Who Is Secretly In Love With You? (Personality Test)

  • Published on Mar 25, 2018
  • Take this simple 7-question test to find out who is secretly in love with you. Don’t feel sad and lonely if you’re single at the moment - happiness awaits. Chances are that there’s somebody in your life right now who can’t wait for you to fall in love with them.
    Each question in this test will give you a certain amount of points, and in the end, you’ll need to total your score. So get your calculator ready because you’re about to find your one and only.
    This video is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. The video is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional, medical or psychiatric advice of any kind.
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    How would you describe yourself in one word? 0:35
    Where do you spend most of your time? 1:20
    If you were in a jam, who would you call first? 2:05
    Which season is your favorite? 2:50
    If you have some free time on your hands, what will you most likely do? 3:35
    What’s your idea of the perfect date? 4:27
    Who do you spend most of your time with? 5:14
    If you got 0 to 50 points 6:20
    From 60 to 100 6:40
    From 110 to 150 7:00
    From 160 to 210 7:22
    -Choose one word that describes you best of all.
    -Your favorite hangout spot tells a lot about you.
    -Let’s see who comes to your mind in case of an emergency.
    -This choice shouldn't be too difficult, not unless you have 2 favorites!
    -Pick just one perfect answer to get one step closer to your destiny.
    -The best match for you will most likely have the same perfect date ideas as you do.
    -People you spend your time with affect your life, as well.
    -Time has passed, and nowadays your first crush can't get you out of their head.
    -Looks like love is in the air at your workplace!
    -It turns out that your best friend might want to be more than just friends.
    -Your neighbor is trying to use any chance to see you because he or she has feelings for you.
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Comments • 40 764

    BRIGHT SIDE  Year ago +2525

    Who knows how to get your crush to like you?
    Witty texts from geniuses of flirting 😂 ru-clip.com/video/fzEB2lkSbAQ/video.html

  • Chamoth Wanniarachchi
    Chamoth Wanniarachchi 2 hours ago

    I dont think I deserve anyone😧

  • zahra alajami
    zahra alajami 5 hours ago

    wth i got my best friend in love with me WHAT :0HHHHHHHHHH

  • shadow alpha
    shadow alpha 6 hours ago +1

    Im a boy and my best friend is also a boy

  • Zenex Clix
    Zenex Clix 9 hours ago

    I got 150 Points but i dont even have a girl bestfriend.
    What would i do then? Be a girl -_-

  • I’m not Funny
    I’m not Funny 14 hours ago

    I go to school so I’m sticking with school instead of coworkers

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 14 hours ago

    Lol it says my best friend Is who likes me but I only have friends that are boys so ya and it's because I don't know how to talk to girls I don't talk to random girls for at least 2 years now almos t 3

  • Landon Kane
    Landon Kane 14 hours ago

    I wouldn't consider my crush to be my "best" friend, but my friend. Wth does that mean???!!!

  • ŢhatØne Køøķie
    ŢhatØne Køøķie 15 hours ago

    Uhhh I don't have a Co-Worker...

  • Pandy _ Edits
    Pandy _ Edits 16 hours ago

    But I don’t have a coworker because I don’t even a have a job and I am only in 5th grade

  • Iwan Lewis
    Iwan Lewis 16 hours ago

    130 points

  • Maria De Jesus Soltero
    Maria De Jesus Soltero 17 hours ago

    I got 130 but I like someone already not my bff ;-; I have 2 bffs

  • Gabe May
    Gabe May 19 hours ago

    D d

  • Vitexty Gang
    Vitexty Gang 20 hours ago


  • Vitexty Gang
    Vitexty Gang 20 hours ago


  • Milad Amiri
    Milad Amiri 21 hour ago

    It is not accurate it ain't truemy score was 100 but my lover is from firt group or from zero to 50

  • Naveen Pk
    Naveen Pk 21 hour ago


  • Heshwen Zealouskar
    Heshwen Zealouskar Day ago +1

    7:08 Is that Shem?

  • Bro. Kelvin
    Bro. Kelvin Day ago

    I got 210 points

  • Loaf’o cheerios

    When you get 130 and all your friends are guys and you are a guy😬

  • Jireh Cadiente
    Jireh Cadiente Day ago

    nevermind i did a nother test i got 150

  • Jireh Cadiente
    Jireh Cadiente Day ago

    i got 160 but i dont iven have a neibor😡

  • Collins Akajagbor

    Me:I am in 6th grade
    Brightside:Your coworker
    Also me:I don’t even have a job



  • Azadeh Jahani
    Azadeh Jahani Day ago

    im friend with every one and my result was my best friend but i dont know who this is my problem

  • Eshanaa Kaur (612eshkaur)

    I'm 10 years old and I got coworker :-\ Like dude im a kid!!!!!

  • Julie Ulman
    Julie Ulman Day ago


  • Sandhya Holkar
    Sandhya Holkar Day ago +1


  • crowno games
    crowno games 2 days ago

    It is true i had 120

  • Sandra Diaz
    Sandra Diaz 2 days ago

    This is so wrong i got my coworker I DONT HAVE A JOB IM ONLY 11

  • SnowBerry
    SnowBerry 2 days ago

    I got beat friend, there all girls😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • •Vixiana•
    •Vixiana• 2 days ago

    I don’t..

    *Have a neighbor...*

  • D J
    D J 2 days ago

    My coworker..... I don’t have a job I go to school😑😑😑

  • Jessica George
    Jessica George 2 days ago

    i am 12 years old and i got 80 points.....[co worker]........i go to school

  • ivy pool
    ivy pool 2 days ago

    coworker.... so... does that translate to peer or no one?

  • Frank Nazemi
    Frank Nazemi 2 days ago

    excuse me?

  • michelle telan
    michelle telan 3 days ago

    where did u get those ideas.. hahaha my co worker.. hmmmm....

  • LonLyWoLf
    LonLyWoLf 3 days ago

    But I dont have best frend girl

  • janvi ratheesh
    janvi ratheesh 3 days ago

    Esa kuch nahi hai
    Kuch bhi likhta hai
    Pagal sa.......😒😒😒

  • Cecilene Cameron
    Cecilene Cameron 3 days ago

    lol yes this is true my neighbour always stop by every chance he gets

  • Manani Roy
    Manani Roy 3 days ago

    My is 500

  • Luke Arista
    Luke Arista 3 days ago

    I asked my crush if she liked me and said no then all my friends said "Better luck NEXT TIME!" But then after she said "I don't like him I love him." My Mind: WHAT IN THE F**K!

  • Lulu Quintana
    Lulu Quintana 3 days ago

    im still in school and i got coworker....

  • George Brigham
    George Brigham 3 days ago

    I'm 11and pretty much all of my friends that are girls have a crush on me

  • Itz Cas
    Itz Cas 3 days ago

    50 likes before valentine's day and I tell her

  • Aadrene Brown's
    Aadrene Brown's 3 days ago +2

    My bffs are girls so 1ll take it as my boy friend now oh and I'm ten years old so you are probably wondering if you a ten year old can have a BF well in my country yes I don't about though if you r ten years too give a like

  • Lxo 1
    Lxo 1 3 days ago

    500 dislikes and I tell my crush I love her

  • Luna Blue
    Luna Blue 3 days ago

    ...M-My best friend....uh....it's a girl....

  • sanyu saudah
    sanyu saudah 4 days ago

    This thing tells the truth

  • sanyu saudah
    sanyu saudah 4 days ago

    This thing tells the truth

  • 3Dos
    3Dos 4 days ago

    No one

  • Rainbows 6182
    Rainbows 6182 4 days ago

    I think this is very accurate

  • Farisha alia
    Farisha alia 4 days ago

    i got bestfriend ?

  • Sourav Joshi
    Sourav Joshi 4 days ago

    my neighbor is grandpa

    EV XILA 4 days ago

    I got 130 points ❤️ so it's my bestfriend for 36 years considering she's from Beijing and I'm from the Philippines 😉 and I didn't use a calculator 👍

  • Bravissimo Marketing

    My neighbor is my mait is and he likes me but i like him to eh i loves me were just friends

  • Ali fuqaha
    Ali fuqaha 4 days ago

    There is a girl in love with me but i don't like her what should i do

  • christian dela cruz
    christian dela cruz 4 days ago

    This is true

  • Sun Navin
    Sun Navin 4 days ago

    I'm got 110

  • The Baig Mans
    The Baig Mans 4 days ago