Sister Act - The Teacher Song


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  • Katie Kit Kat
    Katie Kit Kat Month ago +1

    Favorite singer is DEFINITELY Mary-Robert. She voiced is just the best!!!

  • Tiffy Ttt
    Tiffy Ttt 7 months ago +4


  • Bre Bert
    Bre Bert 9 months ago +14

    One of my fav tropes: Sister Lazarus can't drive.

  • caparomona
    caparomona 3 years ago +1


  • Riam Marlom
    Riam Marlom 3 years ago

    kkk legal

  • Ashleydiane Delgado
    Ashleydiane Delgado 3 years ago +31

    you know what? it kinda made me pissed off when those students are acting really stupid

  • OhDaniBoy
    OhDaniBoy 3 years ago +21

    Alba is the real mvp

  • Znoochy
    Znoochy 3 years ago +11

    This was the time when music actually was good (and a little bit Religious) and not like this modern noices.

  • Joel M
    Joel M 6 years ago +6

    Well I don't consider myself a moron, but yes I do agree, anyone around my age or younger, I just can't stand them. I wish I was older than them so I wouldn't have to go to school with them, they suck. No one knows it better than me.

    • Alize Perkins
      Alize Perkins 3 months ago

      Anna Ward BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🥴🥴

    • Anna Ward
      Anna Ward 3 months ago

      Joel M now that it is five years later, do you still feel the same about teenagers?

  • TheWWEfangurl
    TheWWEfangurl 6 years ago +5

    1:26 She is just awesome

  • SwingRiots
    SwingRiots 6 years ago +10

    The song is called "Ball of Confusion", originally by The Temptations.

  • ramara3
    ramara3 6 years ago

    finde ich auch

  • Blair West
    Blair West 6 years ago

    rofl I almost died when I read this

  • jose ofarril
    jose ofarril 6 years ago

    Arruino su vida! ->\2iyo5

  • Tahj Sampier
    Tahj Sampier 6 years ago +1

    I Love This Song

  • NuggetAshley
    NuggetAshley 6 years ago +4

    Starting at 2:00 sounds like.... "Sell of pills are at an all time high" ""Don't go f*ckin' round with their heads in the sky"... Well that's just how i hear

  • Manuel Merres
    Manuel Merres 6 years ago

    Sister Act ist einfach super,man kann sich die filme immer wieder anschauen.Klasse!!!

  • jcooke31411
    jcooke31411 6 years ago

    shooting rrrockets to the mooooooon!! XD

  • Cory Chapin
    Cory Chapin 6 years ago

    LOL I know right!! I did the same thing and I was like "why? I've heard it before" ah well

  • Yules GS messa
    Yules GS messa 6 years ago


  • Kayla Cross
    Kayla Cross 6 years ago

    where is the world heading... no body knows. um we all know where its going its messed up today.

  • MP882609
    MP882609 6 years ago +3

    Rap on sisters, rap on!

  • stigg govers
    stigg govers 6 years ago +1

    what's the song in the beginning called?

  • rusty lee
    rusty lee 6 years ago +1

    those kids are morons like most kids today!!

  • Kaylarnee M-M
    Kaylarnee M-M 6 years ago

    LOLOLOL. so true

  • MastersOfSticks
    MastersOfSticks 6 years ago

    1:27 :D

  • innovativesleeper
    innovativesleeper 6 years ago

    For some reason this song always scared me as a kid. Now, as an adult, it still does...

  • John TroLLvolta
    John TroLLvolta 6 years ago

    Disney Doperz....

  • John TroLLvolta
    John TroLLvolta 6 years ago

    uhh.... No, I didn't hear it.

  • Brownie Bytes
    Brownie Bytes 6 years ago

    I vote A+

  • RetardedBikingMorten
    RetardedBikingMorten 6 years ago

    I ''Vote''d Down :P

  • devilove17
    devilove17 6 years ago

    Years later and they still got it. lol

  • malakaijub
    malakaijub 6 years ago +1

    jenny love hewitt has a realy cute smile

  • shay sichmeller
    shay sichmeller 6 years ago

    to get to the start of the song and skip the part where they are walking in just push 2

  • wildspirit2005
    wildspirit2005 6 years ago

    I used to think that too but she says "walking"

  • 1red_6
    1red_6 6 years ago

    ok... this song is not called the teacher song... smh this is "Ball of Confusion" by the Temptations.

  • NuggetAshley
    NuggetAshley 6 years ago

    Yes... I just noticed that and was going to post

  • LeoDahLion93
    LeoDahLion93 6 years ago

    Does anyone notice her say her saying the f word at 2:04?

  • elektraeriseros
    elektraeriseros 6 years ago

    I don't know if this is sarcasm or not, but funny you say this. The original version of this song was by the Temptations :D

  • Shantell Glover
    Shantell Glover 6 years ago

    Ive seen this movie a katrillion times and for some reason this time when she said shootin rockets to the moon I died laughing.

  • TheGypsy ThatRemains
    TheGypsy ThatRemains 7 years ago

    Shootin' rrrrrockets to the moon!

  • Yoggernauts
    Yoggernauts 7 years ago

    that is not possible not in single TARDIS chameleon circuit works

  • Mia Fransisca
    Mia Fransisca 7 years ago +1

    I love that song.. :)

  • freddie mallowse
    freddie mallowse 7 years ago

    an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth
    thats my favorite part nd when the skinny lady was singing

  • Trakvs
    Trakvs 7 years ago +1


  • AngelaLorraine96
    AngelaLorraine96 7 years ago

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is Margaret... :) in this clip she is sitting next to Frank A... :):):)

  • LOFI911
    LOFI911 7 years ago

    Hahah are you kidding me ? That is not a drummer....she is a bongo player -: )

  • 755hp
    755hp 7 years ago

    1:59 "Leme hear it, leme hear it, leme hear it, SING!!" LMAO

  • krysten0
    krysten0 7 years ago

    this song geeks!!!!!!!!

  • Ivory Inkwell
    Ivory Inkwell 7 years ago

    i wish this one was on the album...

  • RedVampire120652
    RedVampire120652 7 years ago


  • Jolynn M
    Jolynn M 7 years ago

    the song is called the ball of confusion

  • tey dion
    tey dion 7 years ago

    Play it Ama! GO HEAD GIRL!!

  • LOFI911
    LOFI911 7 years ago

    But.....where is the drummer for crying out loud ?

  • elektraeriseros
    elektraeriseros 7 years ago +1

    "They was DEAD, stupid!" Pfffft! Best line...

    QX79MUSIC 7 years ago

    I believe these new generation kids find these kind of videos & dislike them just 2 piss people off

  • zaira sierra
    zaira sierra 7 years ago

    the orange head sounds like a girl virsion of michel jackson

    I DONT WANT TO 7 years ago

    Can I be in love with you now?!

  • John p
    John p 7 years ago

    hahah temptations

  • Celestial Demon
    Celestial Demon 7 years ago +1

    McGonalgal clearly helped =)