Tua Tagovailoa's Little Brother Has A CANNNON For An ARM!!!- Taulia Tagovailoa Highlights [Reaction]

  • Published on Jan 8, 2018
  • This kid can absolutely RIP the ball down field!!!
    Can we get this video to 400 likes???
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    Tua Tagovailoa's Little Brother Has A CANNNON For An ARM!!!- Taulia Tagovailoa Highlights [Reaction] | Sharpe Sports
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Comments • 398

  • LEFF 01
    LEFF 01 Day ago

    Its oct.2019...word is . HE'S BETTER THAN HIS BRO. TUA!!!! RTR!!!

  • jxffb
    jxffb Month ago


  • Thai Tony
    Thai Tony Month ago

    We needed him at LSU

  • Brodie Brock
    Brodie Brock 4 months ago

    I go to his school

  • Courtney Scott
    Courtney Scott 4 months ago

    Alabama already has him!!!

  • Vincent DeCarlo
    Vincent DeCarlo 4 months ago +1

    Bama got another QB from the state of Alabama Paul Tyson like a baby Phillip Rivers, these 2 will battle for the starting quarterback position after Tua leaves 👍

  • Jackson Hamlin
    Jackson Hamlin 4 months ago +1

    we just gonna act like he didn’t punt the ball

  • Tyrond Richardson
    Tyrond Richardson 4 months ago

    Lsu is coming for you

  • kraftmacNcheese
    kraftmacNcheese 5 months ago

    Let's get into this video in three, two, one!!.........Ad.😂

  • jakavious avery
    jakavious avery 7 months ago

    They lost to central Phoenix city high school in the championship game

  • Breland Burnham
    Breland Burnham 9 months ago

    Tua is a savage

  • j jones
    j jones 9 months ago +1

    how accurate is he? hes got a cannon but Tua's incredibly accurate

  • Frank Da Iel
    Frank Da Iel 9 months ago

    He isn't a bad qb but tua he aint

    BEAST MODE 9 months ago

    lol a right hand and a left hand tua.. lol

  • Mica Lavolpicella
    Mica Lavolpicella 9 months ago

    He is not even ranked in the top 100 on Rivals!! They know that there is no competition in Hawaii like Texas, Florida, Georgia and Cali, your a idiot!!!!

  • mixumup1
    mixumup1 10 months ago

    This dude is good af

  • Lord Monkey Boy
    Lord Monkey Boy 10 months ago +1

    3rd best qb in Alabama this year behind Bo Nix and Paul Tyson....the qb class is fairly deep in Alabama this year....a couple more D1 prospects who could be great in college.

  • Michael Toland
    Michael Toland 10 months ago

    NFL is a NO for both . Sorry .

  • Michael Toland
    Michael Toland 10 months ago

    He’s more fatt than his brother that’s for sure .

  • Emillio Velasquez
    Emillio Velasquez 10 months ago

    230 into the video "please stop talking n play the clips"

  • Roll Tide Roll
    Roll Tide Roll 10 months ago

    That quick kick at the end was perfect! He’s definitely talented

  • sienna mist
    sienna mist 10 months ago

    He has already committed to the University of Alabama.

  • tha franchise
    tha franchise 10 months ago +1

    7A n Alabama is no joke!!

  • #KillinTheGameProductions St0n3y808

    What's cool about tua and taulia is theyve never played on the same team and never played against each other

  • StreamFan 68
    StreamFan 68 10 months ago

    man you talk way too much just show the kids film..LOL

  • Dwayne Campbell
    Dwayne Campbell 10 months ago

    Roll Tide!!! There is Alabama Crimson Tide and then there are all other NCAA Football Teams

  • NJC -
    NJC - 11 months ago

    I live about 30 min away from his school

  • D wizzle
    D wizzle 11 months ago

    I would call it a rail gun rather than a cannon and his start stop acceleration is nuts def sub 4.3

  • Armand Crown
    Armand Crown 11 months ago

    Dude, you talking like you da man, ... this guy is going to be killing it in the SEC when you're still hustling your crappy shit on RU-clip until you're 55 yrs old - You justa wanna be, but you aint shit - take a walk..

  • KalihiSaint
    KalihiSaint 11 months ago

    And this young man was the center for Tua, then worked his way to slinging that rock! Bless

  • Jason Hughes
    Jason Hughes Year ago

    Very little pressure, sure he can get the job done, who couldn’t ? Well we will see , SEC is getting stronger now.... Can’t wait !!! Geaux Tigers !!!

  • Drew Murkerson
    Drew Murkerson Year ago

    I go to Thomson

  • tawaitai
    tawaitai Year ago

    That is accuracy that is only gonna be refined as he matures, Looks like Bama is gonna be ballin' for years to come. There has never been a duo back 2 back brother QB dynasty in history! by there faith in God, the love & humbleness of the Tagovailoa Ohana they are gonna rewrite every history book that is Football, Roll...Tide

  • Kayla Murdock
    Kayla Murdock Year ago

    Dupre falls

  • newleaf9
    newleaf9 Year ago

    DJ Uiagalelei is playing well for St John Bosco of California - 6 4 240lbs and a canon arm.

  • doughboy3690
    doughboy3690 Year ago

    I'm pretty sure he's already committed to Alabama.

  • the honkster kaduneda licky dang

    I would destroy the universe if I was mad, but I'm not mad so everyone is safe right now

  • FrielFamilyFootball

    Brah don’t be racist learn our names and pronounce them right. Works both ways.

  • nick rodriguez
    nick rodriguez Year ago

    He better go to Alabama like his brother

  • Tony Clark
    Tony Clark Year ago

    Well if this is Tua brother then Tualia will be at Auburn due to the fact that he wants to be a starter and they still will be close to home and 1 another

  • Top5NoQuestions
    Top5NoQuestions Year ago

    Game speed is different when your adrenaline is rushing.

  • Zach Paisley
    Zach Paisley Year ago

    Lmao I see me playing at oak mountain... rip

  • Shawn Collier
    Shawn Collier Year ago

    Shane buchelce

  • Sefa Moa
    Sefa Moa Year ago

    Samoans are cementing their place in the American football culture. Make Alabama proud Uso's and keep God above all.

  • Ketoris Vaughan
    Ketoris Vaughan Year ago

    He torched us

  • Ketoris Vaughan
    Ketoris Vaughan Year ago

    From Tuscaloosa

  • Ketoris Vaughan
    Ketoris Vaughan Year ago

    I go to hillcrest

  • Dee Campbell
    Dee Campbell Year ago

    Who Hoover can’t be Thompson

  • Dee Campbell
    Dee Campbell Year ago

    He go to alabaster l go to school with him

  • Andrew Pierson
    Andrew Pierson Year ago

    They beat Hoover in the regular season(I was devastated) then we got our revenge😈

  • Devin Brooks
    Devin Brooks Year ago

    Me and taulia go to the same school

  • Park Ellis
    Park Ellis Year ago

    Played him first round of the playoffs this year.... he's underrated I promise you

  • lee Davis
    lee Davis Year ago

    He and his his brother have that Dan Marino..ish "wind up" aka not one while each being slightly different. High velocity, high rotation, no knuckle ball wind drift and wobble, fast release.

  • Tim Glover
    Tim Glover Year ago


  • Seth Hampton
    Seth Hampton Year ago

    I go to Thompson and I am 1 year off from playing with Taulia

  • The Stoobers
    The Stoobers Year ago

    I watched a few of his games live hes great

  • daelin gaming
    daelin gaming Year ago +2

    Russell Wilson 2.0

  • Tim Nordstrom
    Tim Nordstrom Year ago

    Could the kid graduate high school first

  • Djangus Roundstone

    Does this mean first and last names on the jersey? Embroidery is gonna be a shit show lol

  • Isaiah Ferreira
    Isaiah Ferreira Year ago

    808 dawg react to more Hawaii guys BTW I'm from oahu EWA808