Crazy and Desperate Music Video - Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash

  • Опубликовано: 9 фев 2019
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    Trisha Paytas
    Jason Nashвидео.html
    Trisha Paytas hair and makeup @adamlesimmons
    Trisha Paytas wardrobe Michael Philpot
    Music production Jeremy Thurber , Connor Mussara, Jaimie Valez

    Andrew Vallentine

    Brittany Kay
    Nick Ramsey
    Jason Chadwick
    Mike Philpot
    Adam Simmons
    Kinan Chabani
    1st AD: Dylan McGale
    Set Decorator: Lindsey Cantrell
    Lead Man: Matt Burns
    Carpenter: Tess Mirley
    Key Grip: Adam Schneider
    Gaffer: Tommy Oceanak
    Best Boy Grip: Michael Proa
    Best Boy Electric: Nasser Akkari
    1st AC: Aaron Seller
    2nd AC: Luke Peckham
    PA: Craig Fairbanks
    PA: Monique Paredes
    Featured Talent:
    Drama Teacher:
    Marina Kanafsky
    Ed Joswick
    Cary Mizrobe
    Ricky Schultz
    Rufus Tanksley
    Michael Wilson
    Claude Adams
    Starlene Beran
    Timothy Heller
    Robb James
    Erica Lau
    Angiee Lombana
    Luca Nicora
    Tyler Ramierez
    Selynne Silver
    Joy Williams

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  • Karly Sayad
    Karly Sayad День назад +1

    Did anyone else think this was good and catchy???

  • sarah thompson
    sarah thompson День назад


  • Mev Sheridan
    Mev Sheridan День назад

    tbh say what u want about trish but u can't deny that her music videos actually have artistic and creative flare and are some of the more original ones out there

  • kenzie kuhn
    kenzie kuhn День назад +1

    Lol I hate how catchy this is

  • Stay_humble 123
    Stay_humble 123 День назад

    This low-key was catchy but still hate jason

  • cloudzinmyize
    cloudzinmyize День назад

    Now this is a LOVE STORY.

  • David Gilmour
    David Gilmour День назад

    Damn those thighs are wider than my house

  • Michelle Martinez
    Michelle Martinez День назад


  • daniisaurushax
    daniisaurushax День назад

    Watching him drown her was super triggering

  • Lucy Mayser
    Lucy Mayser День назад

    actually hope it works out for these two...they seemed really happy...hope they get back together

  • guywittamic
    guywittamic День назад

    What the f**k is this????? I left after you stabbed him... though the bedroom scene of him crawling towards your crotch was pretty gross too... like not something to see in an otherwise light-hearted love song... ew.

  • Gracie Rae
    Gracie Rae День назад

    best video

  • JusticeDymond_
    JusticeDymond_ День назад

    Makes my life so happy def on valentines🥰

  • JusticeDymond_
    JusticeDymond_ День назад

    Like i can stop listening to this

  • JusticeDymond_
    JusticeDymond_ День назад

    Ur literally my life

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas День назад

    It’s uncomfortable seeing this old man hang out with kids and act like he’s in his twenties 🤮

  • Jilian Vil
    Jilian Vil День назад

    Kinda hate her but this song isn’t so bad

  • Pisces S
    Pisces S День назад

    Really beautiful video

  • leah jones
    leah jones День назад

    am I the only one who got anxiety from trisha's purse at the start of the music video?

  • Table Salt
    Table Salt День назад +3

    Okay but can we take a minute to appreciate how good Trisha looks in the yellow dress

  • Nicole Long
    Nicole Long День назад

    Why would she put that up staright after they video she done saying he was a old man and there broken up and he wants 3 somes with a 20 year old what is wrong with her I still love her but find that very weird

  • sister shalissa
    sister shalissa День назад

    0:26 what is she doing here 💀

  • Emma Bubbins
    Emma Bubbins День назад

    Omfg Trish this is amazing!! Cfxgdcghxdfh

  • wonderland_ix
    wonderland_ix День назад

    i love u!

  • Aaron Sand
    Aaron Sand День назад +1

    It took me 2 minutes to figure out that she was saying “found someone incredible” I honestly thought she was saying “found myself an edible” 😂😂😂 maybe I should stop streaming the internet every-time I’m exhausted & struggling to fall asleep at the same time 🤔😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Joanna Chun
    Joanna Chun День назад

    You should not have showed that in a video

  • goddamn
    goddamn День назад

    1:19 someone I have a pair of eyes to donate. Because I don't need them anymore.

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime День назад

    ...the hell is this?

  • Alice Rice
    Alice Rice День назад

    This song really gave me goosebumps. I found it kinda sad.

  • Brooke Bishop
    Brooke Bishop День назад

    I actually really love this

  • Jessica Talavera
    Jessica Talavera День назад

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO, idc what yall say

  • Haley
    Haley День назад

    Amongst all the stupid irrelevant comments I’ll leave a genuine one that is actually about the video....
    This video and song was so super cute and well produced! Well done!!

  • Madi Ricca
    Madi Ricca День назад +1

    I find myself watching this everyday

  • KevTheGreat G
    KevTheGreat G День назад

    She’s a bitch

  • Eric Buck
    Eric Buck День назад

    Lot of feels about this

  • Pxnk Qxeen
    Pxnk Qxeen День назад

    i love this so fucking much omg

  • Kira Robinson
    Kira Robinson День назад +4

    Soooooo many hateful, rude, disrespectful, hurtful, and UNNECESSARY comments....yall are the ones who are really screwed up...not the people you seem to be okay with putting down. Grow up, get a life, and look in the mirror you bunch of bullies...yall are the real trolls...

  • Taylor Beric
    Taylor Beric День назад +1

    k i fucking love this

  • Fatima Anderson
    Fatima Anderson День назад

    Trish this is super well done !! And I love the remake of amazing movie scenes

  • Victoria Maine
    Victoria Maine День назад +1

    That was a fun video and a sweet song
    Trish you shouldn’t have called out David, you fucked everyone

    • Haley
      Haley День назад

      Victoria Maine a nice sentence followed by a nasty one doesn’t coverup your rudeness

  • Sadia Sadiq
    Sadia Sadiq День назад


  • Alison Everton
    Alison Everton День назад


  • Renata Malyshev
    Renata Malyshev День назад

    I watch this video at least 3 times a day. Everything about this is incredible, Trish. It is a true testament to how hard you work.
    Love seeing you put so much heart into what you love to do.
    Much love for you!

  • Stormie Brown
    Stormie Brown День назад

    So much love for you guys ❤️

  • a m
    a m День назад +2

    wow people are fkn rude
    this was great trish, love you

    TSM_ SNIPER День назад

    Damn worst 3 minutes of my life after this I might have to go cut my ears off

    FACTS NETWORK День назад


  • Coral LB
    Coral LB День назад

    Trasha Playtex and Jason Trash friggen deserve each other because they are both toxic messes and play with the audience for $$$ don't buy into their manipulation, people!

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B День назад

    I loved this so much, definitely your best vid

  • Sarah Rinaldi
    Sarah Rinaldi День назад

    Thank you, next vibes

  • Joanna Zienkiewicz
    Joanna Zienkiewicz День назад

    Who’s going to tell them Sharpay and Ryan are siblings?

  • Brianna Lamb
    Brianna Lamb День назад

    Omg I love this!!! U guys r so cute😭♥️😭♥️😭♥️

  • Hannah Alexis
    Hannah Alexis День назад


  • 96티파니
    96티파니 День назад

    Okay but this is a bop

  • Theresa Ward
    Theresa Ward День назад

    Did anyone else notice an engagement ring? Also. The tub scene, what movie is that?



    ahhhh who am i kidding that was the fuckennnnn shitttt jhkggfddddd.
    Keep up the good work trish ♥♥♥♥

  • Jodi Marie
    Jodi Marie День назад

    If this doesn't sum up their relationship.. idk what does. Lmao

  • Jessica Lavelle
    Jessica Lavelle День назад

    That was so cute!!!!!

  • Sorina Seguinot
    Sorina Seguinot День назад

    this video was actually insanely awesome

  • Vanessa Frambers
    Vanessa Frambers День назад

    I love the high school musical reference!!!!

  • Wendy Martinez
    Wendy Martinez День назад

    Idk I love this song weird but it’s so catchy 😂

  • Fix It
    Fix It День назад

    Stupidest, cheesy video ever!

  • Lila Christiasen
    Lila Christiasen День назад

    Omg I’m crying

  • Melina Graves
    Melina Graves День назад +1

    Damn Jason’s vocals. Outshining Trisha. Drop an album!

    Helene CHIROUSSOT-CHAMBEAUX День назад

    trisha looks so beautiful!! goodjob!! loved it

  • frida
    frida День назад

    You guys are so funny! I loved the video and the song!

  • BubbleTrouble
    BubbleTrouble День назад

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEE THIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️😍 Love you girl! This is real.

  • meikaXx rainxX
    meikaXx rainxX День назад

    She half trolls have serious it’s a good balance lol

  • Audrey Comber
    Audrey Comber День назад

    Oh yay, nothing better than glamorizing domestic violence and unhealthy relationships

  • Nely Silva
    Nely Silva День назад

    This reminds me of king George’s song from Hamilton especially his voice lol

  • Julie Patchouli
    Julie Patchouli День назад

    I enjoyed this very much.

  • nope nope
    nope nope День назад

    Oh No, don't taint such a great, feel good romcom with your toxic, confusing, bipolar relationship!

    It's even worse then I thought, they're ruining quite a few classics😢

  • Daria
    Daria День назад

    This video is really nice, and Trisha's vocal improved a lot, but this "RU-clip-songs-instrumentals" and F*CKING KILLING ME! LIKE COULD'VE THEY USE MORE THAN 3 SOUNDS?! THAT'S A LAZY TERRIBLE WORK. I'm sure Trisha payed a lot of money for this, and she got THIS. To whomever did this instrumental - you gotta step it up, 'cause it's pathetic.

  • Mrs. NoneYa
    Mrs. NoneYa День назад

    Why do all youtubers try and become musicians? Stick to just airing your dirty laundry!

  • Joseph Stalin’s
    Joseph Stalin’s День назад

    *sniff* *sniff* smells like some bullshit

  • Rhiannon Regis
    Rhiannon Regis День назад

    Don't give up on each other

  • brontosaurus the egg
    brontosaurus the egg День назад

    you’re the only youtube thats produced actually good music

  • Oh Hello
    Oh Hello День назад

    I actually like them together lol

  • Jenny White
    Jenny White День назад

    3rd time watching this music video. I love it so much trish!! Let the haters hate and you make that money babe!

  • brianna shuler
    brianna shuler День назад

    Ive had this stuck in my head since you realised and i defiantly dont mind 👽😘😍

  • 𝓍𝒳 𝒦𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑒𝑀𝒮𝒫 𝒳𝓍

    I saw Timothy. No

  • Xx Depersonalized xX
    Xx Depersonalized xX День назад

    What the fukk

  • sigh
    sigh День назад


  • Strong
    Strong День назад

    They're actually not bad singers, and it's kinda catchy, oh god I've been listening for 5 hours on loop

  • Roserin oo
    Roserin oo День назад

    Wtf did i watch ???

  • Chip
    Chip День назад

    2:25 drowning her in her own tears from the kitchen floor madhouse sessions.

  • Brendon Urie Is god
    Brendon Urie Is god День назад

    Why is Jason a decent singer

  • Jen Of All Trades
    Jen Of All Trades День назад

    I'm so sad for them but it's for the best.

  • Brendon Urie Is god
    Brendon Urie Is god День назад +1

    This actually amazing

  • EmpanadaSlayer
    EmpanadaSlayer День назад

    Which movies are these ?

  • Emily
    Emily День назад

    despite you guys being so toxic for one another, i gotta admit, this is lowk really cute.

  • Yelka Ishmakovich
    Yelka Ishmakovich День назад

    They just need to go their separate ways and find another incredible auto-tuna fish in the sea. Cause they’re everywhere.

  • Karen Romero
    Karen Romero День назад


  • John
    John День назад

    JASON DONT DO THIS AGAIN please bruh we out here looking for your best

  • Vanessa Murillo
    Vanessa Murillo День назад

    Thank u next version fat¿¿¿

  • Kaitlyn Wells
    Kaitlyn Wells День назад

    Why am I laughing so hard rn

  • Lexi H
    Lexi H День назад

    honestly so catchy

  • Angelena Forese
    Angelena Forese День назад

    .... its lowkey a bop...

  • Stephler
    Stephler День назад +6

    For some reason I saw the title and read “creepy and desperate” because that’s exactly what Jason Nash is

  • Aseel Al Masoudi
    Aseel Al Masoudi День назад

    when jason is better than singing than she is...