The Trumps And Charity Don't Seem To Mix

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • The Trump Foundation gave and they gave and they gave. To themselves.
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Comments • 1 012

  • Tracy Hughes
    Tracy Hughes Day ago

    i thought the government was supposed to be non-profit? can we ban trump from the white house?and all his kids?

  • Bill Zardus
    Bill Zardus 19 days ago

    Once President Blowhard is run out of office
    the FBI is probably going to need to establish a new
    division dedicated to investigating & prosecuting this
    scumbag and his useless kids

  • Ian Werden
    Ian Werden 20 days ago

    It may be kind of crass, but I just had an idea for an art installation.
    purchase the Trump portrait. put it in an open museum of some sort. Set up a Velvet Rope to form a line. Hand everyone a single match and a squeeze doll. fill it with water and have it urinate to put the fire out each time and be sure to make the doll looks like a Russian prostitute.
    It's a great idea, right? Tis bigly

  • Jonas Hannonen
    Jonas Hannonen 2 months ago

    yea, that non-profit rule for the trump's could be good. If you let them serve in a soup kitchen they would prolly just steal the soup and give the hungry a picture of trump...

  • Hazel McCloy
    Hazel McCloy 3 months ago


  • Evon Williams
    Evon Williams 6 months ago

    So sad

  • Justin Akers
    Justin Akers 6 months ago

    What kind of tool thought that was a cool picture of himself on a stump? Oh yeah, a Trump.
    Edit: Trump on a stump. Lol

  • Chris Conrad
    Chris Conrad 6 months ago

    But, but, but the Clinton Foundation is STILL open.

  • langer three
    langer three 6 months ago

    "You're unfit to be on the board of a non-profit, but you can still keep your job as President of the United States".

  • Goodwins all access Media service provider

    If you’re unable to legally run a simple charity foundation and you’re able to fraudulently rip off your own people than how can you ever be trusted to lead a great democratic republic nation?

    SOS HELP 6 months ago

    Let Trump pay out of pocket for his dumb wall....ohh he’s broke

  • colaboytje
    colaboytje 6 months ago

    So, all the evidence for the crime is there...prosecuter strikes a shit deal... No fine, no jail time, nothing.

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First 6 months ago

    Trump is a microcosm of the #realWORLDproblems #affluenza is #deathtoamerica

  • R Robin
    R Robin 6 months ago

    Trump and family have gotten away with fraud all these years. Just think how much the smart rich folks are getting away with! Lock them up!

  • Cy Ezé
    Cy Ezé 6 months ago

    Trump has NEVER been that rich. His Dad funded his lifestyle and the rest he stole! He is not and has never been a REAL billionaire. Compared to Zuckerberg, Buffet and Bezos he's dirt poor!

  • Yes I’m Blessed
    Yes I’m Blessed 6 months ago

    I took a long vacation from but I missed Stephen and all the late night shows so I came back!

  • Will Pack
    Will Pack 6 months ago

    Humpty Trumpy is going to have a good fall.

  • Revenge from Space
    Revenge from Space 6 months ago

    FAKE.. oh fuck I give up

  • Lorena Cabrera Vera
    Lorena Cabrera Vera 6 months ago

    That should be jail time!

  • William H. Baird
    William H. Baird 6 months ago +1

    Trump is going down the drain slowly, and I for one am loving it!

  • Debbie Richardson
    Debbie Richardson 6 months ago

    All the damned rich use any way they can to cheat for money in their pockets
    Look at what the Clinton's have done. Crooks and the media looks the other way.

  • VisualxxKhaos
    VisualxxKhaos 6 months ago

    "yesterdayyy... Is this yesterday?? Yesterdayyy.."
    I like watching this show, but must he ALWAYS ask when things happened at the beginning of every monologue? It's so repetitive and annoying at this point 😐

  • Heathcote Pursuit
    Heathcote Pursuit 6 months ago

    We're fast approaching the time when we'll be able to count the countries NOT led by a despot, a religious zealot, or the head of a crime syndicate, on our fingers and toes!

  • Ian Brooke
    Ian Brooke 6 months ago

    I've seen loads of these clips, and I am astounded that Trump is still the US President! He is getting away with so much yet nothing seems to be getting done to get rid of this freak. How does justice work in America?

  • Elio Lopez
    Elio Lopez 6 months ago

    Chump is jyst a reflection of the trash that supports him.

  • Celisar1
    Celisar1 6 months ago

    Dear god, making a joke about that Eric Trump is there to be an organ donor for his dad is absolutely tasteless and disgusting.

  • Hollins23
    Hollins23 6 months ago

    Colbert's writers are showing their youth. It's lame seeing him deliver these lines.

  • chinarace
    chinarace 6 months ago +1

    Is there a dink.that Colbert won't suck? I Hope he dies in a house fire. What an absolute douche bag left wing Chuck Schumer bag licking faggott

  • Petyr Kowalski
    Petyr Kowalski 6 months ago

    Trump is a grifter and con man as well as a pathalogical liar.

  • The Nerdy One
    The Nerdy One 6 months ago

    Kinda wonder why Eric is the butt of so many jokes.

  • American Despotism
    American Despotism 6 months ago

    How amazing is it that Trump litterally committed every crime that he accused #Hillary of. Karmas a beast.

  • Anthony Butler
    Anthony Butler 6 months ago

    Like they even know what the word means? To them it is just a form of tax relief...

  • Javier Harth
    Javier Harth 6 months ago

    Over Christmas Trump decided he needed to make an appearance in the field with the troops. Spur of the moment thing, and he was off to Iraq just like that, courtesy of the tax payer. He must have thought his presence in the White House was no longer needed and I imagine he wanted a little PR with the troops instead of going to MaraLago, so the successful billionare took took a flight across the world at our expense. He is now campaigning for re-election and he does not need support from lobiest or donations from his base, he doesn't need to use his own money, he's got the Treasury behind him now. He does not need even Trump Organisation to fund his expenditures anymore, he has the Treasury behind him.

  • Babebubby
    Babebubby 6 months ago

    You are a God Stephen! 😇 lol

  • jet Knight
    jet Knight 6 months ago


  • Karin Highfield
    Karin Highfield 6 months ago

    How come these aren't complete monologues? Some of them jump in in the middle, and only like 3-4 minutes long... :`(

  • Theresa Jackson
    Theresa Jackson 6 months ago

    So nice to know Eric has an actual function.

  • Mahatma Cote
    Mahatma Cote 6 months ago

    Oh but he's doing so many great things for the country. I mean look at what a good Christian man trump is; cheating on 3 wives - the latest while recovering from giving birth to his child, hiding his taxes and claims it's because he's smart to not pay any. Bilking small contractors, usiing charity funds for baling out his own businesses, using the oval office to make money for himself with dodgy contracts, backhanders, entertaining foreign diplomats at mar a largo and his hotels, asked Russia to investigate Hillary Clinton, can't even repeat a single line from the bible, proven repetitive liar...... yet evangelicals and supposed dyed in the wool patriots support his bloated ass.
    Now imagine if Obama had done even a tiny percentage of that list!

  • Wajahat Shah
    Wajahat Shah 6 months ago

    Pakistan is a big Charity Countery

  • justsaying
    justsaying 6 months ago

    A Sham President....that's who he is.

  • Mcbeg33
    Mcbeg33 6 months ago

    $7?! This is your American, billionaire badass who’s gonna turn all of you Trumpturds into winners like him? This is your savior who cares and fights for a little man?

  • jack handy
    jack handy 6 months ago

    Dumbasses that felt the need to reply with "AAAWWWWW" , "NUMB NUTS " and "SO MUCH".... I just spent Xmas with family that consists of Dr's, engineers. a lawyer, 2 nurses with their masters, 4 kids in college and a few nieces and nephews in high school. All of which watched Saturday night live and agreed to turn it off do to the idiocy and bias. Three generations of educated people and all with common sense, have had enough of the sheep media. Demtards are funny, but ignorant people are worse. I assume you idiots still voted for Obama last election and have the bumper sticker on your subaru.

  • Allen Janz
    Allen Janz 6 months ago

    and yet he is the &^$^&^% president! how many lies you gotta tell how many laws you gotta break to get kicked out of that place? not just little lies and laws, big ones, almost daily. he always seems to be one step ahead of batman..POW.

  • Drew Stevenson
    Drew Stevenson 6 months ago

    Wait! Isn’t the US Government technically a non-profit... yes ban them from leadership of non-profits!

  • Sheri Townsend
    Sheri Townsend 6 months ago

    The Trumps and competence don't seem to mix, either.

  • Mahatma Cote
    Mahatma Cote 6 months ago +1

    HOW is this trump scumbag not impeached???!

  • Mark xkx
    Mark xkx 7 months ago +1

    I agree that the boy scouts payment is perhaps the worst, as it shows a level of entitlement he has, but all the sums are trifling to a rich man. It shows that he thinks rules do not apply to him, and I still can't believe that so blatant a crook can do all this and still have support. All politicians are rotten and dishonest, but never so blatant as this scumbag

  • Julian Joosten
    Julian Joosten 7 months ago

    "Its what the kids say"

  • John O
    John O 7 months ago

    Trumps probably already walking around saying fuck I shouldn't have run for president.

  • Ron Richter
    Ron Richter 7 months ago +1

    honestly. the fraud university and now a proofed wrong-doing fraud charity? all with Trumps name on it and even a handwritten note that proves criminal activity? WHAT ELSE???

  • Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin

    Trump family exemplify criminals.

  • Frank Mill
    Frank Mill 7 months ago

    bad analogy ...Trump would have to have Grasse to Fall from Grasse

  • Kara
    Kara 7 months ago

    $7 donation to pay for his son's boy scout enrollment fee...ROFL this shows how PETTY that disgusting sack of human flesh truly is!

  • Andria Marie
    Andria Marie 7 months ago

    lol. What a total slimeball. Trump will burn in hell no matter what happens here. At his age, he should be very worried.

  • Gus
    Gus 7 months ago

    A Ban on Trump and his three eldest children serving on any any company he or his family own.

  • J K
    J K 7 months ago

    Trump’s Dad should have pulled out

  • ZedsterX
    ZedsterX 7 months ago

    That's what Eric's for. LMAO.... Sad but probably true

  • Florian Eimer
    Florian Eimer 7 months ago

    Government is a non-profit organisation and Trump was banned to stay on its board by NY AG.

  • M2B mluvAndgrace
    M2B mluvAndgrace 7 months ago

    Trump- the thief, liar and cheater you know!

  • Audra Hofacker
    Audra Hofacker 7 months ago +1

    Why this alone doesn't get him jailed is beyond me

  • Fact: Beagles Are Best
    Fact: Beagles Are Best 7 months ago

    192 trump lawyers disliked this.

  • Tina Murphy
    Tina Murphy 7 months ago +1

    No Trump deserves the honor of serving in our White House.

  • Unintended Consequences

    Trump put zero dollars of his own money into that charity. Imagine if an average American had committed that level of fraud? They would be serving 20 years right now.

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 7 months ago

    the man has no shame, his charity was dissolved for being a fraud and he tweets about what a great charity it was, and how generous he was. and the trump university scam... and now his idiot base is sending him millions for a boarder wall that will never be built. what is wrong with these people?

  • hayancharm
    hayancharm 7 months ago


  • five381
    five381 7 months ago

    The Clinton's Foundation and charity mix?

  • Peter Parker’s Ashes
    Peter Parker’s Ashes 7 months ago

    “Three eldest” poor Baron going to be a pawn soon

  • erfan ashkan
    erfan ashkan 7 months ago

    every thing linked to trump is a shame but he surely is no criminel

  • Miscre8ted
    Miscre8ted 7 months ago

    No wonder your brother killed himself, I would do the same if I was related to such garbage

  • avedic
    avedic 7 months ago

    *_Just yesterday. Yesterday? Yesterday...._*'s kinda bizarre/funny how Stephen can never seem to remember when any particular thing happened.
    It's become sort of a shtick at this point lol...

  • Blueberryymuffin
    Blueberryymuffin 7 months ago

    Charity did not remind him of his daughter.

  • teetee tee
    teetee tee 7 months ago

    People are so easily satisfied. Scam artists go to jail, not just get banned from be on other nonprofit board.

  • RetroGamerVX
    RetroGamerVX 7 months ago

    Anybody else would be in prison for such crimes.

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark 7 months ago

    Remember when he criticized the Clinton Foundation for doing things like this? Trump the family of grifters and crooks and of course Erik.

  • Toni Glick
    Toni Glick 7 months ago

    Jail's too good for him. Have the repo men (& women) go in and take all his things away and leave him on the curb to fend for himself with a cardboard box of donated walmart clothes. In winter.

  • Anna Simpson
    Anna Simpson 7 months ago

    I am so in love with Colbert!!!

  • Albe Van Hanoy
    Albe Van Hanoy 7 months ago

    Euw. So much fraudulent transactions for a so-called charity. Does the inhumanity and indecency ever end?

  • EA N
    EA N 7 months ago

    Anyone else listening to Jon Batiste!? He always cracks me up😂 ‘It’s a Man’s World’... musical comedy👍🏻

  • Mike R.
    Mike R. 7 months ago

    Thank a Bernie or Buster

  • David Saintloth
    David Saintloth 7 months ago

    What a disgusting, feckless, deluded, entitled and utterly incompetent embarrassment to our Union that traitor in the Oval Office is.

  • Maria Fulton
    Maria Fulton 7 months ago

    One thirsty ho, lol oh Stephen, my day has been made.

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 7 months ago

    Scam artists, allegedly

  • 4andronicus
    4andronicus 7 months ago

    What about the Clinton Foundation?

  • Abe Halpert
    Abe Halpert 7 months ago

    Your delivery here was a bit pro forma. Lacking excitement. Time to mix things up?

  • Chris R
    Chris R 7 months ago +3

    A quick reminder for anyone who has forgotten:
    1) Days after Trump's $25k 'charitable campaign contribution' to Florida AG Pam Bondi, she decided not to investigate the Trump University scam.
    2) That 'Hole-in-One' court case came about after Trump offered a $1m prize for anyone who scored a hole in one on the (and this is important) 150yard 13th hole during a charity golf tournament at his Westchester County resort in 2010.
    He then moved the tee so the hole was slightly under 150 yards and refused to pay up when Martin Greenberg duly sunk the shot.

  • Chris R
    Chris R 7 months ago

    What kind of 'billionaire' can't find $7 for his son's scout fee without stealing it from others? And is TOO TIGHT to even round up this 'charitable donation' to $10?

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist 7 months ago

    Can't Trump do _anything_ legit? 🤷

  • Dann Marceau
    Dann Marceau 7 months ago

    When do we get their heads on a silver platter?

  • MrBloodbunny
    MrBloodbunny 7 months ago

    Finally Eric has his destiny

  • Mahmoud El Arch
    Mahmoud El Arch 7 months ago

    I'm surprised CBS didn't censor "Hoe" (0:25) !!

  • PK Lee
    PK Lee 7 months ago

    This liar treasonous Trump has no shame !!!
    How could 36 % of people continue to support him?
    Must be idiot or Russian agent .

  • naota3k
    naota3k 7 months ago


  • Martin O'BRIEN
    Martin O'BRIEN 7 months ago


  • Darrell OSullivan
    Darrell OSullivan 7 months ago +1

    How much longer do we have to put up with this buffoon, Trump. I guess until the spineless republicans stop kissing his behind (ass)!

  • chilichamelion
    chilichamelion 7 months ago

    none of this is new, we've known about this fraud for months...

  • hawkeye5955
    hawkeye5955 7 months ago

    Eric Trump as Donald's organ bank.
    Eric: "Father, no! Not my spleen!"

  • Nilesh Pandey
    Nilesh Pandey 7 months ago +2

    Hi all i from india and i love this show and m big fan of Stephen colbert i never ever miss his any clip specially on donald trump ;)
    ... I am english lerner this channel and mr. Colbert talks also helped me alot for improving my english..
    Lots of love and support from india

  • jack handy
    jack handy 7 months ago +1

    Why does every late night idiot rip on the President EVERY night? It gets old and just moronic.

    • Janine Unrau
      Janine Unrau 6 months ago

      jack handy I agree it's getting old... getting old that the so-called leader of the free world gives them SO MUCH ammunition almost every day he doesn't even need late night comedians to make him look like a joke.

    • Heather Remlin
      Heather Remlin 7 months ago

      No ones forcing you too. I think secretly you ACTUALLY love Stephen Colbert and CAN'T stop watching! I mean TRUMP MAKES FOR GREAT JOKES. He's a huge BAFOON and everyday getting closer to IMPEACHMENT!!! YOU MIGHT SAY, HE'S CUTTING HIS OWN THROAT :-)

    • Jason Wrenn
      Jason Wrenn 7 months ago +1


  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 7 months ago

    That $1,000,000.00 hole-in-one charity event was yet ANOTHER sham. They said the guy COULDN'T win (even though he got the hole-in-one) because the golf club wasn't the allowed length - BUT IT WAS THE GOLF CLUB THE TRUMP GOLF COURSE GAVE HIM TO USE!!!!!! Donald Trump is NOTHING but a con man who was lucky enough to be born under wealth and a business man's (his father's) name, which he could later license out.

  • Max Allen
    Max Allen 7 months ago +1

    Colbert is pathetic. Completely destroyed late night television.

    • SeaChange Mix
      SeaChange Mix 6 months ago

      @Max Allen That figures.

    • Max Allen
      Max Allen 6 months ago

      They're the same guy. Also YES!!!! I love Fox news.

    • SeaChange Mix
      SeaChange Mix 6 months ago

      @Max Allen No, I am a Stephen Colbert fan ;)

    • Max Allen
      Max Allen 6 months ago

      You a Stephen Queerbert fan?

    • SeaChange Mix
      SeaChange Mix 6 months ago

      Faux news would suit better for you then.