Brad Pitt: Award Acceptance Speech | 26th Annual SAG Awards | TNT

  • Brad Pitt receives the Actor® for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance as CLIFF BOOTH in ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.
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    Brad Pitt: Award Acceptance Speech | 26th Annual SAG Awards | TNT

Comments • 80

  • aramis001
    aramis001 23 hours ago

    spoken like a true film actors guildster

  • Meriem Mezine
    Meriem Mezine Day ago

    Brad mes enfants

  • Mel Radz
    Mel Radz 2 days ago

    You whenever i feel down, i back to this watching it over and over. It's my personal motivation speech.

  • AMIN .H
    AMIN .H 3 days ago

    You were best acter on fury about ww2.this movie was too derama.

  • Floyd
    Floyd 6 days ago

    My mans did it. He went up there and said what we’ve all wanted to say.

  • Alberto Michelini
    Alberto Michelini 6 days ago

    con la maturarita' e' diventato un grande attore.

  • Mohamed Boubker
    Mohamed Boubker 7 days ago

  • João Machado
    João Machado 8 days ago +1


  • Barbara V
    Barbara V 9 days ago

    Where the heck were ANY one of his kids? It's not like it was a surprise he won. It seems like a Bittersweet win for him. Sad situation for him but he seems to be getting it together....

  • Văn Huy Nguyễn
    Văn Huy Nguyễn 9 days ago

    0:42 Quang Thắng az 🤣

  • Mohamad Alrashed
    Mohamad Alrashed 9 days ago

    The self deprecation is real ... I freaking love him

  • mary althene Piedad
    mary althene Piedad 11 days ago +1

    BRAD & JEN, still my #favecouple

  • Cameron Ciejka 24
    Cameron Ciejka 24 11 days ago

    ceo of hot

  • Montravius Daniel
    Montravius Daniel 12 days ago +2

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston both needs to get back together again, and Brad should be in the Emmys 2020 when his ex-wife Jen wins her award for The Morning Show. He should co-star with her for Season 2.

  • Chevy Deeler
    Chevy Deeler 15 days ago

    Turns out Brad is very vain like all of them & having a hard time accepting getting old.

  • Bob
    Bob 16 days ago +1

    Tinder profile....LOL. Hello Brad Pitt.

  • Why Me, Why Not
    Why Me, Why Not 16 days ago

    He is a super SUPER cool dude!

  • Harlan Lampard
    Harlan Lampard 17 days ago

    Everybody:He is hot

    Me :What is the background song ?

  • Luis Guaman
    Luis Guaman 19 days ago

    De que vale recibir honores aqui en la tierra, si no se tiene El mayor regalo de que es la Vida Eterna y solo la da Dios.
    Arrepientanses y Crean en el Evangelio y pongan sus vida en Jesucristro y si no tienen Fè el se la dará gratuitamente y seran salvo.
    Les dejo:
    un Predicador Paul Washer.
    Piènsalo pueden estar en la eternidad en el cielo o infierno aaa.
    Recuerda esto la palabra purgatorio no esta en la Biblia no te dejes engañar es por la gracia de Dios que les escribo. ojalaa te Arrepientas.
    Que el Señor Jesucristo Èl Hijo de Dios te bendiga escudriñen la Biblia con humildad y reverencia del Nuevo Testamento.
    De modo que No teneís escusas.

  • Brave Soul
    Brave Soul 20 days ago

    Im sure Brad Pitt has grown up now since the days he broke Jennifer's heart.

  • Samip Gameplays
    Samip Gameplays 20 days ago

    here !
    watch as much as you like

  • agustokang
    agustokang 21 day ago

    그냥 우리 빵아저씨는 존멋의 사전 정의 사랑해 빵아저씨 나도 저렇게 성장하고 싶다

  • M M
    M M 21 day ago

    I see lots of tits in the comments section...

  • Jaden Ladega
    Jaden Ladega 22 days ago

    Brad Pitt is my favourite Actor and Hopefully when I grow up I can do What he Does

  • jess jesse
    jess jesse 22 days ago

    Brad pitt = Another pedophile ! Johnny depp = pedophile ! Nicolas cage = pedophile ! Exposed them all big massive list 4000 names ! Get awake or stay stoopethDude !?

  • Andrea Leonard
    Andrea Leonard 24 days ago

    Glenn Close looks good

  • brian quinn
    brian quinn 24 days ago

    Nice speech

  • Shashidhar M.S.
    Shashidhar M.S. 25 days ago

    Every single word he spoke came right from the bottom of his heart...

  • Oathbreaker
    Oathbreaker 25 days ago

  • Ismsele Attinasi
    Ismsele Attinasi 26 days ago

    he is Achille Troy

  • Giacomo Francini
    Giacomo Francini 27 days ago

    This man is pure class, 100%

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 27 days ago

    I don't know if you are hard or just constipated????

  • Adrian
    Adrian 27 days ago

    Hollywood is dead! Nobody cares about these elite loser pedos.

  • aleksandra kettner
    aleksandra kettner 29 days ago


  • Canadian pothead here
    Canadian pothead here 29 days ago

    Another rich drunk pushing his B.S.

  • lionel messi
    lionel messi 29 days ago
    Please watch , subscribe and share
    God bless you all

  • Marius Neagoe
    Marius Neagoe Month ago

    What a valuable man right here tho 👏🏼👑 congrats brother! ✊🏼

  • Dunja Frelih
    Dunja Frelih Month ago

    Goooosh he still looks amazing.....

  • steve s
    steve s Month ago

    Best acceptance speech in think I've ever heard

  • Alex P
    Alex P Month ago

    Karma to Brad Pitt who dumped American sweetheart and married
    Maleficent. I am sure Maleficent have kicked his nuts plenty of times
    while they are together. That's why Brad is half the man he was before
    he met Angelina the homewrecker and winning the Oscar for supporting
    actor only creating a hiss instead of a buzz in the media.

  • Alex P
    Alex P Month ago

    Karma to Brad Pitt who dumped American sweetheart and married
    Maleficent. I am sure Maleficent have kicked his nuts plenty of times
    while they are together. That's why Brad is half the man he was before
    he met Angelina the homewrecker and winning the Oscar for supporting
    actor only creating a hiss instead of a buzz in the media.

    ANUPAM KUMAR Month ago

    You deserve it Mr. Pitt

  • Krish Birkmanis
    Krish Birkmanis Month ago

    Brad! You have what it takes. Loved what you have brought to film, with you being the way You are. You are You and I am so grateful you have received this award. As aToken ...You Are Great ... Loved You as Hercules and after after.. Just Good Vibes To You And Close To You. Sincerely

  • Omnipresent One
    Omnipresent One Month ago

    People use the word "legend" alllllll the time. Well I don't... but. LEGENDARY!

  • Joyce Clifford
    Joyce Clifford Month ago

    Okay after all the failure in his life professionally or private now he wins something he thinks he is above it all you should shut your Pitts mouth and be humble you are not the person to condemn anyone esp Trump! You are still a looser in everyone’s eyes. Keep your sheaty comments to yourself you are an arsshole with no morals!!! Go hide in a corner you adulterer!

  • Ксения Рен

    did he not thank Quentin Tarantino?

  • warrenginmartini
    warrenginmartini Month ago

    This movie was awful. Tarantino rewrote history with too many short turns, It turned out as a mascarade with plenty of fake events in the middle of a real drama story. Pitt and DiCaprio were only in it for publicity and money. Sad to see!

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    Terrible movie -- another virtual signaling vapid celebrity

  • anoj aton
    anoj aton Month ago

    I hope you still together with angelina jolie with kids....

  • BigKnudsen
    BigKnudsen Month ago

    Austin Butler ? Hello 2029

  • anne bonny
    anne bonny Month ago

    Devilish all of u.

  • belm0nd
    belm0nd Month ago +1

    2:24 this look is priceless. Brad and Jen should be together

    • Montravius Daniel
      Montravius Daniel 12 days ago

      belm0nd I agree ☝️! They should get back together again and Brad should work with his ex-wife Jen and Reese Witherspoon for the Season 2 of The Morning Show. Also, Brad should go to the Emmys 2020 to watch her win an Emmy for The Morning Show.

  • Sakonimo
    Sakonimo Month ago

    I spot the joker at 2:59 !! Watchout

  • Entertainment unlimited Brad Pitt wins 35th Santa Barbara award and gives speech 💯

  • PR. Shridhar
    PR. Shridhar Month ago

    Brad is like wine gets better wid age

  • Ann Margareet
    Ann Margareet Month ago

    He deserves it . He has been through a lot.

  • Katrinka SFBA
    Katrinka SFBA Month ago +1

    👇🏽 ✔💯

  • Adventures with a Football

    Why did this sound like an ode to the art of acting itself

  • Vini Krishna
    Vini Krishna Month ago

    At 2.24 wow ✌

  • Reac Beac
    Reac Beac Month ago +2

    He's as real as a donut motherfuckerrr 😂

  • Roxx-anabell rivera

    Hahahahahah okey

  • name 123
    name 123 Month ago

    Roger Moore in his first two Bond films better looking than Brad Pitt.

  • doro626
    doro626 Month ago +1

    2:17 Even he had to laugh at himself on that one.

    LATINA PATRIOT Month ago

    LOOKS LIKE A DRUG ADDICT sick and stupid stop smoking weed bratt and stfu about political anything 100 percent fed up we turn the channel. watch anything but this crap!!!

  • nichko92
    nichko92 Month ago

    I wish I was at least 2% cool of how cool he is

  • Frank Kwok
    Frank Kwok Month ago

    He is like Robert Redford. Charming fellow 🦅🦅🇺🇸

  • Randima Fernando
    Randima Fernando Month ago


  • The HandyMan
    The HandyMan Month ago

    Brad... You Are One of the GREATEST EVER! Class act!

  • Arshdeep Sandhu
    Arshdeep Sandhu Month ago

    And he blows off the award like a candle flame at the end 💥

  • rajnish tiwari
    rajnish tiwari Month ago

    Wow that was hell of a speech

  • Life of Jesse
    Life of Jesse Month ago

    1:06 I love feet 😋✨🦶🏻👣

  • Hemlata Kog
    Hemlata Kog Month ago

    Loved it Pitt! God Bless!

  • Central Scrutinizer

    .......Baaaaarrrrf these pukes and their AWARDS.

  • Bruna Dias
    Bruna Dias Month ago

    Amo essa voz, o olhar e o senso de humor.

  • P. E. Goth
    P. E. Goth Month ago


  • Sailandra yadav
    Sailandra yadav Month ago +1

    Every time Brad opens his mouth he sounds cool

  • Dejana Stankovic
    Dejana Stankovic Month ago

    Miso kovac

  • Bubba Angel
    Bubba Angel Month ago +1

    Who cares what Pitt thinks!????

  • taurus68
    taurus68 Month ago

    He is such nice person

  • baxter is here
    baxter is here Month ago

    this is probably one of the best speeches I've heard 👍