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  • Published on Jan 2, 2015
  • A touching film about the small things that remain intact even though everything else has changed over time. We all take wrong decisions in our lives, but does the regret ever go away? #kundli #star #love #lovestory #romance #superstition
    Kundli - is a film about deep rooted beliefs because of which the characters in the film make decisions that will always haunt them . It's about two meetings of these characters in a different time, period and shows the changes that have occurred in their lives. Though along with time things have changed, but there are somethings which are unforgettable at the back of the mind. Kundli is a film about small things that have remained though the times have changed.
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    Cast & Crew:
    Director: Himalay Dave
    Music / Sound: Abhishek Borkar, Ishan Sadwelkar
    Editor: Himalay Dave
    Cinematographer: Ishan Sadwelkar
    Cast: Tushar Gunjal, Madhuwanti Vaidya

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Comments • 857

  • Maha MahaButt
    Maha MahaButt Day ago

    Woww what a story yar....

  • Navdeep Kaur
    Navdeep Kaur 2 days ago

    Kash Ye waqt vapis aa jae

  • Shipra Singh
    Shipra Singh 2 days ago

    Subscribe me for......

  • sarwar morshed
    sarwar morshed 5 days ago


  • Thakur Karthala
    Thakur Karthala 6 days ago

    So nice

  • Journey Player
    Journey Player 6 days ago

    Disaster do Dillo ko hazaro saal pehle structure huyi kundali ne tod diya, this is not the way we should live we should move further & forget this crap

  • Sheetal Bamen
    Sheetal Bamen 8 days ago

    So nice storyline

    RAVI RANJAN KUMAR 8 days ago

    Chuk gye ham apni mohabbat me...
    Kuch baten tumne samet li aur jajbat ham

  • Vandanaa Srinivas
    Vandanaa Srinivas 10 days ago


  • Anjali Vyas
    Anjali Vyas 10 days ago

    Superb in all manners

  • Dhasarathan
    Dhasarathan 12 days ago

    Really very nice and good concept i liked so much as this film

  • Zindagi
    Zindagi 12 days ago +2

    After watching it I m feeling "UNCLE👨
    ary Yr itni kyu simple bana Di?? BTW nice Concept, well acted

  • Ravi Kiran K Salian
    Ravi Kiran K Salian 12 days ago

    Good massage

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Pagli !

    May I ask what is a Kundli???

  • Abhay Kumar Jha
    Abhay Kumar Jha 16 days ago

    Presentation is beautiful

  • Rajesh Barman
    Rajesh Barman 18 days ago

    Beautifully done, great short story.. A little glimpse of our unfulfilled wishes and how we keep them alive. In this case, it was the kundli, for others it might be something else. We cant always get our wishes fulfilled especially if the realization of the need comes well after the time to decide has gone by.. Thanks for making this

  • Madhu9
    Madhu9 21 day ago

    Kundli for those who believe in it.Why miss the whole world for kundli.?

  • Nana Patil
    Nana Patil 25 days ago


  • Gaurav Kumar
    Gaurav Kumar 27 days ago

    Nice one

  • Kamran Bhatti
    Kamran Bhatti 27 days ago


  • Bhavna Jadav
    Bhavna Jadav 29 days ago +1

    some ppl are so stupid k unke pyar chahe kre pr shadi k waqt stupid reason deke nikal lete kundi., looks, cast etc and. fir pachtane k aava kuch ni hota

  • ലാലേട്ടൻ ഇഷ്ട്ടം

    Any mallus 😄🙏

  • Jay Prakash Maurya
    Jay Prakash Maurya Month ago

    What a natural superb acting.

  • vijesh venugopal
    vijesh venugopal Month ago

    Himalaya Dave saale dil chu liya tune yaar brilliant concept☺☺

  • Gunit Sidhu
    Gunit Sidhu Month ago

    kangana ranaut ki news dikhaya karo

  • Balinder Singh
    Balinder Singh Month ago

    Nice story

  • Rockstar Rudra
    Rockstar Rudra Month ago +3

    This is called natrual acting you both are outstanding gyss👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Rockstar Rudra
    Rockstar Rudra Month ago

    Nice actor yar 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Subhash Jain
    Subhash Jain Month ago

    Boring long movie se suder short films mughey adhik lubhati hai. Well done !! Sunder saral movie ke liye sari team Ko badhai.👍💯🌹

  • keshav kumar
    keshav kumar Month ago +1

    Such a masterpiece,really awesome

  • Bilal Sidik
    Bilal Sidik Month ago +3

    Make a film on the evil practice of lynchings

  • Prasant Singh
    Prasant Singh Month ago

    really great heart is full of joy.

  • Puja Kumari
    Puja Kumari Month ago


  • Ahmed Rana
    Ahmed Rana Month ago

    Emotional drama...
    Very nice

  • Rajmani Yadav
    Rajmani Yadav Month ago

    A good short story.. Nice.

  • G A Krishna
    G A Krishna Month ago

    Good one. Nice story line, matured acting. I liked it.

  • shival paprola
    shival paprola Month ago

    Girl is such a natural actor... loved her

  • pragya srivastava
    pragya srivastava Month ago


  • Jai Dev
    Jai Dev Month ago


  • Archana Shekhar
    Archana Shekhar Month ago


  • Tridhwaja Global Initiative Group

    I liked this video very much, I had some moments like this during my marriage programs. My family is also believing in kundali match, and for this reason some of them were not married with me. But by the way I am married from last six months and I am happy with my wife and she is very understanding in nature. Very nice way of presenting this videos with awareness of Kundali match for marriage.
    Thanks and best wishes to the team.
    DRx Bijay Bhoi
    A Pharma professionals

  • Joy Poddar
    Joy Poddar Month ago

    Pls make part 2, excellent Actress

    SANKET MAKWANA Month ago +1

    Destiny about fast love never forget that

  • Ramachandra Malavi
    Ramachandra Malavi Month ago

    Ary Bhai kundali choda physical and mental match karwale....

  • Vilas Natu
    Vilas Natu Month ago

    ओढून ताणून जि छाप पाडता ति टिकत नाहि जि छाप ऊशिरा पडता ति लोक डोळ्यात व मनात ठेवतात ऊघड मान्य नाहि करत व तिच खरि छाप म्हणावि मग ति मालकावर/मैत्रिणीवर कोणावर पण पाडा आसो

  • Vilas Natu
    Vilas Natu Month ago

    रोमेटिक शोर्ट फिल्म पण हाच शर्ट तो त्याच बिल्डिगच्या जीन्यात जाऊन घालू शकला मराठी

  • Vidyanand Wagh
    Vidyanand Wagh Month ago

    That was beautiful :)

  • Dr Rakesh Mishra
    Dr Rakesh Mishra Month ago

    Kundalis are seriously penned down destiny of people. A huge organized sociocultural data collection. Covert operation running in Indian society. Good or bad you decide.

  • Budha Gutaum
    Budha Gutaum Month ago +21

    जिनको शास्त्र में विश्वास है वो प्रेम ना करें
    जिनको प्रेम में विश्वास है वो शास्त्र की चिंता ना करें
    प्रेम तो प्रेमचंद जी की कहानी जैसे सदियों तक रहेगी....

  • Madhu Silaparasetty

    Very good

  • Sasmita Bhanja
    Sasmita Bhanja Month ago

    Excellent short film.

  • Ratish Tiwari
    Ratish Tiwari Month ago

    What a lovely story

  • sunil Kumar
    sunil Kumar Month ago

    So nice..

  • Ashi. sharma
    Ashi. sharma Month ago

    I'm thinking that pehle kundali match kr lo then ladki dekhne jao nhi to kisi b ladki Ko pehle hi dekhne ka kya mtlb

  • KS Subramanian
    KS Subramanian Month ago

    Even after 15 years the Hero wears the same shirt

  • Pardeep jangra
    Pardeep jangra Month ago

    हमारी अधूरी कहानी 🙂

  • Mahboob Shaikh
    Mahboob Shaikh Month ago

    Nice movi

  • Mridula Singh
    Mridula Singh Month ago

    Nice short film


    Exilent superb

  • ashish kumar
    ashish kumar Month ago +1

    Iss,,,, kundli n kai logo ki band baja rakhi hai......