Saving Your Disaster Campaign - Exiled From Sparta

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
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Comments • 152

  • Capablanca
    Capablanca 17 days ago

    Awesome play through! I know you hate Rome 2 but I really like it and I loved watching Legend and his Spartan hoard.

  • Jaap Uitroepteke
    Jaap Uitroepteke 28 days ago

    Insubres sailor: Admiral, we’ve been of the coast of Karalis for 20 years now. I would like to go Home to my wife and new Born 20 year old Son.

  • Dante Kenchi
    Dante Kenchi Month ago

    i dont see how you 'saved' the campaign. Traded 1 spot for another and thouse enemy armies who took sardinia will catch up. Hope you make a sequel.

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao Month ago

    Is Massilia strong or something? Cuz right now every time i do a campaign they end up taking a lot of land including Rome... Was there a patch/buff or what?

  • kevin ham
    kevin ham Month ago

    i would love to see legend start a campaign and lose

  • Nils Vos
    Nils Vos Month ago

    Spartani ite domum

  • Robur94
    Robur94 Month ago

    J'espère que vous lisez le français... Quand se produit le bug de l'adoption, vous relancez une sauvegarde de la partie. Cette sauve garde n'est pas la sauvegarde automatique habituelle ! Comment parvenez-vous à programmer une sauvegarde automatique, tour après tour, dans le fichier de sauvegarde "auto_save_legendary.sparta.05052019.193417"?

    • Robur94
      Robur94 Month ago

      Eureka ! C'est une particularité du jeu en "légendaire"... où la sauvegarde manuelle est impossible. Ok ! J'ai compris. Veuillez m'excuser pour le dérangement... ☺

  • 1996Horst
    1996Horst Month ago +1

    turn 180 and all greek citiestates still exist? even fucking Pella? wtf did he do wtf did the ai do WTF

  • Paranoid Chucky
    Paranoid Chucky Month ago

    You should consider trying a DEI Rome 2 saving your disaster campaign, could be a real challenge and obv a lot of the annoying things from vanilla rome 2 arent present.

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller Month ago +1

    Just a guess but the last video did well cuz most of us are tired of the WH content.
    Personally not a fan of the fantasy stuff but I can respect those that are.

  • lordcrusade
    lordcrusade Month ago

    Corsica would been a smarter first choice

  • Vlad Drakul
    Vlad Drakul Month ago

    I think you just proved how GOOD auto resolve is in legendary level. It makes the game playable. I only play legendary or very hard for those weak states who simply get squashed by the world on Legendary. Also many of us who have played since Shogun I are tired of the battles themselves and like the strategy. If I want to fight battles these days I play TW Warhammer because there the variety is very fresh and challenging. The other exception are sea battles in my beloved 'Empires' game that you don't like but I LOVE (much more interesting than Napoleon, even if flawed; Simply play certain nations for the best fun ever) Still we agree the best ever TW is MW II + Kingdoms. Can't beat that one and I even do battles there. Variety again making it worth it!

  • Matthew Rieger
    Matthew Rieger Month ago

    47:25 lol

  • Alexander Hawk
    Alexander Hawk Month ago

    Spends 2 hours to get voted off the island and claims he saved the campaign. Genius!

  • Sean Hillman
    Sean Hillman Month ago

    So why not send that fleet off to do some scouting and let it get destroyed? Perhaps even capturing a settlement and getting money by tearing down the buildings? Just a thought.

  • John The Farmer
    John The Farmer Month ago

    rome 2 more like chinese civil war

  • Nikoloz Gilles
    Nikoloz Gilles Month ago

    lol never thought sparta could be a nomadic looting faction but i guess i was wrong

  • BigRed Nado
    BigRed Nado Month ago +8

    U could probably make a whole series on this playthrough and I would watch it

  • cortines182
    cortines182 Month ago

    in what difficulty factions get strong like that? only in legendary?

  • Daniel M Smith
    Daniel M Smith Month ago

    100% No competition, my favourite total war RU-clipr. Your content and creativity is as solid as your skill. But i have to know man, how did you get the AI to be sophisticated enough to have such territory? Ive been using mods since 2015 trying to get them to be as tough as possible.

  • DJ_SD16
    DJ_SD16 Month ago

    legend comes back from ruin, AI cant understand how legend comes crashes

  • realmiker
    realmiker Month ago

    Thnx I hate the politicssystem too!

  • Matthew
    Matthew Month ago

    Please make a second episode Legend.

  • Saxofoonreed
    Saxofoonreed Month ago

    You say you don't like playing Rome 2 anymore, but Rome 2 is absolutely your best content. You curse the much when you play it, somehow your getting pissed off with the AIs antics are hilarious, or when you take Syracusae and your mercenaries took most of the damage, disband and "great, fuck off and die". You're not like that as much in other TW games.

  • MisterTonyG
    MisterTonyG Month ago

    I'm really enjoying the Rome 2 content. I recently bought Rome 2 along with a decent amount of DLC during the summer sale. Not only are these campaigns entertaining, but I'm learning a lot about the mechanics of the game such as the politics system and how to balance the economy.

  • Yaan of Naan
    Yaan of Naan Month ago

    Maybe your next video should be saving a disaster desktop 👀👀

  • The puppel puppel
    The puppel puppel Month ago +1

    That sacking of cartage tho

  • Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson

    Shouldn't pikemen be super good on legendary, because the AI doesn't bother with flanking around them? So shouldn't any faction with phalanx be superior to any without.

  • Jerkfaceman Jerkfaceman

    Wow this is basically Sparta's worst nightmare being almost entirely destroyed by what was Probably a slave rebellion.

  • GilgameshAurora
    GilgameshAurora Month ago

    Not a single battle fought this hole episode. Really proves just how fucking stupid auto resolve is. They made a mechanic to make not playing the game more optimal. CA doesn't want you playing their game evidently

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones Month ago

    This is why you fill your armies with plebs and then trigger the civil war. Or that was the strategy the last time I played TWR2. Maybe they've patched that cheese so there can be more than 1 civil war.

    There's a lot I prefer about the warhammers, but I did like the way you could specialise provinces in TWR2. Commerce provinces, mining provinces, food provinces. You didn't need to do it, but it was something to reward the min/maxers that is missing in TWW.

  • Teh_Vasraf
    Teh_Vasraf Month ago +1

    Dear legend,
    I had subscribed to you very lpng ago. And although I enjoy the content, I feel guilty spending around an hour or longer in a video. Thwrefore, I usually don't watch most of your vids. Thus RU-clip doesn't reccomend you often. When RU-clip does, maybe because of nostalgia for some legend, I sit down and watch the whole thing. This says a lot about the the recommend mechanic. Basically, onnly if a video does well early on, it will be recommended to all subs. And we already know that if a video is doing amazing, it will be recommended to the entire comunity. So, in reference to your point about the last Rome 2 vid, I think the way it works has nothing to do with rome itself, but rather the algorithm trying to replicate the success of the last video with SYDC and Rome 2 as tags.

  • Simon Tretter
    Simon Tretter Month ago

    In RomeII the politics as a greek state is not that hard.
    Get a champion with "historian" into your army for free exp and level up "diplomat".
    You are welcome :)

  • Superior trash can
    Superior trash can Month ago +4

    Just call it Spardinia and roll with it

  • Joseph Ruiz
    Joseph Ruiz Month ago

    would seriously enjoy another episode

  • Eurico Aw
    Eurico Aw Month ago

    Love rome 2 , nice !!!!!!

  • Miłosz Janda
    Miłosz Janda Month ago +8

    I've been missing rome 2 and this sydc is super fun. Great vid Legend!

  • VashTS7
    VashTS7 Month ago

    Those crashes. It’s why I stopped playing this game

    • godscop999
      godscop999 Month ago

      I don’t get it. I’ve never had a crash in well over 1,000 hrs. For me it was always the most stable of the TW’s.
      Not the best game, but certainly stable.

  • Mbabu Mgolwhagyduu
    Mbabu Mgolwhagyduu Month ago +22

    Ah Rome 2 the game just won’t die, there’s a reason there’s still so many players it has a certain appeal and accessibility, part two ASAP please

  • Hey Gek
    Hey Gek Month ago

    1:33:07 that desktop tho 🤢

  • TheShowHost
    TheShowHost Month ago +2

    I have never once in my 500 hours of rome 2. Have a crash xd

    • Eurico Aw
      Eurico Aw Month ago

      TheShowHost me too except forgot to turn my mod on

  • David Longfield
    David Longfield Month ago +7

    Go on, Episode 2 !

    Also, I love how much you hate this game

  • John Russell
    John Russell Month ago

    The people have spoken. The mob demands rome 2.

    • John Russell
      John Russell Month ago

      Oh yeah. The reward for mastering the political system is controlling when/where/if secessions happen, having a huge pool of generals who are 100% loyal to you(if they are all part of your family tree, they can never leave to make a new party) and all the buffs that come with big influence and promoted generals.

  • Jonas Janssens
    Jonas Janssens Month ago

    When the game crashed, I sort of lost it xD especially when you talked about the game not having any buggs and stuff :D laughed for minutes xD

  • Laszlo Official
    Laszlo Official Month ago

    Best tumbnail ever X'D
    EDIT: A good Thumbnail is EVERYTHING nowdays EVERY... FOOKIN... THING... I don't give a FUCK what i watch for real as long as it has a funny little picture that fits the name.

  • Blade57331
    Blade57331 Month ago

    I think this video would make batter if there was at least ONE battel

  • Danny Alex
    Danny Alex Month ago

    + an adopted general can not break away

  • SirBlaze75
    SirBlaze75 Month ago

    @LegendofTotalWar I've found there is no set answer to the dilema's i've had the exact same dilema before answered it the exact same way for 2 different results, i'm not sure if there are better answers than some for some of them than others that have a better chance of a good result, but it does seem to be random success with them

    • godscop999
      godscop999 Month ago

      No malice intended, but this is one of the most incoherent posts I’ve ever read.

  • Nathan
    Nathan Month ago

    You are definitely not Legend of Total War Rome 2 : p

  • J0hn
    J0hn Month ago +11

    please play more rome 2 save your dc i freaking love these

  • Karel Wolf
    Karel Wolf Month ago

    Total Crush: Rome 2

  • Demian LP
    Demian LP Month ago

    DROP E2 RN!

  • Il Plaak
    Il Plaak Month ago +6

    Second episode please! Let's loot, plunder, burn and raze everything to the ground!

  • Robin Schekkerman
    Robin Schekkerman Month ago +3

    Now I know who inspired the huns to raid Europe, they followed the spartan ways.

  • Dusan Pacirski
    Dusan Pacirski Month ago

    Do the second episode!!!

  • Royal Sour
    Royal Sour Month ago +2

    Always love seeing a Rome 2 game

  • Jaques Crusteau
    Jaques Crusteau Month ago

    God rome 2 is still so unsatisfying to play, let alone watch

  • Michael M
    Michael M Month ago +1

    I enjoyed it. Would not mind a second episode.

  • Stina Bigum
    Stina Bigum Month ago

    Did this end As a good video?

  • Drayshawn Jones
    Drayshawn Jones Month ago

    Legend have you played hegemony 3

  • Remy P
    Remy P Month ago

    Not gonna lie, I miss you playing Rome 2 and enjoy this content very much. Also your old style of youtube video commentating is more enjoyable than reading chat all the time. I dunno, personal opinion, take it or leave it.

  • Enigmatic Varan
    Enigmatic Varan Month ago

    Good luck

  • Ιωάννης Μωραΐτης

    Spears, outnumbered, starting settlement is an island, that's Teclis' Vortex campaign! Even Sardinia looks like Great Turtle Isle.

  • iamplay
    iamplay Month ago +1

    its true politics are messed up in rome 2 way too complicated
    darren AKA republic of play did a great guide for it
    i never was able to figure it out till i watch his guide

  • Eren Rager
    Eren Rager Month ago

    Seems like Carthage was just destined to be burned to the ground.

  • T Gmann
    T Gmann Month ago +7

    I kinda want second one just to hear him complain about Rome II ^^ sooths my heart haha ^^

  • Rankevius Magnus
    Rankevius Magnus Month ago

    1:55 Farting force?!!

  • woiv
    woiv Month ago +4

    if you hadn't disbanded the fleet (or even split it into two fleets) you could've smashed all enemy transports coming to corsica, sardinia and sicily

    • LOLPIREK DestinyProPlayerBoss
      LOLPIREK DestinyProPlayerBoss Month ago +1

      @Neko Means Cat Wow. You just literally got angry over a dude telling the guy that doing something would bring different results. You seriously need to calm down.

    • Neko Means Cat
      Neko Means Cat Month ago +4

      woiv dude shut up, he literally said why he disbanded it, and that fleet while decent was not worth the money at a time where he needed to rebuild a military and infrastructure

  • Sawyer Jones
    Sawyer Jones Month ago

    Just a note on a comment going into a naval auto resolve battle: yes indeed the low tier naval ships do much better manually raming them than they do in auto resolve

  • SuperSikanaama
    SuperSikanaama Month ago +1

    2nd episode thx

  • Lord_Wombat
    Lord_Wombat Month ago +20

    Can you do a video where you explain the politics in Rome 2?

    • square shield
      square shield Month ago +8

      - explanation: kill off parties with bad traits at the start of the game by killing their leaders in battle and provoking them
      - to get more power, just promote and marry your family members, only employ your own family for generals, bribe other parties if you have to
      - and above all else, avoid politics as much as possible, its a waste of time

  • Funky173
    Funky173 Month ago

    49:47 basically what pirates do xD, aand he's being on an island like pirates.

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas Month ago

    I hate Rome 2's autoresolve mechanic where you know the EXACT result because then Legend never has to fight any battles manually and that's what I'm here for :'( So glad they changed that in later games

    • Eren Rager
      Eren Rager Month ago +1

      Even without the showing the result, Legend will use the crap out of it as long as it is broken as it is, and manually resolving is suicide with all the hidden buffs the AI army gets, and even if it was not then like he said before it is more effort with less reward. There is a good reason why he hates the game. Plus the AI is colluding with Legend's PC to sabotage him.

  • Raitar
    Raitar Month ago +3

    ...towers are no longer machine guns, now they have an impact of a wet noodle...

  • iamplay
    iamplay Month ago +18

    rome 2 is a decent total war with all the patches and fix they did