China's secret internment camps

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • ...and the internet detectives working to find them.
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    China has been quietly detaining its population of Uighurs, the country’s Muslim minority, in internment camps. First-hand accounts from inside the camps paint a brutal picture of torture and political indoctrination. At first, China denied the existence of these camps and tried to cover them up. But as a network of academics and activists uncovered evidence of the camps' locations, and the reality of what’s going on inside, China changed its story.
    Read more about about China’s crackdown on Muslims from Sigal Samuel on Vox:
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  • Deepali Agarwal
    Deepali Agarwal Minute ago

    China is an opportunistic country, trying to benefit from everything, whether humane or not.

  • jim jim
    jim jim 53 minutes ago

    china should set up concentration camps in other countries and have them there , Guantanamo bay lol

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee Hour ago

    idiots always easy to be brainwashed , the media told them what ,they will believe what

  • LeeroyGankns
    LeeroyGankns 2 hours ago

    That’s a weird way to pronounce “wiggers” eh?

  • 無言
    無言 3 hours ago +1

    Our han nationality entered xinjiang before the uyghurs. The han people first entered xinjiang before BC, while the uyghur people's ancestors entered xinjiang only in the 8th century. Moreover, the population of the uyghur people in xinjiang is similar to that of the han people. How can you say that xinjiang is uyghur?

    • 無言
      無言 3 hours ago


  • Xinyi
    Xinyi 3 hours ago

    Wtf thats so horrible - keep talking about this, I’m an ABC and I never heard about this. I only heard that Xinjiang has become so restricted to visitors that its kinda like how it was in the 70’s; apparently if you had a foreign passport and wanted to visit your family, you could only do so by staying at the designated hotels and have your family come visit you instead.

  • Mark B
    Mark B 7 hours ago

    And everyone who buys something made in China is complicit, including me. SMDH

  • Sam Blake
    Sam Blake 7 hours ago

    Oh look Muslims want to make a country bend to their rules so they violently riot... what’s new?

  • Sam Blake
    Sam Blake 7 hours ago

    Playing devils advocate though. If you look at countries with a large population of Muslims the majority of these countries have horrendous human rights violations. I would probably do the same since I wouldn’t want the strife and division that these large religions like Christianity and Muslims cause.

  • Ramimer
    Ramimer 9 hours ago

    Yeah, lock them up and call them a threat just because they are a little different. China's government is horrible. They could've build some mosks for them. They could've done anything else.

  • Miles Petterson
    Miles Petterson 11 hours ago +1

    Islam is a poison. Do people not understand this?

  • Woof
    Woof 12 hours ago +1

    Well not secret anymore lol

  • the person
    the person 15 hours ago +1

    America would do the same

  • Ash Liu
    Ash Liu 16 hours ago

    They’re not only detaining them in interment camps, there have been reports of mass exportation of organs from Xinjiang. It’s not a coincidence.

  • George Frankpitt
    George Frankpitt 16 hours ago

    I wander if China's proportion of interned people, compared to the population, exceeds the U.S?

  • ぽんぽこぽこぽん

    I’m a Japanese high school student and I take News English classes. In this class, I learned this situation for the first time. I think most of Japanese don’t know these terrible things. Why my country doesn’t report !!!!!

  • Pepe
    Pepe 22 hours ago +1

    Although I dont like Trump, I do support his tradewar against China. More governments need to take action against China. More than a million Uyghurs are in a concenteation camp!

  • Inamo
    Inamo 23 hours ago

    China is doing what the world needs to start. Great going China. These termites don't respect pluralism n others. They deserve punishment.

  • Jinglin Wu
    Jinglin Wu 23 hours ago

    Don’t let Trump to see this. He and his allies will use that in America and Europe.

  • River Wang
    River Wang Day ago


  • Geddup
    Geddup Day ago

    A billion? Surely I heard that wrong, there’s no way a billion people are being held captive

  • P1xls
    P1xls Day ago

    „up to 1 Billion Uighurs“

  • Chris W
    Chris W Day ago

    i’m conflicted, on one hand I hate terrorists, but on the other I hate mainland china. what do i do?

  • Mart kenyon
    Mart kenyon Day ago

    Reports on Uighur crisis for a year, still doesn’t pronounce it properly.
    Well done Sigal.

  • Friend of Tellus

    It is great shame that the rest of the world have not protested stronger against these severe breaches of human rights !
    China should be sanctioned for this !

  • Michael Nellis
    Michael Nellis Day ago

    "Reputational blow"? The CCP is a snake and always has been. Why are we still working with them on anything?

  • lynX
    lynX Day ago

    Incorrect history

  • zoom
    zoom Day ago +1

    you dont mess with China, they have a very very ancient culture and have seen alot.

  • lifeof namda
    lifeof namda Day ago

    This is what happened to Tibet and the Tibetans

  • nvrwhy
    nvrwhy Day ago +3

    Religion should free choice of all human......
    Not forced by government...
    Human rights and free will is what makes us Human beings special.

    • Sam Blake
      Sam Blake 7 hours ago

      nvrwhy why do we need a freedom to believe in unseen and unproven children’s stories?

  • Pat O'Harus
    Pat O'Harus Day ago

    Yet they are watching videos on how we (The US) have tens of millions of blacks in slave camps after we've forced them into a life of crime without family structure or moral values.
    How laws punish blacks as it they are monsters while actual white monsters pay small fines instead of life in jail.

    • Zakary Loreto
      Zakary Loreto Day ago

      Pat O'Harus There are no more slaves in the US or probably very little, but what laws punish blacks right now? Also are you just here because you hate the US I see these comments on a lot of videos that mentions China or Russia

  • 月 / H I M A N S H U

    One of the reasons why internet is censored in China, they don't want people to find out the truth about their government.

  • Anton Tbai
    Anton Tbai Day ago

    USA have the largest prison population in the world. Check that out.

  • Drulabong
    Drulabong Day ago +5

    China really needs to break up into small pieces for the good of the world. Its too big for its own good. Too many problems, and its solution is oppression.

    • Sam Blake
      Sam Blake 7 hours ago

      I’m pretty sure Muslims invented large scale suppression along with the Catholics.

    • weiceica
      weiceica Day ago +1

      what do you mean by 'the good of the world', you mean the good of the western world

  • Getech Mcson
    Getech Mcson Day ago

    lol, China is not allowed to secure its own territory, Hongkong, Tibet, etc while America can launch war on other countries. Why don't usa face its own races problem? Why doesn't usa return the land to Indigenous people, to Mexico? How many civilians has us military killed? Indigenous people, people in vietnam, people in middle east, don't they have the human right to be alive?

  • Stuart Hollingsead
    Stuart Hollingsead Day ago +1

    If only Journalism was not dead

  • 魏yu552
    魏yu552 Day ago


  • rooster sideburbs

    where are all the america haters

  • Jahman Borneo
    Jahman Borneo Day ago

    Give up religion, it gives nothing back you cant find for yourself. Take the power away from the governemnt.

  • Max from Hong Kong
    Max from Hong Kong Day ago +8

    Can you make a video about the extradition bill in HONG KONG?

  • bleach clorox
    bleach clorox 2 days ago +3

    Where are the camps located? I wanna find this on google maps.

  • Zheng Zhang
    Zheng Zhang 2 days ago

    Really curious about the number of '1 million'. Snce you were not even allowed there, how did you make that count? The satellite images can't give you accurate estimates at all. Also, if these camps are so strict, how could those 'detainees' even get out? It sounds so self-contradictory.

  • Al'Kharid Border Patrol

    Chinaaaa numba won

  • 替里
    替里 2 days ago

    Compared with USA,China is mercy to Muslims.

  • Christopher Kevin Rasmussen

    What’s the difference between an internment camp and a prison?

  • Its Nerdy
    Its Nerdy 2 days ago

    Not really a secret anymore...

  • Geri Capo
    Geri Capo 2 days ago

    At the end of the day, It’s their country, they decide it.
    Re-Educating sounds okay, anything surpasses to physical violence is not ok.
    Religion Balance is ok, Cultural Suppress is not ok.
    I think the spread of islamic Religion in Countries around their Border is seen as an aggressive Approach to China’s Religion and Culture.
    However the ways handling it must be regulated and peaceful.
    Extremism is also not a good thing, they don’t want an own 9/11.

  • Matt
    Matt 2 days ago +8

    Do a vid on the massacre in Sudan, I don’t have any info on it

  • Mateja Saric
    Mateja Saric 2 days ago

    Of course they will fight Muslims, and they need it. Every religion is evil especially Islam

  • Zhang Rachel
    Zhang Rachel 2 days ago

    I dont see any point here showing a satellite photo and pretend its china. Has anyone validate the date of the photo took and the location, maybe the photo is the middle american..

  • ze maria
    ze maria 2 days ago +6

    hey, does anyone remember Tibete? oh, ok then

  • Dvd Sun
    Dvd Sun 2 days ago +3

    Xi Jingpi is just another Stalin, Mao, Hitler. He is leading the country to crazy

    DIDLBOP 2 days ago +1

    Do more of those vids !
    This is crazy.

  • Ricklels YT
    Ricklels YT 2 days ago

    Why can't Xinjiang be a country

  • richardb2837
    richardb2837 2 days ago

    The Han are basically racist

  • Ragzy
    Ragzy 2 days ago

    America is a glass house. And a lot of people are throwing stones

    • 扇子夜迷
      扇子夜迷 Day ago +1

      And then America tell them to throw at China instead

  • Woo young Kim
    Woo young Kim 2 days ago

    Mediocre China they need to be spilt up piece by piece

  • Maureen Keil Santuyo
    Maureen Keil Santuyo 2 days ago +2

    China is also taking natural resources from west Philippine sea. Please make a docu about the bullying this monstrous country is doing to smaller countries.

  • Jonathan Slater
    Jonathan Slater 2 days ago +8

    Why is the west making this about resources? It's clearly all about cultural dominance.

  • 陈钰全
    陈钰全 2 days ago

    western media trying so hard to misinterpret what's happening here, they wiped out indigenous people and now pretend to be caring about we using a much softer way to lift extremism from people's mind, teaching Uighur people the freedom of thinking that they don't have to follow certain religion or belief simply because of their ethnic origin, having them un-brainwashed and bring them out of mind-silos, and these are interpreted very much to the opposite side by western media.

  • Lord Fluffykinz
    Lord Fluffykinz 2 days ago

    They did the same thing to the Tibetans

  • gabriel radu
    gabriel radu 2 days ago +2

    Why no news about the muslims who decapitated and blow up christians?

    • James Cooper
      James Cooper 2 days ago

      Why no news about Christians blowing up muslims in muslim countries for decades? The peaceful Christians invaded 7 Islamic countries and killed 4 million Muslims. Very peaceful

  • RedzoneOffical
    RedzoneOffical 2 days ago +1

    Say bye bye to the 9/11 supporters dont belive the uigers

    • Moistifier
      Moistifier Day ago

      I don't like these people, so genocide is cool,!1!1!!!!!!1111🤩🤩😃😁😁😎😎😎😎👍👍

  • Zeel Parmar
    Zeel Parmar 2 days ago +7

    World : How can we stop terrorism??
    China: I'll show you.

    • Tom Müller
      Tom Müller 2 days ago +2

      There is no terrorism when then mainly as a result of the oppresion of China. They dont have any Rights and are treated as second class Citizen. And if the reason was terror why is the same Happening in mongolia and tibet? :D

  • ohmy godness
    ohmy godness 2 days ago +18

    Omg China what are you doing... We are going back to obscure times
    (and don't say Americans are worst blablabla I don't care this is a video about China)

  • gloopity gloop
    gloopity gloop 2 days ago

    Good on China for resisting islamic conquest. Europe should do the same.

  • D. Chen
    D. Chen 2 days ago +2

    The reason I may have negative thoughts on Muslim communities is what is happening in India, Bangaladesh and Pakistan. They threaten Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

  • Kuuna.
    Kuuna. 3 days ago

    This is why China is bad and everyone else is good except North Korea

  • The Person
    The Person 3 days ago

    China is insanely flawed and needs a new institution but Upbringings have made China desperate. If you actually take a look at these camps they are isolated but they’re just like near by cities. If you go to more obscure cities in China, they look like Texas but not even as centalized

  • Daddyio oo
    Daddyio oo 3 days ago +77

    They’re literally making Hitler V2 and everyone is like.
    yep.. k, cool.

    • Anggong FX
      Anggong FX 4 hours ago

      Minus hard labor works, illegal medical experimentation, gas chambers, on site execution, and mass murders, it's different.

    • Aset Unashaliev
      Aset Unashaliev 14 hours ago

      there is not only Uighurs, more than one million Kazakhs in prisons now.. Also many Kyrgyz and Mongolians..

  • Connie Xie
    Connie Xie 3 days ago +1


  • SaltyWhipperSnapper
    SaltyWhipperSnapper 3 days ago +5

    I’ve heard about this so much but no one is going to do anything about it.

  • Isaac Humber
    Isaac Humber 3 days ago

    Sounds like big brother

  • N Q H
    N Q H 3 days ago +9

    "Arbeit macht frei" they said...

  • Comrade Shaandan
    Comrade Shaandan 3 days ago +3

    China very good 🇨🇳

  • Mochi
    Mochi 3 days ago +4

    We all know this but the world: silence....

  • Victor Great
    Victor Great 3 days ago +2

    oh you find a BIG secret! Congratulations!

  • Lara Sabri
    Lara Sabri 3 days ago +4

    Honestly, UN or whatever it's is absolutely powerless, you can't guarantee anyone to take your rights as a human being and make you feel safe anymore ,,, like just for what reasons is it made in the first place anyway?
    I believe that this matter should be on spot light more often... Everyone has the right to know about what's going on.

  • Emil Hartman
    Emil Hartman 3 days ago

    Where do I get a job at the prison?

  • teresa elliott
    teresa elliott 3 days ago

    Bolsheviks taught China about internment caps. Still at it. This is for Israel. Research the Kalergi Plan also. Bibi is celebrating.

  • George Jewel
    George Jewel 3 days ago +2

    6:45 Wow this spokeswoman was telling a lie without any imcomfort..

  • William Chao
    William Chao 3 days ago +1

    WWII Japanese internment camp is ruled to be totally legal. In the US, when it comes to national security, Constitution can be temporally suspended.

    • XPoChangLinX
      XPoChangLinX 3 days ago

      And it was later widely criticized. So what's your point? Because someone did something wrong in history it allows you to do even worse? Nice 50c logic.

  • lmaobangtan
    lmaobangtan 3 days ago

    thank you for talking about this.

  • Jasha Argueta
    Jasha Argueta 3 days ago

    China is leading the way

  • Yumio Chanoki
    Yumio Chanoki 3 days ago

    Please continue to inform us about what's happening and the evolution of this terrible cause

  • Naomi Qu
    Naomi Qu 3 days ago


  • Y S
    Y S 3 days ago +3

    *Its china folks not eurabia*

  • Random THOT
    Random THOT 4 days ago +2

    One million Uighurs contained in the camps? You need a bigger city than Austin, use your brain before you come up with such a number.

    • Random THOT
      Random THOT 4 days ago

      A known terrorist organization being oppressed is somehow representative of the treatment of the entire Uighur population?

    • Random THOT
      Random THOT 4 days ago

      Why don't you report on the GDP growth, modernization, literacy, health care and such and such in Xinjiang?

  • Derf
    Derf 4 days ago +5

    China has to be one of the most disgustingly run countries in the world.
    Even Russia is better.

    • Derf
      Derf 3 days ago

      @Idek yeah likely, doesn't mean the way they run their country is absolutely abhorrent

    • Idek
      Idek 3 days ago

      Well one day they are going to take over the world so Id say they are doing pretty well for themselves

  • Jesse G
    Jesse G 4 days ago

    this is western lies at its best

  • Benny Kushendrawan
    Benny Kushendrawan 4 days ago

    This is spying.... Who spy who?

  • gamers beast
    gamers beast 4 days ago +2

    I say U.S invades China

  • Vicki Babe
    Vicki Babe 4 days ago +2

    Sigal Samuel can’t even pronounce Xinjiiang right, provided that she has been covering the Uighur Crisis for a year.

  • LeO Jack
    LeO Jack 4 days ago

    LOL, criminals killed people, u guys say they have their human rights
    when the government tries to arrest the criminals, u guys say CCP using power against its people. (July 2009 Ürümqi riots)

    The western media usually focus on the minority, what about the majority of people in that place. do they have a better life compared to before?
    how about the swap to the syrian or middle east?

  • David Tong
    David Tong 4 days ago

    So that is why there is no Isis in China. Oh!

  • Frankie Frankie
    Frankie Frankie 4 days ago +20

    Hey I just wanted to reminded everyone that it is not just Uighurs being interned it is many different turkic minorities

    • Sam Blake
      Sam Blake 7 hours ago

      Frankie Frankie Why should we care?

  • Man Xu
    Man Xu 4 days ago


    • Yi Ginger
      Yi Ginger 4 days ago


  • olaolapepsiman
    olaolapepsiman 4 days ago +2

    I'd rather this than another Paris bombing incident every 3rd week of the month like in europe

    • gloopity gloop
      gloopity gloop 2 days ago

      My thoughts exactly. The sooner islam is wiped out the better.

  • Kelsi Ren
    Kelsi Ren 4 days ago +1

    This is ironic since at least China has somewhere to shelter the people compared to the US and some European countries just messed up with the countries of Iraq or Syria or Libya or Ukraine and stole their resources. People died instead of being trapped. Really hard to say which is better

    • WPFreeinternet
      WPFreeinternet 3 days ago

      You can do a "they do this so what these guys do isn't so bad" but this video is about China, so don't deflect it to other nations. China is also known to harvest organs from these sorts of people as well which is terribly inhumane, none the less it isn't even the first group they have done this to.
      Stop using various words to sugar coat what China is doing and making it seem less monstrous.

  • ChewBaws
    ChewBaws 4 days ago +1

    Practically world war 2 again. Just like what Germany did to Jews. Yet we aren't doing anything about this.

    • Shawn S14
      Shawn S14 4 days ago

      ChewBaws there has been camps in North Korea for years..