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The Rainbow Serpent - Aboriginal Dreamtime Story

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • Credits ~ Dreamtime.au.net - Source story
    EVOSIASTUDIOS - Original Source Video - ru-clip.com/video/WlHzrD39jOQ/video.html
    Music is the song "Experience" by Ludovico Einaudi - www.ludovicoeinaudi.com
    Fair use. For educational purposes only.
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  • Electric Universe Eyes

    LOUDER AUDIO HERE ➡️ ru-clip.com/video/vbPf9VfmNJ8/video.html

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 2 years ago +3

    I forgot to mention the local Rainbow Serpent, the Wagyl (Noongar dreamtime) made the Swan River (where it lives) and the hills.

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 3 years ago +3

    It seems that new species spontaneously appear during these electrical events!
    Or something like that!

    • meee owww
      meee owww 2 years ago +3

      Similar to creature storms perhaps? I've often contemplated exactly what you suggest.

  • Axis Mundi
    Axis Mundi  7 months ago +1

    Congratulations for video. Everything is electric: Myths, space, body, planets. There is no gravity and the Earth is flat with dome. The answer is plasma cosmology and oldest cosmology was correct.

  • Baja Jones
    Baja Jones 2 years ago +1

    Thank you Brother. I AM NOT WHISPERING ANYMORE EITHER. The truth is in front of you if you care to learn.

  • OneofakinD
    OneofakinD Year ago +2

    Aboriginals are not the first man to Australia The pigmy people were here first and slaughtered by the aboriginals who arrived by canoe. An elder from Kempsey told me this and was told to him by his grandparents so on. The serpent reminds me of planet x Nibiru who passes the earth and returns back out into space, causing much mayhem on earth creating rivers and lakes causing the hills to erupt the oceans to rise and the earth to split up as it has done many times before.

    • Lee Robertson
      Lee Robertson 2 months ago

      Atlantean probably migrated around us when they went underground

    SHOCKWAVE 3 years ago +4


    • runs naked through the forest
      runs naked through the forest 2 years ago

      @zimbabwe 1508 the story of old, our ancestors witnessed a lot, electromagnetic action through plasma, the aboriginals myth of dreamtime is real..
      all old civilizations have their own interpretation of those violent and deadly but also life giving times.. check more of electric universe eyes video's, or thunderbolts, etc..

    • zimbabwe 1508
      zimbabwe 1508 2 years ago

      What do you mean? Im actually curious not trying to call you out

  • Child of the 7th day
    Child of the 7th day 3 years ago +1


  • Thiswasntonthemenu
    Thiswasntonthemenu 2 years ago +1

    What is the song?

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 3 years ago +2

    psssst.... why are we whispering?

  • James
    James Month ago +1


  • Lee Robertson
    Lee Robertson 3 months ago +1

    Hello, fellow EU here