Top 5 SHARK Close Calls

  • Published on Jun 29, 2018
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    Yikes! Next time I go swimming i'm going to be thinking of these sharks! Today's upload is on the top five shark close calls.

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  • jok325635
    jok325635 3 hours ago +1

    last shark reminds me of hilary cliton and cia fbi and doj all following her

  • scopezz_trickz z
    scopezz_trickz z 12 hours ago +1

    am I the only one scared of the thumbnail the guys face is scary af

  • merouane belkhayat

    I hate sharks life if I agree

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 2 days ago

    Now I’m even more scared knowing I can barely see the shark, even in day time to.

  • Gracie Norris
    Gracie Norris 2 days ago

    Last year I was swimming away from shore when a wave came it took me under and next thing I see is everyone on shore so I start to swim and wonder what's going on. I get to shore and ask the lifeguard and he said that there was a shark near shore. Turns out it was only a few feet away from me. I'm so glad that shark didn't want to eat me

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 4 days ago

    Ever wonder why sharks don't eat all of the human. Maybe it's because their like Gordon Ramsay. *IT'S RAW*

  • Trent Razor
    Trent Razor 5 days ago

    motherfucker injures nice fish

  • Lenti _Mr.smo0THIE
    Lenti _Mr.smo0THIE 6 days ago

    3:50 he better run away, sharks can smell blood by faaar away you know

  • Belongedto BTS
    Belongedto BTS 8 days ago

    They just want to say hello

  • Isabella Hale
    Isabella Hale 9 days ago

    I saw the fin do a HIGH FIVE..

  • Isabella Hale
    Isabella Hale 9 days ago

    They need to stay away from the sharks and quit chumming the water with meat and tagging them and getting in the water.

  • Mute Soul
    Mute Soul 9 days ago

    2:12 - 2:29
    That was exactly what the shark was after! The shark thought Fanning was a seal or sea lion, and believed that the surfboard was the body of what it was trying to hunt, so it went straight for that. I can only imagine its confusion after the seal it thought it was hunting split into two separate bodies.

  • MR. POPO
    MR. POPO 9 days ago

    daddy shark dododododo

  • Olivier Rodriguez
    Olivier Rodriguez 9 days ago +1

    Wow... amazing images...!!!

  • Jennifer Santos
    Jennifer Santos 9 days ago

    The shark at 6:43 looks like the school bus of fish students😂

  • SoapTweetsGH
    SoapTweetsGH 10 days ago +10

    Just because a shark is near you doesn’t mean its “moments away from attacking you.”

  • حبحب مشوي
    حبحب مشوي 12 days ago

    😨 اووووو ما يقاد

  • Jesse H
    Jesse H 13 days ago +4

    Giving me some serious anxiety 😳

    UKCHEEZ 13 days ago +2

    They wouldnt be laughing if the sharks attacked lol

  • ultimedragon 35
    ultimedragon 35 13 days ago +1

    The shark is not dangerous for the man, it's the man is dangerous for the shark. The movies of shark killers presents a bad picture of the shark.

  • Athanasios Mastrogiannis
    Athanasios Mastrogiannis 13 days ago +1

    close calls = very correct dictionary and zoology

  • Addie Cooley
    Addie Cooley 15 days ago +8

    If u are waiting for the partthe shark actually does something in the last thing, it never happens.

  • Jalar Smith
    Jalar Smith 15 days ago

    so nobody died this some bullshit

  • Sean Jacobs
    Sean Jacobs 15 days ago +4

    Holy shit, did you see epic high 5 fail at 1:15,
    15 years ago on my honeymoon at New Smyrna Beach (just south of Daytona) I was in water up to my chest and got bumped (hard) by something big - very gritty and scrapped my skin and left a rash like I rubbed sandpaper on my back. I knew what it was immediately- scares me to this day thinking about it. I was so happy when I got to shoreline. I could not see what it was water to dark sun was almost down but it was bigger than me. I have never gone back in the water, ever. I’m still married, but if I could do it over I would have picked a fight with whatever it was.

  • ciarri winter
    ciarri winter 15 days ago

    Diving in with a loud splash might as well be be banging the dinner gong for large carnivorous fish.

    RVA LYFE 16 days ago

    3:40 there goes the sharks only attack if provoked theory

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm 2 days ago

      Theres thousands of sharks yet how much shark attacks

  • ole megrikson
    ole megrikson 16 days ago

    Sorry but if you're spear fishing and you're 'surprised' by a shark then you're an idiot.

  • Mitchell McMaster
    Mitchell McMaster 16 days ago

    The only one that looks like it could have been aggressive is the one with the spear fisherman. All the others were not attack’s, even the one with Mick Fanning, experts ruled that as curiosity. Don’t get me wrong, the fear is real, just don’t create villains out of sharks for being curious.

  • Gail Gail Gail
    Gail Gail Gail 16 days ago

    Huge thumbs down because as sponsoring the made came on 4 times. Forget it

  • wanda soria
    wanda soria 16 days ago +3

    If you have lived a while, you saw Jaws as a kid, and you never looked at the ocean or sharks the same. Anyone else still traumatized since the 70's?

  • g C
    g C 16 days ago +2

    That one video that's the way my brother used to fish bunch of drunks on a boat

  • Gam Stubley
    Gam Stubley 16 days ago


  • who cares
    who cares 18 days ago

    Aghhhhhh says the guy.........hold on until i video it.
    Get outa the he holds his drink without offering to pull his buddy out.
    A v o i d these fucking people in your life

  • elo e brincadeiras Vryyg


  • GreenestGanja2
    GreenestGanja2 19 days ago

    A surfboard in no way resembles a seal (for all those people suggesting otherwise), and also sharks have terrible eyesight so that's a poor ass example, they mainly use other sensors such as hearing and smell to distinguish animals.

    "The most common myth is that great whites, with their poor vision, attack divers and surfers in wet suits, mistaking them for pinnipeds (seals and sea lions), their main prey. In this scenario, once the animal realizes its mistake, it releases the victim and swims away."

    "Completely false," said R. Aidan Martin, director of ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research in Vancouver, Canada. A shark's behavior while hunting a pinniped differs markedly from its demeanor as it approaches people-suggesting that the animal does not confuse surfers for seals."

    "I spent five years in South Africa and observed over 1,000 predatory attacks on sea lions by great whites," said Martin. "The sharks would rocket to the surface and pulverize their prey with incredible force."

  • John Barney
    John Barney 20 days ago

    Bitem back !

  • Gabrielle Budd
    Gabrielle Budd 20 days ago

    a man was killed in Wellfleet last year surfboarding and a shark chewed him up and the man died.

  • Gabrielle Budd
    Gabrielle Budd 20 days ago +1

    swim in the deep blue sea or go my son was sailboarding once when he flipped over and he sat right on top of a shark unbelievable he made it back up on his board the shark still surrounded him and my son stood still with fear somehow the shark moved on to the next sale Border and everyone screamed and they all made it safely to land. A moment that was a close encounter thank God my son was not injured this was Cape Cod Mass in the bay buy Hyannis.

  • Leonardo Maranhão
    Leonardo Maranhão 21 day ago

    Troca a sunga e segue o jogo

  • Leo the lion
    Leo the lion 21 day ago

    Idiot holding the cage deserved to be eaten by the 🦈

  • Chris East
    Chris East 22 days ago

    Not cool to have a 5 min video turned into 10 by adding some random footage at the end so people watch in order for you to get paid

  • chin ankh
    chin ankh 23 days ago

    uh....if those sharks wanted those swimmers...they would be GONE....they never tried to ATTACK anything....

  • ツPEiHOu
    ツPEiHOu 24 days ago +2

    When you try to get a 10 minutes video...

  • Jason Byrd
    Jason Byrd 26 days ago

    The second clip is fake. The shark is being pulled on a fishing line.

  • Stephanie Leahey
    Stephanie Leahey 26 days ago

    The reason why sharks get are commonly behind boats since they usually drop bait. So they usually tail surfboards any boat boogie boards etc...

  • Isis Smith
    Isis Smith 26 days ago

    These people think that shit is funny they are stupid as hell

  • tay the videogame warrior

    This why I just swim at pools 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • DiGenius tm
    DiGenius tm 27 days ago

    Rumours has it that shark is still swimming with that spear gun in its mouths

  • AgentJustE
    AgentJustE 27 days ago

    Sharks do not eat humans

  • Paul Crawford
    Paul Crawford 28 days ago +15

    with global warming they soon be on swimmin round the streets as well

  • Peter Walstra
    Peter Walstra Month ago

    Dude speared the shark? He shouldn't have been there in the first place. Hope karma gets him real hard

  • Glenda Lintvelt
    Glenda Lintvelt Month ago

    I was on the beach in Jeffrey's Bay when Mick Fanning had his brush with death. It was insane - we saw the huge fin and the first impact and then a wave lifted in front of them and we saw nothing for a few seconds. It felt like an hour - everyone was standing there with their hands to their mouths, holding their breath. And then we saw this hand stick up from behind the, it was so scary. Then he got hit from the other side and his surfboard just happened to be in the way. Those rescue guys were incredible. And Mick Fanning really was lucky that day. The competition was cancelled in the final heat, it is a day I will never forget.

  • sachorna brissett
    sachorna brissett Month ago

    Sharks are underwater bullies.

    • Plasstyre
      Plasstyre Month ago

      Not like they keep the ecosystem in check or anything.

  • Kanye Waste
    Kanye Waste Month ago

    Don't make vibrations in the water

  • Sharianeee Channel
    Sharianeee Channel Month ago +18

    Don't kill shark,they are much alike with other animals,the wild animals. The last part is a very calm shark.
    Rip English

  • Edwin Eddy
    Edwin Eddy Month ago

    Is that jOhnyy Sins?? 😂

  • Gábor Nagy
    Gábor Nagy Month ago


  • Salvitori Popadillo

    Look up the true story of four boys off the coast of the Adelaide beaches in 2004. My uncle knew the poor kids father. I still have the news paper cover of the day after. The helicopter photograph from above showed the boat with the shark underneath it. The shark looked bigger than the boat in length.

  • Celine Bkt
    Celine Bkt Month ago +1

    How the fuck they can stay calm if i would probably died

  • James Degroat
    James Degroat Month ago +3

    So now that one shark has a huge spear hanging out it's mouth..great

  • Munch eez
    Munch eez Month ago

    Double summersart ? Lol 0:57

  • Top Notch
    Top Notch Month ago +4

    Mick Fanning should be #1. Instead of freaking out he landed a solid punch 👊 to the shark. It was because of this (and his surf board) that he wasn't eaten alive. He's a legend for maintaining composure during the attack, and for going straight back into the water to win another competition like it was nothing. 🙌🇦🇺

  • Mic Micson
    Mic Micson Month ago

    Number 5 is the best video...close call.

  • My Dreams
    My Dreams Month ago

    It wasn't just their times to die

  • family family Month ago

    If you don't want to be killed by a shark just come to Bulgaria. You will be probabbly attacked by drunk russian guy on Sunny Beach. Only be scared of that.

  • jamiecivic
    jamiecivic Month ago

    Hear that commentator voice instantly write this comment and close video.
    No thanks

  • Morel Hunter
    Morel Hunter Month ago +2

    Diver: "Think I'll just jump in this large foreboding body of water and flail about a bit. What could wrong?"

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King Month ago +1

    That last one is just a mama with babies on her side. Do ur research of mating habits and their related geological territories humans. Rather than pulling an avatar ignorant soldier in a space unknown.

    • LazyScorp
      LazyScorp Month ago

      I'm just going to assume this was a strange joke...

  • Raymond
    Raymond Month ago

    To everyone saying you're more likely to die of a coconut falling on your head than a shark attack, show me one video of a coconut falling on someones head a ripping them in half, go on, please. Stop talking crap. Oh and watch this video:

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm Day ago

      @UCjfPL7oS5uxDGemEiWTm0qg then its just a exaggeration but it is still rare to get attacked

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm 2 days ago

      Literally no one said that

  • Shark Juice
    Shark Juice Month ago +1

    I hate that man who shot the shark with a speargun in the mouth

    • Avriluz Zano
      Avriluz Zano Month ago

      The shark was coming towards him if he did not the sea couldve been on red

  • Abdul Karim
    Abdul Karim Month ago

    Safe atlast do-do dodo dodoooo, safe atlast do-do dodo dodooo

  • John Bowndz
    John Bowndz Month ago +7

    Added the extra clip to get your video to 10 minutes well done

  • hassan OX
    hassan OX Month ago

    Number 5 is fake asfff

  • Jee Breezy
    Jee Breezy Month ago

    This is where a nurse shark is needed

  • Cesar Fernandez
    Cesar Fernandez Month ago


  • のま
    のま Month ago


  • Alfie Bowler
    Alfie Bowler Month ago

    The fin of the board for 2 made it look like a fish thats why it went for it rather than him

    SHARON KADIR Month ago

    3.12 Johny Sinns??

  • Andrew Official gameing

    These people got so close on being shark food

  • Filip Zawistowski
    Filip Zawistowski Month ago

    I am deeply, DEEPLY afraid of sharks, although I know it's irrational. The only time I hate flying is if I have to fly over water, I have this horrible fantasy of crashing into the ocean then surviving then being killed by sharks :D

  • Laurent L.
    Laurent L. Month ago +1

    Wht did they laughing when they saw the shark near attack them?

  • jonataspool pool
    jonataspool pool Month ago


  • Jessica Coralde
    Jessica Coralde Month ago

    When your friends says its time to face our fears and our fears are sharks....

  • Marc Tav X
    Marc Tav X Month ago +1

    N u need to add that many commercials
    . I stopped watching at the first 1

  • Zoë H
    Zoë H Month ago

    And this is why I don’t go in the ocean

  • Khei Series
    Khei Series Month ago

    6:39 the shark was like escorted by the smaller fish 😂

  • Kai&Ron Bell
    Kai&Ron Bell Month ago

    If those sharks really wanted to eat them then they would have .

  • idoclubsTV
    idoclubsTV Month ago

    He waisted so much time to get it to ten minutes JUST to make money, he doesn't have any real knowlage

  • lumgs2009
    lumgs2009 Month ago

    3:41 He killed the shark! 😡

  • Jason Williamson
    Jason Williamson Month ago

    Funny story. When I was 14 we were swimming near a pier at Virginia Beach and a guy on the pier reeled in a juvenile Bull Shark. He cut it loose and then proceeded to throw it back into the ocean... ABOUT 6 FEET FROM WHERE I WAS SWIMMING.

  • Tara Fahey
    Tara Fahey Month ago


  • Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey

    Yo wtf 3:39 that was the craziest shit I've seen in a long time

  • Billbo88
    Billbo88 Month ago +2

    Would hardly call #3 a massive shark

  • lenny solana
    lenny solana Month ago

    White people

  • Enjoy life !
    Enjoy life ! Month ago

    bought a kayak today for the sea,think after watching this I'll use it on rivers and lakes 😅

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler Month ago +3

    That 1st 1 though 😱! That great white could of ripped his head clean off if it wanted to. Personally I'd stay out of waters where any dangerous sharks can be found as we enter their domain at our own risk and I'm not taking that that risk Lol

  • Anthony Cirone
    Anthony Cirone Month ago

    #5 should of been #1

  • uomorana71
    uomorana71 Month ago

    the reality is that sea belongs to sharks, retarded humans seem to be a nice juicy bait sometimes

  • I. E.
    I. E. Month ago

    Don't flee... FIGHT!!!!!!!!

  • Rudy Rudy
    Rudy Rudy Month ago +1

    The ocean is the domain of fish and mammals, if we go there we are like intruders’ no? And you can.t do anything about the instincts

    • Mark Wheeler
      Mark Wheeler Month ago

      Rudy Igorb1712 Exactly right, we enter there domain that's our choice we know the risks, sharks are just doing there thing and most times aren't even interested in us, when they are curious they have only their mouths to sense with so they might take a nibble to see what the hell we are as we're unknown to them, point is we enter the ocean at our own risk.