Pixel 4 XL Review with iPhone 11 Photo Comparison!

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Testing out the new Pixel 4 XL! Photo, video and more!
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  • Laura Koshy
    Laura Koshy Day ago +1

    love iphone 11

  • Tony Kosgei
    Tony Kosgei 2 days ago

    u cute...link ya playlist?

  • Eenam Avenchy
    Eenam Avenchy 6 days ago

    The pictures on the Pixel don't get flipped if you just go into camera settings and enable mirror mode.

  • Delta Squad
    Delta Squad 6 days ago +2

    Lmao how you make review in witch Pixel won so many times and you have 'i' in you channel name literally/

  • Delta Squad
    Delta Squad 6 days ago +1

    The way she is hurt 13:04 is too obvious...

  • Diego Gordon
    Diego Gordon 6 days ago

    Can you send me a phone I'm broke and I'm sure that you have a random phone lying around

  • Jay-r Castillo
    Jay-r Castillo 6 days ago

    iPhone still has a better shot.

  • randomgusta
    randomgusta 7 days ago

    it would be my favorite phone of the year, except for
    - HUGE FOREHEAD (i mean is it so hard for google to put a fingerprint sensor and use a small punch hole or notch for the front facing camera?)
    - lack of an ultrawide sensor

  • Redman g
    Redman g 7 days ago

    Hi there. I'm thinking of buying the 4xl or the pro max. Google usually drops the prices on black Friday. Do you think the pro max is worth paying extra for over the 4xl for photos?

  • Sameer
    Sameer 7 days ago


  • Siakap3rasa
    Siakap3rasa 7 days ago

    Yes i don't know why pixel selfie cmera automatically flip?? That's bad

    • Marcus Reyes
      Marcus Reyes 5 days ago

      You can change it in the settings to original

  • neptxne 2009
    neptxne 2009 7 days ago

    Is it me or does it look similar to the iPhone 11?

  • f4zzal
    f4zzal 9 days ago +1

    shes a tool fan? Hells yeah

  • x3 Rewind
    x3 Rewind 10 days ago

    Do one over the galaxy fold

  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy 12 days ago

    Pixel is always best

  • Zain's Tech
    Zain's Tech 12 days ago

    Shes is a paid actor.

  • Zain's Tech
    Zain's Tech 12 days ago

    Why can't you talk like a normal person? meaning, you should consider coming out from that "teen bitch" kind of talking style. its so out dated.

  • Carlos David Cervantes


    ISO MUSIC ID 13 days ago +1

    Best smartphone OMG😍

  • Hilmy Akatsuki
    Hilmy Akatsuki 14 days ago

    Pixel took more times for night sight but look at those photos. Pixel have more details than iphone ones.
    Google also told in a future update they will fix lighting issues of some type if light bulbs that are hard to capture without reflection.

  • Kathy Allen
    Kathy Allen 15 days ago

    Do you keep all these phones

  • Vendetta L
    Vendetta L 15 days ago

    Nobody needs 4k 😒

  • Jasper 747
    Jasper 747 16 days ago

    #iJustine. Phanindra FunAndTech stole your video.

  • FireBolt Gaming
    FireBolt Gaming 16 days ago

    10:45 iJustine gets terrified

  • 2roly2
    2roly2 16 days ago

    I have a Note 10+5G as my daily phone and an iphone11 to keep in touch with family and as a back up . Both of my phones are outstanding . LOL the price on the pixel 4 for what you get is not worth it . Oneplus 7T is a better buy than the Pixel 4

  • Thor Sparks
    Thor Sparks 17 days ago

    If only the iPhone ran on Android. :P
    Camera aside, I prefer my prior Pixel 3xl over my new 4xl. Face unlock is quick but not as quick or convenient as fingerprint unlock. (Try face unlocking your phone while driving with it mounted to the dash...) And what's up with the xl phone becoming more narrow. Perhaps they mean Extra Long rather than Extra Large...

  • Sully Mems
    Sully Mems 17 days ago +1

    You can flip selfies in the settings. Please don't be naïve.

  • Metro Tmobile
    Metro Tmobile 18 days ago

    800$ might as well get the iphone 11

  • Zayn Mij
    Zayn Mij 18 days ago

    i like more pixels camera

  • Jay Mate
    Jay Mate 18 days ago

    You're right about the price point and the video, but SO wrong about the camera.

  • TrueKomma
    TrueKomma 18 days ago

    iPhone captured more stars so iPhone wins for me...

  • Nathan X.
    Nathan X. 18 days ago

    You should make a manicure channel lol. You have really beautiful hands.

  • jamespar
    jamespar 18 days ago

    How do nude photos look?

  • r3zie
    r3zie 18 days ago +28

    iJustine: We are now unboxing the Google Pixel 4 XL!
    Apple: delete that rn

  • Khairul Anuar Kamaruddin

    Me looking all specs of google pixel 4: oooo I want to buy this phone
    Battery on google pixel 4 :ima end this whole man career
    (Sorry if I have bad language)
    Hope you all have good day

  • Officially Seanyboyo
    Officially Seanyboyo 19 days ago

    The pokemon live background is so cute!

  • BlueFlyer
    BlueFlyer 19 days ago

    Love you

  • Yeong Kar Soon
    Yeong Kar Soon 19 days ago

    My $400 xiaomi mi9 capable video at
    720p 30/60/120/240fps
    1080p 30/60/120/240fps
    4K 30/60fps

  • Moro.DZ.Gamer
    Moro.DZ.Gamer 19 days ago

    OO Jenna Jenna ×× dou you know this song ?

  • Jonathan Monaghan
    Jonathan Monaghan 19 days ago

    Something that bothers me about this phone is how similar it looks to the iPhone 11 Pro. Not because I’m a huge Apple stan, just because I would’ve liked to see a unique design for the phone.

  • Elijah Florence
    Elijah Florence 19 days ago +3

    I got an 11 and I wouldn’t get any other phone this is coming from a Samsung galaxy user.

    • Ya Boi Jorge
      Ya Boi Jorge 14 days ago

      The S11 is gonna be mind blowing coming from a Iphone XR user

  • Aashish Bharadwaj
    Aashish Bharadwaj 19 days ago

    The iPhone is *not* doing the same thing in way less amount of time. It creates pictures that are way noisier.

  • Steve Bond
    Steve Bond 20 days ago

    Helloooooo Jenna...

  • Omi t
    Omi t 20 days ago +6

    She mostly doesn't have a clue what she's talking about. Granted iPhone has reached & in some cases surpassed Pixel in photography this year but her biasness is just unbearable!

  • Abajabba Dahatt
    Abajabba Dahatt 20 days ago +2

    I'm not a fan of her and never really have been since I've noticed she first started doing videos.... and now maybe 7/8 years later coming across her videos again, I've noticed she's progressed due to her views and followers and I'm definitely still not a fan as she's definitely very bias. She's an iPhone lover and whatever android do she will never say it's better than iPhone which to me most of these pictures she put up in comparison are better on pixel 🤣 and you can so read through her whole expressions, attitudes and words like a text 😂😂👏 I'm glad she's stayed blonde 😅🙌 let's us not forget, iPhone is good but their fans have to wait about 3 years behind android while apple is 'werking on it' aka "copying" 🤭🤓 but either way, I'm not really a fan of either phone now. Goodbye 10 years of iPhone and hell no to pixel trying to eat my hard earn cash! There're better options, Budget, speed, camera 😉 do your research 😜😌

  • EmilyLuForever
    EmilyLuForever 20 days ago

    is it just me or does it look like the iphone 11

  • Mr Egusi
    Mr Egusi 20 days ago +2

    What's the point?
    Might as well get Tim Cook to review the thing.

  • lincoln peterson
    lincoln peterson 20 days ago

    my dad and i live in Oceanside, so nice to see you filming here.

  • prashant bhagat
    prashant bhagat 20 days ago

    Justine aunty definitely will find some problem from pixel, comparing with iphone🤣

  • David Buchanan
    David Buchanan 20 days ago

    The pixel 4 is a BIG disappointment. I've the Pixel 3xl and my friend just got the pixel 4 and to be honest the difference between photo's of the 3 and 4 is so subtle there's know why I'd pay the extra for it. Astro photography is coming to the pixel 3 shortly so that bridges the gap again making holding onto the pixel 3 a know brainer.. The iPhone has definitely taken the crown from Google this year and rightly so.. well done Apple👍🍀😁great video lass...

  • AaroN Music_
    AaroN Music_ 20 days ago

    Go to.settings of pixel 4 n chng the button to not flipping front cam pics . Try exploring the phone first ✌️

  • Atif 2z
    Atif 2z 20 days ago

    Great...should have zoomed the asteo photos for stars clearance.

  • Budi Wly
    Budi Wly 20 days ago +1

    Justine compare with iphone 11 pro max

  • kubina28
    kubina28 21 day ago

    Catalina Coffie and Cokie: Stonks!!

  • Munib Abid
    Munib Abid 21 day ago

    It's in the settings to change the mirror effect of selfies on the pixel.....

  • Moni Beroli
    Moni Beroli 21 day ago

    You 'always' get the best Products!!
    Design- & Functionality wise, good and uncomplicated).
    iLike that about your Channel..
    But on the otherside, your High-End technology from the füture is not always affordable vor the average, untill later.. Maybe 2021!

  • Xenovita88
    Xenovita88 21 day ago

    Wort iphone 11. But you beautiful justine

  • bala mario
    bala mario 21 day ago

    Girl I tell t some iPhone is just a toy but Google is the real phone

  • Mohd Afeef
    Mohd Afeef 21 day ago +2

    iPhone crush pixel 4 in 2019

  • Matt Sc4
    Matt Sc4 21 day ago

    Great review 🙂