The power of introverts | Susan Cain

  • In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.
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Comments • 80

  • ice ice BB
    ice ice BB 4 hours ago

    thank you for this Susan Cain. If you're reading this, this is the only TED talk that left me with tears. as an introvert, this consoles me especially that currently, i am usually surrounded by extroverts at my new school. the ending left me very emotional. Thank you!

  • NYC State of Mind
    NYC State of Mind 11 hours ago

    Wall Street lawyer??? Are you aware how WS is corrupt at least??

  • Anshu singh Rautela

    Gandhi was definately not an introvert.
    Non violence is not in sub category to intr

  • Sarah Juarez
    Sarah Juarez 2 days ago

    As a extrovert we always get told that we don't respect introverts and that we should, but why should we if they don't respect us either. We're told that were annoying, ignorant and more just because we love socializing and we love talking but just because we do doesn't mean we're stupid. Most extroverts respect introverts and just because you met some that are rude does not mean we're all the same.

  • God’s lovers
    God’s lovers 2 days ago

    I don’t like working in groups at school. When my teacher sees other students not working in a group she says that they are selfish.

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J 3 days ago

    I feel this so hard. I’m an ambivert who leans more toward extroversion, but when it comes my work, I’m a hardcore introvert. I prefer to work alone and don’t like group projects or group work. When I was in middle school, I had a math class where EVERY assignment was done in groups. I chose to work alone and my teacher acted SHOCKED when I worked alone and would question me about it. Even in my senior creative writing class, we were always in groups either to exchange ideas or write a piece. It drove me nuts so I switched to my other love: theatre

  • jun raphael kariya
    jun raphael kariya 3 days ago

    "wHy ArE yOu So QuIeT?" i don't know man , why you never shut up ?

  • Anupreet Jaiswal
    Anupreet Jaiswal 3 days ago

    Very true talk. Thanks for putting that effort for talking about us introverts!

  • Osaiasi L
    Osaiasi L 3 days ago

    Extrovert: who's your crush
    Introvert: *heart attack

  • murat polat
    murat polat 4 days ago

    Güzel tespitler yapmış ,gördüğünü anlatmış.

  • Life Hacks
    Life Hacks 4 days ago

    Why i can here phoebe in her?

  • reni
    reni 4 days ago

    You know when you came here because you were introvert and after some time you come back again, watching this again, because you are, introvert 😌

  • Sum Randum Guy
    Sum Randum Guy 5 days ago +1

    Many extroverts speak much but say little

  • Nadya de Jong
    Nadya de Jong 5 days ago

    I read that this is one of Bill Gates’ favorite Ted talks!
    I stayed up at camp with my flashlight every night inside my sleeping bag, reading... I would wait until my counselor started to snore...
    Montessori accommodates introverts...

  • Ar Row
    Ar Row 6 days ago

    I just hate groupworks that can be assigned individually. Working individually would be more comfortable utilizing my ideas without having to get interfered or conscious about others' opinion. There is a place for groupwork but not for every activity at work or school

  • __hanulll__
    __hanulll__ 6 days ago +2

    I hate it when others ask me "why are you so quiet?" I have to open my mouth 24/7 to be as loud as you?

    PRAGYA PATHAK 6 days ago

    Courage to speak softly. Wow 😇

  • ShadowZZZ
    ShadowZZZ 6 days ago

    Some of greatest thinkers of all were introverts: Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Arthur Schopenhauer. That is probably because being to yourself in a quiet and calm environment gives room to clear, rational and independent thought.

  • Kalpesh Zala
    Kalpesh Zala 6 days ago


  • N P
    N P 6 days ago +1

    Power of introverts? #socialdistancing #quarantine #stayhome We wholeheartedly comply to these rules.

  • kesch
    kesch 6 days ago +2

    I love this comment section. Feels like hundreds of like-minded friends.

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  • Rose Drage
    Rose Drage 7 days ago +1

    On my first day at a new school, one of the first things that someone said to me is, “why are you so quiet?”

  • 퍼팩트카피
    퍼팩트카피 7 days ago

    듣기가 하나도 안되네 ㄷ ㄷ..... 주입식 교육의 폐해.........

    MINH THƯ LÝ 7 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Casey Cheuvront
    Casey Cheuvront 7 days ago

    And today everyone who can is working from home due to Covid19... introverts standing strong together... apart...

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 7 days ago


  • youssef mimouni
    youssef mimouni 8 days ago

    I'm so happy to see that there are so many people like me and that I'm not alone in this situation, all my childhood was full of pejorative remarks about my lack of expressivity and sociable abilities.
    My relatives were consistently reminding me of how abnormal my behavior was

  • John homes
    John homes 8 days ago

    Inventors get screwed the billionaires by up the patents so that it can't be made if it interferes with their billions inventors should be able to use fuel free energy and give it to the public Humanity will never change because the billionaires won't let us

  • Aslı
    Aslı 8 days ago

    My immunology teacher separated us into groups for presentation. And i hate groups i fell better when i'm alone when i present and prepare the presentation alone.

  • Aslı
    Aslı 8 days ago

    Sometimes my friends ask me Why i was sad. But I'm not sad. I just can't laugh everything that they say or do. But they consider this like being sad.
    I hate this.

  • kieran franey
    kieran franey 8 days ago

    I'm an INFJ and this resonates very much, I am happy on my own , but I like good considered company but I have to consider the company at all times.

  • henlo world
    henlo world 9 days ago

    Every time I had to go somewhere new I was (and still am) so scared that no one would be there and that I was misinformed about the program or whatever I was going to do 😅😖

  • Cultured Sour cream
    Cultured Sour cream 9 days ago +2

    Is the RU-clip algorithm trying to tell me that my introvert power has been harnesses for this time of social distancing?

  • Safis Safiye
    Safis Safiye 9 days ago

    Tears come from... Thank you for being yourself🅰

  • Harisha Sirisilla
    Harisha Sirisilla 10 days ago +1

    "I had a vision of ten girls sitting in a cabin reading books in their ....." What is that word after "their"

  • Betül Sungur
    Betül Sungur 10 days ago +2

    Beyhan Budaktan gelenler...

  • Leonardo Ege
    Leonardo Ege 10 days ago +2

    Keşke Türkiye'de de birileri bu fikri savunsa 🙏

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 11 days ago

    My first instinct when I see an animal is to say hello,my first instinct when I see a person is to avoid eye contact and hope it will go away

    GOOGLE MARK 11 days ago

    And I'm single too😔😔😔

  • Aditya Bajania
    Aditya Bajania 12 days ago

    Isn’t she the person from friends?

  • Kevin Trotter
    Kevin Trotter 12 days ago +1

    "Why are you so quiet?"...." "Because I'm quiet".

  • Scien tist
    Scien tist 13 days ago

    for some reasons she resembles Phoebe...

  • Good Morning
    Good Morning 14 days ago +1

    The main bad thing that I find about being an *extrovert* is not being able to relate with almost every RU-clip comment section. 😆

  • Hillang Arina
    Hillang Arina 14 days ago +1

    Thank you very much. From school to highschool days I suffered a lot being an introvert. And even your own teachers and classmates doesn't understand you also they speaks a lot with their expressions like she is so annoying!! Weirdo!! Y so quiet!!! Blah blah blah !!! And so in my college days I tried to be like an extrovert. Well it did help me recognized by my teacher's and juniors for my ideas and actions yet on the journey I Lost myself and now m still trying to find myself. I kinda understand now that social skills are important bt trying to fit in with people or work in a Group activity where u don't feel comfortable and feels alienated in these cases you shouldn't force urself 🙂.

  • Esraa Yasin
    Esraa Yasin 14 days ago

    I love this

  • Sherri Hoffer
    Sherri Hoffer 16 days ago

    Finally! Someone who said what I've always known!

  • ༎u n k n o w n༎
    ༎u n k n o w n༎ 16 days ago +1

    Extroverts rule the world.
    Introverts create the world.

  • the fxbip
    the fxbip 17 days ago

    Ambivert hybrid human here speaking.
    So let me give my take on the matters.

    Extroverts very outgoing attitudes is a way to express enthusiasm in people and interactions.Lots of talking, even small talk can be a way to show appreciation of a person or social situation, what is talked about can be even of secondary importance, the fact of being in interaction with someone is often enough to be satisfactory for extroverts, it is a mark of love and interest, its why they want to interact and are loud.
    I can talk a lot with a perfect stranger and consider them a friend after a very short time and talk a lot on first meeting because i am enthusiastic about people and i love them.
    It is a frenetic, open, very stimulating and exploding kind of energy.
    It creates connections, it creates meetings and friendships and motivates group work and cooperation.
    On the Introverts side tho, this can be a problem if done in a way that is maybe too intense or constant, it will burn my energy fast, and i will feel disconnected from my center and will burn out and feel bad if there is overstimulation or things get too shallow or superficial, if there is no space for energy renewal in a more reflective and quiet manner.
    Things like one on one , REAL talk conversation away from noise, activities done in solitude and concentration, reading, creative activities, meditation, dreaming etc.
    This is more of a quiet kind of energy, but it is arguably even more intense and potent because it is more concentrated and focused.BUT too much of this tho can result in isolation and over-thinking and depression.
    I need both to balance myself, so i can be the outgoing social butterfly and meet people (which i love) without falling into superficial mondanities AND ALSO have precious time alone, in a quiet creative space (which i also love) without falling into isolation.
    And i think it is true for lots of people to some extend.Everyone needs time alone.Everyone needs social interactions.The difference is usually in the amounts of each that is needed from person to person.

  • No ;
    No ; 17 days ago

    I'm an introvert at home for sure unless you tell me stop walking around at 11 and you can duck off

    • No ;
      No ; 17 days ago

      I'm an extrovert in certain environmemts

  • No ;
    No ; 17 days ago

    She's subtly hilarious without trying

  • Yukari
    Yukari 17 days ago


  • sunset chaser
    sunset chaser 18 days ago

    I’m the type of person that would memorize every word of a casual presentation for school, but still stutter while presenting because of my social anxiety 😑

  • Susan N.
    Susan N. 18 days ago

    Brilliant delivery✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • D Tran
    D Tran 19 days ago

    i'm so grateful to be born in a time where we can exchange our thoughts with strangers all over the world. it's good to know that there are people that share the same problems as you.
    i struggled a lot with self-acceptance bc in my surroundings, especially at school, i was always told to 'speak up more', ' be more outgoing'. that's why i always thought that there's something wrong with me.
    by seeing videos like this, i have been able to learn that being an introvert is truly a blessing while knowing that i am able to evolve and change myself without being tied to one static definition of myself.

  • milk tea
    milk tea 19 days ago

    she has Phoebe from friends vibes

  • Carat Chicky
    Carat Chicky 19 days ago

    i am an introvert and i have seen many others introverts complaining about ppl asking them why they are so quiet. i dislike that kind of questions too, but i dont THINK you have to be so triggered :D maybe they are just curious or caring bout you, or not understand enough bout us. and please dont mistaken between introversion and social anxiety -_-
    uwu be a happy introvert!

  • bigshot088
    bigshot088 20 days ago




  • Elijah Chaney
    Elijah Chaney 21 day ago

    I honestly don’t talk to people very much because I’m afraid they may not like me.

  • Eddie Alva
    Eddie Alva 21 day ago

    I’m an introvert for sure. Been learning more about introversion and myself. My question is:
    Where is the line drawn on introversion and straight up rejection of social gatherings/responsibilities? I worry some of these comments justify their actions which may be depression or something else, I DON’T KNOW AND NOT SAYING IT IS. Is that where different levels of introversion come in? Just wanna know what people think...

  • Constance Moore
    Constance Moore 21 day ago +1

    I got almost to perfect scores in exams in my elementary years but didnt get into honor roll bcoz i wasnt raising my hands all the time to answer oral recitations. I really hate oral recitations.

  • pj fp
    pj fp 22 days ago

    Her voice is so relaxing

  • Chance Kesterson
    Chance Kesterson 22 days ago

    I wish I had rich parents.
    I cant believe that most young introverts live in a place where they will never be recognized.....

  • Mahalaleel Yahawadah
    Mahalaleel Yahawadah 23 days ago

    Those boots are hot!

  • Saeed Khamseh
    Saeed Khamseh 23 days ago

    She's the most extroverted introvert person in the earth.

  • 마진국
    마진국 23 days ago

    외향적인 사람들은 사회적자극 많은 자극을 갈망합니다
    내향적인 사람들은 조용하고 절제된 환경에서 생동감있음
    재능은 자극적인 곳에 가야 발휘가능
    내가 생각하는대로 해야 옳다는 신념때문에 지도력이 있는 것
    고독이. 창의성의 중요한 요소
    고독이 누군가에겐 호흡.
    감각 믿음 희망

  • hidden
    hidden 23 days ago

    Being a ambivert it's fun to watch this Extrovert introvert thing xD

  • Tathagat Sarthaka
    Tathagat Sarthaka 23 days ago

    Living life isn't just partying all night, or drinking or meeting people and hanging out.
    My friends who are extroverts say, you don't have a life, have a life. Start living.
    Introverts are living their life, in their own term. Be it with books or just day dreaming.

  • Craft s
    Craft s 23 days ago +1

    Just today my grandma told me to go to someone's house and I said no coz my head was hurting and I didn't want to as well and then she made a huge issue of it and started yelling at me....
    I didn't even know what I do wrong but I really cried my eyes out and my head is hurting more now.

  • Mari Posa
    Mari Posa 24 days ago

    My pastor stands by the door after service to shake hands and greet people. He and I are both introverts so neither of us can easily carry the conversation. As nice as he is, I shake hands, say hi and practically run out the door. He smiles and nods and I think gladly lets me go lol.

  • Sara Jain
    Sara Jain 24 days ago +1

    Oh, my God I am crying!

    • Tathagat Sarthaka
      Tathagat Sarthaka 23 days ago

      When something relates or touches our heart - this is our usual emotion.

  • suniiikaren
    suniiikaren 24 days ago


  • suniiikaren
    suniiikaren 24 days ago


  • Titus james
    Titus james 25 days ago

    just found out i am shy and not so much an introvert

  • Lucy
    Lucy 25 days ago

    Long car rides: A time when I can be completely quiet and not notice it.

  • Smaranam
    Smaranam 25 days ago


  • Aka Li
    Aka Li 26 days ago +2

    It warms my heart seeing so many people like me~

  • Literature Enthusiast
    Literature Enthusiast 26 days ago +1

    There's a change in the intro-extro scenario: *Many extroverts who earlier used to hurt or look down upon introverts are now qualifying themselves as 'Oh-so-quiet-lone philosophical-introverts'*

    • Tathagat Sarthaka
      Tathagat Sarthaka 23 days ago +1

      Just a fad buddy. Seems "introverts" make your bio cool.

  • Rami Al Khatib
    Rami Al Khatib 26 days ago

    I’m reading her book now and she’s already one of my favorite people in the world

  • TaidaDave
    TaidaDave 27 days ago

    I felt like an introvert my whole early life, it was obvious for me yet I long for companionship now that I am older I can't specify myself anymore