The Secret History Of Disney's Rapunzel From Tangled

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • Rapunzel From Tangled Has A Mysterious History You Never Knew About.
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    Rapunzel spent years of her life believing that the world was overrun by evil people and creatures. This stopped her from venturing outside and experiencing joy and excitement. The only thing that brought happiness to her life were the gorgeous lights that appeared in the sky on the night of her birthday, year after year. Without knowing why, Rapunzel was certain that the lights were meant for her. So, the only thing she wanted was to go and find their source. Despite being a well behaved and kind daughter, Mother Gothel forbade Rapunzel from leaving her tower, which caused her to rebel days before her eighteenth birthday.
    Despite knowing that her mom would freak out, Rapunzel escaped and went on a journey that would change her life for the better. But, despite going to great lengths to uncover the truth, Rapunzel ended up repeating her fate with a different captor.

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  • wigconic
    wigconic 3 months ago +397

    Omg i love Rapunzel! My favorite

    • Josh Motiram
      Josh Motiram 18 days ago


    • Mirprinces Colley
      Mirprinces Colley 22 days ago

      wigconic it’s my 3 fave it

    • Julia Juarez
      Julia Juarez 2 months ago

      My to

    • Sunny the great
      Sunny the great 2 months ago +1

      Niko Dedic So? Can’t everyone like Rappunzel???

    • Lucinda EnessPotter
      Lucinda EnessPotter 2 months ago +1

      Her father is the worst

  • Taliyah Watson
    Taliyah Watson 8 hours ago

    I think belle and Rapunzel are sister because they both love books and rapunzels mom had belle and left

  • Caitlin Long
    Caitlin Long 2 days ago +1

    I have a theory in frozen 2 there are 4 crystals Anna wakes up to so maybe they are of elements Elsa being water and they are related to repunzel and her symbol is sun so maybe she is fire or spring because of flower

  • Aliza Tareen
    Aliza Tareen 2 days ago

    Maybe they kept looking for her because the king did a lot to save her and he would not give up

  • A.M.P.M
    A.M.P.M 2 days ago

    About the long mourning: I have the displeasure to direct you towards Cédrika Provenches's story. She was considered kidnapped for at least a good 10 years before they found her remains...

  • Kawaii Potato 706
    Kawaii Potato 706 3 days ago

    I mean a C-section what is good but they didn’t have that kind of material back in the day

  • Ellie Cummings
    Ellie Cummings 3 days ago

    Hold Up! Has Rapunzel literally never cried her whole 18 year life and realised that she had magic tears, like Mother Gothel actually must have been an okay 'mother' if Rapunzel's never cried before!? But other than that these theories are actually making me question it! Disney, PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!

  • jajascraftan
    jajascraftan 4 days ago

    This is very rude how is it selfish to save your wife from DYING so that she can have you daughter

  • zd and mikey! lemole

    Its because the flower

  • Kayleigh Hislop
    Kayleigh Hislop 6 days ago

    But the series isn’t made by Disney so the half of these aren’t true

  • Ale T.V.
    Ale T.V. 6 days ago +1


  • Mew
    Mew 6 days ago

    Your acting like they knew what was gonna happen

  • Multi Applicable
    Multi Applicable 8 days ago

    Mother Gothel, follower of Zen Tiri, left Dimainitus in seeking the sundrop.

  • MikaCosplays
    MikaCosplays 8 days ago

    If my daughter went missing id continue to look way after 18 years, theres no surprise that a parent wouldn't give up hope that their kid would return home lol

  • Tiffany Ignarski
    Tiffany Ignarski 9 days ago

    How is being a people pleaser vain?

  • wajiha humayoun
    wajiha humayoun 9 days ago


  • InvisibleShadow XII
    InvisibleShadow XII 9 days ago

    This is *bs* .

  • Tsira Bolqvadze
    Tsira Bolqvadze 11 days ago

    If disney princesse had a mothers. Mothers are more beautifull than fatjer and main character

    JOHN RINER ABARCO 12 days ago

    Maybe as long as Rapunzel is alive the youth of her mother will never change or as long as Rapunzel has power

  • Gracie McIvor
    Gracie McIvor 12 days ago +1

    Wait why does king Frederick look like Bradley Cooper?

  • Roger Ramjet
    Roger Ramjet 12 days ago +1

    "They could of taken her to an emergency C section"
    And you expect people who are, yes, doctors but don't have any technology what so ever to take THE QUEEN into C section and risk her life?
    Nu-uh, people don't just go out and risk lives like that.
    "It was selfish of the kind to take the flower for his wife"
    you're telling me that his unborn daughter AND his wife could just die on him? It isn't like today when we can go into a C Section and come out four days after. No! If he hadn't have gotten that flower for his wife and unborn daughter they both would have died! Giving birth back then was really scary! Being sick then was scary! Being both pregnant and sick at the same time is deadly! You can't just go out and say he was selfish to take the flower!
    "Why did they continue to give out lanterns even though they thought she was dead?"
    How do you know that they thought she was dead? They gave out lanterns not just so she could find them, but no because they celebrated her Birthday because they MISSED their one and only daughter. Back then some women would give birth with a struggle once and never be able to give birth again so maybe that is why she didn't have another child?
    Did You ever think that king Fredrick would want to raise his child with his wife? So he used the flower to save them both! HOW IN HELL IS THAT SELFISH HE WANTS TO RAISE HIS CHILD WITH HIS WIFE NOT ONLY BECAUSE HE DIESNT WANT TO BE SINGLE BUT BECAUSE RAISING A CHILD WITH YOU LOVED ONE IS SO MUCH MORE MAGICAL,
    Raising a child on your own is hard yes, but it is also hard to raise a child when you are dealing with loss then later on in life kids will go to school and they'll be asked where is your mum? And then she'll have to say (trust me I lost my dad and I got bullied because I only had my mum) cut this poor family some slack lady!

  • Sydney Schuster
    Sydney Schuster 13 days ago

    After the loss of their daughter they were devastated by their loss tht they may have feared tht she would give birth to another child only to have tht one taken away as well

  • skitsnacke
    skitsnacke 15 days ago

    you cant talk about the series cus it dosent match up with the movie and fucks the whole movie

  • Loredana Pauley
    Loredana Pauley 16 days ago


  • Courtney Conley
    Courtney Conley 16 days ago

    Me too

  • Angel Saini
    Angel Saini 17 days ago

    In the original story, the mother had difficulty having a child so that's why so probably didn't get another.

  • Nida Serrano
    Nida Serrano 18 days ago +1


  • Czedric España
    Czedric España 18 days ago

    3:01 flora bloomix

  • Daring Charming666
    Daring Charming666 19 days ago

    I have a question,how mothergothel know the song for the flower?

  • Grace Obele
    Grace Obele 20 days ago

    How do you known that everything

  • Mike and Cece Norgaard

    its a symbol to remember there child duh lady, ( 0:42 )

  • Anika Haskins
    Anika Haskins 21 day ago

    rapuzel has a sister Elsa watch mat pat

  • Irelynn Zurbach
    Irelynn Zurbach 22 days ago

    um why Queen have broun eyes and RAPUNZEL has green

  • Amber Hill
    Amber Hill 22 days ago

    I have another theory: why didn’t rapunzel stay young If whenever she sang to mother gothel she became young again while nothing happened to rapinzel and what would happen if she died while she still had her magic hair

  • Olivia Goodrich
    Olivia Goodrich 23 days ago

    It’s not that easy to lose the people you love so that’s probably why he saved her and rapunzel duh. Der

  • Victoria Daigle
    Victoria Daigle 24 days ago

    Am I the only one who feels like she’s repeating things

  • xXBad WolfXx
    xXBad WolfXx 24 days ago

    I’m sorry but what actually happens is she takes the magic flower because she is sick, and obviously doesn’t want her child or her to die, the lanterns are out so that if rapunzel IS alive she would have hopefully seen the lanterns and headed towards them ( which she did ) and I wouldn’t give up if my child went missing, I’d always try to find her/him until I die because I mean it’s my child that’s something that I made, I put my love in

  • Lexxiiipoo
    Lexxiiipoo 25 days ago

    these were all basically the same... lol

  • Coby Livesey
    Coby Livesey 26 days ago

    I think the king was scared that his wife might die if she got pregnant again

  • sarah toole
    sarah toole 26 days ago

    2 words: MOTHER INSTINCT

  • Jae x
    Jae x 26 days ago


  • Ashley Abugiche
    Ashley Abugiche 26 days ago

    Wait it CAN be true. That the with is actually rupunzzles grandmother

  • Maria Lester
    Maria Lester 27 days ago

    Queen Arianna actually had twins but which is Elsa and then Elsa give Anna fire powers

  • Juelz Angel
    Juelz Angel 27 days ago

    if you watched the seires you would know that the king did know what he was doing. he knew that his daughter had magical hair. i'll make a video on this check out my chanal.

  • Travis Tormanen
    Travis Tormanen 27 days ago

    When you said way of the willow I got excited because my name is willow

  • Sabrina Colman
    Sabrina Colman 27 days ago

    ever realise that the kingdom flag looks really similar to the magic flower??

  • Jurassic World Gamer
    Jurassic World Gamer 28 days ago

    5 worst video

  • The_ RoastQueen
    The_ RoastQueen 28 days ago

    If Rapunzel's fake mother hadn't taken the flower,the guards maybe wouldn't have found the flower and then rapunzel and her mom wouldn't have survived maybe so WE HAVE TO THANK HER A LITTLE PINCH! 😂

  • Samantha Smutz
    Samantha Smutz 29 days ago

    One thing I want to know is what if rapunzle would have had her powers even if she and her mom didn't drink the flower the only thing the flower really did do was make her immortal and hair glow but not the actual healing power

  • Samantha Smutz
    Samantha Smutz 29 days ago

    What if the queen was actually caring two babies but never told anyone and was just born a few minutes before or after rapunzle's birth

  • Kawaiifiy 4Lyfe
    Kawaiifiy 4Lyfe 29 days ago

    What if the mother just didn’t want another kid, pregnancies painful and it’d hurt a lot. She can have one child if she wants one child :/

  • David Mekvin
    David Mekvin 29 days ago

    U keep repeating the same thing over and over again...

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 29 days ago +1

    You know, this was in the medieval times. I'm pretty sure that C-sections with guaranteed survival didn't exist back then.

  • iiiɦɑiʆy pѳรt


  • Blanca Macopia
    Blanca Macopia Month ago +1

    10:32 I started freak out

  • aarifah Bemat
    aarifah Bemat Month ago

    Why didn't the king drink some of the mixture

  • Jonay Seward
    Jonay Seward Month ago

    All you say is ssssssssssssssss

  • golden Wolf
    golden Wolf Month ago

    Ok why didn't the people now their daughter is in MAYBE THE TALLEST YOWER THAT IS HIDDEN ok maybe they didn't now but WUT IF THEY DID

    BTW I'm a big fan of the winx lol

  • Maren&Lily
    Maren&Lily Month ago

    they kept lighting lanterns because it was something they always did for her. And if she was alive she could have seen them.

  • Lidia Hinds
    Lidia Hinds Month ago


  • Wave Palmer
    Wave Palmer Month ago

    I got baited

  • CallMeMiso
    CallMeMiso Month ago

    I call bullshit

  • Ben Baldoz
    Ben Baldoz Month ago

    I think the golden flower is Rapunzel's power

  • Mary Whalen
    Mary Whalen Month ago +1

    rapunzel is also lady tremain in cinderella :D
    might wanna add that in your next vid

  • Chicken Potato
    Chicken Potato Month ago

    Omg!!!! Repunzel's dad is DONALD TRUMP!

  • Billy Poor
    Billy Poor Month ago +1

    How do you know that if DISENEIY did this if it's not even right they wrote it and like are you taking notes everywhere in DISENEIY LAND?!?

  • Abigail Baker
    Abigail Baker Month ago

    OMG its a movie give it up

  • Asia Mottley
    Asia Mottley Month ago

    They probably couldn't have another baby.
    Also they saw that mother gothel took rapunzel

  • Asia Mottley
    Asia Mottley Month ago

    What if rapunzel powers were passed down from generations of people in their family and rapunzel actually saved her mother's life. Since when mother gothel sang the song they always sing it turns her younger

    • Asia Mottley
      Asia Mottley Month ago

      The queen could've gotten sick from rapunzel harnessing the sun's power

    • Asia Mottley
      Asia Mottley Month ago

      Also when she healed eugene he didn't become younger 🤔😱🤨🤨😶😶😶😶😐😐

  • Mal Winx vids
    Mal Winx vids Month ago

    When u showed that winx clip i fainted

  • FallenRose16 Fuenzalida

    Maybe disney didn't want Rapunzel parents didn't want have any more kids

  • Pogo Monkey
    Pogo Monkey Month ago

    You sound like the little mayor thing from zootopia

  • E O
    E O Month ago

    Same I love Rapunzel! Like if you agree

  • CreamBunWolf70 -__-
    CreamBunWolf70 -__- Month ago +1

    Señora, I think you think way to deep in things. Like, imagine that your mom was very ill, and you were in her stomach, not born yet, and if they did nothing that you both would have died, would you let your dad kill your mom, just for you? Nah, he would save you two, and then, of course he would take the risk, he loved them both!!!! Are you really that stupid and R E T A R T E D!!!!!????? You are such an idiot. You just make up whatever to post it I. RU-clip, please think things through before posting it on the Internet, this video just proves that you, are really stupid, and R E T A R T E D, my gosh, since when did you become so stupid!!!?????

  • •ChristianChimChim's Demon•

    The truth is... Rapunzels father is Donald Trump!

  • Team PBJ
    Team PBJ Month ago

    Seriously 😒 there are NO way Rapunzel is immortal.Just because she was born with the ability to heal and help with hair doesn’t mean anything.This is why I hate this channel . Done!

  • Alexis Burnham
    Alexis Burnham Month ago

    Wait i just realized that rapunzel turnd 18 therefore that makes Rapunzel legally old enough to live on her own so why does she keep arguing with Mother Gothel about leaving?

  • Philippa Larue
    Philippa Larue Month ago

    In tangled rapunzels tangled adventure we saw aflash back and her father was whith like some sort of gem I think it was the source of

  • Lulu qqq
    Lulu qqq Month ago

    love dysny

  • Emma The YT
    Emma The YT Month ago

    Poor Rapunzel...she has such a broken family....

  • LoVe BloSSom
    LoVe BloSSom Month ago

    The Things think too much...

  • Nugget Nougat
    Nugget Nougat Month ago

    u idiot they lit lanterns in her frickin' memory

  • Precious Golley
    Precious Golley Month ago

    10:39 nah that ain't an innocent women

  • Gamingwithfunny Thebunny

    There a 2 iits about her wedding

  • Sweet Vickie
    Sweet Vickie Month ago

    Tell me more

  • Obidey Holly
    Obidey Holly Month ago

    I think mother Gothell was more bad because she trapped her for her hair

  • Geraldine Bathan
    Geraldine Bathan Month ago

    I havent watched this but let me guess the mom is a "REALLY MAGICAL" goddess thats the goddess is Athena instead of Ariana

  • Carlene Ayton
    Carlene Ayton Month ago

    0:42 Well Queen Elizabeth (I think it was) mourned over the loss of her husband for 20 years.

  • Mimis’ World YA!
    Mimis’ World YA! Month ago

    I just thought that they didn’t have any other children because they didn’t want to risk if the new baby would’ve been kidnapped like how Rapunzel was, they just didn’t want another baby kidnapped at least I think so.

  • Carolyn Hendrix
    Carolyn Hendrix Month ago

    Liteing the lanterns is probably in oner of Rapunzel

  • Linky the Linx
    Linky the Linx Month ago

    Elsa is rapunzels twin

  • KJ Associates
    KJ Associates Month ago

    plz stop hating on the royal family, this is my fav movie and i dont want to think of the characters as evil people

  • bella franchitto
    bella franchitto Month ago


  • Fan Girl Princess
    Fan Girl Princess Month ago

    I could be in honor of their missing dater. like a holiday.

  • Purple Alpaca49
    Purple Alpaca49 Month ago

    Wow these are actually really good theories! Repunzel is my favorite Disney princess 👑 I’m so happy I watched this!

  • KaiMiMio
    KaiMiMio Month ago

    Rapunzels hair is magical. Hair is dead skin. Rapunzels magic is in her dead skin?

  • Kupal
    Kupal Month ago

    Well this theory sucks. Hate me or what. It doesnt make any sense.

  • The bestie Channel
    The bestie Channel Month ago

    The reason why they didn’t have another child is because they New she was still alive because if she had died then the queen would have died because her hair keeps the queen alive

  • shylars world
    shylars world Month ago

    Because the parents might have thought that rapunzel will see it and remember

  • The_queen_gacha Timmy and Tylena

    Did anyone else notice that rupunzal's mom didn't age a bit but her dad did that's because she drank the magic flower and the husband didn't