REDMI NOTE 7 - Super Fast Unboxing / Review All Colors | Red vs Blue vs Black - Indian Unit

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Redmi Note 7 | Unboxing | Review | Pros Cons | Comparison | Red | Blue | Black | India | redmi Note 7 pro | redmi note 7 camera samples | GCAM , redmi note 7 gaming | redmi note 7 heating | redmi note 7 waterproof
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    In this " Redmi Note 7 " india unboxing and review , I unbox all the colors of the redmi note 7 , redmi note 7 ruby red, redmi note 7 redmi note 7 saphire blue, and redmi note 7 onyx black . i also explain the camera with samples , display , features , battery , performance , specifications , gaming , dual camera and the pros and cons of Redmi Note 7 india unit . After using Redmi Note 7 smartphone here are my thoughts on if you should buy the " Note 7 " smartphone.
    This Redmi Note 7 india Unboxing & Review video covers
    Redmi Note 7 Unboxing red , blue and black
    Redmi Note 7 comparison
    Redmi Note 7 Pros & cons
    Watch this completely to get the idea if you should buy this smartphone in india
    Please do ask if any queries and I will answer them
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      no that is nebula red of the note 7 pro . this is plain red for note 7

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      Not at the moment. Might be jn future sale

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