Ur my favorite youtuber

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    ishimaru kyousuke 11 дней назад

    Watching this at 3am and being broke af is torture.

  • Yungguel Lopez
    Yungguel Lopez 12 дней назад

    I love it! Ramen is definitely my fave. The way you reacted when the ramen reached the table. I can relate. I love food so much. Is this your only job ?

  • GamingWithYoshi
    GamingWithYoshi 12 дней назад

    Please try tatsu ramen

  • Geegee Cookie
    Geegee Cookie 12 дней назад

    So sad, ichiran not open in Indonesia. I loves ichiran more than ippudo. But different people, different taste.

  • Andrew Kirkland
    Andrew Kirkland 12 дней назад

    The next time you're in Osaka go and check out Kyushu Ramen Kio. It has the most amazing charshu!

  • Karl Christopher Macas
    Karl Christopher Macas 12 дней назад

    Ichiraku ramen still the best 😂😂

  • chris uy
    chris uy 12 дней назад

    If he did this within the day. Damn how many stomachs do you have? hahahahaha

  • Dattboi J
    Dattboi J 12 дней назад

    Is that an egg?

  • Nan Hwei
    Nan Hwei 13 дней назад

    Wanko soba to save your hungry?

  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel 13 дней назад

    Ichiran will always be king

  • yhozeek
    yhozeek 13 дней назад

    Man I can eat Ichiran everyday, I love the Ichiran in Japan way more than the one in New York.

  • Kiritofanboy
    Kiritofanboy 13 дней назад

    and im sitting here in germany in a place u cant get anything like that like nowhere :c im sad (and hungry)

  • Christian Watts
    Christian Watts 13 дней назад

    Always fun to see japanese bystanders staring awkwardly at mike

  • Jarrad Littleford
    Jarrad Littleford 13 дней назад

    The best ramen I had was from a place within Ramen Republic located in JR tower in Sapporo. Theres 8 restaurants there we tried a few but by far the best was the one right by the entrance. Best ramen I've ever had.

  • stolenjitsu
    stolenjitsu 13 дней назад

    Ippudo FTW!

  • Kayla Mehldau
    Kayla Mehldau 13 дней назад

    My favorite ramen is curry beef ramen.

  • Louisash
    Louisash 13 дней назад

    tray crapes in Tokyo japan

  • JoŋaȾђan Yaŋes
    JoŋaȾђan Yaŋes 13 дней назад

    Siento un placer visual cuando veo a alguien comer ramen me da satisfacción

  • Frank Xu
    Frank Xu 13 дней назад

    This video is 10x better than Muk banger

    HOLLOWPOINTBULLET 13 дней назад

    This is my favorite ramen video of all youtube!!

  • IyanHan M.
    IyanHan M. 14 дней назад

    watching this in the middle of the night and I'm so hungry ... okay I am going to cook myself a bowl of ramen >

  • Tokyo Dollxo
    Tokyo Dollxo 14 дней назад


  • Alan Hernandez
    Alan Hernandez 14 дней назад

    Bruce lee

  • cart3r t
    cart3r t 14 дней назад

    All the intellectuals know that the one and only *Ichiraku* ramen is the best

  • DubKamHD
    DubKamHD 14 дней назад

    The intro was a bit cringy...(no hate)

    SWABE GAMING PH 14 дней назад

    I wish to have some ichiran ramen huhu

  • Sierra Metro
    Sierra Metro 14 дней назад

    I'm literally crying rn - that looks amazing!

  • Melody
    Melody 14 дней назад

    I need to go to Japan like right now 😭😭😭
    I threw up this morning and would STILL eat as much as I could of this.

  • AlucarD DraculA
    AlucarD DraculA 14 дней назад

    Im still here

  • Light
    Light 15 дней назад

    I tried ippudo in singapore, and my first respond was there’s no way this could be compare to ichiran. however, ichiran in taiwan’s not as good as the one in japan, too. i might have to give the real ippudo another chance after seeing this video of yours.

  • Shoguntkd
    Shoguntkd 15 дней назад

    Mike, try Bannai Shokudo in Kitakata. As you know, you have Sapporo, Hakata and Kitakata for ramen in Japan as the main places. There are Bannai shops all over now but I prefer the one in Kitakata. The Charsiu Men is the bomb. I just got back form Japan yesterday and I'm aching to go back already. I went to Ippudo and another called Furaikyo in Akihabara. Not overly impressed with either. I don't like straight narrow noodles.

  • stvsueoka1
    stvsueoka1 15 дней назад

    The Ichiran bowl kinda looks like the Japanese flag, with the white broth and red chili circle in the middle haha

  • Winter P
    Winter P 15 дней назад

    Hi Mike , next time you are in Tokyo pls try Mutekiya Ramen at Ikebukuro , 1-Chome - 17-1 Toshima Tokyo 171-0022 ,superb tonkotsu ramen

  • Sk Low
    Sk Low 15 дней назад

    Mikey: Thin, straight and beautiful
    That's how i like my women
    *Realise he's talking about noodles*
    Oh, yah, that too...

  • Edurne Ruiz Sachse
    Edurne Ruiz Sachse 15 дней назад

    This video totally convinced me to try all the noodles xD Thanks!

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    Kath Feliciano 15 дней назад

    Mike, can I go with you next time you go to Japan? ☺️

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    BondIsGood 15 дней назад

    did you eat all that 3 bowls of ramen in one single night?

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    James Robbins 15 дней назад

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    arran russell 16 дней назад

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    Major Nick 16 дней назад

    I really want to try the ichiran ramem

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    RTR Veteran 16 дней назад

    i have converted the wife to ramen now which is awesome next challenge is pho thanks mike

  • Ralphee Rozay
    Ralphee Rozay 16 дней назад

    Dude! that ippudo karaka looks amazing. level 4 for sure! Shōri no tame no sū 4

  • Gary Johnston
    Gary Johnston 16 дней назад

    Great video, would like to see what you do off camera to keep the calories off. Three bowls one day, one bowl with extra noodles the next (then pancakes) - if it was me I’d pile on the weight. What’s your secret?

  • Dejuan Code
    Dejuan Code 16 дней назад


  • Htun Naing
    Htun Naing 16 дней назад

    my diet plan just ruined. lol. i must eat something now !!!

  • Gracelia
    Gracelia 16 дней назад

    I had both Ippudo and Ichiran in Japan too. I have to say though, I found that I liked Ippudo more. However, both are incredible.

  • Daisy Love
    Daisy Love 16 дней назад +3

    Fun fact ( not really ) I’ve never had a dumpling in my life🙃😩 My family usually only cook Hispanic/American food🙃and I’m the only one that truly likes Asian food🙃🙃I don’t even know good restaurants to go to😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Hendro Kiantoro
      Hendro Kiantoro 5 часов назад

      if u can do youtube i am sure u can do google or zomato.

    MLG LITECOIN 16 дней назад

    15:51 Nice save. LMAO

    JSTEEZYSNAKE 17 дней назад

    How much can you eat dude! That first bowl looked so good!

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    Kay Cee 17 дней назад

    Me jealous

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    georgie Dog lover xoxo 17 дней назад

    they looks sogood

  • Sylvie Lam
    Sylvie Lam 17 дней назад

    Having had both in Japan I’m team ichiran ❤️

  • Seignil Limbo
    Seignil Limbo 17 дней назад

    How hot is it ? Normal cayenne chilli? Habanero?

  • Leanna Perez
    Leanna Perez 17 дней назад

    Can not wait to go to Japan in March. Definitely going to Ichiran. 🍜😊

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    v1n082 17 дней назад

    Bro,, you're making me so hungry right now, lol those noodles look so amazing.✌🍜🍜🍜🍥

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    Aseef Khan 17 дней назад

    Love your videos. Any chance you could make a short trip to Toronto for Konjiki, Kinton and Isshin?

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    i want to eat noodles now

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    I want to go back to Japan! 😭 Miss the ramen!

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    KitsuneAdorable 18 дней назад

    Why do sweet foods in Japan always look so wonderful and yummy?

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    Food look so yummy love you video so much.

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    lalilulelo 18 дней назад

    I find Ichiran ramen a bit overrated

  • kronos
    kronos 18 дней назад +4

    Instead of paying 30 for ramen in ny id rather give 30 to japan ramen even if it was $5. Also why isnt the ad playing, i want you to get ad revenue.

  • Akbar Fahrizal
    Akbar Fahrizal 18 дней назад

    My instant noodles is tastleless right now