How to Pick up a Big Motorcycle Accidentally Dropped

  • Published on May 5, 2015
  • Demonstration video showing how to pickup a large motorcycle accidentally dropped

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  • Dennis Smalley
    Dennis Smalley 2 days ago

    Thanks for the tips. I am older and don’t have the strength anymore to lift my Goldwing. Last month, I had to change a flat by laying the bike down on the right. After reassembly, I did not have the strength to upright the bike using the recommended method. The solution? I nosed my truck to the high side. Then with ratchet straps that we all have, I was able to easily winch the bike to the upright position. By the way, the only shop in the area was the Harley dealer. I was grateful for the other side to order a tire for a Honda rider. Yeah, who else would be open on a Sunday but the dealer of America’s number 1 bike.

  • Gerald Mosley
    Gerald Mosley 3 days ago

    I can lift my suzee with one pinky.
    At 70 or 80 I am not going to be riding a 900 pound bike when people don't have insurance
    I did not sign a organ donor card at the DMV. 😉

  • William Dimond
    William Dimond 4 days ago

    Great video Mr Chadwick, one thing that I just thought of after watching the video was, it might be a bit of additional help to add a small strap to the scissor jack to the foot peg incase you slip or lose grip and the bike would want to fall back down. That way the jack would catch the bike instead of it falling. (Just a suggestion)

  • RevCrossbones
    RevCrossbones 4 days ago

    Finally! Someone who really knows his shit!

  • Miss K
    Miss K 5 days ago

    Best video for lifting. Never saw that first technique before .Thanks .

  • Pat Backus
    Pat Backus 5 days ago

    I was working one time and this old dude dumped his bike at a stop sign, so I ran around the fence got to him , and asked if he needed a hand ? He said no politely,and said he does it all the time ? Lol and he got it up by himself, I thought to myself, why wouldn’t he want a hand at his age ? Maybe he had been drinking? And didn’t want me to smell it on him ? Or he was a proud dude ? Or like he said he did it all the time , and was used to it lol 😂 , this one guy I know rode a Harley for 30 years , then his wife told me he was going across a grated bridge at a low rate of speed and he said the bike just dumped on him for no reason, he cracked a few ribs , but he never got on a bike again after 30 years of riding? I didn’t understand that ? I’m not a bike rider , did some dirt bike riding as a kid , dumped a few times but never broke anything, but I’m thinking if you ride a bike it’s not if but when is it gonna happen? And to me like they say , you gotta get right back on the horse ! Unless your really hurt bad ? Ok I’m done , thanks for the video, in case someone needs a hand I’ll know a lot more how to help , God bless 🙏🏻🇺🇸

  • David Mayhew
    David Mayhew 6 days ago

    Use the buddy strap on the seat if it's there you can stand it up

  • Michael Gunter
    Michael Gunter 6 days ago +1

    You need a Torin Big Red Portable Hydraulic Ram like 120 bucks on Amazon or a bit more Idk.

  • Charles Pilkinton
    Charles Pilkinton 7 days ago +1

    Thank you for the "bike pickup" demonstration and for sharing Paul! Hope to be able to pickup my 2010 Ultra Classic limited - think it weights over 900 lbs.

  • Real Dude Uprising
    Real Dude Uprising 7 days ago

    Great video.. that one ton jack is a slick idea

  • Rick Wortman
    Rick Wortman 8 days ago

    Murder cycle vs Motorcycle

  • Big Red!
    Big Red! 8 days ago

    Thank you, sir... Very good advice and love the scissor jack tip! Two thumbs up from me, biker brother! 😎👍👍

  • Dano S
    Dano S 8 days ago +1

    Nicely done! Thank you for your time and effort.

  • unknownledgend1
    unknownledgend1 9 days ago

    Great video

  • Joni Novak
    Joni Novak 9 days ago +4

    geez, just buy lighter motorcycle!

  • Andre Robichaud
    Andre Robichaud 10 days ago +6

    This guy is excellent. He gets a SUPER like from me! He speaks like he was inside your head. I dropped my Road King twice and I couldn't lift it alone, so everything he said was important. I'm not sure where the cut-off weight to be able to lift a bike, but I found out the hard way that 836 pounds was to much... for me. The first time it fell, I forgot to lift the kick stand, the second time I got a cramp! Fortunately, there were people around to help. It seems like when you have motorcycle troubles, people are willing to quickly react and help.The jack thing is a good idea! Thank you bro!

  • TheJimtanker
    TheJimtanker 11 days ago

    I just rode from Southern Illinois to Idaho and back. On the ride back I had to pick up 3 bikes for people, teaching them this technique. With your back to the bike if you can get your butt against the seat and your feet out farther you have a lot more leverage to pick the bike up.
    They can pick their own bikes up now.

  • Delta Dog
    Delta Dog 17 days ago

    Thumbs up to you, good video

  • Daniel  Brisk
    Daniel Brisk 19 days ago


  • jesterd14
    jesterd14 20 days ago +4

    I bought a 2008 Ultra Classic, I am 57. The day they delivered it, I had the mechanic who brought it help me lay it down onto a tarp. I used your technique and picked it up. That's 841 pounds,

    • Big Red!
      Big Red! 8 days ago

      Great idea, 1962 biker brother! Safe travels to you, buddy! 😎👍

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 20 days ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this technique and tip. Can definitely come in handy to have this extra tool when you're at an already bad moment.

  • Philip LAYMAN
    Philip LAYMAN 21 day ago

    Get 3 pieces of 3/4 in black pipe...cut and threaded on 4 ends. 3 --3/4 pipe couplings. Pipe cut at 23 inches each. 1 large ratchet and strap from Northern all pieces together, wrap strap around passenger foot peg and ratchit up bike..I am 70 yrs old works great on my Ultra Glide 2016.?as it weights 945 lbs...

  • jim noyb
    jim noyb 22 days ago

    It's a wise man knows his limitations

  • Ron Grimes
    Ron Grimes 27 days ago

    The advice that is missing is if you don't already have an engine and pannier guard, get them. Otherwise, your bike won't be at a convenient 45 deg angle, making it a ton easier to use the given techniques. If the bike is laying fully on its side at a 90 deg angle, you ain't picking that sucker up.

  • J. Robert Becker
    J. Robert Becker 27 days ago

    great vid that i came across while reviewing the process. i personally would not consider riding a bike that i could not personally upright under my own power but, to each his/ her own.

  • Silent Unicorn
    Silent Unicorn 29 days ago

    I like to pick them up on purpose- not accidently

  • johnod1955
    johnod1955 Month ago

    Good video, thanks.

  • Timo Rallysport
    Timo Rallysport Month ago +3

    You sound like Clint Eastwood from Mule.

  • Gregg Sinini
    Gregg Sinini Month ago

    My Harley '08 Dyna Low Rider went down on it's left side at a stop light on a one way road, ready to turn left on a two lane road while sitting on it. It was on a very steep hill, and knowing better, but not thinking straight, I had face the bike towards the left at about a 45 degree angle so when I started off again, I would be already half way into my turn. But of course while I was stopped, my bike was now almost parallel to the hill and most of the weight had shifted to the left side and I couldn't hold the bike up. It just started to fall to the left from the weight of it shifting and then a gust of wind on that very windy day was the nudge it needed to go right down. One simple fall while standing still and for a week, I couldn't lift my left arm due to acute shoulder pain, I was limping due to hip pain, had a lump with a bruise on my cheek bone, and forearm bone. My helmet slammed on the pavement and I had a headache within minutes that lasted for days! One simple falling over from a stand still! I couldn't and wouldn't even want to think about anything worse than that simple fall! All that babble to just make one comment to this video, that there was no way I was picking up that 660lb Dyna Low Rider and getting that kickstand deployed if I tried for days!! I couldn't budge it an inch off the ground. Especially on that steep hill where I would have been fighting the weight of the bike right up to vertical. And then I would of had to lean the bike over to the right side just that little bit you need to clear the kickstand and open it. Good luck with that. Long story cutting short, my lucky day after the fact, of all people a solo Harley Rider on a Road King, on a quiet weekday with not many bikes on the road the whole day passed by on the two lane road and spotted me and made a U-turn and beeline to give me aid! Both of us managed to stand the bike up and it wasn't that easy at all!! It took much effort on that hill!! I offered him a $20 pay for his breakfast the nest day, but he refused and said to just "pay it forward" one day!! I don't think I will ever be able to lift my bike by myself in any situation! I got lucky with the bike and only a few minor unnoticeable scratches, a slightly bent left tail light (now my detachable sissy bar is jammed a little that takes some effort to remove), and a bent gear shifter toe lever arm ( I just ordered an new one from "Parts Giant.Com" for $28 bucks!! Even the guy in this video with his much heavier bike has a really hard time lifting that bike. Actually I don't think he ever did stand it up by himself without the help of that jack he rigged up or his wife helping him. Like I'm going to ride around with a bike jack with me everywhere I go. Will just have to hope a good Samaritan will always be around to give a hand! Long story, and a lot of babbling on!! I know! If you got this far, I commend you!!

  • Tony Fitzwilliams
    Tony Fitzwilliams Month ago

    If you didnt have all the girly leather strips on the bars it would take half the time

  • John Williams
    John Williams Month ago +2

    One of if not the best video I've seen on RU-clip. Well done and thanks for the video.

  • fumblerooskie
    fumblerooskie Month ago

    The backwards pickup is both more effective and better for your back.

  • Enzo Anania
    Enzo Anania Month ago

    Smart guy..good idea with that jack..

  • William Taittinger
    William Taittinger Month ago +2

    Thanks for the lesson and god bless, grandpa!

  • Emette Massey
    Emette Massey Month ago

    Well done. Thanks brother for sharing these methods.

  • Deivy Petrescu
    Deivy Petrescu 2 months ago +2

    Thanks a million for taking the time and going to the trouble to teach us. Very good indeed.

  • Alan B'Stard M P
    Alan B'Stard M P 2 months ago

    now try it without panniers

  • karl kreuz
    karl kreuz 2 months ago +3

    Paul great Video and great shape man .
    I'am 71 old now and back to ride BMW R1150 Adv, after no motorcycle activity during 18 years.
    Leave long, drive safe and go as far you can breath .

  • ted coffman
    ted coffman 2 months ago

    My 800 pound rice burner fell on the left side crash bar when i attempted to back in a driveway. When it fell over, it threw me out into the road. I was able to lift the bike up by just turning the front end to the right, goosing the throttle a little and hanging on to the bike. worked great.

  • paul kellam
    paul kellam 2 months ago

    Great demo thank you

  • Zealous Grooves
    Zealous Grooves 2 months ago

    Was this video made in Santa Fe?

  • Steve Waclo
    Steve Waclo 2 months ago +1

    “How to pick up a big motorcycle accidentally dropped.” As opposed to picking up a big motorcycle dropped on purpose? Sorry, I couldn’t resist! 😀 Excellent tutorial 👍👍👍. I’m still riding my ‘93 Nighthawk 750 at 75.

  • Jkeldoc
    Jkeldoc 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for the excellent demo. I have a feeling you may have been a teacher or maybe you're the Hickok45 of motorcycles

  • Mesa Man
    Mesa Man 2 months ago

    I had my 2003 Chief to down on my own stupidity. It out the stand down on a poor area that wasn't firm enough! Not sure what the weight of my Chief is, but I used the same way you had shown in one of your first examples. Great video.

  • reverescu e
    reverescu e 2 months ago

    Thanks from another 70 plus year old Harley life member something HD should assit you with finacially and advertising.

  • Carl Paris
    Carl Paris 2 months ago +2

    Yea that's good to know my bike laid on its side for 3 days

  • Bad Driver
    Bad Driver 2 months ago

    Great video! I don't know if I could lift that big of a bike, you have a great idea on using the jack! Enjoy and ride safe!

  • kenny gann
    kenny gann 2 months ago

    Mine want fall over. I got a CanAm Spyder!!!

  • Jay Hockley
    Jay Hockley 2 months ago

    Another quick and easy way to secure the front brake , so it wont roll , is with a plastic wire tie . Just make sure you have something to cut it with when your done .

  • Edgardo Sendiong
    Edgardo Sendiong 2 months ago

    No still dengerous to drop again other side.

  • callofdutyguy9
    callofdutyguy9 2 months ago

    Beautiful motorcycles sir. Thanks for the tips on lifting the bikes. Will be useful for whenever I get my first motorcycle. Can I ask you a question though? Do you and your family know who Jesus Christ is? Have a good night and God bless you!

  • Kim Clarkson
    Kim Clarkson 2 months ago

    Thanks for demonstrating this! I appreciate you showing how to pick the bike up when it’s dropped on the left side. Most of the videos I’ve seen show the bike dropped on it’s right side and they’re able to use the kick stand. The times I’ve dropped mine it’s always been on the left side.

  • Natan Pierce
    Natan Pierce 2 months ago

    Great video- three different ways without a person, and with a helper another way. Hope I never have to do this...I was kind of worried about your back. But it looked easy-(ier) :-)

  • Honest Pinocchio
    Honest Pinocchio 2 months ago +1

    9:43 nice doggy!

  • James Butterson
    James Butterson 2 months ago

    🤘😎💨 ✌

  • Techn' Moto
    Techn' Moto 3 months ago

    Cool video with some nice tips- Here is my video on how I do it- Ofcourse I'm not as old but getting there 😀

  • Backyardsniper73
    Backyardsniper73 3 months ago

    Great upload! Hope you're still riding.

  • Harley Lee
    Harley Lee 3 months ago

    I think that i just learned something

  • Josh Rodrigues
    Josh Rodrigues 3 months ago

    Thanks for taking the trouble to show us how to lift these heavy bikes. Youre 70 yrs, hopefully another 30 years more of riding :)

  • Pistanbroke
    Pistanbroke 3 months ago

    it's a harley... who cares. just call the scrap guy and get a real bike that doesn't weigh 800lbs.

  • harley rider66
    harley rider66 3 months ago

    If you can't lift your fallen bike then ya don't need to be riding it! Jmo

  • Dissect This
    Dissect This 3 months ago +1

    It's like you plan your drop so you can pick it up 😆

  • Mike105
    Mike105 3 months ago +1

    Don’t you stand a good chance of bending the handlebars with that first technique? Just wondering.
    Also be careful, I had a friend pick up his road king with the HD technique and he put a little too much into it and basically just threw the bike over onto the other side. He couldn’t catch it when it was going over because his back was facing the bike.
    Overall good video, especially for new riders. Trust me, it will happen. On the second day I had my first BRAND NEW bike, I forgot to put the stand down after backing into the garage. Over it went. Thank god it came with crash bars exactly like the bike in this video. Even though it did, I was literally physically sick after it happened.

    • david daigle
      david daigle 3 months ago

      Yes , my full-dress Harley has rubber cushioned handlebar risers ...... That has too much " give " to be a reliable method . I position them closer to the tank before I start .. And My passenger hand -grips are mounted plenty solid with no give so , I have a choice ... I can grab them Or the rear crash-bars ... I didn't see Any mention of turning your fuel -petcock to the Off position as one of the First things you want to do upon dropping the bike . ..... About the 4th or 5th incident of dropping mine , I ran across a video that explained the harley -method { rear to and crouched down } .. It take Everything I've got if I'm Facing it .... I Am getting better at remembering to take my front disc-lock off Before I start it and let the clutch out ..... LOL

  • Donald Coughlin
    Donald Coughlin 3 months ago

    Great video

  • Frangie W
    Frangie W 3 months ago

    That was very good Paul, it happened once so far to me and boy is that bike heavy, took all the force I could muster to get it upright.
    However one question, what are you doing with a snow blower in New mexico ? looks to me like you live in the desert ??

  • Dr. Troy Foland
    Dr. Troy Foland 3 months ago +2

    Paul. Thank you for a great how to. For newbs or experienced riders. The Harley technique was a great tip. I'm tiny. 5', and I had to use that method. Yes, New bike, forgot to put side stand down. Really appreciate this effort! Ride safe, keep the rubber side down..

  • CC C.Elliott.
    CC C.Elliott. 3 months ago

    Talks too much

  • frank gomez
    frank gomez 3 months ago

    Thanks Paul, I'm 57 with a weak back and just upgraded from a lifetime of Sportster's to my first Electra Glide. As luck would have it a block from home I was tired and was getting ready to make a left turn and made the rookie mistake of hitting the front brakes at low speed with the bars turned add a little sand on the road and I had a slow motion left side drop. So I shut the motor off and then the petcock just to be safe and tried the Harley Davidson method without luck. Lucky for me a local Deputy sheriff stopped and blocked traffic he said he did not he same think on his Road Glide and helped me lift it. So after your video I don't feel as bad getting help. Ordering my jack , what a great idea. Thanks again

  • Bud Goff
    Bud Goff 4 months ago

    Remember folks that negative comments also go hand an hand with: (An Idiot is born every few minutes)

  • Bud Goff
    Bud Goff 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for this info. I weigh 150 and have an Ultra classic also, so now I'll get my sissor jack too

  • Aram Attarian
    Aram Attarian 4 months ago

    he bike looks too new. to nave a shifter . Maybe he put one on himself. He carries a scissors jack. Must drop his bike a lot. most bikes don't have a shifter much less a first gear. Wonder why he didn't'he demonstrate using the jiffy stand Excellent video work and good narration

  • Allison Warrix
    Allison Warrix 4 months ago

    12:09 come on eileen. lol sorry ..good vid man

    DOC ROBERT C 4 months ago


  • Gil Gutenberg
    Gil Gutenberg 4 months ago +1

    I see you scratched the garage wall when lifting the second bike and it looks like you hit the wall when you missed. I would say, ''make sure there is no wall near the bike when you try to do this''.

  • Sam Filas
    Sam Filas 4 months ago +3

    hey Paul , Thanks for laying your beautiful bikes on ground just to show people how to survive, You are amazing guy , thank you.

  • james rockmore
    james rockmore 5 months ago

    Great job you make it look easy when I know it's not,

  • Observing Rogue
    Observing Rogue 5 months ago

    Great video!

  • loki1066
    loki1066 5 months ago

    Excellent video! and what a coincidence, another 'chadwick' ... do you originate from lancashire , UK? - I'm Jeremy by the way.

  • MattyP 1540
    MattyP 1540 5 months ago

    Thanks for laying down your bikes for the sake of teaching others. Cheers to you, sir!

  • sav 223
    sav 223 6 months ago

    Thank you Paul. Greetings from Poland.

  • Charles Abbott
    Charles Abbott 6 months ago

    I was taught back in 1972 on how to get your bike up right without hurting yourself.You put the bike in first gear. Pull the clutch in and start the bike. if the bike is laying on its left, the keep the wheel turn to the left and slowly let the clutch out.The RPMs (with out giving gas) will make the bike move and in a circle till it is up right.This is so easy. Why take a chance on trying to lift a bike and maybe slip and hurt yourself.

  • HighDesert Bill
    HighDesert Bill 7 months ago

    Like the other commentators what a great idea and video Paul. I also am a older gentleman with not as much strength as yesteryear's and I plan to ride my HD Road King till I am gone. I fell over with my motorcycle and could not pick it up. Thank god I was just outside my shop door and had access to a 4 ton gantry Crane that made standing the bike up no problem. I freaked me out to think I might drop it on one of the a lonely back road's I like to ride and my cell phone would have no signal to call for help lifting it.
    This is a good fix for lifting the bike ............... Thank you for sharing.

  • Ubiratã Muniz da Silva

    Good tips, I like the jack tip (I own an Indian Roadmaster, and although I´m quite young, I´m sedentary and have absolutely no strength LOL - I dropped it a few times and never got it up by myself, always needed a second pair of hands).
    But... WHAT IF you don´t have highway pegs on your crash bar? which support point would you use to lift the bike?

  • Wayne Hilgen
    Wayne Hilgen 8 months ago

    Great Video Paul , thanks . I was struggling to get a grip on something firm with my left hand when lifting and found using a soft tie (strap for tying down a bike) around the saddlebag guard , then looped around my wrist made the lift much easier , I also carry a small light tarp strap to bind the front brake to the grip.

  • David k
    David k 8 months ago

    that's why I ride a trike, lol

  • Richard Kelso
    Richard Kelso 8 months ago

    I keep a scissor jack like that in my Goldwing's trunk. Don't have the bracket on it, but will shortly. Thanks for a very informative film.

  • Danilo Orbolato
    Danilo Orbolato 8 months ago

    How to pick a motorcycle up? Pick the motorcycle and lift it da fuck up!! That's it!

  • Mickey Winstead
    Mickey Winstead 8 months ago

    you pay atttion you wont drop it

  • Atahulpa
    Atahulpa 8 months ago +9

    I'm 70 years young and I'll ride till I die .. God Bless all riders ... /

  • Kevin  DeLuna
    Kevin DeLuna 8 months ago

    Have to use leverage

  • WayBigD Of Byron
    WayBigD Of Byron 8 months ago

    If you tip your bike over so often that you need to adjust your foot pegs to allow for clearance for a jack to lift it back up, maybe you should consider riding a trike.

  • J P
    J P 8 months ago +2

    Great video.

  • roger thornton
    roger thornton 8 months ago

    Thank u sir very good video.!!! I been riding sense I was 9. I am 61 now. I am on my third street glide. It’s very hard to get a rider to admit they have dropped there bikes in the first place. Like u say it’d not a matter of if but when. U r also right about the sissy bars. I all ways put them on my bikes.

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry
    GaryLordsWayMinistry 9 months ago

    See 1 Cor.11:1-16. Oh by the way Dan.12:2, for what a shame will bring to anyone. I always heard it was the kickstand, not a jiffy stand. Good idea with the scissor jack though.

  • Scott Thornton
    Scott Thornton 9 months ago

    I had to like and subscribe. Simply for the facts that a 70 years, young man is willing to lay over not just one but, two Harley's. Purely for the purpose of teaching others. Weather your methods are to the liking of others, or not, is of little consequence ! The BIG PICTURE here is: Your method works and your willing to risk it, for the sake of other people whom you will never even meet. Mr. Chadwick, you sir are a very rare individual. Thank you for posting this video.

  • Jeffry Blackmon
    Jeffry Blackmon 9 months ago

    Very good video. Something to consider is looping a tie down strap around whatever you use the left hand to lift. You would not have to bend your back so far.

  • Joe Labriola
    Joe Labriola 9 months ago

    Time to get a Trike?!$

  • yawer abbas
    yawer abbas 9 months ago

    Very very nice demo ! I love this .

  • Sham bo
    Sham bo 9 months ago


  • Michael Barbour
    Michael Barbour 9 months ago

    Great tips I also will be buying a jack for the just in case drop. Thanks