First Time Trying TRADITIONAL Filipino Food

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • I'm in Manila, Philippines and went to the most recommended spots to taste authentic Filipino food. ➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  Year ago +2025

    Hi Everyone! Thanks to all your support I am a finalist for the Taste Awards :-) If you have a min please help vote for me here I would really appreciate it :-)

    • Jose Galvez
      Jose Galvez Month ago

      I got your mouth(back)

    • Lennybi Adar
      Lennybi Adar 2 months ago

      Yummiest... Keep it up...

    • Mslzr
      Mslzr 5 months ago

      Strictly Dumpling hi i like ur videos just want to ask what video editor you’re using, salamat!

  • Christina Balansay
    Christina Balansay 5 hours ago

    Love ur videos😀

  • Sassy Chuchi
    Sassy Chuchi 14 hours ago

    OMG.. my comfort foods

  • Gerry Lang
    Gerry Lang Day ago

    Try the Laing too. It's good with the Dinaing na Bangus.

  • Don720
    Don720 2 days ago

    Man, Your the pro, the foodtube, "FoodTube".. U got it packed. Restaurants around the world, should be emailing to try their food. U should write a book of directories of the best places in the world..

  • Ocean Eight
    Ocean Eight 3 days ago

    2.5M views & still counting... thnx man for trying our mouth watering dishes....

  • Gregg Lagoting
    Gregg Lagoting 3 days ago

    That’s overpriced for a 2pc puto bumbong

  • dragoknight slayer
    dragoknight slayer 3 days ago

    Glorietta and landmark eh, I am a Filipino that's two of my fav malls

  • Julia Aquisap
    Julia Aquisap 3 days ago +1

    I'm proud to be Filipino!

  • B. R.
    B. R. 4 days ago

    Brother you can eat!!! I love it! You get down

  • john aldrin quiazon
    john aldrin quiazon 5 days ago

    he is my fav. food blogger.. very honest about the opinion on the food he is eating...

  • Think Positive
    Think Positive 5 days ago

    It must be balanced with cleansing foods/drinks because most of the foods have high cholesterol content.

  • Eunice Montolo
    Eunice Montolo 6 days ago

    Im droolingggg 🤣🤣🤣

  • Harbinger5581
    Harbinger5581 7 days ago +1

    I need to find someone who talks to me like how Mikey talks to his food

  • GM Yanson
    GM Yanson 7 days ago +1

    I'm crying, in the middle of the night, eating my sandwich, watching this video. THIS IS TORTUUUUURE!!

  • chembeli sangtam
    chembeli sangtam 7 days ago

    Different texture on pork mean its probably Uncooked,

  • R Rubio
    R Rubio 7 days ago

    There's no ube in puto bungbong.

  • LaLa's and Dyepoy's Corner

    im so freaking hungry right now

  • waffu 101
    waffu 101 8 days ago

    thank's for the comment about our filipino cuisine wazzzzzuppp from phil. pizzz!!

  • Jayvee Valdez
    Jayvee Valdez 9 days ago

    Pork adobo is the best!

  • DX Salvo
    DX Salvo 10 days ago

    He's eating a meal for 6 alone lol

  • Regine Cruz
    Regine Cruz 12 days ago

    Uncle Jackie! Glad you liked our food here in PH 😊

  • Maknae Tae
    Maknae Tae 14 days ago

    ma high-blodd kaaaa
    Thank u for visiting the PHILIPPINES!!

  • ninja
    ninja 15 days ago

    Too much coconut

  • randomposter 2
    randomposter 2 15 days ago

    adobo rice is the best! I could never get enough.

  • Kim Frank Watson
    Kim Frank Watson 16 days ago

    so soft it cries at hallmark commercials! - does Mike pre-write his commentary?

  • KingCarrot Cake
    KingCarrot Cake 16 days ago

    The 1 Thing That Makes Filipino more delicious

  • Brandee Collier
    Brandee Collier 17 days ago

    I hattte laing lol. Everything else sarap! But you should eat your sinigang and sisig with rice lol!

  • Tye Cook
    Tye Cook 17 days ago

    Oh God the squid!...oh it looks unbelievable!

  • Tye Cook
    Tye Cook 17 days ago

    I love Filipino food!...I lived for years with a filipina and fell in love with the food and culture in general. Sinigang is my favorite food ever...

  • Krizanta The Tindera
    Krizanta The Tindera 17 days ago

    Kay aquaman ata ung tinidor na binigay

  • H4ruH3ro plant more trees

    I am a Filipino Good sir.. But after seeing you eat those wonderful dishes.. It made me feel so happy... It made my mouth so watery...

  • Aldwin Payod
    Aldwin Payod 19 days ago

    dude how bout the cameraman

  • Kesa Rang
    Kesa Rang 19 days ago +1

    Holy cow how can you eat all of that in just one day 😮

  • pseudochef07
    pseudochef07 19 days ago

    Hey Mike glad you enjoyed our food man, and for a first time visitor in my country, you picked out three of (in my opinion) the best filipino restaurants in that area. That crispy pork knuckle made me salivate. And I don’t salivate easily! 😋

  • Hill Roberts
    Hill Roberts 19 days ago

    I was in KL in July 2019 and I was rather DISAPPOINTED. The Malaysians are not big diners after all. Malls are half empty

  • U fokin wot M80?
    U fokin wot M80? 21 day ago

    Adobo is just filipino teriyaki

  • Joey Tv
    Joey Tv 21 day ago

    Rapsa i like it

  • Riza Sampaga
    Riza Sampaga 21 day ago

    Im hungry... Mr Chackie Chan😂🤘

  • Mark Salazar
    Mark Salazar 22 days ago

    Im going to the philippines on december i wanna eat some pilipina food

  • Helen Tambanillo
    Helen Tambanillo 22 days ago

    Look a like of Jackie chan..I love how you eat..

  • Katsura Agentzero
    Katsura Agentzero 22 days ago

    why not eat it with rice....sinigang with rice ughjj

  • Jan Bertumen
    Jan Bertumen 22 days ago

    lmao a 4 dollar meal is expensive for an average filipino
    and most 4 dollar meals (ive encountered) has a serving of a 1 dollar meal (that just the appetizer)
    most of them go for fast foods and go to restaurants or buffets for special occasions

  • Aaron Garcia-Matusalem

    You are awesome brother, everytime I watch your video the next thing to do is to eat. You are so very well spoken and honest. Thank you for loving our food. ❤

  • smith jeateux
    smith jeateux 22 days ago

    Its TI LA Pia

  • Raffy Sungarngar
    Raffy Sungarngar 23 days ago

    Laing is the superstar on this

  • Concepcion Concepcion
    Concepcion Concepcion 26 days ago

    Nakakagutom means im starving😊

  • Fit2PlayGames !!!
    Fit2PlayGames !!! 26 days ago

    The laing is actually the region where my mom hails from which is the province of bicol. Thats one of my favorite dishes because the work thats put into it from actually scraping dried coconuts and squeezing the juice out to incorporate the flavor with the laing vegetables shows how the dish is loved and i loved watching my mom make this when i was little.

  • Darla Florence
    Darla Florence 29 days ago

    Like your videos . Thank you for your sharing your experience

  • Rhenz Khairos Presto
    Rhenz Khairos Presto 29 days ago

    Try eating the sinigang promise it will taste great

    DAREDEVIL TM Month ago


  • mari juana Fountain

    My saliva flood starving me much

  • denise ibe
    denise ibe Month ago

    that's so delicious

  • Johnwin Palma
    Johnwin Palma Month ago

    You should try sisig with mayo

  • AnythingUnderTheSun

    Best Filipino resto I've ever been so far is Manam. Best. Decision. Ever Mike. Seafood Kare-Kare is a bomb! 🤤

  • nikky emnace
    nikky emnace Month ago

    I am also a strictly dumpling fan..😊😊 and also i want to make my own food blog soon😃😃

  • lele ku
    lele ku Month ago

    You made me hungry! Don't you get full? Lol

  • Von Rose
    Von Rose Month ago

    I'm hungry now after watching that.

  • Dindinmoshi Yu
    Dindinmoshi Yu Month ago

    If your country is loaded with coconuts, vinegar is a staple. That’s what i love about the philippines as well. I eat everything with vinegar. Even the junkfood. 😂

  • Dindinmoshi Yu
    Dindinmoshi Yu Month ago

    Gerry’s grill is the place to be.