NFL Sunday Week 2 Mic'd Up! | Game Day All Access

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • From a pregame fire in Tennessee to Julio's game-winning TD, relive the best sights and sounds from Week 2 of the 2019 NFL Season!
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Comments • 506

  • Xander Goodrich
    Xander Goodrich 6 hours ago

    My man didnt put lions score in but put them in the video

  • Sirious Calibre
    Sirious Calibre 6 days ago

    My bad? Bro I'm glad he ain't in bmore no mo

  • Jason Dazur
    Jason Dazur 6 days ago

    12:03 wtf blake XD

  • The Bench
    The Bench 7 days ago +1

    Who is here in 2020

  • Tony B
    Tony B 9 days ago

    "somebody musty"

  • Michael Crocco
    Michael Crocco 11 days ago

    i have a baseball game today11111111111

  • Leo Rayon
    Leo Rayon 15 days ago

    Carson wentz is a beast

  • DooDooDom
    DooDooDom 16 days ago

    Flacco gave such a sarcastic my bad😂

  • Landon Coomes
    Landon Coomes 16 days ago

    7:50 your on the Steelers now bud 😂😂😂

  • Jessica Schultz
    Jessica Schultz 16 days ago


  • Brandon D
    Brandon D 17 days ago

    Did Fitzgerald get that jersey?

  • Brandon D
    Brandon D 17 days ago

    That Pregame show was 🔥🔥🔥

  • Marcello Rendon
    Marcello Rendon 17 days ago

    21:59 I love you I love you I love you!!

  • Zay Butters
    Zay Butters 17 days ago

    Lmaoo the Ravens such a broward team

  • 864 Dee
    864 Dee 20 days ago +2

    14:19 " Somebody musty " 😭😂😂

  • Sclass Entertainment
    Sclass Entertainment 20 days ago

    The league is going thru a renewing with all new coaches new stars

  • c k
    c k 20 days ago

    Lol juju isnt ready

  • Lenard Jacop
    Lenard Jacop 22 days ago

    Atlanta acting like the won Super Bowl they biggest choker in NFL history

  • Knozzy
    Knozzy 23 days ago

    man that broncos loss was such bull i stg

  • DiRT5M
    DiRT5M 24 days ago

    7:50 little did Mr. Vannett know he'd be one of them LOL

  • Aerus Ph.D.
    Aerus Ph.D. 24 days ago

    *Notable Soundbites*
    - _Every play count, bruh_
    - _You carry us, we ride_
    - _First of all, its coach's birthday, 68_
    - _Earn some of that money right now! I expect perfection_ ( of course this was said by a fan )
    - _The Chiefs have been hit, upside the head here_
    - _That ball in the air, baby, it's's OURS_
    - _Flacco likes it quiet_
    - _I love you...I LOVE YOU....AHHHHHHHHHHHH_
    - _Holy Goodness Smokes_

  • Flabby PigLegs
    Flabby PigLegs 24 days ago

    Does Aaron Donald have a brick for a hand? How did brees break his thumb ?

  • Ernest Moore
    Ernest Moore 24 days ago

    Funny how they show Nick Vannett saying "they can't stop us", then gets picked up by the Steelers two weeks later lol

  • Allcombatsports
    Allcombatsports 25 days ago

    14:19 somebody’s musty 😆

  • Agent Rogue
    Agent Rogue 26 days ago

    This is why NFL is the American Pastime . Hype GANG #NFL

  • Aryan Patel
    Aryan Patel 26 days ago

    bear down

  • rko_1738
    rko_1738 26 days ago

    Wait so was Aaron donald happy he hurt drew brees

  • Mason N
    Mason N 26 days ago +3

    This boi Evan engram got his cleats off , gloves, helmet mf was prolly that kid in grade school leaving his jacket everywhere lmao

  • Mason N
    Mason N 26 days ago +1

    6:08 you see , this is a team player, a leader . He goes to the men on the weak side that matter the most, the ones that allow such plays to happen. This is why he wins, they are playing for a purpose

  • Felix Jährling
    Felix Jährling 26 days ago

    And texans arent included okidiki

  • Zachary C
    Zachary C 27 days ago

    Were are the bucs we won

  • ryanith2
    ryanith2 27 days ago

    Who cares what the announcers have to say this isn't "mic'd up" it should say 25% mic'd up 75% bullshit

  • Mason Theobald
    Mason Theobald 27 days ago

    Got to love it when they don’t show one clip of the colts game

  • Mihai Diaconescu
    Mihai Diaconescu 27 days ago

    That tune starting at 6:50 is just perfect within the context, great montage!

  • Torrence Q
    Torrence Q 27 days ago

    “somebody musty”🤣🤣

  • CLuv
    CLuv 27 days ago +5


  • Mackleb
    Mackleb 27 days ago +1

    Dunlap dont move like he 6-6 280

    FAZE JAHJAH 28 days ago

    Falcons are trash idgaf what nobody say

  • Zachary Weybright
    Zachary Weybright 28 days ago

    saw flacco on the thumb nail!

  • Meek Zilla
    Meek Zilla 28 days ago +1

    1:51 Antonio Brown must have been listening in

  • scorchmane
    scorchmane 28 days ago +2

    Bears you took our win from us hope your team gets clapped by the rams

  • Benny Urq
    Benny Urq 29 days ago

    17:33 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Mrs. Weston
    Mrs. Weston 29 days ago +7

    I will never in my life high five Aaron Donald.

  • Jerardo Contreras
    Jerardo Contreras 29 days ago

    Keep this magic for mic'd up. This is hype!!

  • Maurice Schaeffer
    Maurice Schaeffer 29 days ago

    0:33 Only in America can someone so unfit and unhealthy be employed anywhere near sports. lol

  • dust black
    dust black 29 days ago

    My cowboys still need to wrk on something's...dak trying to hard...

  • Jay Fist
    Jay Fist 29 days ago

    If the cowboys fed zek more they'll be wining by 40

  • Justin Long
    Justin Long 29 days ago

    One second my ass complete bs

  • Casper
    Casper 29 days ago

    "welcome to new england kid"

  • Israel O
    Israel O 29 days ago

    17:40 mahomes shrugs his shoulder and shoots his shot in Oakland!!! Dude was feeling himself wow

  • Rusty Tree
    Rusty Tree 29 days ago

    6:57-7:02 sounds like a legit sample

  • Ben Zavala
    Ben Zavala 29 days ago +7

    First season watching the nfl... and I’m loving it!!!!

    • AtcBamBam
      AtcBamBam 28 days ago +3

      Glad you're enjoying it bro!

  • RealKeyyy
    RealKeyyy 29 days ago

    Wtf only one clip of the texans vs jags??

  • RawEggsofThunder
    RawEggsofThunder 29 days ago

    some fans are just fn stupid lmao

  • A2nelito
    A2nelito 29 days ago

    18:00 as an eagles fan it’s nice to see reid getting to coach such fantastic kansas city teams since he got the job. kinda miss him, but can’t help being happy for him.

  • A2nelito
    A2nelito 29 days ago

    6:15 rip ab

  • Adrian 85
    Adrian 85 Month ago

    NFL do more videos like this they are good as hell

  • Unkn0wn Man
    Unkn0wn Man Month ago

    Yea that's right NFL dont show the bulkshit roughing the passer call that pretty much handed the bears the game

  • jackson linn
    jackson linn Month ago

    Just wait for the brown highlights....

  • Jaime Barragan jr
    Jaime Barragan jr Month ago

    Cincinnati got bodied by us🤣🤣.